Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Déjà Vu (video)

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Déjà Vu (video)

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Author Mirko Aleksic ( ago)
Thank's for teaching me so long, l'm still learning..

Author Cammy T ( ago)
This song was so depressing and shit.

Author Gordon Mctague ( ago)
Played through Nam and then the same old sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Author Eze Amaro ( ago)
De pié merci CSNY

Author swingmanu ( ago)
Most of their songs???? You gotta be talking about another band....

Author Joseph Vantiem ( ago)
There is so much complexity to this video. It's a statement, a song, and a
documentary. Four old friends who lived through turmoil and change only to
see it all happen again. Then to sing a song about the same phenomenon,
written 43 years ago. True genius.

Author DoneGnome4 ( ago)
Young wasn't even on their first album, also, Collins RUINED Genesis, ever
since Peter Gabriel left the band just fell apart...

Author shohinee chowdhury ( ago)
no way!! what about crosby?? n harmonies dont happen solo do they??

Author ASeasonedWitch ( ago)
The world is the way it is because most people either want it this way or
are content with it this way. Were all the peaceful people to resist status
quo peacefully the world might change overnight. Some of us would get shot,
like the Kent State students, but maybe, just maybe something good would

Author MrSIMOilFOLLE ( ago)
commovente e bellissima

Author Aaron B ( ago)
hahahaha. dumbest comment ever

Author rob1233212006 ( ago)
Young wrote most of their songs. Should have went on his own in the 70's.
Just like Phil Collins from Genesis, he was the talent of the group.

Author Peter Mateer ( ago)
Crosby letting his freak flag fly!

Author cdawg4391 ( ago)
Our leaders - both Democrat and Republican - order our boys into combat
while they sit in lavish offices in D.C. It is my prayer that the cost has
been worth it, but my concern that it hasn't been.

Author G. Tone. ( ago)

Author Witch of Myddle ( ago)
They don't miss a beat. Neither does Bradley Manning. I'm watching his
hearings with friends in Occupy. He's as brilliant and dangerous as
Einstein. Fort Meade is on his ancestral stomping grounds. His family's
behind him. As Michael Ratner, WikiLeaks' U.S. attorney, said at a
fundraiser for him in DC, we're here for a reason. Wars didn't save us.
Love did. Brad knows the law by heart. He struck fascists with lightning.
Revolutionary spirits never die.

Author Rikk303 ( ago)
so many years of baby boys perishing and to what end? The civilian costs
are obscene. This obsession for Democracy is rapidly becoming fascistic and
we all know what that led to.....

Author Patricia Paquette (1173 years ago)
I could not agree more JJ....I feel blessed to have experienced the
'Music".... it will live on with me ...throughout! xxx

Author Sky Simmons ( ago)
Do you know? Don't'cha wonder ?

Author CelestialWoodway ( ago)
It shouldn't be hard to find.

Author Sky Simmons ( ago)
Peace V

Author Jimmy Bishop ( ago)
I feel, feel, like I been before...

Author Rynne Bryanne ( ago)
Where have all the flowers gone?

Author Iago B ( ago)
what proves that?

Author Thomas Maltby ( ago)
Still not as good as Tchiakovsky

Author bluegreen988 ( ago)
war is america's Big business ,run by the jews,that is the reason why
kennedy was assassinated coz he wants US troops out of vietnam war..until
now america is in at war ie afgahnistan iraq.

Author tony milano ( ago)
Crosby is such a freaking mess but damn, he has probably the best vocals in
the group.

Author Marco Antonio Gutierrez ( ago)
Siempre tan actuales... excelente

Author OlymPigs2010 ( ago)
...they never extolled any antiwar sentiments or represented any generation
or ideals.. except those concerned with making lots & lots of money!

Author gramoukdoom ( ago)
Fight the war, fuck the norm!

Author sauquoit13456 ( ago)
On this day in 1970 {May 16th} "Deja Vu" reached #1 {for 1 week} on
Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart... Also peaked at #1 in Australia and #5
in the United Kingdom...

Author Pparker99 ( ago)
I just watched the movie and was very pleased that I did. I went to the
concert in Palm Beach, and loved it. Up to then, I wondered why there
weren't protests over Iraq, like those that took place during the Viet Nam
era. I was so thankful what the concert did. It was political, and stood up
and applauded. The young need to get involved. They have stood on the
sidelines way too long, and ignored what happened.

Author Ken Cloud ( ago)
" ...The best part of America.." OK, Neil Young, the acknowleged leader of
the band and the filmmaker of this extraordinary film, is CANADIAN. Graham
Nash is ENGLISH. Arising from Buffalo Springfield, the Byrds (Crosby) and
Nash from the Hollies, this is a WORLD BAND. BTW if you take the
opportunity to WATCH Young's film, you will be better informed and VERy

Author George Schiraga ( ago)

Author bushbaby001 ( ago)
@gds765red Hearinbg you from Canada, History continues to repeat itself...
Joy to Both You and I.... Prayers, Bridgette xooxox

Author trishsuperfly ( ago)
Great :)

Author Otium Serenitatem ( ago)
Non-compliance is the key. Don't fight, don't give them your money, don't
play their games of divide and conquer. Problem Crisis Solution... study
the Hegalian dialectic and learn how long this game has really gone on..
thousands of years.

Author icarosilva16 ( ago)
This is the best part of America,this is the country to which belong every
man who really loves the freedom ...thank to exist,unforgettable

Author erumesum ( ago)
De lo mejor que hay!

Author HERNAN DELUCA ( ago)

Author Alex Bruce ( ago)
tears and speechlesness.......

Author George Schiraga ( ago)
As the song implies; we have been here before

Author luvtotruck ( ago)
Always loved the studio version with John Sebastian of the Lovin Spoonful
blowing harp

Author Peter Dagnall ( ago)
Was based in Hong Kong during this time. They brought great music to a
waiting audience. Loved them then, love them still.

Author Anne Rhoads ( ago)
Love U guys all way I was there back in the Days ....

Author Chani Gonzalez ( ago)
You (C and S and N and Y) are GREAT. Your voices amplify the voices from
the common people.

Author Anne Rhoads ( ago)
This was a Time that for some of us will never forget Things were so
different back then and I still Love C,S,N,Y And I Feel Like i have been
hear ..(Here ) Be for... yep

Author Kevin O'Brien ( ago)
read the shock doctrine "the rise of disaster capitalism" naomi
will all come home

Author isaysee ( ago)
@k3304 - It wasn't so much the plays Dubyah called- it was the lineup he
picked and the crooked & selfserving ways the plays where carried out. Some
call it StarveTheBeastTactics,- some call it LootTheTreasurySabotage - but
whatever it was , it was bad for THE Nation as a WHOLE.

Author k3304 ( ago)
@Jahnsart , and Barry Obama extended everything Dubya had in place

Author meriban T ( ago)
@k3304 You my friend are delusional and msguided. Dubya Started the wars
and enacted the Patriot act, tortured people and ruined our country by
letting his friends on Wall street steal our money...Try again....

Author isaysee ( ago)
- The Fascismists will always win because thats what they do -- if you kill
them, you become them and so they still win , So it's futile to - - - - - -
No, wait - look at all the fun and adventure there is in the trying.

Author NIKONIAN (1827 years ago)
WE need to make much less WAR and find a way to make more PEACE!

Author Arthur Wirsing ( ago)
Great song.. and very appropriate.. "we have all been here before" 40+
years later.. still the same lies. Enough

Author betlemaniaco ( ago)
so beautiful, guauuuuuu solo Jehova arreglará este sistema.

Author betlemaniaco ( ago)
so beautiful, guauuuuuu

Author lonepilgrim007 ( ago)
always forward never straight :)

Author k3304 ( ago)
Obama extended the Patriot Act, kept Gitmo open and kept military
tribunals. history will tell that GW knew our country was under seige.

Author jjwalker991 ( ago)
CSNY played so well on this tour. And of course, Republican denials
notwithstanding, Bush did lie the country into war and should have been
impeached for that and illegal wiretapping.

Author judy vance ( ago)
@WayTooDazedConfus3d Well yeh, you said it, "You just don't understand"! If
you spend time "in country" like so many of us back in the 60's...maybe you

Author Jose Fitchett ( ago)
@tigger7168 I honor you for your sacrifice, and appreciate what you have
done for us all. The way I see this, just as you have served our country,
these guys are serving the (their perceived) truth. If they were insane, no
one would listen, so there must be something to it, eh? I don't say this to
start a pissing match, but just to give a point of view. They may be wrong,
and I would prefer solidarity in times of trouble myself, but that doesn't
make their opinion invalid.

Author SP M ( ago)
@tigger7168 Pot's the answer, not the problem.

Author tigger7168 ( ago)
have any of these pot heads ever served this country? no its americans like
me and thousands of others like me that continue to allow these unamerican
fucks to exist

Author Kels Mermaid ( ago)
love this :)

Author nardo363636 ( ago)
that political bull takes away from the song.i know theres supposed to be
correlation and direct meaning but no one wants to see this shit pushed in
our faces. side note, David Crosby's voice was and still is incredible.

Author timin770 ( ago)
damn hippies

Author FREDANDERSON77 ( ago)

Author takingitbackgal80 ( ago)
11-12-10..To a living legend..HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEIL YOUNG..generations later
and your music is still beautiful :)

Author Brian Medley ( ago)
We are still fighting a useless war now just like then. The countries we
fight now have been largely the way they are since BC. I don't think we are
going to change them, and in many ways don't know if it is even our place.
Terrorists are horrid images of man kind, but by definition a terrorist is
a shadow warrior you never see until it is to late. Yes they may have been
supported by there government or as it seems many governments at one time
or another. We just give them recognition.

Author barrywide343 ( ago)
really well done,5 thumbs up !!

Author David harris ( ago)
great vid

Author toklas69 ( ago)
Well said, Stephen

Author longlostgus ( ago)
My god who did this I know the producers of the movie just awesome assembly
of movie clips, concert footage, and well ALL! I cant get tired of seeing
this, Love CSNY since day one and forever I guess. thanks for the upload

Author George Ordway ( ago)
I tried to post this on my facebook page and it is being denied viewing on
my page - what is up with that? and with something so important ? I do
hope to know, WFT is up with that? if you get less hits on youTube by
allowing that -- YouTube needs to get their shat together and find a way to
recognize a view. . . I'm pissed because this video is so important to
share via other outlets. SOMEBODY STEP UP!

Author John Haruch ( ago)
these are my holy people, i rest my head on their ground, Then I Get Up

Author Dave Thatcher ( ago)
It's a compilation from the movie...Deja Vu!

Author anamarie8 ( ago)
when was this show?

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