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Author saran00000 (4 years)
she is the best cook ever.............

Author saba iggy (4 years)
@gogettalife1 like i care???? bhaahahahah. i dont care if i m thumbs down
becouse u dont have any balls to reach upto me u low life
linttttttttttttttt hahahahhaha

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)
@nafisa55 u need to calm down lady its like u r paid hehe...rnt u? stop
tellin evrybody wt they should b writing or doing :) its pretty clear to me
that u get that... she is a mothhhhhhhherrr f**K**r... o u knw dt dnt u :)

Author saba iggy (4 years)
@nafisa55 no this pepsincoffee doesnt know about her father .she is
obssessed of english .her father might be some"GORA".her mom never told her
might be... fuckin retards

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)
@7861iggy na na na na na na na

Author HeartBroken91209 (4 years)
@AnuschayRizwan lol just ignoring them they are all jerks themselves khud
paas kuch nae tau doosron ko criticise kartay hain -.- lame !

Author saba iggy (4 years)
@pepsincoffee yeah yeah yeah bcoz u were the gyny doc of her mom

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)
@7861iggy n kid dnt get hyper...b as cool as iiiiiiiii....flyyyyyyy

Author Tiny Popy (5 years)
maaf ker day pagal aurat sirf recipie bata

Author saba iggy (4 years)
@gogettalife1 ignorents tryin be modern

Author CookieMonster (4 years)
@andalibnaqvi Rahat antie, please speak a bit about the recipe too- too
much beating about the bush.

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)
@7861iggy oooo she cant she think as i im so flllyyy..u cnt handle me outta control wteva u cal dt.u NOT ma LEVEL.u need some low down
poor scum kids to play witcha..n btw wt da hell ds paki thingy is all
bout..r nt v tlkin heree heellooo or u lili stupid kid jst gonna point out
non sense things here...oo ma bad cc u cnt handle dt stuff..tooooo offense..may b smday u might b able to beat me..learn smthng b4
its too late n i jst go snap u bithccccccc

Author saba iggy (4 years)
@pepsincoffee again English????? why u pakis wanna talk eng all the time

Author saba iggy (4 years)
@gogettalife1 oh yeah u r ignoring me by replying me constantly even i told
ya go get the hell out of my way but poor paki wanna stick with my feet

Author korikrali (4 years)
@nafisa55 she s got balls mate

Author bakwas1 (4 years)
Abay budheee tum say kisnay pooochaa tha kay tum kaysee hoo?? Booaaa ! !Yay
"meeeeetheee meeeethee" bakwas band kar aur khana paka. Agar mere
naukraanee itnee bakbak kartee tu main nay os kay sar par pooree daikcheee
odailnee thee. Ab Band kar bakwas aur khanaa paka - lagta hai khanaa bhee
nahee pakana aataa - dafaaa ho meereee nazroon say phir.

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)
@7861iggy yaar plz dont mind but u r a LEECH or more thn it..dnt get dirty
ova sm dirt.bitch clean up ur way n run to hel.hw mny tymz exctly i wud hv
to tel dt bitch i ainnntt into u 1 else around is as
annoying as YOU..

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)

Author sandia379 (5 years)
Aala poori ki bachi... Poori bnany ka rule hi ye hai k na usko khushka
(khushk aata) lagaen aur na hi bailen. Warna poori nai PAAPAR bn jaey ga.
zra se oil waly haath se bina bailan k jhatak kr bari kr len aur phir fry
kren. POORI full of elasticty aur soft bny gi.

Author saba iggy (4 years)
@gogettalife1 i like it (thumbdown) thats somthing cool

Author paromita87 (4 years)
what a joker ! who told her to teach cooking ....she seems unprofessional.

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)
@AnuschayRizwan shut da fuck up

Author saba iggy (4 years)
@gogettalife1 o really o my God my name is gogetalife and i m scared
becouse everytime i put my comments i have to thumb them up for 4,5 even 10
times my life is already so hard bhooo bhooo bhoo fuckin bitches linty
dirty shits

Author Faiza Sarshar (3 years)
very nice keep it up agr indians mei patience nahi to pakistani videos
dekhty kuon hain tasub parast hindus

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)
@7861iggy nahhhhh dt aint cooll.....nahhhhhhhhhhhh

Author Hamna Atif (4 years)
I agree she is not making Pakistan ashamed but she thinks shes the only
cook on this planet, she can cook anything on this planet that no body
never ever ever can do this good. which is off ccourse untrue

Author saba iggy (4 years)
@gogettalife1 for ur kind information i never been livin in that nasty
town. small town poor hon....i born here .my mom dad born here ...
now have a blast and get the hell out of MY WAY alright u fuckin piece of
shit i try to avoid abusive language that's how i m brought up. but if some
body try to jump up my ass then i have a very good vocablry for u sluts.u
paki hors get the fuck up

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)
@7861iggy fuck sm niggas n neva comment back bitchhhhhhhhhhh..........haah
ahaah haaha u freaky nasty poor whore...such a dickkkkkk

Author 911musicmania (3 years)
Great work aunty, don't let the HATERS AND LOOSERS PUT YOU DOWN. THESE

Author saba iggy (4 years)
@gogettalife1 nasty shits on earth

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)
@7861iggy kid srry was bz got no tym 4 poors now m here to deal dt dick..i
see u got nthn to do but jst chck on me cz u luvvvv me n i mean alot to
u..:) cn undrstnd u babe ;) u knw wt u r a PIG yakhhh..i c u neva gon lemme
go..u jst a lil kid i hv nthn to do wit u bt jst play :) oooo i hv fun tlkn
to u seems lyk some1 values me n blve it or nt i luvvvv dttt......muahwww
ma lillllllllllll baby ;)

Author saba iggy (4 years)
@gogettalife1 i can just laugh on u. u r really pissed off rnt ya???
hahahaha well i m not pooor u pakis r poor alright. i got a good sleep
thank got . u pakis cant sleep reason??? mosquetossssss, bees,o my god

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)
@7861iggy pooor spam kid

Author 2ashi (5 years)
she is soo full of her self.idiot,i hate her too.

Author wavokiaado (4 years)
she never told us how to make purri from the begining.......i needed that.

Author simis7 (4 years)
She's full of herself!

Author saba iggy (4 years)
@pepsincoffee paki girls need some english teacher hahahaha

Author saba iggy (4 years)
@gogettalife1 why u wanna dick tell me ..???? bhaaaaaaahahhhahaha

Author saba iggy (4 years)
@gogettalife1 i can just laugh on u. u r really pissed off rnt ya???

Author lulu ahmad (4 years)
@mirzabilal123 exactlyyyyyyyy she talks more abt herself than the food

you mixed the raw masala just as turmeric,the taste was not as good as it
should be. Darshan Gupta

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)
@7861iggy guyz guyz plz temme onething why wud someone insist me on talking
with dt some1 even if i try ma best to ignore dt some1....again

Author mirzabilal123 (5 years)
why this women is reluctant to show full recepie...she did no tell how to
make doe for pori which is the main thing..

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)
@7861iggy poor iggy....sweety u okay rofl....go get sm sleep haha

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)
@7861iggy poor bitch gettin thumbsss down down low can u go
temme how low ...? make sure u safe cz imma b nastyyyy yeahhhh

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)
@7861iggy u mother u prbbly spend ur nyts wit ppl + wit
hunger...bitch..gettin'em all nasty..trynna suk di*ks..u need to shut dt
fuck u gettin on ma nervs..shut da shit up n take ur finger n fuck
back ur slef....

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)
@7861iggy ooooooo pooorr baby no no no dnt get hyper no..u knw wt bitch is
smtym also fynnn u knw so u gonna b fyn ;) scum kid ur mother father callin
ya.jst go tell'em u playn nt safe..kidi kid bitchi bitch

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)
@7861iggy wt da fishhh fishy lil kid smelly..c i been tellin ya bitch..get
nasty or get da fuck outta ma sight.lmfao..kid u make me laugh so hard
fuckk yaaa

Author saba iggy (4 years)
@pepsincoffee looks like u want dicks hahahahahhahahahah

Author gogettalife1 (4 years)
@7861iggy how do you know allll that baby...u been also livin in
nasty town...omG...poor u now rish u got who knows what how who u have been
fuckin up so hard......ooooooooooo m so fly m so fly i got ds piece of rap
frsh jst for ya baby...aftr al i luv ya...u cant ignore me
babes.............imma b here

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