Bandsaw Bowl

How to make a bandsaw bowl although with a little extra work it could also be made into a bandsaw box. How to make a bowl without a lathe and using almost just the bandsaw.

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Author peregrinestudio (1 month)
very nice! and is that the bandsaw you made? seems to work well!

Author Shannariano (2 years)
This video is affected by a serious case of lateral compression disorder.
We should ask Dr. House (or Steve from WW4MM) to come and have a look at it
lol Anyway I love the approach to the project, really nice :)

Author ThisWoodwork (2 years)
@Sineath A scroll saw would work for everything other than cutting of the
base. Nice idea!

Author ThisWoodwork (2 years)
@thewooforfun I havn't actually, not a project that I have ever been drawn
to build. I have seeen some pretty good ones on LJ though! Alex

Author DaylesPoppy (2 years)
Great job, keep them coming.

Author thewooforfun (2 years)
Thank you for taking the time to show a good way to make a nice V-Day gift,
Have you ever made a toy truck?

Author ThisWoodwork (2 years)
@IrishWoodDoctor Pretty much, you can also make a box out of it by adding a
lid. It is ash, well spotted, Alex.

Author Larry Clinton (2 years)
very nice, Alex. And I see your homemade bandsaw works well,
congratulations on that.

Author SerielThriller (2 years)
great videos, your very good for your age and you have great talent, wish i
had all your tools

Author Bennetts74 (2 years)
Nice job what is your next project,can you do your next project with a
scroll saw

Author Lamar Sineath (2 years)
Band Saw verses Scroll Saw. Tough decisions!

Author ThisWoodwork (2 years)
@chaddythewoodpecker It certainly has! More on that soon. Alex

Author ThisWoodwork (2 years)
Sorry everyone for the poor video ratio, there seems to be something wrong
with my editing software- it is a little better watched on a larger scale.

Author Сергей Шестёркин (2 years)
это великолепная коробочка. но было бы супер если бы у нее была крышечка.
причем сделать её можно было очень легко. отпилить такое же сердечко. как в
начале. только в 2 раза толще. и фрезером снять фаску на толщину стенки. а
потом обработать напильником

Author ThisWoodwork (2 years)
@MrWillo00123 Surely will, its all a really big mess at the moment but once
its all organised I will show you all how it turned out! :)

Author Guy Bradbury (2 years)
@BradburyGuy Thanks Alex

Author ThisWoodwork (2 years)
@BradburyGuy I used a thinned down red spirit stain. I think the thinning
just cuts down on that real bright intensity which looks a bit odd.

Author Gary Brady (2 years)
Good Job! I see your homemade Bandsaw is working great.

Author ThisWoodwork (2 years)
@Shannariano I know it's a pain, it hasn't happened to my other videos so
hopefully the same won't become of the next video. Thanks, Alex.

Author grandmastergeorgez (1 year)
Next time do a more thick one mate .... and put in on the lathe to make it
a little round !!! great video... keep up the good work !

Author MrWillo00123 (2 years)
are you going to make a shop tour video

Author Shannariano (2 years)
@TeenWoodworker Hehe :D mine wasn't a serious complain It's not a so
drammatic distorsion... surely something I can live with ^_^ Youtube
sometimes has issues with video formats uploaded (sometimes it even cuts
the last 2/3 seconds of a video) so don't worry ;)

Author Shaun Harmer (2 years)
Sweet, nice bowel I like it. Gonna have to try this 1 out. I'll send ya a
pic of what I come up with..

Author Bear5177 (2 years)
Wow that looks great! I especially love the finish. Good stuff!

Author dreamcaster4639 (2 years)
that color is amazing

Author MrSAN1277 (2 years)
Молодец ! Красавчик ! Мне очень понравилось !

Author Guy Bradbury (2 years)
Alex, what did you use for the red? I really like that color. It would be
good to mix with walnut stain for an antique look.

Author crumblenaut (2 years)
Nice Valentines Day present!

Author Chad Griffiths (2 years)
is your workshop been moved or somthing

Author Jay2525Jay (2 years)
Thank you.

Author ricglos (1 year)
I dont know where you got the 45degree clamp, but I want 6 of them, USA?

Author GrumpyGarry121 (2 years)
Nice one son, get some portable light on your workpiece though.

Author cheesepuff567 (1 year)
wow Alex u need a guard on your band saw bro!

Author tomgeorge1234 (2 years)
looks like you need to do a new workshop tour mate!!

Author Iain Angus Lamont (2 years)
What did you use as a finish?

Author ThisWoodwork (2 years)
@Mooseified Yeah, there was just something wrong with image proportions
which youtube messed up. It is the same project, I only had time to make
the one :P Alex

Author Iain Angus Lamont (2 years)
What brand?

Author ThisWoodwork (2 years)
@ialamont22312 Oil based finish, I think it's a mix of linseed oil, tung
oil and poly. varnish

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