Law y kirio [chinese couple]

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Author Defiana Sonata ( ago)
what's the tittle of song?

Author FF LL ( ago)
So sad 😢

Author erika rubio ( ago)
Lovely and Cute !!! :-)

Author renzjake Odevilas ( ago)
Ouch,my pain gets back and I remember the past because of this memorable
picture with sad music.I can't stop crying because it looks like they break
up :'(.Please if they come together again and never give up the love so I
will smile again.

Author Shin guru ( ago)
Yaoi 0////0

Author Steffi Palma ( ago)
What's their story? 

Author Karam0628 ( ago)
JLaw(XiaHe) current boyfriend is 釗晟灏(HaoHao). I don't know who HaoHao is
but the online talk show(今夜大来宾) I usually follow had him as guest. Copy
paste his Chinese name to search for his Weibo if you want to know how he
looks like.

Author Annie Brookes ( ago)
They look like members out of a band or something xxxxx

Author HotAnimeGuysFan ( ago)
They really are such a cute couple! This video is so sweet it makes me
smile and laugh and think that love is beautiful!!

Author Scatty Son ( ago)
You're the perfect couple ^^ I wish you ^^

Author Magistrix Kuja ( ago)
Wonderful to hear, they are an adorable couple. ^_^

Author sekai Knight ( ago)
Kirio cheated awhile ago, thats why they broke up but, it is clear to say
that they are happily married now X3 <3

Author Neru Chan ( ago)

Author 5foot Giant ( ago)
They broke up...unless they got back together sometime...??

Author Perry SHINee ( ago)
Honestly I nearly cried watching this video then are just too cute. I heard
that they broke up and seeing how happy they were.. It just breaks my heart

Author la st ( ago)
why are they broke up? T^T

Author Hyukfied ( ago)
Law is damn sexy reminds me of Wu Chun

Author szesze210 ( ago)
cute ~

Author Mz Majjy ( ago)
the pictures are on point sick photographer :)

Author Riska Subekhi ( ago)
Oh Gosh!! So Romantic^^ Kirio is sweet boy and Law is Handsome boy:') I
LOVE THIS COUPLE:* Kirio, will you marry me? Kkkk (just kidding)

Author Lynn ExoVixx ( ago)
i really~ love this couple... they look so sweet... Kirio...sooo damn cute!

Author Lynn ExoVixx ( ago)

Author al llenda ( ago)
they looked cute together,,,,,,,,,wish the best for you two. luv yaa

Author amara padilla ( ago)
Didn't this couple break up though

Author ej rivera ( ago)
Cute pics ;)

Author Finia Van Den Elshout-Meilany ( ago)
Is it just me or anyone else out there also thinks that JLaw looks a bit
like Cho Kyuhyun?? :3

Author missy lynn ( ago)
i have to say law is seriously damn handsome!! are they still together ???
is there any recent pics or news about them?? gosh! i just know about them
today but i cant help but love this couple!!

Author reach fantastic ( ago)
i like this video :)

Author hai danh ( ago)

Author Jack Osar ( ago)
They are just to cute together.

Author Z A ( ago)

Author Judy ann gaballo ( ago)
I just get the info in the website. But I think its true , I see them in
Japan . No kidding

Author Ryeonsomnia ( ago)
Where do you even get info about them? T^T

Author LoveVsLike100 ( ago)
Did they really get back together in 2013? I thought they were still broken

Author lommy1989 ( ago)
on Chinese websites such like weibo and baidu ^^;

Author jenny ( ago)
WHAT i didnt know that where did u read that i want to know please

Author Judy ann gaballo ( ago)
They broke up .. bt they are together again and married .. gaaaaahh

Author thuy linh ( ago)
chỉ hôn thôi à!! sao tụi nó k oxox nhể :)):))

Author Priscilla Soliz ( ago)
Where do find all this?

Author 경 음 ( ago)

Author Eveline Yunita (1582 years ago)
10 years diff in age, and they already broken a year ago because Kirio

Author Eveline Yunita (1648 years ago)
Kirio isn't look like Kevin. Oyo ( Yuxi couple) is more looks like Kevin.

Author yankumi143 ( ago)
lol*_*nce 1;;;'; pogi nmn nila*_*

Author Lilangieele ( ago)
They broke up ages ago n then got back together, now they are living
together and supposedly they got married

Author Xxiao Mian ( ago)
They broke up..............T^T

Author Jessica N ( ago)
Are they still dating I keep hearing rumor saying that they broke up....

Author Mikayla Hobbs (812 years ago)
So cute!~^^

Author Linnea Nilsson ( ago)
Can you come and live in my closet? I swear I'll feed you. Pwease?
Seriously.. This is too cute..

Author JOEY ZTILOS ( ago)

Author Super2Moro ( ago)
OMO why are they so cute and soo handsome and so.. gaaah I wanna buy them
because they totally melt my heart with their love for each other and their
cuteness.. oh my god Im totally dying *______*

Author exo baby ( ago)
i really hate gays but.. when i watch dis, I find it somewhat...cute???
they are really cute for me..i dunno why .. :)

Author Lee Taemin ( ago)
Whats the song?!?

Author yumi ta ( ago)
woa ! SEME handsome , UKE cute. You are first couple me comment (because i
lazy =)))) , Thought i am YUNJAE shipper GOOD LUCK TO YOU AWAY

Author Mae Jamero ( ago)
OK, I'm in love with these two now...

Author Mae Jamero ( ago)
were these two ACTUALLY together though???

Author beto o ( ago)
beelllosssssssssssss ....................son hermosossssssssssssssss

Author Wolfbaby Zheng ( ago)
they broke up already.

Author Dovilė Aurėja (1047 years ago)
haha 1:45 xDD

Author Rose Li ( ago)
1:45 why crying?

Author Reycelle racimo ( ago)
Aww soo cute

Author MsMoronltna ( ago)
They're so skinny and good-looking... Oh my...

Author john ronald molina ( ago)
are they still together?

Author Tracy Lawliet Leong ( ago)
Kirio is cute, J.Law is handsome. I wish they were still together... T^T

Author Naa ELF ( ago)
kirio *_* you're so feminin like a girl (: sweet girl ;;) like 2:02

Author TheXThur ( ago)
They so lovely..

Author TheXThur ( ago)

Author Daniel rogers ( ago)
man one looks so feminin i strugled to find out if its a girl or a boy

Author carl jayson macayan ( ago)
it is such a courageous thing to do to show everyone the love that they
have inside of their hearts....... i'm proud of them.... and at the same
time i feel sad because that love they created had met its end...........

Author Yuuki1342 ( ago)
but they got back together...actually there married now

Author carl jayson macayan ( ago)
uhhh..............., so sad................ :(

Author Emily Fairway ( ago)
1:45 oh boy xD <3

Author Babakpop smili ( ago)
SONG OF YIRUMA ? *-* cute really cute couple !

Author RedhotLys ( ago)
cute couple

Author bum bim ( ago)

Author ÜberLove ( ago)
Oh my god you are so pleasantly gay. xD

Author Seli Nurpianti ( ago)
So Sweet :3

Author 愛 乾淨 ( ago)
為了愛情!! 要加油才行 要幸服呦 ^^

Author Graffizx ( ago)
they had a blog (chinese) and they were on television on some kind of
show/interview about them being openly gay and stuff.

Author Graffizx ( ago)
they had a blog (chinese) and they were on television on some kind of
show/interview about them being openly gay and stuff

Author Ciara Wang ( ago)

Author 柳 玥崋 ( ago)
中国人だよ でも.............

Author chimiangelpro ( ago)
Are they from like a show or something? People seem to know so much about

Author Englandflick ( ago)
Maybe Kirio had some reason to break Law's Heart and millions of adoring
fans(fan girls)

Author Englandflick ( ago)
they broke up T___T..

Author 愛 乾淨 ( ago)
好勇敢! 好幸服 祝福你們。 ^^

Author Kuran Hikari ( ago)
O_O really~ ah but arent there some rumors that they broke up :/

Author Patrick M (1869 years ago)

Author 🌙 Witch Child 🌙 ( ago)
ok i have a few trhings to say : 1. Kirio Looks like kevin from U-kiss
because of both their cuteness 2. how cute are they together. 3. they
looked so cute in the same clothes. 4. love the song u picked..

Author misslittlegoonie ( ago)
why did they break up

Author HunHan4evr ( ago)
no..they broke up like 6 months ago

Author ParkGiMin13 ( ago)
Can you tell me, whether they sill together or not?

Author Kuran Hikari ( ago)
O_O 82? i didnt expect that... thanks for the info :)

Author bisexismorefun ( ago)
boys with boys - all over the world = so hot

Author Diana Jewel ( ago)
Can anybody tell me why they are so famous? I mean is J-law Idol or
something? :D I´m really curious about it...but i Love them they are toooo
cute <3<3 Hope they stay together till the day they die ^-^

Author Kuran Hikari ( ago)
out of curiosity how old are they? they seem realllyyy young but...

Author Monmonie ( ago)
Am nearly going insane people keep saying they broke up and i almost cry
and other said they be back together i almost laugh but think again which i
can believe i don know how to laugh or smile anymore anyway m their fan <3
love them

Author Sam T ( ago)

Author Sam T ( ago)

Author sid143888 ( ago)
the 2nd photo was not them, those are Quang Zi Xuan And Liu Qi (my fav.
couple XD) cute though ..

Author James Fuller ( ago)
damn they were so cute together.

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