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Author XXKHRONOSXX ( ago)

Author alanford63 ( ago)
The best i ever seen.

Author icha0icha ( ago)
This video is set to Pink Floyd. It automatically is more awesome.

Author Tino Trivino ( ago)
The music isnt really apropiate!

Author cetusmaspositron ( ago)
@sejana2002 Shine on your crazy diamond - Pink Floyd

Author cetusmaspositron ( ago)

Author Dejan Senji ( ago)
what is the name of background music?! can someone send me message pls?!

Author genious4real ( ago)
I understand it is your opinion. most things are ones "opinion since it has
been proven that facts don't play a huge part in the choices we make. in my
haste to address bigotry, i set up my account in a hurry and in doing so i
spelled genius as, well, you know. the "opinion" of some was that it was
not a mistake but proff of my stupidity. all i would like to know is who
did unsu better.

Author ChileanPuma1960 ( ago)
This is my opinion!

Author genious4real ( ago)
You could not have seen much better because it is not done much better!!!!!

Author eXmatriculare ( ago)
much better? he's speed is just awsome , there are nly a few karatekas who
reached that lvl of performance at kata, like Luca valdesi....

Author eXmatriculare ( ago)
Unsu - shotokan (like in this video) Unshu - shito-ryu style Kata

Author eXmatriculare ( ago)
Michel Milon one of the best, to bad he relied on drugs :(

Author Julia ( ago)
simplismente incrivel!

Author ChileanPuma1960 ( ago)
I'd seen much better, but go on pale head!

Author gojukanboyno1 ( ago)
did you notice the kata , it was amazing

Author Guy Nyllover ( ago)
is there really music playing in the background during this or was it added
to the video? o_O

Author Ralph Caliwan (1642 years ago)
who the hell created this video? the title is so wrong! it should be unsu
not UNSHU! stupid!

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