Rambo 50. Cal - Last Fight Scene - HD

Rambo kicking arse with a 50. Caliber Machine Gun! EPIC Last Fight Scene from Rambo 4 (2008)

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Author Daniel Cisowski (20 days)
Yeah Browning M2!

Author Юра Юрочка (24 days)
I want a 2 hour movie of this!

Author fpsevanj (25 days)
I'm just gonna say what everyone else is thinking. 'MERICA, FUCK YEAH!

Author PromiserOfDeath2 (25 days)
Major Boner.

Author Meshblorg (4 months)
Accurate 50 cal demonstration. My favorite war movie scene ever produced.

Author Lex5576 (4 months)

Dude in the driver's seat is corned beef. Wasn't enough left of him for
the maggots to bother with. 

Author Simon Martin (1 month)
And they think video games inspire violence.

Author Leo Lim (2 months)
Major Pa Tee Tint: I have an army.
Rambo: I have a 50. Caliber Machine Gun.

Author john sparten (1 month)
Awesome scene but the first 15 seconds is just epic

Author Jason Leung (2 months)
These Laymen Soldiers should know to stay down when under fire. 

Author SwollenEize (4 months)
My right ear loves this video

Author yoe bliss (4 days)

Author Nanda Pehung (13 days)
Gore!!! Such Gore!!! YEAHHHHH!!!.... :P

Author isidro perez (17 days)
if aliens come to earth. A1 shuld we say hello. A2 Naw fuck it

Author Trace Gares (25 days)
I dont think the guy that eas driving the truck exists anymore

Author Undauntedassassin14 (3 months)
Me in Battlefield.

Author ManofEpicness (4 months)
By far the world's most Cost-Efficient battle ever.

Author HowYaDoingMon (2 months)
The girl literally just gasps again and again.

Author guguigugu (4 months)
reminds me of far cry 3 :)

Author David Barajas (4 months)
Damn so sick!!

Author Mateus Ferreira (2 months)
rita (dexter) 

Author MaxthelegoMaster1998 (4 months)
Me in Call of Duty

Author Waste-Too-Cool (3 months)
Where did you get this clip?

Author John carlo Bantigue (2 months)
I was like double kill and shit

Author lasombra68 (1 month)
CGI kind of lame. But still kick ass Rambo movie.

Author jim saucy (5 months)
over 5 mins of awesome

Author Sam Non (24 days)
My god that was violent

Author 777SasukeUchiha (25 days)
After finding out that the Burmese Army really are monstrous to the Karen,
they SO deserved to get minced.

Author dooooooer (4 months)
eww is so disgusting.

Author Adam Tajyar (3 months)
The baldy guy the mercenary was really annoying in this movie haha

Author Temiskamingshoresairsoft (5 months)
Way to much over kill

Author mrray13741 (1 month)
Bah Chuck Norris could do the same with spitballs

Author tommyt1971 (5 months)
5:08, well ya just walked right into that one, dincha buddy? XD

Author Wilton Vivas (2 months)
Overkill on that boat!

Author DarthKato (5 months)
Damn, that was awesome!!!!!

Author Richard Rhone III (3 months)
.50 cal will fuck your day up....

Author roehllll (4 months)
semi-accurate dismemberment... Oh, Rambo. how hot would the barrel/gun

Author Pezzo flau (4 months)
Love the camera behind the mercenary at 1:40 x)

Author Phillip Sorrells (4 months)

Author Frankie Gomez (4 months)
epic pure epic

Author John Smitty (22 days)
4:49 Kill Stealing Law Noob!

Author AmbientDisguise (28 days)
"I need to contribute positively to this rescue attempt, I KNOW, I'll start
screaming!" -Religious lady. 

Author Pavlovski (5 months)
I feel like I'm deaf in one ear.

Author sw1tched (2 months)
Not bloody enough

Author The Potato Prductions (3 months)
cool guts

Author fazinazin33 (3 months)
@jackedfu well if I'm correct, at the time this movie was filmed .50BMG was
like $3 per round. I'm not 100% on that. But he used 2 cans. Each can holds
100 rounds. So about $600 for rounds alone

Author TheTiger52 (1 month)
that guy in the front seat

Author h31sman (29 days)
Everytime I'm on the 50 cal in a jeep in Battlefield, I imagine this is me
:-) except it takes like 6 dead on shots to drop somebody

Author Michael Valentin (4 months)
The damage of the is quite accurate,compared to a M2HB
The Mortars have their "Hollywood epxlosions",of course
But I agree:Overkill,but very near to Reality

Author Blastaar7 (8 months)
no no, there was a vid clip I saw back when i was in school and you
literally see the body get obliterated. It looked as if someone spiked a
person's body onto the ground. The corpse literally bounced. I'm not sure
how it'd be possible to fake it. I was video of insurgents being spotted
and taken out with sniper fire.

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