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Author Kelsey Wood ( ago)
i enjoyed wacting that

Author RandomShit... ( ago)
DERP! at the end it say THANK FOR WATCHING!

Author JasonRelaxation ( ago)
Thanks for wacthing?

Author El DarkTo ( ago)
Como llueven las hostias... Ese se acuesta calentito XD

Author Jordy ThePlayer ( ago)
Mick That's not ok I mean it Mick go fight with that chinee'se guy then go

Author İsmail Gökşan ( ago)
woww :D

tontera no coje

Author Trinitee Thomas ( ago)

Author Cleomarcio Silva ( ago)
muito bon 

Author natthapong kritkornburi ( ago)

Author thangQanime ( ago)
You can tell this was done by some stupid school girl with too much time on
her hands. Thumbed down. 

Author Joao lucas ( ago)
a vaii se fuder seu viadão era pra deixa a parte toda vai toma no cu sue

Author Nate Asombrado ( ago)
Never Say Never!

Author hans yefri Peguero Santana ( ago)
in the end not is wacthing is watched

Author Giovanna Coleman ( ago)
the song is "he's a pirate"

Author Abigail Rufe ( ago)
go jaden

Author Starr Thickumz ( ago)

Author ian kerma ( ago)
ful cul

Author Jimmy De Santa ( ago)
mk dayak yeme

Author melanie borges ( ago)
whats the song called that plays in the end

Author MonkeyMadness1989 ( ago)
Dude what the fuck is your problem, people come to see the movie not your
crappy edit of it..

Author aljhon guinto ( ago)
kalihil love carlo sana mg keta tayo i love yuo

Author William Sherwood ( ago)
The original is better

Author Ven Hate ( ago)
this one is made on 2010

Author md nasir khondaker ( ago)
i can beat that kid up

Author iLeftNuti Nguyen ( ago)
never say never bro

Author d-rey odeneye ( ago)
what's with all the video captions!! there're not funny and they just ruin
the scene

Author MONSE RAMHER ( ago)
ned estubo corto

Author سلطان الرشيد ( ago)
ايش اسم الفلم

Author لعبة مرحب ( ago)

Author jim lee ( ago)

Author Severus Jake ( ago)
And the chinese boy says "go away" to him?

Author MilkyFiesta ( ago)
"He's American. He only just arrived. He doesn't understand what you're
saying. You don't want to hit him." Pretty much. The actor seems to be
pretty decent at Chinese. At least, he sounds authentic.

Author amith kumar ( ago)
damn he got his ass kicked..

Author amith kumar ( ago)
got ass kicked aye

Author hispano25 ( ago)
I can watch this all day. Wish it happened more often

Author tatiana myers ( ago)
blah blah blah lol

Author Michelle Lin ( ago)
Ouch. >_o

Author said mouri ( ago)
i lavao

Author GTFOBah ( ago)
these chinese kids were amazing in this. and prob jackie's best acting
ever, lol

Author intended much ( ago)
what... this wasn't in the movie....????? only like a short as version of

Author Ma Sar ( ago)
80s Version is to much better...

Author Aitor Martínez Benítez ( ago)
jadennnnn noooooooooooooooo

Author Dyuthi Mathews ( ago)
You mean the Pirates of The Caribbean one?

Author Severus Jake ( ago)
The blond boy really speak chinese? What does he say?

Author Xeno Poko ( ago)
You entered the wrong neighbour hood.

Author Carl Akamatsu ( ago)
cheng's voice is small ._.

Author keven gaitan ( ago)
really lol

Author CONOCE LA SELE ( ago)
never say never-justin bieber

Author starboy Hurley ( ago)
maybe he should have say never there

Author Funforpotatoes ( ago)

Author TheIr120492 ( ago)
Can someone please translate 0:13 - 0:28 ?

Author Maxx Joseph ( ago)
get pwnd I can fight but not like that Asian kid and the other kid did a
pretty good back hand to his face!!

Author xErenStrike ( ago)
Ama en sonda anasını sikti :D

Author MrHestolemyname ( ago)
yeah! cuz he got fucked up after ! :D

Author HellAutarch ( ago)
he just pissed him off even more.

Author sean laz ( ago)
y is it the other way round

Author Tuffy Baxton ( ago)
thanks for that much needed clarification

Author JellyPuffys ( ago)
Why did he didn't call his gangsta friends? :/

Author fırat KAPLAN ( ago)
omg jaden smith

Author Nedgerful Babe ( ago)
A whole ass?

Author MasterThil29 ( ago)
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surveys at home. This site shows every detail how\1cSbLPz

Author deep depression ( ago)
That was sick 01:44 !!

Author kamal king ( ago)
R.I.P jaden smith @ 2:03

Author rhonda sanders ( ago)
i am mad it you jaden god

Author GRRangel ( ago)
really justin beiber could of you put THIS IS SPARTA or something

Author Jay UD ( ago)
thanks bro

Author Jay UD ( ago)
what was the song at the end please ??

Author Saltefanden10 ( ago)
lol when that white blond guy tries to speak manderin chinese

Author João Evolution X ( ago)
kkkkkkkkkk q foda no fim cara

Author Sultan Al-Rubaiaan ( ago)
if i were u i would still get up and kick his monkey ass

Author KeShaunB3 ( ago)
dude I'm sayin Asians are the shit as a compliment as in like kool. hell
I'm fuckin half Asian bro

Author Moises Andrade ( ago)

Author Abrokensword ( ago)
1:48 if another kid in the school yard did this shit I would have turned
and run lol

Author Carlos Paludo ( ago)
Muito retardado isso Eles podem até prosessar

Author fantasticCuco ( ago)
dude, what a beat down

Author MrpPauL19 ( ago)
Oghhh gosh... getting beat up by a little yellow person... Can't believe
it! I would have ripped his yellow skin off him and feed it to crows!!

Author UnitedGaming X ( ago)
You know what, your right, I'm sorry I started this stupid argument, sorry

Author JAKcy .GRAFFITI ( ago)
man honestly now! shut the fuck up. that enough of your bullshit. please
lets cut this shit out!

Author UnitedGaming X ( ago)
You have a DISGUSTING choice of words, you said" so go respond to other
peoples comments". That's what I exactly did you dumb shit I responded to
peoples comments which was aiming towards your comment. You must be 8 years

Author JAKcy .GRAFFITI ( ago)
so go respond to other peoples comments. as you can see i had respond to
the girl above so get the hell outa my head. I ain't gonna waste my god

Author UnitedGaming X ( ago)
No I can't because this the comment section and your suppose to see and
respond to other peoples comments you dumb fuck

Author JAKcy .GRAFFITI ( ago)
mind your own business fucko

Author UnitedGaming X ( ago)
What the heck is your problem douchebag?

Author dk5388 ( ago)
if i got beat up by a kid like that my first thought would be..."what the
hell is this freak of nature?!"

Author Hybrid_Wolf ( ago)
its just for those who doesnt understand what they were saying

Author Smileyness ( ago)

Author JAKcy .GRAFFITI ( ago)
who cares? did anyone ask you?

Author Calenser ( ago)
Lol the asian kid was actually 16 when this film was made

Author luis silvestri ( ago)
si zhenwei golpea asi en una pelicula no me quiero imaginar como golpearia
a alguien en la vida real,lo mata

Author Tompa Elmgren ( ago)
When trying to look badass goes wrong and you still look like a 11y/o asian

Author internetmaster1 ( ago)
amazing kick up Zhenwei.

Author internetmaster1 ( ago)
Chinese Bullies = run like hell :)

Author Lam rof ( ago)
Wow, so much fury. Relax, its just a movie.

Author Lindylax821 ( ago)
Really? Fag beiber?

Author Flare Boy ( ago)
You should of put Mortal Kombat 9 "FINISH HIM!!" 2:02

Author grassknotoko ( ago)
Haha, that makes a lot more sense. xD

Author xinastoryx ( ago)
No actually, he says, "He's American, he just moved here, he doesn't know
who you are, please stop hitting him." you were close though.

Author Josua Figueroa ( ago)
Your stupid.steve sudlow maybe you haven't seen the movie

Author Rick Wells ( ago)
This movie is so fucking stupid!!! Its a real shame that Hollywood has
given into the popular Will Smith and thew screening in the back seat of a
Chevy Pickup Truck. Unfortunately Jaden Smith does not captivate any
special magic that Ralph Macchio had in the Karate Kid. Hey we all would
like to be Hollywood stars but you either have it or you don't! and Jaden
Smith does not have that special magic, sorry kid but go get an Education
and forget the movie business, or live off of daddys cash.

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