Rambo 50. Cal - Last Fight Scene - HD

Rambo kicking arse with a 50. Caliber Machine Gun! EPIC Last Fight Scene from Rambo 4 (2008)

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Author aeopmusic (2 months)
I think Stallone forgot to consider the fact that many of these Burmese he
just killed were kidnapped from their families and forced into the army.
How does that settle with you?

Author lotiq (4 months)
wow! if not for Rambo, we would have lost in vietnam

Author TheEpicForger (2 months)
Jesus! It's a 50-Cal not a cannon

Author Meridius (14 days)
better than all the Expendables movies combined

Author Doug Glaus (1 month)
Fairly close to what a close in support looks like with a ma duce. Only
thing is to shot one like he was just all over the place without a t and e
device is hard to keep her level. However when she hits a human body she
normally takes a lot with her.

Author Ben Ch (26 days)
My right ear loved this!

Author hunter hegeman (2 months)
This is a true example of American BAD ASSERY!!!!

Author Charles Ferdinand (1 month)
The gook that gets liquefied at the front seat always makes me laugh.

Author Hazered Jay OnlyMike (1 month)
4:29 Best Part

Author The Great Cornholio (2 months)
get some! get some, get some...i got you mother....HAHA get some baby!!

Author Fedir Belenko (4 days)
Give Rambo the credit ffs, not "Murica"!

Author Simon Martin (6 months)
And they think video games inspire violence.

Author Qatrebew (12 days)
How heavy were those fucking mortars??

Author Peter Kim (6 days)
LOL I wonder how much chunky Ragu sauce was used to shoot this scene. 

Author Dylan Gilks (5 days)
Why'd they push him

Author fpsevanj (5 months)
I'm just gonna say what everyone else is thinking. 'MERICA, FUCK YEAH!

Author The5shines (10 days)
I just love mindless, bloody action. I don't give a damn about if it looks
a bit fake here and there, as long as someone is getting shot to shit or

Author VictorNiss (8 days)
This was the most satisfying end to this movie. It all amounted to this
scene, all the strife and all the terrible things that happened was all so
you could feel the redemption here. Pretty good story arc for an 80's
reminiscent action movie.

Author TPDManiacXC626 (15 days)
The bald guy is Graham McTavish, AKA Zoran Lazarevic!

Author original xry (23 days)
any other scene recommendations similar to this one? ( I.E saving private
ryan Dday)

Author aung thu sunny (18 days)
myanmar army armed ak47?

Author Nikita Makarov (3 months)
and that, my friends, is why you never go to a warzone unless you're ready
to kick major ass

Author steven thorp (3 months)
I have the hardest war boner right now

Author TheTruthSeek (26 days)
Lol- why does Stallone feel the need to show 15x reaction shots of that
dumb blonde when she is contributing zero to the scene?? 

Author Commander Tato (1 month)
00:04 Te voy a hacer cagar camuflado!

Author Pedro Fraga (4 months)
holy fucking shit hahahahhaa

Author blackopszombie83 (1 month)
Best killing sprea ever 

Author Alex Salazar (1 month)
As anyone who has ever fired an M2 would know you need to rack the charging
handle twice to load that first round of a belt! Freaking Hollywood!

Author MoebiusPan (1 month)

Author mynameisawesomeman (1 month)
rambo is freakin badass

Author Ananda Anshari (5 months)
Gore!!! Such Gore!!! YEAHHHHH!!!.... :P

Author Rasta Fari (1 month)
Rambo, fueled by cocaine

Author Tamu_vicious (2 months)
The hype... is real.

Author Юра Юрочка (5 months)
I want a 2 hour movie of this!

Author PromiserOfDeath2 (5 months)
Major Boner.

Author TheShad0w (3 months)
I was so shocked by this I started choking in the cinema, loved this scene.

Author psychoticmortacarn (3 months)
Hot DAMN those are some convincing special effects!

Author TheTiger52 (6 months)
that guy in the front seat

Author John Egbert (3 months)
I wonder how many people got PTSD just by watching this scene.

Author k'ev C (3 months)
des ptits trous des ptits trous.....

Author SwollenEize (9 months)
My right ear loves this video

Author john sparten (6 months)
Awesome scene but the first 15 seconds is just epic

Author Meshblorg (9 months)
Accurate 50 cal demonstration. My favorite war movie scene ever produced.

Author wildfire[FTP] (4 months)
5:19 thats gotta hurt

Author Jay Mendoza (17 days)
that is some badass 50 cal destruction lol

Author Jason Leung (7 months)
These Laymen Soldiers should know to stay down when under fire. 

Author TheTia88 (4 months)
This is the BEST of massacre! Cal.50... I love it! 

Author Undauntedassassin14 (8 months)
Me in Battlefield.

Author yoe bliss (5 months)

Author Leo Lim (7 months)
Major Pa Tee Tint: I have an army.
Rambo: I have a 50. Caliber Machine Gun.

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