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Author Eric van dormolen (14 days)

Author HOLY NAVINCI (4 months)
Everybody still sleepin? 

Author joedavila19681 (6 months)
Don't worry...Republicans want to shove Ted Cruz the Cuban Commie Canadian
as President....sit back and wait for the worst..

Author nexticu (3 years)
As it says above........WAKE UP!

Author Progressive Republican (3 years)
It's ok. All you know is liberal left-wing Bullfuck. It's not your fault.

Author Dillon Williams (2 years)
lol what is this, the republican national convention in the comment section?

Author Joseph Bleifus (3 years)
thats how all liberals are.

Author Duquedecasitodo (3 years)
If Obama loses in 2012, he can always immigrate to Canada and join this
country's Liberal Party. They're the biggest bunch of liars north of the
49th parallel. Obama would be right at home.

Author gildrop (3 years)
@teddythelegoguy nah actually i don't

Author zeppelin67637 (3 years)
The real problem is, The president can't do anything. It all still has to
pass through the houses. So, Can't really call any of this lies, he just
forgot he has no power.

Author John2r1 (2 years)
oh to put my two cents in here well more like half a cent consitering china
owns half oh wait my 25% of a cent thats about right ..I counldnt help but
notice that 767 people liked this video & only 89 didnt who likely are
liberal pro big gov. zombies who love Obama & think hes a god or something.
but back to the 767 people if half that are 18 +then why did Obama get
elected with a majority of Americans apparently thinking hes not a good
president hm.did some of you who are 18 + people not vote ?

Author dylan48gh21 (2 years)
well american's r stupid so they just vote for Obama because he's black

Author Britni Lynn (3 years)
Thumbs up if you wish Reagan could've lived forever and stayed in office. :)

Author unbeatable911 (2 years)
Obama dosnt have any experience either.....

Author sypoth (3 years)
I dunno, Bush seemed to have things going pretty well until Pelosi and Reid
took over and blocked him at every turn. Then there is Regan who pulled us
out of a situation similar to how bad things are right now and created an
age of prosperity that lasted more than a decade after he was out of
office, which was eight years after he was put in. Don't forget Roosevelt,
or even Lincoln and all the prosperity they brought. Perhaps you should
open a history book before you assume such sladerous views.

Author Denny Vann (2 years)
People buy this nonsense? So Sad

Author Gwynn Joseph (1 year)
Just like to say that you should all read the back of our $1 is
in Latin, have it translated on the web....they are advertising blatantly a
New World Order.....on our $1 bill!!! I still cannot believe it, right in
front of us, and yet no one even sees it??? Check out the triangle with one
eye staring at us??? What????

Author sypoth (3 years)
I didn't vote for this fool because I researched the person he was, and I
didn't like what I found one little bit. He's proven my suspicions and
warnings about the negative things he would do right ten fold at every
turn. Only a brainwashed fool would support him, even the blind can see
what he is doing to ruin this country and how big of a mockery he is in the
international community.

Author Leon Rodriguez (2 years)
You can't compare 2008's vision for America with four years of an entire
party trying to destroy that vision. Apples and oranges. Stop lying.

Author LeemsSegit (2 years)
romney, 14 lies in 2 seconds

Author manvilletrain (3 years)
@torterrarulz No hes not. hes reads the words off of a screen!!

Author bigbrownlatino (2 years)
@BR3AK1NGbenjamin how is the clip a lie? That makes no sense..So if I slap
you, do you nevered happen?

Author Dana Rider (3 years)
LOL who makes those history books, dumb ass. you have to research many
different sources all over the world "unbiased" which our educational
material is extremely biased. its funny the ones that think they are the
smartest are full of government propaganda threw your glorious textbooks,
or storybook created by our government. its these same people that are
always closed minded and are sheep's with no return. So if you want to know
the truth open your MIND not a sac of lies government booklet.

Author Jt Hollister (3 years)
Ron Paul 2012! The ONLY one who's not a damn liar!

Author ToeIn2194 (3 years)
@TheCod6freak obama is a true racist,and the left are the biggest racists
going. They see blacks as one collective person devoid of individual
identity and preferences and conclusions and thought of their own.Even
blacks are leaving Obamaland because he is a phoney and a weak leaderless
hyped up asshole. Your comment is very telling about how you see the human
race. Libs/leftists can only operate in stereotypes and groupthink. Plenty
of great 100% black patriots with real life experience.

Author Duquedecasitodo (3 years)
If Obama loses in 2012, he can always immigrate to Canada and join this
country's Liberal Party. They're the biggest bunch of liars north of the
49th parallel. Obama would be right at home.

Author Brandon Proctor (2 years)
How? He has tripled the debt, we are in 3 wars instead of 2, gas prices are
higher, the social obamacare is a failure. And yet all Obama does is blame
bush. So how is he better than Romney? He has not been given a chance of
being the U.S president. You stupid fuck!

Author Britni Lynn (3 years)
@torterrarulz No. He only became president because of the media such as New
York Times, MSNBC, CNN, etc. They twisted words around from the other
candidates to make it seem like they said things that they really didn't to
make the audience think that republicans are idiots. But the republicans
seem to be the only party to looks for the facts outside of the media and
watching the debates live and researching what the candidates stand for. To
all you liberals out there: Stop looking to the media!

Author chromifox (3 years)
@gildrop 1. you misspelled "compared" 2. drop the rhetoric, and think about
whether that's actually true, rather than mindlessly repeating other
people's thoughts like a cute little sheep 3. if mainstream media puts so
much spin on info, why should we expect any better from a random youtuber?
4. Ron Paul 2012

Author MrMichaelPS (2 years)
Obama won America lost!

Author VL Towler (3 years)
@SRFColonel President Obama has had 61 vacation days in 3 years. Bush had
121 by this same time period (3 years). It would help if you could do a
little bit of research to show you have some understanding of what you're
talking about--oh, and also. The President has to pay for his own food in
the White House (except for State dinners). Show me that his vacations are
paid for by the taxpayers. How can you hate an intelligent President, one
of the most intelligent we've ever had?

Author LeemsSegit (2 years)
first of all every thing you just said makes absolutely no sense. How did i
play the race card? When you called me a nigger you played it by assuming
i'm black which im not. btw your precious romney is toast

Author Geepa53 (3 years)
Whomever the Republican nominee is should make an election ad from this vid.

Author Rei Ayanami (2 years)
Just think: Marco Rubio/Bobby Jindal 2016 :)

Author VL Towler (3 years)
@mikestheman3 Here ARE two more lies. He did begin bringing the troops
home. And he is ending the Iraqi war. He's promised everything and is doing
it, except for his Generals who say it's not time. He killed Osama Bin
Laden. He delivered. Bush didn't. Again, your hate is preventing you from
using your common sense. Hater. Hater. I bet you think you're Christian,

Author errabbitc (3 years)
those werent lies, they are untruths yes. but barrack obama is trying his
best to clean up george w. bushes mess. so he was unable to do those seven
things, because of a: the deficit b: the non listening of congress and c:
the other problems the usa is facing, barrack obama is trying hard, please
give him a break. it isn't as easy as you think for barrack obama.

Author jesse cannon (2 years)
sorry signs them*

Author wa1s55 (3 years)
@Himkitty who said that you were a robot??? that's why your a moron just
like Obama

Author jcr0850 (3 years)
PLEASE WITNESS THIS INFORMATION: Illegal aliens & Arizona Watch, and Let
this sink in! The person in this video is a professor (Ph.D.) at Yavapai
College in Prescott, Arizona. He puts a different spin on what Obama is
doing to Arizona. Must be why he's rated highly by his students - 3.8 on a
4.0 scale. This may be the best video produced on the illegal alien
problems that are being experienced.

Author kitsune80eight (3 years)
I really wish Ron Paul was on the final ballet, because I would have
totally voted for him. I know I'm pulling for him for the next election.
And I feel like one of the worst people for voting Obama. I didn't want to,
but I did because I was threatened by the 5 other voters around me. When
you live in a fairly shady area, it seems like it won't be that bad. I
really should have taken that ass-kicking.

Author manvilletrain (3 years)
@Rangerwhat He didn't do that. He gave the word to do it. We are not out of
the recession and can go into a depression any time. In fact the economy is
getting worse. Obummer promised to have Guantanamo bay shut down which he
didn't. But if he did we would not have gathered the information on Osama
that we did. So please wake up.

Author godsavetheusa2012 (3 years)
I see hitler standing there - he must be removed

Author Rei Ayanami (2 years)
Oh, look! A pissed off nigger liberal! Tell me something: Why? Why is
Romney SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad? :)? Huh? I cant hear you.. Thats RIGHT! YOU

Author TheCod6freak (3 years)
DEMOCRATS suck ass!!! REPUBLICANS suck ass!!! there both parties that are
just fucking over this country with there bull shit bickering and stupid
peddy shit arguing they almost both had this country default. one of the
greatest nations ever known to man kind almost defaulted... WHY?!!! BECAUSE
two stupid ass goverment parties couldnt argee. how fucking stupid do they
have to be to let this country almost default. all of you guys who disagree
with me can trash talk your asses off i...

Author Rod Miller (3 years)
"First, you voted for him because he was black?" Now vote him out because
he is USELESS!

Author 2003drz125 (3 years)
need to make a new vid 54875389573593758 lies in 3 years

Author VL Towler (3 years)
@GanjaEclectus Excellent. Take care!

Author MrMichaelPS (2 years)
Hey Cikibaba, wait 2 years when the dollar crashes, and tell me how great
Obama is!

Author jesse cannon (2 years)
where is this website that shows the bills before he passes them?

Author TheCod6freak (3 years)
@jrbacke61 is that why your brain dead? did you get hit by a car when you
were little? or is it just in your genetics?

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