Malaysia Airlines vs Garuda Indonesia vs Royal Brunei Airlines vs Singapore Airlines

Sorry for bad qualities

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Author m reihan (2 months)

Author louboutin brand (9 months)
RBA best airlines..Keep Up The Good Work

Author agus salim (7 months)
semoga MH370 segera diketemukan. Tak ada guna berdebat mana yang terbaik,
yang jelas ke empatnya negeri serantau Melayu. Mari berlomba-lomba menjadi
yang terbaik tanpa saling menjatuhkan. Eloknya jika bersama-sama menjadi
negeri yang maju

Author shoaib anwar (9 months)
malaysia airlines is the best but in islamic ways royal brunei airlines is
the best but still generally malaysia airlines is the best

Author Aceng Maftuh (9 months)
Malaysia airlines MH370 dr KL ke beijing hilang, apa yg patut dibanggakan
buat malaysia airlines. Tanggung jawab tuh nyawa orang mati semua. Tunggu
sebentar bangkrut!!!

Author Muhammad Syahrian (6 months)
Garuda Indonesia has a livery that is very luxurious and elegant

Author akuTerasa kott (10 months)

Author Pete LJ (10 months)
Singapore Airlines 5 five star

Author Van Bohr (7 months)
Do you know about the case of Malaysia Airlines MH370? Is now in the
process of the lawsuit to the International court?

Author Nia Ibrahim (8 months)
What are you mean about this video ? That's showing bad or which one the
best ??
RBA and GA, I think they are same at Indonesia, you know what i mean.
Every Airlines depend on how tool and job of their employees.
MH has miss until now, that will created bad image by communities.

Author Ahmaditya Irsyad (1 year)

Author aslam diris (9 months)
IBSMM88...royal brunei is a stone age shit? better be carefull.....

Author Dessy Dessy (9 months)
All the best airlines... 

Author Muhammad Shafi Ilham (7 months)
Malaysia Airlines dan Singapore Airlines 5 bintang

Author Roslia Hassan (1 year)
Brunei airlines where is the b747?

Author Ahmad Hudaya (9 months)
Liat skrg malaysia airlines hilang kan? .. blm ketemu sampai skrg..ntah
jatuh dimna.. apa pendapat kalian?

Author Dessy Dessy (9 months)
All the best airlines... 

Author anang sumiyarta (10 months)
garuda is the best

Author Ryanair Hayes (11 months)
Nice video. Please subscribe to my aviation channel and promote channel to
others. I also subscribed. Like and comment on my videos thanks

Author Dessy Dessy (9 months)
Sekarang airlines malaysia hilang, semoga semua crew and penumpang selamat

Author Ahmaditya Irsyad (1 year)

Author benarbelakaful . (1 year)

Author arbab Prince (1 year)
LOVE YOU MAS......but where's new A380??

Author eva emmanuel (2 years)

Author Atam Gutama (2 years)
What ever that is, Garuda will always the best

Author Nathaniel William Philip (2 years)
I guess all countries understand Malay? Singapore Airlines adalah antara
terbaik di dunia. Malaysia Airlines dan Garuda tidak lah jauh di belakang.
Malaysia Airlines jika dibanding, lebih baik daripada Garuda tapi tidak lah
sangat. Royal Brunei ada jauh sikit tapi masih bagus. Saya rasa, ramai
orang Indonesia benci orang Malaysia. Saya tidak tahu kenapa, tapi mungkin
sebab ketinggalan sikit. Tapi jangan risau, orang ASEAN sepatutnya bantu
membantu bukan benci membenci serta berlagak.

Author Miza Ajmal (1 year)
indognesial anjing kalau indonesia tidak makan taik org belanda juga tidak
hidup,indognesial memang tak pernah bercermin dgn apa indonesia bercermin?
pasti dgn taik org belanda seperti yg mereka makan.

Author Boyle Thermolen (1 year)
Coba buka link ini. Malaysia airlines ada gak?? Top 10 Airlines 2013 by
Skytrax (FSX)

Author Joko Andra (2 years)
routes nya malaysia airlines sgt jauh meluas dr garuda..begitu juga
service,IFE,catering..walau sy dr indonesia sy lebih memilih malaysia
airlines dan singapore airlines...

Author peace201189 (1 year)
if your talking about malaysia and indonesia, I agree

Author Radh Lefebvre (2 years)

Author Prabono1 (2 years)
kau orang malay ngaku" orang indonesia garuda indonesia salah satu maskapai
terbaik satu" yang imigrasi on bort

Author ALIFFCOOLVIDEO Official (1 year)
kerana bergaduh dengan bangla

Author Unixballl (1 year)
kalo comment lihat fakta dikit pakcik. malaysia itu mana mana negara nak
dimusuh. singapore dimusuh indonesia dimusuh brunei dimusuh philippine
dimusuh. lihat faktanya. bukan idealnya. melayu memang karakter teruk. di
kasih maju sikit langsung hina mana mana negara jiran. USA dan japan jauh
lebih maju dari malaysia. tapi mngapa mereka tak hina negara yg lebih
miskin sprti india dan cina. mengapa? karena mereka bukan melayu yg
atittude nya rendah.

Author gesw kol (1 year)
wheeee haha of course garuda indonesia

Author Joko Andra (2 years)
@fisher5969 sy org indo malah akui singapore dan malaysia airlines terbaik
di south east sering pakai airlines itu dr garuda...

Author filip bojoh (1 year)
only garuda indonesia and singapore airline which is in the top 10 this year

Author izzat haikal (2 years)
mana2 airlines pun sama.. x pyah la kita bersengketa disbbkn hal
perbandingan ini ye.. kite naik mana2 airlines pun, harga semuanya mahal..
they all 5 star airlines, tat why they named their airlines after their
country.. it is also their flag carrier.. layanan setiap airlines semuanya
sma.. cuma ada beberapa kelainan sahaja tetapi setiap airlines ada cara
mereka sendri utk mengekalkn rating mereka di mata Skytrax..
:-)[iminent=FHLkhAgUWfOB] _____________ I have just posted a cool Emoticon!

Author TOMATO PASTE (1 year)
Indon indon indon indon

Author Keikei (2 years)
Garuda indonesia is better... It had improved a lot. -3 indonesia!

Author Unixballl (1 year)
hahahaha... itu sangat lucu... hihihi...

Author HafizzApizzz (2 years)
celine dion im alive

Author nightkids217 (1 year)
For your info RB (Royal Brunei) will be the first Airline in South East
Asia to get the 787s..

Author Gregorius Justin (1 year)
Garuda Indonesia and Singapore Airlines is the best. Because they are in
the top ten world best airlines

Author peace201189 (1 year)

Author gesw kol (1 year)
maybe you're the animal coz u can't say malaysia has no brain at all coz
brunei and singapore used to be apart of malaysia too......
malaysia,singapore and my little brunei :) always be together and friend
indonesia forever alone .... guess get it ?

Author Ammar coy (1 year)
Gw milih Garuda Indonesia cinta tanah air cinta negera!

Author nicolas satria (2 years)
Jangan menghina negara-negara lain

Author Unixballl (1 year)

Author TOMATO PASTE (2 years)
susah brcakap dgn org indon ni..bodoh dn sush nk faham...sory la
indonesia tak m trima hakikat dn.takdir yg mreka kalah smue hal
dgn.mlysia...haha....trima je la yg ngara indonesia bnyak htang dgn bank
dnia...hah mau msih tak tau dri lgi...pantat indon fuck u.....

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