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UPDATE [feb] : for all try this new soft it might be helpful : here is the link for the software...
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Author abdelouahab Laghiri (1 year)

Author DoxyDream (2 years)
Aljazeera Sport Plus 16 Channels working here watch?v=sQcqy4xdKEE

Author abdouweb (2 years)
ATTENTION : il y a un VIRUS !!!!

Author jalal waddah (2 years)
Many Thaks "The Joker X" !!! it's working perfectly for 1-8 but 9 & 10
don't stream anyways, hope that the service will remain for long time :)

Author abdouweb (2 years)
maktmregch sb7an llah , le fichier s appelle SC Sport+.exe , aprés , Pof !!
il deviens AL Jazeera sports ^^

Author DoxyDream (2 years)
Aljazeera workin here watch?v=sQcqy4xdKEE

Author Mojo Picón Noel (1 year)

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