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Author Anatolii Laptik (3 months)
We cant do pi-pi quietly in trenches in owing that rascals snipers.

Author Tiles Murphy (5 months)
I have no idea why they made this rifle. Doesn't seem to be very popular
with snipers.

Author Muaathe Aziz (26 days)
May I ask you to upload more demo about this rifle pls

Author edy frunza (4 months)
i see a lot of bullshit comments..americans,dont forget,russian guns are
much more reliable,bigger calibre and apreciated than any other guns.ak47
was and still is a world leader of his class

Author schtals (6 months)
I wish they put picatinny rail on that gun. Scope looks updated as well. I
assume this is the PSO-1-1. But PSO reticle.. i dunno. Not really sure
about the inverted V marking. I'd like to see a simple MOA dots + maybe
that 1.8m rangefinder

Author kobasicagrandioza (1 month)
omg what a huge bullet...

Author Eddy Damaskus (5 months)
sehen, zielen, ziel erreicht! die beste scharfschützenwaffe momentan.

Author Giesy Torres Garcia (8 months)
totally agree with that russian argument. 

Author berkayxj8 (1 month)
Sniper rifle ? NOPE ! İTS A MARKSMAN RİFLE...Cheap iron? NOPE. its have
world wide use easy to produce and basic reliable technology= useful
. 9,3x64mm its not for sniping its city/urban war type hard hitting and
wall breaking hammer+semi auto its means in mid range its can be very
useful because of all types of 7.62/5.56 mm ammo gonna stuck at wall in
200-400 m (7.62x54mmr ap type maybe pass) . we are allways calling sniper
is deadly sniper is blalballbabla in war zone you dont afraid of sniper
you should afraid of marksman because today's war zones are not wide areas
. Of course snipers are very important but their prey not common soldier so
they dont nee power they need precision ...

Author Venicio Brazil Gomes (8 months)
Quero uma destas para defender este País

Author Venicio Brazil Gomes (11 months)
Bela maquina quanto custa..

Author Joe Graf (1 year)
Yeah, a 9.3x64mm Brenneke chambered rifle is really an oddball if it's
being used as a sniper rifle. Brenneke invented this cartridge some time
around 1910. It's every bit as powerful as the .375 H&H Magnum, but the
bullet diameter is slightly smaller at .365 - .366. As a hunting cartridge,
it can be used on ANY animal on Earth, including the big 5 dangerous
species. It shouldn't be a super long-range cartridge no matter how you
look at it, but any animal shot within its effective range would be
history. So, we have a thoroughly modern semi-auto rifle chambered for an
extremely powerful cartridge, & recoil would have to be way up there
because it produces 4500+ foot-pounds of energy! The standard bullet weight
for 9.3mm bullets is 286, which is actually quite heavy for the bore size.
Nosler makes a 250 grain Ballistic-Tip that should preform well at longer
ranges, but still, recoil would be quite heavy. I like the idea of this
rifle, but shooting this beast would be quite a hand full! 

Author Tobias Rieper (1 year)
Useless. Its 600m effective range doesn't warrant its existence outside of
big game hunting. 7.62x54R can pierce body armor and still weight much

Author pfei Dunno (8 months)
looks like it will fall apart after the first shot what a flimsy peice of

Author Samuel Sebastian (1 year)
Svk (свк) 12 or svd (свд) 12

Author William Rosado-Ramos (1 year)
Mira este vídeo de YouTube:

Author EMIKA AR (1 year)

Author ulsztain (1 year)
good weapon

Author Filiu1 (1 year)
ти оченъ болшое говно

Author WhiteReconcista (1 year)
because you cocksucker

Author Alex462047 (2 years)
Why don't you go to Africa or Asia and flood those countries with your
whiteness?? You won't because you think that they are shitholes. Most of
the non-whites who move to Western countries are of a similar opinion too,
so they move. So why don't you make it up. Shag a bunch of non-white girls
in Africa and Asia to "flood them with whiteness" and shag a bunch of white
girls back home to keep the white numbers up. You see, it is easy, playboy.
You can fix it all with your ballbag!

Author Andr Jordh (1 year)
Plus, it has longer range than a .308 or a 7.62. :3

Author Desire123ification (2 years)
Russians are Natural Born Warriors.... They know how to make weapons! The
SVDK is cheap, reliable, easy to maintain, accurate and lightweight - A
silencer would help!

Author Djazeiry (2 years)
why would they change something when it still usefull and cheaper and
accurate & deadly ?? War isn't about the look joe :)

Author MrChileno94 (2 years)
Is the Dragunov actually a sniper rifle or is it go into the Marksman
category? Theres a big difference between a Vintorez, SVD or a SV-98
right?. I mean bolt action to semi automatic and full. Taken to a western
comparison would be like enhanced M16 ACOG (made for marksmans with a
different barrel), M21, M40.

Author Eugen Afanasjev (2 years)
И чем это она "усторел"? Вот АК47 устарел, да, а СВД плотно сидит в своей
категории наравне с новыми и современными. Если б СВД была такой безнадежно
устаревшей моделью, никто бы за ней так не гонялся ни на западе, ни в
штатах. А ведь там за настоящюю русскую СВД 4000 баксов дают...

Author Angelstunts (1 year)
thanks s t the same cuz i want my own dragonouv

Author Александр Анохин (1 year)
Когда? ))

Author Александр Анохин (1 year)
Компоновка булл ап, это свежо. А свд года так 35 где то да? )) А вообще
посмотри парад 9 го мая и ты поймёшь что армия наша состоит из чермета.

Author nicky georg (2 years)
Bite an arrogant communist shit! ''расстреливали всякого''..die
motherfucker! UMRI SEICHAS GOVNO!

Author WhiteReconcista (1 year)
LOL, pimply interenet hero I not fag, I fuck your whore mother

Author RandomGaming115 (1 year)

Author Rosi2104 (2 years)
в каком смысле зе Бест? Русских то пало гараздо больше чем нацистов. Ты
хоть раз в своей жизни был у памятника Родина-мать в волгограде?

Author ELITEHAMSTER123 (1 year)
Wait, how is a 7.62x54r better? Price? yeah. But he is talking performance.

Author mafejx (2 years)
Настильность и кучность ходят рука об руку. Чем менее настильна траектория
тем больше кучность зависит от разброса в весе пуль, а он там всегда есть,
даже в высококачественных патронах.

Author GanjaClaus (1 year)
So... Do you deliver to Germany?? :D

Author ApoMaTu3aTop (1 year)
There is a hunting rifle called 'Tigr' (Tiger) which uses the same calliber
hunting cartridge a.k.a. the 'Breneke' cartridge. It is allowed for export
AFAIK, so it shouldn't be a problem if you have your firearm liceses.

Author Charlie Evans (2 years)
you can't say that when your name is Jose Blanco

Author Dandy1488 (2 years)
вообще то если уж называть на англ нужно хотя бы субтитры ставить ато не
красиво как то.

Author Air Midge (1 year)
ну что сказать пиндосам пиздец

Author Jappeke007 (2 years)
And the German weapons.

Author makemeafuckinsammich (2 years)
Go get tsunami'd.

Author TATARSTAN59500 (2 years)
look body of ak-12 and fire mod selection is more complex not simply like
ak-100 series or ak-74m

Author Malacovics (1 year)
And we're at the conclusion again with body armour and without body armour.
War, why are you so complicated?

Author grindinglicks (2 years)
You do mean target's like armored cars and humans at a greater distance? We
all know, when the s**t hits the fan, we all want one of these for long
distance sniper fire. This is a great rifle!!

Author Влад Черняев (2 years)
you have problems with girl, sorry for my eng

Author Samsusamrus (1 year)
Каких тех времен? АК сейчас везде применяется.

Author yolkhere (2 years)
согласен, на будущее , постараюсь учитывать сей момент .. но, с англицким
туго , посему не гарантирую :(

Author TATARSTAN59500 (2 years)
no this variant are in service but in small number in specific mvd units

Author Dwight David Eisenhower (1 year)
My vodka is better than yours!

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