All international sales operation and price requests are executed through company AKADEMI, TEKNIK DIZEL, Turkey.
Contact person: Mr. AHMET SAK
Email of contact person:

Tel: +90 212 254 30 06

Possibilities of Universal Common Rail Injector Clamping Device:

1. Maximum universality of construction
2. Easy and fast adjustment of device
3. Possibility to work with all types of injectors:
- CRI Injectors BOSCH;
- CRIN Injectors BOSCH;
- DENSO Common Rail Injectors for cars;
- DENSO Common Rail Injectors for tracks and agricultural machines;
- Common Rail Injectors DELPHI;
- Smart Injectors DELPHI;
- Common Rail Injectors SIEMENS / CONTINENTAL;
- Unit Injectors BOSCH, DELPHI, CATERPILLAR for trucks;
- Unit Injectors BOSCH, SIEMENS for cars;
- Unit Pumps BOSCH for trucks;
- Traditional Injectors;
- 2-spring injectors;
- Stepped injectors;
- Injectors with needle motion sensor.
4. Reliable fixation of injector in device
5. Two types of holder are present: axial clamp and radial vice
6. Vertical shaft turns on 180 degrees
7. Possibility to execute all measurements (ball valve lift, nozzle needle lift, magnetic gap) directly on device
8. Rod of vertical shaft and indicator support arm are present for measurement of the dynamic lift of a ball valve.
9. Revolutionary design with only one vertical shaft gives 300 degrees of free working space around of injector
10. Supplied with wide range of adapter plates
11. Each of adapter plates has four grooves of different sizes


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Author Harry Hanspal (3 months)
Very good videos Mr Dmitry, do you provide any training for CRDI injector
testing, please let me know

Author oprava trysiek vstrekovačov (20 days)

Author grze80 (7 months)
on sam jak fkkstett , pokazyj

Author Alan Kenyon (1 year)
Good video. You took the time to explain this - others wouldn't. Also, the
fact that,(I presume), english is not your first language, very good, well

Author Walla Baby (1 year)

Author Nascimento de Oliveira (1 year)

Author Zlazyman (2 years)
A good video but it was hard to see some of what you were doing, whould
like to see again with some close up of each part you take off :-)

Author Arche Medes (2 years)
Excellent, shows the use of well designed and engineered fixtures and
gauges for disassembling and measuring wear on the injector components.

Author Сергей Портнов (1 year)
Пытаюсь написать Вам письмо Почтовый клиент пишет Некоректый адрес!

Author SAM Samik (2 years)
это что просто на нём типа разбирать?

Author Mayassable Able (2 years)
i want to know the price and how can i order it

Author hussien ahmed (1 year)
very good..and think U very much

Author PerecRed (2 years)
На русском языке сделайте пжалуйста

Author kochse01 (2 years)
Excelent video thank you very much.

Author Dmitry Shamrovsky (2 years)
My e-mail is

Author Dmitry Shamrovsky (1 year)
Не знаю, мой постоянный адрес: (везде между словами
- точки)

Author Faheem Ahmad (1 year)
thanks for this knowledge , sir

Author Dmitry Shamrovsky (2 years)
На этой Струбцине возможно не только разбирать, но и производить все замеры
хода иглы распылителя, магнитного зазора электромагнита, и хода шарика, это
по инжекторам COMMON RAIL, плюс все те же необходимые операции по ремонту
насос-форсунок и насосных секций, плюс при желании и необходимости можно
разбирать и ремонтировать классические форсунки от двигателей с
непосредственным впрыском топлива.

Author Raptorsky20 (1 year)
You can make OLD Injektor new is this Correcty

Author joel abiyata (1 year)
Good job sir..

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