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Author JasonRelaxation (1 year)
Thanks for wacthing?

Author ElectrifyingGames! (1 year)
DERP! at the end it say THANK FOR WATCHING!

Author Kelsey Wood (1 year)
i enjoyed wacting that

tontera no coje

Author İsmail Gökşan (1 year)
woww :D

Author Trinitee Thomas (1 year)

Author thangQanime (1 year)
You can tell this was done by some stupid school girl with too much time on
her hands. Thumbed down. 

Author Cleomarcio Silva (1 year)
muito bon 

Author natthapong kritkornburi (1 year)

Author El DarkTo (1 year)
Como llueven las hostias... Ese se acuesta calentito XD

Author Joao lucas (1 year)
a vaii se fuder seu viadão era pra deixa a parte toda vai toma no cu sue

Author Giovanna Coleman (1 year)
the song is "he's a pirate"

Author Abigail Rufe (1 year)
go jaden

Author Nate Asombrado (1 year)
Never Say Never!

Author ian kerma (1 year)
ful cul

Author Starr Thickumz (1 year)

Author hans yefri Peguero Santana (1 year)
in the end not is wacthing is watched

Author Jordy ThePlayer (1 year)
Mick That's not ok I mean it Mick go fight with that chinee'se guy then go

Author Jimmy De Santa (1 year)
mk dayak yeme

Author aveyon79 (2 years)
Well at least he wasn't scared

Author Tuffy Baxton (1 year)
thanks for that much needed clarification

Author EpicJoe777 (2 years)

Author Aitor Martínez Benítez (1 year)
jadennnnn noooooooooooooooo

Author Taylor Martinez (2 years)
Lol when it said never say never that was funny :D Am I the only one who
wants a good thing about the fight like not feeling sad for Jayden cause I
mean like its acting...

Author Sultan Al-Rubaiaan (1 year)
if i were u i would still get up and kick his monkey ass

Author luis silvestri (1 year)
si zhenwei golpea asi en una pelicula no me quiero imaginar como golpearia
a alguien en la vida real,lo mata

Author Simba (2 years)

Author Carl Akamatsu (1 year)
cheng's voice is small ._.

Author zander ferer (2 years)
not the full scene

Author Tompa Elmgren (2 years)
When trying to look badass goes wrong and you still look like a 11y/o asian

Author El Jeezy (2 years)
are you an idiot? this is english

Author Jrdan Mrrisey (2 years)
jack sparrow, really?

Author amith kumar (1 year)
damn he got his ass kicked..

Author Saltefanden10 (1 year)
lol when that white blond guy tries to speak manderin chinese

Author Michelle Lin (1 year)
Ouch. >_o

Author Efsaneler Oyunda (1 year)
Ama en sonda anasını sikti :D

Author Smileyness (1 year)

Author Dyuthi Mathews (1 year)
You mean the Pirates of The Caribbean one?

Author iLeftNuti Nguyen (1 year)
never say never bro

Author CONOCE LA SELE (1 year)
never say never-justin bieber

Author Royal Swann (2 years)
motherfucka knew kartae still i could have wope chinese guys ass

Author Xeno Poko (1 year)
You entered the wrong neighbour hood.

Author md nasir khondaker (1 year)
i can beat that kid up

Author * SuperDaddyBoy * (2 years)
what is the final song called ?

Author William Sherwood (1 year)
The original is better

Author StarLover155 (2 years)
Say wrongly I mean is the guy go hit jaden smith I felt so poor for him! :(

Author Ådne Leraan (2 years)

Author Moises Andrade (1 year)

Author Severus Jake (1 year)
The blond boy really speak chinese? What does he say?

Author Jared Macmaster (2 years)
He challenged someone who knew MMA...

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