Barack Obama : 7 Lies in under 2 Minutes

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Author joedavila19681 ( ago)
Don't worry...Republicans want to shove Ted Cruz the Cuban Commie Canadian
as President....sit back and wait for the worst..

Author Gwynn Joseph ( ago)
Just like to say that you should all read the back of our $1 is
in Latin, have it translated on the web....they are advertising blatantly a
New World Order.....on our $1 bill!!! I still cannot believe it, right in
front of us, and yet no one even sees it??? Check out the triangle with one
eye staring at us??? What????

Author Edmundo Marchany ( ago)
How True!!!

Author Edmundo Marchany ( ago)
He Came To Puerto Rico And Set It Up For Failure...

Author Hanna M J ( ago)
You guys act like Romney didn't lie at all. In fact he lied more, way more
than Obama.

Author jesse cannon ( ago)
sorry signs them*

Author jesse cannon ( ago)
where is this website that shows the bills before he passes them?

Author bigvest90 ( ago)

Author dax ( ago)
haven't forgotten that barack locked in tax immunity for the american rich,
as one of his first acts after election, and after a year of campaigning to
end them; that he signed off on the same ndaa he was supposedly resisting.
or that he dismisses the mass piracy of 2008 as no more than an honest
mistake committed by erring bankers. imperialistic wars, rampant
corruption, usury and fraud have become the hallmarks of barack's
government. and now, predictably he comes for medicare and ssa.

Author highfivingbears ( ago)
do you know about the oil pipe line that canada wants the U.S. to build
(jobs) theyd pay us for it and we even get oil out of it(lower gas prices)
but obama dosant want to do the deal?

Author steamrollers61 ( ago)
I guess that no one was paying attention to this or observing all these
lies, because they voted for him again! Morons.

Author Bob Schmengle ( ago)
What are you mumbling about.. In any case Bush got torn up when oil prices
went up- Barry ain't . Poor leadership at the top. The king has no cloths

Author TheRussloner ( ago)
So why do you put it on the president to lower gas prices? Should the
president of one nation some how regulate an international industry's
pricing of a dwindling precious finite resource that takes 2 almost
miraculous prehistoric events, 70 million years, unpresidented ecological
destruction, 2.2 million workers in this country alone (4o% of which are
already working for minimum wage) and many billions of dollars and lost
lives to produce?

Author Denny Vann ( ago)
People buy this nonsense? So Sad

Author unbeatable911 ( ago)
don't....... I would rather have hitler

Author cikibaba ( ago)
I seriously doubt it... -.-

Author unbeatable911 ( ago)
I have more experience than him

Author cikibaba ( ago)
4 years

Author unbeatable911 ( ago)
Obama dosnt have any experience either.....

Author tyrannydefense ( ago)
Bills online for 5 days.....unless it infringes on your constitutional

Author cikibaba ( ago)
It already did 2008, and most economics agree that it wasn't his fault. Of
course he could have done it better, at least that's what the internet
tells me... But i seriously doubt john Mccain would have done any better,
or worse for that matter. I'd send sources but it appears I'm not allowed
to send them over commentaries.

Author cikibaba ( ago)
And you suppose Romney is going to make it all better? Even better: He has
NO experience being a president whatsoever, and you still think he will do
better? From an objective standpoint, i'd say your logic is flawed. And
please do not call others "stupid fucks". It's just irritating and helps no

Author Brandon Proctor ( ago)
How? He has tripled the debt, we are in 3 wars instead of 2, gas prices are
higher, the social obamacare is a failure. And yet all Obama does is blame
bush. So how is he better than Romney? He has not been given a chance of
being the U.S president. You stupid fuck!

Author rjmprod ( ago)
This fuck is the slimiest piece of shit, whit his whole administration
running in secret. But all you fucks voted for this because, why would you
"the entitled" not want to prolong draining the pockets of the Middle class
working people, Fuck all you assholes that voted this guy in the 1st time
and to all you that voted for him again, I hope when you die, God is a card
caring member of the KKK!

Author dylan48gh21 ( ago)
well american's r stupid so they just vote for Obama because he's black

Author bigbrownlatino ( ago)
@BR3AK1NGbenjamin how is the clip a lie? That makes no sense..So if I slap
you, do you nevered happen?

Author MrMichaelPS ( ago)
Obama won America lost!

Author MrMichaelPS ( ago)
Hey Cikibaba, wait 2 years when the dollar crashes, and tell me how great
Obama is!

Author cikibaba ( ago)
he's still better than romney...

Author Rei Ayanami ( ago)
That's his number one profession.

Author Rei Ayanami ( ago)
Just think: Marco Rubio/Bobby Jindal 2016 :)

Author John2r1 ( ago)
yeah i guess some people dont learn as fast as others do because it was a
close race for president but like 52% voted him in if that, its more likely
that he got the states with the largest number of electorial votes which
ironicly happen to be liberal dems ran states like California which has a
total of 55 electoral votes talk about stacked in the dems favor hm. well
bright side of Obama being reelected he cant ever run for president again
so thats got to count for something.

Author John2r1 ( ago)
oh to put my two cents in here well more like half a cent consitering china
owns half oh wait my 25% of a cent thats about right ..I counldnt help but
notice that 767 people liked this video & only 89 didnt who likely are
liberal pro big gov. zombies who love Obama & think hes a god or something.
but back to the 767 people if half that are 18 +then why did Obama get
elected with a majority of Americans apparently thinking hes not a good
president hm.did some of you who are 18 + people not vote ?

Author Ashley Jones ( ago)

Author Rei Ayanami ( ago)
Great, this dickface is BACK in office. How FUCKING stupid is America?!
DIDN'T WE LEARN THE FIRST TERM? Thank fucking god for a Republican House...

Author Rei Ayanami ( ago)
By they way, your precious Obama is getting impeached :)

Author LeemsSegit ( ago)
first of all every thing you just said makes absolutely no sense. How did i
play the race card? When you called me a nigger you played it by assuming
i'm black which im not. btw your precious romney is toast

Author Rei Ayanami ( ago)
Oooh, I see. We're using the race card here, I get it. And you think the
word "retard" hurts anyone? Yeah that stopped offending people, like, 2009
when all the schools became dickheads. Randomly use the Nigger word? No no,
I see it's perfect for this situation. Guess what? To burst your bubble,
Romney will be winning the election tonight. You think this Muslim shithead
is getting back in office after the shit he's done? Hah. Yeah, Obama
"FORWARD" what a dictated slogan. ROMNEY/RYAN FTW!

Author LeemsSegit ( ago)
sorry, I don't answer to retards who randomly use the n word and caps rage.

Author Rei Ayanami ( ago)
Oh, look! A pissed off nigger liberal! Tell me something: Why? Why is
Romney SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad? :)? Huh? I cant hear you.. Thats RIGHT! YOU

Author TheNikitaholic ( ago)
Open your eyes people.

Author Gwynn Joseph ( ago)
Obama has not passed a budget in 3 years?? He is not interested in working
with anyone if they do not agree with him!! He is bad for our country, and
if he gets re-elected, we will become a pure socialist society with no
turning back!! Read your history books, history is repeating itself through
ignorant people who are uninformed!!

Author Roman Shepley ( ago)
If you had any intelligence whatsoever, you would know that there is no way
to stop the recession? Its easy to blame someone, the thing you don't get
it that with Obama depression wasn't as bad because he did actually create
5 million jobs. You are a fucking idiot if you think its worse... So your
solution to so called "its worse" citation is to elect a fucking idiot
Christian Mormon who probably doesn't even believe in evolution? No, you
are fucking out of your mind, just like your country.

Author LeemsSegit ( ago)
romney, 14 lies in 2 seconds

Author sciondvr ( ago)
and you are a complete fucking retard if u can say obama is better than
Romney. How can people still like obama? I just dont get it!!!!!!
Everything he has promised, he didnt do! The economy is worse than when he
took office!!! What are you people thinking???????

Author Roman Shepley ( ago)
He isnt perfect, nobody is. BUT he is 1 billion times better than Romney

Author skeldro11 ( ago)
can't come to terms with the facr that obama isn't a messiah? infact he's
not only a shitty generic politician lying through his teeth he's a shit
person in general

Author Roman Shepley ( ago)
The video is a lie and you are all retards.

Author nathan shank ( ago)
heck anything he says is lies. They still blame bush for everything and
heck in obamas 1st year in office he had taken more vaction trips than bush
did in all of his 8 years and he has the worst debt # and even when you
combine all of the presidents obama has the worst debt in American history!
Also in 2007 obama had attended Ameican flag cerimonal burnings!!! what
kind of American would do that and yet people still love him just hope that
romney will win this elction!

Author loka widu ( ago)
libya is absolutely lovely country n that khadaffi has given much welfare
to the citizens u can even sit n laugh though u hv no jobs, government
provides everytin. now libya has lost everytin but we know that obama is
just a puppet of global elite satanic new world order.

Author sammys bill ( ago)
can anyone that loves america really belive what is coming out of his mouth

Author kaleReal ( ago)
Help them? Libya is almost ruined. A nation with ZERO external debt, full
employment and social care, why would need the help of another country
owned by bankers and oligarchs? As if we do not know how your bankers work.
Destroy a country, fund the rebuilt and then own all the resources of that
country. Who exactly asked for that help? Is it so difficult for the super
advanced US to kill just one man, without bring havoc? If yes, then KEEP
your money for your bankrupt states.

Author StLennyBruce ( ago)
Lie #5 is a lie. After only 2 days, the "Credit Card Accountability
Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009" was signed and finalized. Not
the five days he said so the public could look at it. Good catch!

Author StLennyBruce ( ago)
Lie #2 isn't a lie. It's from Brandeis's book "Other People's Money"
(Chapter 5: What Publicity can do.) There are dozens of scholarly sources
for this. I would be great if this video showed sources for the first lie,
too. That'd be great. People need to know if Obama's lying all the time,
and they also need good sources. The Republicans I know are interested in
facts so people take them seriously.

Author Dillon Williams ( ago)
lol what is this, the republican national convention in the comment section?

Author Leon Rodriguez ( ago)
You can't compare 2008's vision for America with four years of an entire
party trying to destroy that vision. Apples and oranges. Stop lying.

Author sypoth ( ago)
Never voted for him to begin with, I didn't like what his backers had done,
didn't like the lies he spoke during his campaign, didn't like his policies
and saw where they would lead, and especially didn't like being called a
racist for disagreeing with his stance on things.

Author thescowlingschnauzer ( ago)
Failing to fulfill a promise is not the same as lying. How about showing
the counter evidence to prove what is real and what's false? There's enough
to criticize without specious claims.

Author Brian Waters ( ago)
Omg thats y I dont vote...i never have and never will because it doesnt
count anyways...we dont have say in anything...democracy??...whats
that?!...i mean come on he isnt even american..he is from kenya...whether
his mom is white or not...fake photoshop birth certificate...who cares that
his wife has a body..and that his kids are adorable and that he sings Al
Green and his wife loves basketball...its all a game...

Author Joseph Bleifus ( ago)
thats how all liberals are.

Author Rod Miller ( ago)
"First, you voted for him because he was black?" Now vote him out because
he is USELESS!

Author Rod Miller ( ago)
LIbEralS ... Liar liar liar

Author Deacon Frost ( ago)
Interesting thing, here in Sweden there were a bunch of polls made about
the American president election, titled "Who would you vote for if you
could?" and Ron Paul got like 65-70% of the votes every time.

Author heirihunziker ( ago)
it's frustrating enough to watch this voting charade from overseas. i can
only begin to imagine how incredibly frustrating this is to US citizens
like yourself. you have my sympathy, but unfortunately that sure isn't
enough. the US can't get any help with this from outside, all we can do
from outside is pushing these videos, it's like trying to cool off that
Fukushima nuclear reactor with a spray bottle from Walmart...

Author flyersphan111 ( ago)
you're* Exactly. If out planet were to just pop out of existence, the
universe would just continue on as if nothing happened. We humans think too
much about ourselves.

Author linkincide ( ago)
uhm. Why? they're clapping for what hes saying. im sure they didnt think he
WASNT ACTUALLY gonna do that. Do not blame the sheep for being tricked by
the herder

Author Dana Rider ( ago)
just realize we don't want Obama anymore they are covering it up at every
turn. going so far as to not include Ron Paul or even show him in the
presidential race 99% of the time. Our government does this to us and is
laughing in our faces, do you see a investigation into all these voting
fraud incidents seen on YouTube ???? no they know wtf they are doing. We
are not in control of our country anymore, soon we might just be needing
help from another country if you sheep don't wake the heck up.

Author Dana Rider ( ago)
LOL who makes those history books, dumb ass. you have to research many
different sources all over the world "unbiased" which our educational
material is extremely biased. its funny the ones that think they are the
smartest are full of government propaganda threw your glorious textbooks,
or storybook created by our government. its these same people that are
always closed minded and are sheep's with no return. So if you want to know
the truth open your MIND not a sac of lies government booklet.

Author Dana Rider ( ago)
that's the type of shit your brainwashed to think, why fight, let then ruin
our planet and our country "it will happen anyways" if your that useless of
a human being go jump off a bridge or something cause, your gonna die
anyways right.....

Author Dana Rider ( ago)
WHAT A SCUMBAG this video pisses me off, I don't take being lied to
lightly. People if you vote for this piece of trash what can you expect
look at his track record, things will only get worse I promise you

Author flyersphan111 (1761 year ago)
Let's just look at this world. We're fucked anyway. Amerca probably only
has a couple of years until we're surpassed by China and maybe 500 years
until humanity gets so full of itself that all of humanity goes extinct.

Author sypoth ( ago)
First, you voted for him because he was black? that's the definition of
Racist. Second, fight congress? are you stupid, he had full control of
congress for two years and did nothing but give trillions of dollars away
pass unfavorable bills and do not one thing to make live better. Third,
Good Old Boy describes people like Kennedy, aka Democrats. Fourth, in his
first two years he made things over a thousand times worse, it only started
getting better when Obama wasn't allowed free reign anymore.

Author sypoth ( ago)
I dunno, Bush seemed to have things going pretty well until Pelosi and Reid
took over and blocked him at every turn. Then there is Regan who pulled us
out of a situation similar to how bad things are right now and created an
age of prosperity that lasted more than a decade after he was out of
office, which was eight years after he was put in. Don't forget Roosevelt,
or even Lincoln and all the prosperity they brought. Perhaps you should
open a history book before you assume such sladerous views.

Author sypoth ( ago)
I didn't vote for this fool because I researched the person he was, and I
didn't like what I found one little bit. He's proven my suspicions and
warnings about the negative things he would do right ten fold at every
turn. Only a brainwashed fool would support him, even the blind can see
what he is doing to ruin this country and how big of a mockery he is in the
international community.

Author MrMichaelPS ( ago)
What a piece of shit!

Author heirihunziker ( ago)
i'm a non-American guy who keeps defending Americans and when i hear the
applause in this video i'm just thinking how increasingly more difficult my
job is getting...

Author flyersphan111 ( ago)
@Derporsche Then again, who on the Republican side could do a better job?

Author Average Joe ( ago)
what a clusterfuck of a president

Author Progressive Republican ( ago)
It's ok. All you know is liberal left-wing Bullfuck. It's not your fault.

Author Progressive Republican ( ago)
@nexticu You Australian Atheist ain't know shit. Yo bitch ass ain't know
how it feels to be free. You never lived here. We are not gratful for this
fuck. A liar like this ruined your monarched country.

Author nexticu ( ago)
As it says above........WAKE UP!

Author nexticu ( ago)
I totally support Obama. You Americans have no one else. Well come on.
Fucken name one. 300 million of you and this is it. It costs $200 million
to run for the Presidency and that holds you back. Obama is a great Orator
and he had the balls to call Pakistans bluff by killing Osama..I'm in a bin
Laden. Be greatfull.

Author Kathy Miller ( ago)
i cant stand this lier and the crap that comes out of his mouth i say vote
the bastard out

Author Vindicator58 ( ago)
I hate the white half of him too!

Author wackzirth88 ( ago)
@RETROPOPS69 and you probably voted for him on the color of his skin but
now try to say its the white in him bc hes a sack of shit

Author godsavetheusa2012 ( ago)
I see hitler standing there - he must be removed

Author Derporsche ( ago)
And the rest of the idiots in attendance applaud this shit......
Aaargh....! He's a disgrace to America, and so is anyone clapping out

Author theQiwiMan ( ago)
Huh, didn't even mention his "First order of business as President",
bringing the troops home. He stuck to ol' Dubya's time frame. Liar.

Author Britni Lynn (909 years ago)
@manvilletrain Technically, Obama doesn't even deserve that much credit.
Did you know that they first started their training for that moment while
Bush was in office? He gave the original word. Just a little piece of info
I thought you would like to know. :)

Author Britni Lynn (1143 years ago)
@Storm3770 LOL. "before you make comments make sure you can fucking spell
you illiterature douche monkey." Funny, since you can't even spell the word
"their" in your comment. Hmm. I think you need to spell check your typos
before correcting someone else's typos and calling them illiterate. That's
right. TYPOS!

Author Britni Lynn (1380 years ago)
@torterrarulz No. He only became president because of the media such as New
York Times, MSNBC, CNN, etc. They twisted words around from the other
candidates to make it seem like they said things that they really didn't to
make the audience think that republicans are idiots. But the republicans
seem to be the only party to looks for the facts outside of the media and
watching the debates live and researching what the candidates stand for. To
all you liberals out there: Stop looking to the media!

Author Britni Lynn (1852 years ago)
Thumbs up if you wish Reagan could've lived forever and stayed in office. :)

Author boowonder888 (396 years ago)
@hogkilla13 ""those republicans seem horrible now, huh? idiot. Perry 2012""
Yeah Perry sure is an idiot, ""oops"" Dollar index went from a high of 120
to a low of 70 under Bush. Under Obama dollar index a high at 90 to 87 now.
Blame GW for the dollar's decline. Its an easy google, IF you really want
to know the facts.

Author jacob rothman ( ago)
dumb muslim nigger

Author manvilletrain ( ago)
@torterrarulz No hes not. hes reads the words off of a screen!!

Author manvilletrain ( ago)
@Rangerwhat He didn't do that. He gave the word to do it. We are not out of
the recession and can go into a depression any time. In fact the economy is
getting worse. Obummer promised to have Guantanamo bay shut down which he
didn't. But if he did we would not have gathered the information on Osama
that we did. So please wake up.

Author mrtundra45 (596 years ago)

Author Storm3770 ( ago)
Hey 67tr876, before you make comments make sure you can fucking spell you
illiterate douche monkey. "talk is cheep?" It's spelled "cheap." Glad to
see that a majority of people who hate Obama would rather sit on thier ass
and bitch about the current state of our country- rather than getting off
your lazy asses and doing something about it. I would rather lather my cock
in honey and stuff it in a beehive than have to keep reading obama haters
idiotic illiterate comments.

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