Red Vs Blue Caboose's Moments

We all just want to sit back and relax while watching one of the funniest Red Vs Blue character in action.
Caboose is the original blue one that is annoying, talks to the tank, and is just plain funny.

Seasons used: Five and I think two.

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Author Scott Goldstein (4 years)
@guitarherolegend55 and we will be best friends

Author MicrosoftPoitsPlz (5 years)
that is funny

Author Rm622p (3 years)
Why are there six pedals when there are only four directions?

Author Nipple Tickler (4 years)
eventually i hope to build an entire purple person!

Author scarzpan (4 years)
"heeyy...everyone is looking at me... I love when they do that! Hey
everybody!!!" haha

Author TheMillironEffect (3 years)
Who voices Tex?

Author zackattackx3 (4 years)

Author Zavier Rodrigo (4 years)
ROFL 3:45 - 3-58 XDDDDD I am absolutely perfect that's too good... now i am
depressed HAHA!!!XDDD

Author sirk141 (5 years)
nice go cabosse !!!

Author NineVite217 (3 years)
Wait.. wait, Caboose, are you saying... did you go into the campaign?!?
Yep. I don't know what that means, so i'm just going to nod and say yes.

Author yruh8tinunme (4 years)
eventually i want to build a purple person! roflcopter

Author TotalBunghole (4 years)
Best. Ending. Ever. DANCING TIME!!!!!

Author gogetareeljob (5 years)
"Hey, everyone is looking at me, I love when they do that." HI EVERYBODY!!!

Author ehubbard39 (3 years)
Haha Love it! <3

Author LazyKore (3 years)
i remember the first part of this vid best part was "Church if i die you
can have my orange juice"

Author heyheyolek (2 years)
Green guy: Caboose say good! Caboose: Say good!

Author unholygeneration (5 years)
hey, everboy is looking at me. lol

Author gimosh77 (5 years)
u missed my fav 1 :( tucker: caboose boil some water caboose: this is not a
time to think about soup XD a classic

Author Denham Worden (3 years)
he is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Rahman413 (5 years)
AT 2:10 wat ep was that?

Author TheCelibeMan (4 years)
maybe its a new gun! T: NO! you idiot its a preson in yellow armor

Author spartonnumb80 (1 year)
Lol. Do tucker next

Author Christian Cedeño (5 years)
ok just dont say stupid wait be naturl say stupid stuff

Author towliehasnoidea (3 years)
I wanted to see Caboose's dancing

Author clindke2 (3 years)
Lol I love caboose Lol

Author Nick Reid (3 years)
@underglow59 Joel Heyman.

Author sverredennye (3 years)
If i really met caboose would die by confetti yelling yaaaaay!!!

Author jeremy beach (3 years)
who is caboose in real life??

Author roundedhalo (5 years)
do you think we care?

Author xxguitardude93xx (6 years)
"maybe you should ask for a purple brain" lol i love how they treat caboose

Author james rhone (1 year)
What episode is 2:35 from

Author LazyWaffles (6 years)

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