Hack WiFi Security Key in 1 minute 2013

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Author Kaleb Bruwer ( ago)
If I had a 1 100 subs id seriously get a mike!

Author partysean ( ago)
1. This is fake 2. It is 5 minutes 3. Its cmd shutdown -i microsoft is
against hacking so....

Author Blake Blackstone ( ago)
Video is titled " How to hack WiFi security key in ONE minute" - Video is
FIVE minutes. LOL

Author rayhan ramirez ( ago)
net user then type admin nam then put * to change password boom your the

Author Raymond Rysdyk ( ago)
fucker dude lol

Author Lars Zeepvat ( ago)
That's so stupid because if u do a lot of damage to other people they can
track u down with your ip so watch out

Author Tsc.ConsultingInc. Mr. ( ago)

Author eV September ( ago)
The funny thing is, shutdown -i only will work for administrative computes
only. This means that you can only shut it down on an IPv4 route :)

But sadly, you need to *ACTUALLY* need to be on that computer D:

Author zeHatWearingMan ( ago)
why does it say 2013 when its posted on 2012, in the beginning of the

Author tom wolf ( ago)
why do you just typing so slow like stupid asshole instead speaking?

Author banshbahadur ( ago)

Author Ben Hilder ( ago)
░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ Bob is building an army.
▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/ This tank & Bob are against Google+
Il███████████████████]. /▌ Copy and Paste this all over
◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \ Youtube if you are with us

Author bob marly ( ago)
total shit lol

Author Chriss superV ( ago)

Author Justin Finchley ( ago)
survey, not survive XD

Author Nanda Hutabarat ( ago)
it work, if i in another place, and i know his computer's IP and i shutdown
him >>

Author deeman6707 ( ago)
F&)$ I live in Seattle 

Author Stitch ( ago)
it came up with "shutdown" is not a recognized as an internal or external
command, operable or batch file. Please help

Author Motaz Elsawaaf ( ago)
You are misleading the poor people here on YT. Go get a life

Author Daria Stackpole ( ago)
I just tested it but nothing is happening…
The only real WiFi Password hack you will be able to get is the one from
the popular cracking group “RELOADED”. They released it a couple of days
ago for free over their MediaFire Link: *(just click on skip ad afterwards)*

Author Joey Orozco ( ago)

Author john kryptonian ( ago)
Oh so you have to be connected to find it. Learned this years ago

Author Robert Modalo ( ago)
basic stuff

Author cakefan cakeson ( ago)
He he nice but one flaw in my school we only have mac's got any links for
that ?
or are the apple computer's harder to hack 

Author Durgada Sagar ( ago)
waste doesn't work.. I tried to hack many PCs in a network, but couldn't
... "(

Author IoSLabs HighDefinition ( ago) *(just click on skip ad afterwards)*
This is the free MediaFire Link to the only working WiFi Password hack,
created by RELOADED, the popular hacking team. In contrast to what you are
providing, it is actually real!

Author mayling teo ( ago)

Author Hayden Moss ( ago)
misleading as fuck

Author BeeOX3 ( ago)

Author Leo Velte ( ago)
i moded cmd and i can find any cpu connected to a wifi and shut them down
from another country its epic me and this forigen dude have been shuting
eachothers cpus down as a joke lol

Author Leo Velte ( ago)
i live in seattle woohooo spaceneedle =)

Author CSL1517 ( ago)
tell me something i dont know, and hey! the dislike button works lol!

Author zNzmAnhDeex ( ago)

Author tison5111 ( ago)
nice job misleading us ,however this video need one thing ,YOU saying to
people read the fucking description i never said wifi password hacking
NOOOO w! nooooo w! this is trading operation limited vi de u.

Author jack edward ( ago)
Hope another people not pay more for this hahahahaha...........

Author Solomon Blount ( ago)
This is a real working application That works that i found out. You can use
it if u want. http://wififinder

Author Chewie Naga ( ago)
I just guesse the password and say "OPEN SESSOMY!"

Author starlitephi ( ago)
So you think you're pretty clever... So you'll get in trouble because your
parents are consciencious people... but you don't mind BEING A MORON...



Author Yana Kosek ( ago)
lol why is anybody subscribed to your phony ass? you just ran a few cmd
commands -> poser.

Author ‫حسين سعيد هكر العراق‬‎ ( ago)

Author Dalida Haidar ( ago)
You have to hack to get a better life lol

Author Warren Lemba ( ago)
t un sacré imbecile

Author Phygar1 ( ago)
In the first 2 seconds of the video: CamStudio, 2 clock widgets

Author David Kochner ( ago)

Author Chin-Chin ( ago)
and how do i put it back on ?

Author bob smith ( ago)

Author HU4l24923 ( ago)

Author renegade9860 ( ago)
you are all stupid posting this kind of videos, only way to crack wifi is
either using reaver or aircrack

Author RsGuide4Ever ( ago)
Thanks !!! OMG Didn't worrkk!!!!!!!!!!@@@@!!!! Ty ! Tnx for free virus :)

Author Deedra Jacque ( ago)
You can try this soft, you can hack any wifi with it:

justhackwifi.blogspot. com

Author Budi Purnama ( ago)
Fuck you\

Author qaiser ali ( ago)
And i dont know how he got that much traffic.

Author qaiser ali ( ago)
This mother fucker is just typeing and making us sickkk.

Author Ludomil Pytlík ( ago)
wow !

Author Dona Vokshi ( ago)

Author GarrysSketch ( ago)
Lol "if i show you shutting down my parents computer i'll get in trouble"

Look out guys, we have a badass over here.

Author Ephiinux ( ago)
YEAHH! 2013 alright ;) 

Author RudeEmmy ( ago)
You don't need their IP if they're on YOUR net. You can go into CMD promt
and shut their computer down there. You can also leave them a message
before it shuts down. No downloads, no nothing. It's actually VERY easy. 

Author Janis Albrehts ( ago)
shit there is no password only fucking surveys!

Author Wardy ( ago)
fak u cnt

Author Indra Majhi ( ago)

Author Hari Agrawal ( ago)

Author Taciane Costa ( ago)
alguem traduz la td que ele falo ??

Author Eddie Jib ( ago)
den xero lol

Author Zar714 ( ago)

Author vasilis ligasis ( ago)
Very easy

Author Hincherrami ( ago)

Author Jackson Douglas ( ago)
que musica triste, hackeei o wifi chorando!!!

Author Malte Micha ( ago)
Windows is like a un rooted Smart Phone. :((

Author jad soueidi ( ago)
have you tried any password hacking softwares from utorrent if yes :
suggest some if possible ., thanks

Author Oi fakes kanoun kalo ( ago)
posoi ellines einai edw re paidia?

Author thekamper999 ( ago)
xrisi abgi :D

Author God Himself ( ago)
What is the Wifi Password, I can''t complete none of the surveys :(

Author Chipper McManus ( ago)

Author belvendran ranjan ( ago)
Don't wast all you time all this are fake and you will not get any crack
they make money by you if you do short survive. All over youtube same
fucker don't waste ..... If you need real download go to torrent and find

Author bueyoadmin ( ago)
We put the mother fucker link and never get the mother fuckin file. Put
your mother and we fuck your family.... MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!

Author bt5cybergate ( ago)
fuck you kid Learn to use backtrack and after that go and make more fucking
videos like this asshole

Author NtinosHD24 ( ago)

Author AdK GLOBAL ( ago)
go fuck yourself and eat shit bitch.......

Author Gozaline Tomberlin ( ago) This is the free MediaFire Link to the only
working WiFi Password hack, created by RELOADED, the popular hacking team.
It is actually real compared to your program.

Author Zoey Lacross ( ago)
Why do people think these videos are actually real, it is obviously a fake.
Take the WiFi Password hack from RELOADED instead. They are a very popular
hacking group. You can get it here for free:

Author tuncay batur ( ago)
ha siktir ordan,

Author ontheline ( ago)
Can mobile wireless broadband be hacked?

Author killer12 ( ago)
Great songs man !

Author akalanka deshapriya ( ago)
hei can u send me password to this mail address please..

Author Verona Palos ( ago)
Here I thought it is the real deal but just another fake one :/ Take the
WiFi Password hack from RELOADED instead. They are a very popular hacking
group. You can get it here for free:

Author Kelly Alexander ( ago) this is the best link ever, tested and

Author joyce rodriguez ( ago)
hi arienne bynoe..your media fire have a pasword pls..send me a pasword coz
i can't find a pasword anywhere..pls send me pls..:( send me this

Author Arienne Bynoe ( ago)
Fake!!! The real WiFi hacks you get in forums such as the RELOADED one:
Take the WiFi Password hack from RELOADED instead. They are a very popular
hacking group. You can get it here for free:

Author Kelly Alexander ( ago)
The generator is not working guys! But this link gives WiFi Password
Cracker It is real!

Author DaveTheSniper ( ago)
There is no real password. This is a common scam. "Lacy gromentiot"s
account probably got hacked, and now some scammer is using it to hack other
accounts too.

Author Sameer Ahmad ( ago)
please, can you tell me the password they need, because i am unable to do
those surveys.

Author akosiled ( ago)
What animal are you?

Author Shine ( ago)
why we should go in spammer site ??? , and complete the stupid forms ????

Author SurveyBypasser13Nwe ( ago)
wifi hack 2013 enjoy this wonderful program is tested in 2013 and it works
for download visit here:/watch?v=15tjgMPXFII

Author Precious Bituin Ortiz ( ago)
pls password

Author Angela Withish ( ago)
Cleary not real….too bad. Take the WiFi Password hack from SKIDROW instead.
They are a very popular hacking group. You can get it here for free:

Author Thushithan Kalanithy ( ago)
hy i cudnt gt the paswrd frm cean fies (skidrw) smbdy pese help

Author Anykinds Matthew ( ago)
Nobody want u songs foo

Author The Shield Omar ( ago)
what do i have to write local adress or foreig adress or state plz answer
me back thank you

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