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Author Matheus Tejo (3 months)
Déjà Vu (video)

Author peter Gabriel (1 month)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Déjà Vu (video):

Author Rossella Ross (10 days)

Author Teresa Evans (6 months)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Déjà Vu (video):

Author Henry Denry (2 months)
Will I ever be normal Again/Amen/Aloha

Author Nilo Skf (1 month)

Author Krou Riven (3 months)

Author Franco Ulisse Saveriano (17 days)

Author Gianni Azzaro (6 months)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Déjà Vu (video):
Buonanotte a tutti

Author Matheus Tejo (11 months)
Déjà Vu (video)

Author xsnut1 (9 months)
back again...deja vu....

Author Julie Gibbs (10 months)
love the guy at 2.50

Author yann le baccon (9 months)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Déjà Vu - live 2008

Author Julie Gibbs (10 months)
we have all been here before.. yup same stuff different decade.

Author Ojai and Ventura VIEW (8 months)

Author Cynthia Morrison (9 months)
It's 2014....What''s going on?

Author 1brenboo (11 months)
here we are again

Author lance isaacs (10 months)
once all the termite people destroy each other off,we'll get some peace and
love as being the code.

Author Jimmy Bishop (1 year)
Peace to all my brothers and sisters everyone. Yes, you too!

Author ricardo alves moreira (1 year)
Obrigado pela música....... A viola e a guitarra Deles são armas que atiram
ardentes flechas róseas espirituais em meu coração, não esse lixo moderno
que os militares, especialmente os americanos tem, para fazer sangrar
pessoas, inclusive mulheres e crianças... Tudo pelo podrer... Eles podem
até não ter tido a intenção de matar mulheres e crianças nessas podríssimas
guerras, mas tiveram a estupidez... Homicídios culposos não deixam de
Um dia, esses lixos de fogo serão instrumentos tocados pelos melhores, como
C,S,N & Y... e só atirarão notas musicais, ou seja, flechas de amor... (Eu
desejo tanto que isso seja uma profecia...)
Tomara que vocês sejam pessoas melhores do que eu... Por que o mundo tá
precisando de pessoas melhores, e não que estupidamente se achem melhores,
como muitos soberbos, especialmente quando tem podrer. Não gosto de dizer
palavras fétidas, pois sinto que elas desagradam uma parte muito
especial das tão lindoces faces femininas, que parecem esperar apenas
palavras dignas da beleza delas.... mas ousei dizer, e ousarei
novamente... quem está no poder do mundo pra mim é um demônio... podrão...
E ele podroniza com o seu mal o mundo todo... Quem tem money,,Manda! Cês
já ouviram alguma rádio "musical" brasileira, gente? Meus amigos, Que
tristeza! Todo dia tocam as mesmas músicas... E músicas ruins, na grande
maioria das vezes... Outras vezes, elas poderiam nem ser tão ruins, mas
acabam se tornando, pela cansativa repetição. Votem em São Miguel Arcanjo
para presidente do mundo(se forem dele, por que Neil Young não é...), e em
Maurício Valladares para governador do Brasa! (se forem daqui.....)
Um beijo, um abraço e um aperto de mão ( de quem vocês quiserem
Valeeeeeeeeeu!! Peace and

Author jlucguitar (8 months)
Vraiment un super groupe des chansons intelligentes avec du texte et un
impact vocal impressionnant actuellement ....un top parmi les grands qui
disent quelque chose EXTRA .......

Author Michel Ketelaar (1 year)

Author Diane Fertig (1 year)

Author Kurt Knutsen (1 year)
time ?

Author Manuel Vicente (1 year)
Very nice song, but...
Do you think American People could stop all the Wars in which they're
involved around the world?
Maybe too much money in the background.

Author Dona Luna (1 year)

Author Jai Goulding (1 year)
Caused by having a brief glimpse of an object or situation, before the
brain has completed constructing a full conscious perception of the
experience. Such a partial perception then results in a sense of
familiarity. Scientific approaches reject the explanation of déjà vu as
‘precognition’ or ‘prophecy’, but rather explain it as an anomaly of
memory, which creates a distinct impression that an experience is being
recalled. This explanation is supported by the fact that the sense of
recollection at the time is strong in most cases, but that the
circumstances of the "previous" experience are uncertain, believed to be
impossible – Hear also ….

Author Francesca Van der Geld (1 year)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Déjà Vu (video)

Author David harris (4 years)
great vid

Author George Schiraga (3 years)

Author NIKONIAN (3 years)
WE need to make much less WAR and find a way to make more PEACE!

Author CelestialWoodway (2 years)
It shouldn't be hard to find.

Author OlymPigs2010 (2 years)
...they never extolled any antiwar sentiments or represented any generation
or ideals.. except those concerned with making lots & lots of money!

Author Kevin O'Brien (3 years)
read the shock doctrine "the rise of disaster capitalism" naomi
will all come home

Author judy vance (4 years)
@WayTooDazedConfus3d Well yeh, you said it, "You just don't understand"! If
you spend time "in country" like so many of us back in the 60's...maybe you

Author isaysee (3 years)
- The Fascismists will always win because thats what they do -- if you kill
them, you become them and so they still win , So it's futile to - - - - - -
No, wait - look at all the fun and adventure there is in the trying.

Author Dave Thatcher (5 years)
It's a compilation from the movie...Deja Vu!

Author luvtotruck (3 years)
Always loved the studio version with John Sebastian of the Lovin Spoonful
blowing harp

Author Patricia Paquette (2 years)
I could not agree more JJ....I feel blessed to have experienced the
'Music".... it will live on with me ...throughout! xxx

Author isaysee (3 years)
@k3304 - It wasn't so much the plays Dubyah called- it was the lineup he
picked and the crooked & selfserving ways the plays where carried out. Some
call it StarveTheBeastTactics,- some call it LootTheTreasurySabotage - but
whatever it was , it was bad for THE Nation as a WHOLE.

Author takingitbackgal80 (4 years)
11-12-10..To a living legend..HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEIL YOUNG..generations later
and your music is still beautiful :)

Author Marco Antonio Gutierrez (2 years)
Siempre tan actuales... excelente

Author Rikk303 (2 years)
so many years of baby boys perishing and to what end? The civilian costs
are obscene. This obsession for Democracy is rapidly becoming fascistic and
we all know what that led to.....

Author SP M (4 years)
@tigger7168 Pot's the answer, not the problem.

Author Thomas Maltby (2 years)
Still not as good as Tchiakovsky

Author Anne Rhoads (3 years)
This was a Time that for some of us will never forget Things were so
different back then and I still Love C,S,N,Y And I Feel Like i have been
hear ..(Here ) Be for... yep

Author MrSIMOilFOLLE (2 years)
commovente e bellissima

Author betlemaniaco (3 years)
so beautiful, guauuuuuu

Author Kels Mermaid (4 years)
love this :)

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