Cougars Mating

The mating process of cougars

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Author DEREK Williams (7 months)
Was he was giving her head?

Author MultiBigMoney1 (4 years)

Author Werebereus (4 years)
@8943username Fail. I noticed all of those.

Author Pro Gaming (4 years)
he like "yeah u like that" and said "No your doing it wrong

Author stickstr8up (3 years)
@kevinworkratboy No you don't. Trust me. I do it about 60 times a day and
it's exhausting!

Author SSwolfieSS (5 years)
lucky i wish i was the female cougar

Author cripin2021 (3 years)
Wow, even in the animal kingdom the chicks gotta play hard to get. Maybe it
was that time of the month for her.....

Author kevinworkratboy (4 years)
god dam i wish i can do it 50 to 70 times a day

Author Carly Fitzpatrick (3 years)
she kicks him away and says damn why is it that everytime we fuck it

Author aas8 (5 years)
they f**k more in a week than humans do in a year and a half or more!

Author skeilak (2 years)
Did I just watch kitty porn?

Author Humberto4790 (4 years)
She's agressive.If im a couger i wont fuck with her.

Author cheekyfeel (5 years)
50 to 70 times a day for a week.. we (human) are suck lets say average
daily 60 times (50+70) / 2 = 60 60 * 7 = 420 times a week You know what
lets all get lost............

Author WeThePeopleRleaders (5 years)
@SirianKings yeah but she has such good genes. if shes that feisty on a
good day imagine on a bad day...............and then imagine the baby
ninjas they'll make.

Author nick hartwell (4 years)
im not shure if you hurd the one part the host dude said they will do that
50 to 70 times a day

Author Ruxty1916 (4 years)
they sure do like it rough

Author matchbcoxx (5 years)
thats one horny pussy

Author Wilfredo Velez (2 years)

Author SpliffSized (2 years)
ive shot many of these

Author chucknorrispka (4 years)
Yummy cougar sex teehee

Author AtomicNumber47 (4 years)
@kovvvas i know!!! XD

Author Jahlyn Hayes (4 years)
This is very educational!

Author Xxsilentxdragon (3 years)
Was I supposed to get a bonner?

Author callofpownd (4 years)
i guess getting laid is hard...even in the animal kingdom xD

Author Lovellia Sufi (5 years)
i'm laughing watching this, coz it looks dangerous. hahaha.

Author hbssesmike50 (5 years)
50 to 70 times aa day weeww

Author tyler davolt (4 years)
Haha fuckin tease

Author miggaify (4 years)
just rape the bitch!

Author fizzycolalizzie (4 years)
Anyone else thinking the ending little scene is cute? XD No? Just me.
Alrighty then.

Author dinitis (4 years)
Tough biatch

Author Brother Eriksson (4 years)
amazing how human males and females are so similar to other species...
Human lifestyles and "mating" habits are subconciously wild to the core.

Author Spade Krauss (5 years)
what!!!!50-70 times a day!!!!!!!

Author FallenAngelCat374 (3 years)
(female) fuck off bitch, it's MY p**** lol

Author gd432 (4 years)
every solid persistance by any kind of living organism has to be rewarded,
never ever give up :D

Author Ramin (3 years)
@callofpownd not for hugh heffner though

Author AtomicNumber47 (4 years)
@somdie666 because that site is full of perverts and furies.

Author jonashannahlove16 (4 years)
hey sweetie get away cmon this wont b hard get away bastard i'll wait till
u give in then we'll be here all day cm here you pretty chick this wont
take long get the fuck off

Author b1njjj95 (1 year)
This is the first time I seen big cats just laying together after mating.
Usually both cats go off on their own for a while. They were just chilling
like a couple afterwards. LOL

Author bustacapinlutha (2 years)
oh cool

Author Wolfie431 (3 years)
Does anyone know how the whole film is called? I'd really like to see the
whole film rather than just the mating scene.

Author Asher2177 (3 years)
At 1:05 he's like, "Bitch..." Lol

Author LtVictor (4 years)
Honey .. I worked all day.. i just want OF Fuck My EYE you PAWED MY EYE OUT

Author JessRoar (5 years)

Author MegaTBaby24 (5 years)

Author Shafeek Mohammed (5 years)
this video no good

Author camnet2000 (4 years)
yes, even animals are horny

Author goobadugly (4 years)
i quess the lickinq at 3o was el toto

Author BigDiamondCutter (4 years)
Holy cow! 50 to 70 times a day!?! Where do cougars obtain that many

Author SSwolfieSS (5 years)
all day all night baby

Author giriisindahouse (4 years)
I think Cougars are the only animals that mate in an interesting way other
animals do it with no feelings

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