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Author gazeleyboi (5 years)
dusnt matter buy name the titles are both the same but r different in style

Author Guy Nyllover (5 years)
is there really music playing in the background during this or was it added
to the video? o_O

Author XXKHRONOSXX (3 years)

Author Ralph Caliwan (5 years)
who the hell created this video? the title is so wrong! it should be unsu
not UNSHU! stupid!

Author LaDiva730 (3 years)
Respekt, echt klasse gemacht!!!

Author genious4real (4 years)
I understand it is your opinion. most things are ones "opinion since it has
been proven that facts don't play a huge part in the choices we make. in my
haste to address bigotry, i set up my account in a hurry and in doing so i
spelled genius as, well, you know. the "opinion" of some was that it was
not a mistake but proff of my stupidity. all i would like to know is who
did unsu better.

Author Mrkarateboy1 (3 years)
is he michael milon?

Author Julia (5 years)
simplismente incrivel!

Author cetusmaspositron (4 years)
@sejana2002 Shine on your crazy diamond - Pink Floyd

Author alanford63 (3 years)
The best i ever seen.

Author Tino Trivino (4 years)
The music isnt really apropiate!

Author eXmatriculare (4 years)
much better? he's speed is just awsome , there are nly a few karatekas who
reached that lvl of performance at kata, like Luca valdesi....

Author cetusmaspositron (4 years)

Author ChileanPuma1960 (5 years)
I'd seen much better, but go on pale head!

Author gojukanboyno1 (5 years)
did you notice the kata , it was amazing

Author ChileanPuma1960 (4 years)
This is my opinion!

Author Dejan Senji (4 years)
what is the name of background music?! can someone send me message pls?!

Author icha0icha (3 years)
This video is set to Pink Floyd. It automatically is more awesome.

Author eXmatriculare (4 years)
Unsu - shotokan (like in this video) Unshu - shito-ryu style Kata

Author eXmatriculare (4 years)
Michel Milon one of the best, to bad he relied on drugs :(

Author genious4real (4 years)
You could not have seen much better because it is not done much better!!!!!

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