Scooby Doo Pirate Ship of Fools

Scooby Doo Pirate Ship of Fools, ScoobyDoo Game Show,

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Author clericlii (5 years)
i ply this game b4 lol

Author nikkimoll (5 years)

Author yosemite80 (5 years)
oh, i did this a different way. i didn't use the cannon in the first scene,
but i used a pole arm and had Shaggy up a rope reaching for the key. at the
end when i trapped the pirate i had the cannon fire a net at him :P

Author Elikaka123 (2 years)
@ilaughatyourexpense search Scooby Doo Pirate Ship of fools. Its free.

Author lewisalexandermiller (3 years)
hahahah i know nah howt to get there then search scooby doo

Author Albert Lacen (2 years)
hahaha they have super speed mis this game and im 18

Author MrUCHIHA117 (2 years)

Author wwememorya (5 years)
thanks for the help

Author Joseph galloro (1 year)
Check out scoobys new theme song video response

Author 1blksunshine (2 years)

Author neil turney (2 years)
what happen to fred valmen and dephen

Author Kinder Amos (1 year)

Author AzureDragon1984 (3 years)
was this game on PC? looks nice I wanna play it :(

Author devmany1 (4 years)
i like this vid and this game

Author tarkeke (3 years)
@JEG522 you are a motherfuck

Author camilly rosa (1 year)
Não teria conseguido de fase sem esse video,Muito Bom !

Author victor147159 (3 years)
Heh I used to play this game ALL the time XD

Author jaypak009 (3 years)
@elocin1964 go to search for scooby doo

Author Karl Peterson (4 years)
this game is soooooooooo hard for me

Author andres urdaneta (10 months)
Oye Que Numero Es El Episodio?

Author luckystarsus (4 years)
wow:O thanks, i've been trying to pass the last part of this level and i
didn't have any idea what to do. now i know;) thanks lol

Author saeedfahi (4 years)
this movie was not so bad but nice it helps me to play the game i like it

Author Paula Michelle Meireles (1 year)
me lembrei de jogar

Author leoattacker (3 years)
I'm so high and I'm wathcing this video

Author SecsiiBabe (5 years)
thanks, my little boy has been stuck on this for ages!

Author Willie Shi (5 years)

Author nikkimoll (3 years)
@filipinofear13 scoobydoo's website

Author Bede Rovedas (5 months)
R. O. F. L.

Author Nusrat Khan (5 years)

Author Rika Rocero (4 years)
wow its very beutiful

Author MsNamingway (3 years)
OMG I remember playing this when I was a little kid, never thought I see it
again. lol Never did finish it though, I always got stuck on the rats. Dx

Author unknown4lifes (5 years)
ok show me...

Author Daniel Zurita (3 years)
que bonito eel juego

Author xxcjxx69 (4 years)
i wuduv burnt rope

Author MrJivson (1 year)
I really love Scooby doo , Thumbs up if u do too!

Author carlos augusto ñaño velasquez (1 year)
n. b

Author dawoodshah02 (1 year)
good game

Author soe1967 (5 years)
i have this game.i playing at scooby doo games.

Author JEG REDUBLAGENS (3 years)
you are mother fuck!

Author gyardosxxx (4 years)
thnx this help me

Author Kinder Amos (1 year)

Author amanda frois (2 years)

Author Brianna (5 years)
I know right? ^^

Author elocin1964 (3 years)
i wish i could play this game

Author mirkwood57 (5 years)
thank you for sharing :)

Author skycontroler (5 years)
Yeah but i can't go to the link from there!!!And i can't finds the game at
te warner bros website!!!That's why i'm asking you to tell me!!!

Author renefrancisco2012 (1 year)
kase mahirap sya laroen

Author Camilla Holck (3 years)
is this game based on a real episode?

Author PS SP (3 years)
creepy shit

Author spyrb (4 years)
this game is so cool 5/5

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