Law y kirio [chinese couple]

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Author KurosakiXIchigoxXx (1 year)
WTF ? I was listening to breaking benjamin ,
how did I get here ? 

Author Emma Namocot (7 months)
Did somebody say they're married now?? YEESSS!!

Author Bánh Mì Bò (1 year)
I hope they will get back together T_T

Author Joseph Abad (7 months)
wow kirio i wacht this but i dont now to tell ur vidoe

Author Dewi yuliani (8 months)
Did they atill together now?...
I dont want if the are break up :'(

Author Akame Hyung (11 months)
very cute :)
always love each other <3

Author la st (10 months)
I miss them. T T

Author Eternal_Kpop_Lover (10 months)
This is sad... They've broken up.. The song used made things much sadder

Author WEN KAKALY (11 months)

Author lee onew (1 year)

Author hanxikachul (11 months)
All is past. All is pain.................

Author Jimmy Molloy (7 months)

Author avic gimbusta (1 year)

Author Sandi Tun (3 years)
@Anito9825 They're just a ordinary gay couple living somewhere in taiwan or
somewhere I don't know.All I know about them is that,J.Law and Kirio got
married when Kirio was 17 and that they have a 9 years age difference and
J.Law is a model or a photographer,I'm not so sure.

Author chan suhshi (3 years)
they are so cute together *-* thx for share it (:

Author Riska Subekhi (1 year)
Oh Gosh!! So Romantic^^ Kirio is sweet boy and Law is Handsome boy:') I
LOVE THIS COUPLE:* Kirio, will you marry me? Kkkk (just kidding)

Author amara padilla (1 year)
Didn't this couple break up though

Author sekai Knight (1 year)
Kirio cheated awhile ago, thats why they broke up but, it is clear to say
that they are happily married now X3 <3

Author ej rivera (1 year)
Cute pics ;)

Author Sam T (2 years)

Author exxia (3 years)
They are SOOO cute and beautiful together~ <333 I hope their love will last
forever and ever :,)

Author Yuuki1342 (2 years)
but they got back together...actually there married now

Author Judy ann gaballo (2 years)
I just get the info in the website. But I think its true , I see them in
Japan . No kidding

Author pong qi (3 years)
who exactally are these people? Famous for being gay? Kirio is amazing, in

Author kawai hillhill (2 years)
but they broke up :'( why couldnt they stay together >.<

Author chan suhshi (3 years)
they are so cute together *-* thx for share it (:

Author mikutan3939 (2 years)
どこの国の人だろう... 世界全国が同姓愛を認めてくれる日は何時来るんだろうな すごく微笑ましい

Author Riza Mae Marcelino (3 years)
title of the song please.....

Author chimiangelpro (2 years)
Are they from like a show or something? People seem to know so much about

Author Englandflick (2 years)
they broke up T___T..

Author Yoonjae520 (2 years)

Author MyHeartShapedHand (2 years)
Yup me too, but......insiderinfo: They're married now!^^ Your welcome^^

Author Meihua Liao (3 years)
i dunno if it's this couple but there was a news article that a gay couple
got married.... think it's not them.... however China should just might as
well accept this fact of BLGT~

Author MINT13MICKYONLYSUJU (3 years)
ฟังเพลงแล้วคิดถึงเอสเจ proud to be ELF ดีดีนี่เอง 55

Author HotAnimeGuysFan (1 year)
They really are such a cute couple! This video is so sweet it makes me
smile and laugh and think that love is beautiful!!

Author redo654 (3 years)
ang unfair ng world! i want my jlaw! ahaha

Author Jay r Destao (3 years)
all i can say is wowvi love them both sarap naman!

Author Lee Taemin (2 years)
Whats the song?!?

Author MyHeartShapedHand (2 years) too hope they'll be happy^^ No problem, I usually don't speak
english too^^' This is just normal school english...

Author ÜberLove (2 years)
Oh my god you are so pleasantly gay. xD

Author Eveline Yunita (2 years)
10 years diff in age, and they already broken a year ago because Kirio

Author Super2Moro (2 years)
OMO why are they so cute and soo handsome and so.. gaaah I wanna buy them
because they totally melt my heart with their love for each other and their
cuteness.. oh my god Im totally dying *______*

Author Reycelle racimo (2 years)
Aww soo cute

Author bum bim (2 years)

Author Lynn ExoVixx (1 year)

Author MsMoronltna (2 years)
They're so skinny and good-looking... Oh my...

Author Mikki128 (3 years)
LOL 1:47 is my fave.

Author ParkGiMin13 (2 years)
Can you tell me, whether they sill together or not?

Author yankumi143 (2 years)
lol*_*nce 1;;;'; pogi nmn nila*_*

Author Yuri Yuki (2 years)
If im not wrong he's 1994er or above that . While JLAW is 84 Liner

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