Pistol Sight Alignment

Sight Alignment Demo By PhaseTwo Graphics

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Author sig rz (8 months)
Good very learn full video....

Author Mattypee1981 (2 months)
Ok...wait......wait...ok...wait..stop....godamnit hold still so i can
see....!!!!! Lol rhankyou for this video.

Author chisoxfan708 (3 years)
On my Semi annual Department qual, my problem is I throw shots lower left
of center mass. I do qual on the first try (We get unlimited) but I need to
be much better for confidence sake! I anticipate recoil and try to correct
for it. A Bad habbit I know but its hard to brake.

Author MrSpeedjunkie22 (2 years)
@jaybeesworld yea

Author tacos4u632 (3 years)
@gloctor naturally it drops about .25 to .5 of an inch because the bullet
is under the sight.... but 1.5m inches per 5 yards... thats an airsoft
gun(which is 50 fps)

Author jarosk66 (3 years)
I would like to download this for my basic markship and CHL classes. What
do I need to do? I just finished the Texas DPS Instrucor class and they are
using it there. Are they justin veiwing it on you tube or do they know how
to download and I do not. John A. Roskosky

Author gloctor (4 years)
@jaybeesworld This was a Glock Model 22 to scale with the target at 10
metres. The red ball was to give some idea of how much you can get away
with. All to often I hear people talk about the perfect sight alignment
which real people can't hold and don't need hold in order to make perfectly
acceptable shots. I would try and be some what stable but not worry about
being perfect and if anything work on a smooth quick trigger press.

Author gregbails4 (4 years)
were you drunk making this animation? Trust me i know how to acheive pistol
site alignment, and this vid only showed a drunk person trying to do it in
graphic form...

Author ETERNALH8 (4 years)
What kind of faggot video is this?? Have the gun be still for a second or
two how fucking anoying

Author DrMrTrippy (4 years)
If you click the pause button it will do that;)

Author kdavisnow (4 years)
continued. and of course the type of round being fired. also if you make a
double tap with my preferred caliber (45 acp loaded with hollow points +P)
into the assailant chest. it can be assumed that he will not be concerned
about a 1.5 in drop rather the beach ball sized hole in his back and lack
of vital organs.... just saying lol

Author gloctor (2 years)
@hulsey1976 Rather than trying to teach point shooting I try and emphasize
using sights all the time in practice, not that I would expect someone to
be conscious of using the sights in a high stress situation but the muscle
memory puts the gun up where it needs to be, when it needs to be. I first
made this animation for beginners so they can see that perfect sight
alignment is not required as well as to demonstrate how much out of
alignment the sights needed to be when they miss the target.

Author stopglobalswarming (6 years)
Have you seen the XS sights? Bright front dot, v shaped rear. Looks really

Author Fun & Family Channel (3 years)
:)Nice tip but I am dizzy.

Author Nash JP (4 years)
Good job,Very instructive video about the basic movement of pistol sights.
And thank you.

Author Tyler DJdiddles (6 years)
so simple but VERY helpful

Author xxMRGRENADExx (3 years)
@ctrlaltWOOT lol that made me laugh so hard

Author Thomas Jefferson (2 years)
looks like michael j fox was holding that gun

Author Joe Blohe (4 years)
Drop at 5 yds? Hhhmm... what causes it to drop at 5 yds?

Author mewisemajic (1 year)
Clear front sight, slighty blurry rear sight and slightly blurry target.

Author yay me (2 years)
its like the online game drunkin piss where your drunk and pissing in the
toilet... BUT WITH A GUN!!!

Author DrMrTrippy (4 years)
Great video, I think the idea is to show how sight alignment effects shot

Author Obeyance DeKat (4 years)
@gregbails4 As other have said, this isnt ment to show perfect alignment.
Its ment to show how the forgiveness of distance when trying to aim. The
closer you are the less your movements have an effect on bullet placement.
The further away you are the smaller the movement it takes for your
placement to be way off. Kinda like an adjustable mouse. The higher the DPI
the smaller the movement it takes to move the mouse, the larger the DPI it
takes greater distance to move the same distance. -=Think=-

Author gloctor (2 years)
@chisoxfan708 Work on dry firing but rather than dry firing slowly, work on
getting a quick trigger press from outside the trigger guard without moving
the gun too much. If you can move the trigger straight to the rear you
shouldn't pull the gun out of alignment and if you can do it quick enough
you won't have time to anticipate. Anticipation is trying to counteract
recoil before it happens. If you do it once the bullets left it's just
recoil control.

Author saintrobbie375 (4 years)
He is saying that the round itself drops 1.5 inches. Hence aiming higher.

Author ETERNALH8 (4 years)

Author kdavisnow (4 years)
@haxxed check out the Hornady TAP 45 acp +p ammo. It maybe a hyperbole, but
they still make damn big holes.

Author pete5668 (4 years)
I almost shot my laptop! :)

Author viciousKev (3 years)
this is only useful if you have a 40 mm round, like the red ball

Author Joe Blohe (4 years)
Neat graphic!

Author 57wayZ2bkynd (1 year)
Thank you for the video. Your graphics are unique to any tutorial I have
watched thus far. This video provides a clear mental image of muzzle
movement and the effect. It shows that the shooter does not have to be
machine-like still to produce an effective, center-of-mass shot. I am
striving for a foundation of great fundamentals and this was helpful.
Thanks for your innovative lesson.

Author babyhunter69 (5 years)
its around 10-15 metres

Author saintrobbie375 (4 years)
My orginal point was Target shooting is worlds away from combat shooting.
As for where the bullet goes, it should be center mass or head. Heads are
smaller targets, so you should be aiming for the chest.

Author calvin604 (1 year)
Wtf is this crap

Author Alice M (4 years)
Accept the wobble.

Author Commiefornia (2 years)
@chisoxfan708 From what I understand that is a common problem and it
relates to trigger pull. Practice dry firing your weapon and watch what
your sights do. Using laser sights really helps with this also.

Author Jose Rivera (1 year)

Author natedogg1041 (4 years)
nicely done

Author rara27 (2 years)
i was shooting with precision shooting pistols, our coach said it should be
aimed at six o'clock. is it the same with live pistols, 6 o'clock or dead

Author mixwell1983 (4 years)
@ETERNALH8 - "What kind of faggot video is this?? Have the gun be still
for a second or two how fucking anoying" --- I kinda thought the same thing
when first watching this video but the video (I think) is showing how
simple movement from natural movement can impair your aim and I actually
learned from it. If you're really looking for the perfect sight picture you
should just google image it, im sure there has to be some nice images on
proper sight alignment.. Okay 8mth old comment reply haha

Author ETERNALH8 (4 years)
Thanks Captain Obvious. First time I watched it, it didn't stop moving so
it anoyed me.. Douche

Author mad8vskillz (4 years)
i've heard a suggestion to aim for the pelvis with the first shot. It's a
big bone which means lots of damage, and by the 2nd shot the recoil will
climb you to center mass

Author DrMrTrippy (4 years)
What kind of pistol do you have that has sights more than 1.5" higher than
the centre of the bore

Author kdavisnow (4 years)
what would cause around an inch of drop a 5 yards?..A: the distance between
the line of sight of the shooter and the actual barrel is around an inch
and assuming the bullet doesn't rise immediately after being fired
(impossible) the point of impact could be as much as an 1.5 inches low at 5
yards depending on the shooter. hope this helps ( :

Author markjmarkjack (2 years)
pause at 0:12

Author Squ1bst3r (4 years)
looks a bit to the left.

Author Minatorous (4 years)
@Countryboy2206 Yeah tell that to someone on crack. Until you hit some
vital organ (heart, brain etc..) the're not going to stop.

Author gloctor (3 years)
@tacos4u632 Good observation, bullets always start low on a slight upward
angle compared to the sights, otherwise it would be impossible to sight in.
The distance the firearm is sighted in for or “zeroed” is where the bullet
trajectory and line of sight intersect. i.e. to be zeroed at 200 metres the
bullet starts low, travels on a trajectory that intersects the line of
sight once at a closer distance, continues above the line of sight, then
drops back down to intersect again at 200 metres.

Author Joe Blohe (4 years)
Cop friend of mine, MANY many years ago confronted a convenience store
robber while he was on stake out (back when cops did that ). Robber
displayed handgun to clerk then shoved his gun back into jacket pocket. Cop
gets the drop on him w/ S&W M-25 in 45 Colt, says don't move.. BG moves,
Cop fires hand loaded (back when cops did that ) 200 grain Speer "Flying
Ashtray" bullet that impacts his PELVIS, shatters said pelvis. exits his RH
butt cheek taking orange sized chunk of ass with it.

Author Rodrigo Boos (6 years)
If the dots were in the center, they would cover the target area at certain
distances; if you align the top of the sights at the base of the area you
want to shoot, at given a distance, you can still see the target area...
Maybe at a 100 yards the center dot would be covering the target..

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