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Author ech0six (6 months)
Moral? Violence DOES solve everything.

Author Zoelakerbot (8 months)
My right ear is fucked up 

Author AdrianMah 马兆豪 (5 months)
Body count?

Author White343 (2 months)
Dakka, Dakka and more Dakka... Awesome scene..

Author Rapunzel AppleTon (1 month)
2:03-2:04 - My, my, look at the length of those bullets... No wonder
they're so deadly, when fired from distance (like mini missiles)!

Author Troy Louis (3 months)
This was only 5 minutes? Damn, that's a violent 5 minutes.

Author 7667maverick (3 months)
First blood and rambo 4 are the best rambo movies in my opinion.

Author Jason Nucker (5 days)
The last true action film outa Hollywood. Hasn't been anything even close

Author greek ellinas (6 months)
americans... only strong in fiction hollywood movies!

Author fps_evan (1 year)
I'm just gonna say what everyone else is thinking. 'MERICA, FUCK YEAH!

Author BOzombiekiller3 (2 months)
my right ear enjoyed this

Author Cristian Gurrola (1 month)
At 3:28 what kinda AK is that. It looks mini and i like that model of the
weapon anyone tell me what kinda weapon is that

Author Ben ch (9 months)
My right ear loved this!

Author Meridius (8 months)
better than all the Expendables movies combined

Author Kevin Carey (2 months)
I have one of those .50 caliber bullet bottle opener and after seeing how
big the bullet is I can believe it would do this to people if hit by one of
the rounds.

Author Jonathan Bzovsky (7 months)
wish battlefield was more like this

Author Samba Shivarao (1 month)
Audio was not good in this video. Please fix the problem

Author NeonVars (1 month)
And then at night Rambo sleeps with his blankee to the thought of how many
men he missed and didn't kill during that fight. 

Author SuperGomez59 (1 month)
This was the most accurate depiction of what a 50 cal can do to a human
body, fun fact: A 50 cal bullet doesn't even need to hit the target to do
carnge if it passes close enough the force of the bullet will still kill

Author James Catalao (4 months)
aeopmusic, are you saying rambo should've died for these burmese? Survive a
you gotta become war!

Author steven thorp (11 months)
I have the hardest war boner right now

Author Alec Carr (12 days)
The best part is at 4:40. Stallone goes nuts!

Author John Doe (1 month)
Can't be the only one with a motoboner...

Author zoupskim (16 days)
Judging from the rate of fire, the headspace on that .50 cal seems a little

Author Gilbert Mendez (28 days)
That dude got turned into human jelly holy crapXD

Author Konstantin Otrembsky (2 months)

Author nerosonic (1 month)
DICE gotta reenact this in one of their Battlefield games 

Author Pedro Fraga (1 year)
holy fucking shit hahahahhaa

Author Chuck Norris (4 months)
now what, i'm scared of being hit by a .50 caliber or even a DsHk round O_O

Author conyo985 (3 months)
Enjoy this gory action scene because the problem with action movies
nowadays is that it's rated PG-13 so that it would be shown to a wider
audience. It's been so long since I watch an R rated action film.

Author Shoobaloo (2 months)
This film is unreal.Sikkest thing Ive seen since preditor

Author A Trash Can (6 months)
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!
Multi Kill!
Killing Spree!
Killing Riot!
Super Kill!
Mega Kill!
Ultra Kill!
Aw fuck it!

Author pierre gecko (3 months)

Author L4NCING (2 months)
i was laughing throughout the whole mutilation with the minigun

is there something wrong with me?

Author Peter Kim (8 months)
LOL I wonder how much chunky Ragu sauce was used to shoot this scene. 

Author wildfire[FTP] (1 year)
5:19 thats gotta hurt

Author lotiq (1 year)
wow! if not for Rambo, we would have lost in vietnam

Author Julius Caesar (2 months)
5:03 handy that self-cleaning 50. Caliber shield

Author Alvaro López (3 months)

Author Simon Martin (1 year)
And they think video games inspire violence.

Author Anastas Anastasov (4 months)
cloudy with meatballs :D

Author jennuel libutan (6 months)
Asians.... Asians everywhere.

Author Celestino Quintana II (4 months)
I love how this movie used private security details instead of regular
troops like the other movies. Made this one of my favorite films. That
British dude was one tough soldier.

Author Greg Brent (4 months)

Author juki0h (5 days)

Author Michal Krasnodebski (5 months)
almost every mmofps , pay for win users vs free users...

Author Doug Rayside (7 months)
Problem with ISIS? Rambo and a 50 cal. Problem solved.

Author aeopmusic (10 months)
I think Stallone forgot to consider the fact that many of these Burmese he
just killed were kidnapped from their families and forced into the army.
How does that settle with you?

Author Cyberprawn (1 year)
that guy in the front seat

Author Dyl g (8 months)
Why'd they push him

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