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Author Jordan Derosha (6 months)
You can go underground before sequence 5 I did it while I was haythem 

Author David DeLeon (7 months)
Why can't I get Haythamto grab onto that rock-face?

Author Neeraj Ram (10 months)
Where did u even get a gun I can't even find it I though that the bad buy
had but no he didn't 

Author boredwithusernames (10 months)
You sir are a legend. I was not aware that you had to drop the lantern to
do parkour. Thank you so much ;)

Author Anders Bolt-Evensen (8 months)
You van also access the Boston underground while freeroaming with Haytham.
So since he has a gun, you van access the entire underground as early as in
sequence 2. :)

Author BloodyQuenchedSoul (10 months)
This guide is terrible. U didn't even explain how to open crank shafts the
whole video is in fast motion which makes no sense in watching it. It's
better to look at a picture. But u did help with the puzzles. This guide
just confused the fuck out of me

Author David DeLeon (7 months)
Why can't I get Haythamto grab onto that rock-face?

Author ImXactlyMe (11 months)
The arrows on the floor light up if you light the nearest wall torch

Author luis reyes (11 months)
Thanx thst videos helped alot 

Author Gabriel Belmonte (1 year)
Thanks man it helped me, I cloud't find the Old North Church.

Author Joshua Hawkins (1 year)
Free Masons are evil.

Author RelatedGiraffe (1 year)
You don't need eagle vision on those strange circular things, they will
light up when you stand on them.

Author ANTHONY Fernandez (1 year)
Thank you so much

Author Carlos Denully (1 year)
Not good

Author 19JustMike83 (1 year)
I can't open it

Author melissa leon (2 years)
Well you know how people are in this world they think there're helping but
in reality they NOT. that's their shitty way of thinking there're helping.

Author melissa leon (2 years)
NO SHIT SHERLOCK, give this man a dollar.

Author SporksAreGoodForYou (2 years)
You can find all of them inside.

Author SporksAreGoodForYou (2 years)
Which one? I've got guides to the chases, if you're having trouble.

Author Julestags (2 years)
5:50 Thanks for that, I was stuck in the lifts!

Author Mari Douglas (2 years)
plus the rats go towards the nearest door just follow them

Author Maxdale (2 years)
found out you can use Haytham to do all this stuff

Author SniperVamp454 (1 year)
How do I get the map to uncover between the beacon hill exit and where you
climb up to get to it.

Author salahhe . (2 years)
So rats go to the right direction or the other side? I didn't get that.

Author Ryan96Smith (2 years)
Takes so long but is a good video and helps, id like one which explores all
the noises and red (very blood splatter like) walls also that goes into why
the masions are involved (other then the fact they built the tunnels)

Author William Critchfield (2 years)
At the gate at 7:04 after climbing up you can hold rt and press jump for a
really cool way down.

Author BoaShoa (2 years)
at the 9:00 mark, I pushed my let stick twice to the left, and my right
stick once to the right! Hopefully this helps!

Author TheProfessor716 (1 year)
Very helpful thanks!

Author ladiesmand217 (2 years)
go buy one from the general store..

Author SNAKEssnl (2 years)
i cant even find a way underground .... nowhere to find a entry

Author Leicester Lad (2 years)
Great help, now to use the New York guide!

Author Brad Swinton (2 years)
very good guide tyvm, much appreciated gl with ur ventures.

Author qhlpp (2 years)
You can also pick up a dagger from dead officers in the underground. And
yes, they are officers, not scouts, even though they hold daggers. I made
the mistake of trying to counter kill one and got hit in the face. The devs
probably did not anticipate the player being able to possess small weapons
as Haytham though. The dagger makes no sound, and Haytham uses Connor's
kill animations.

Author Carlos P (2 years)
Shimmy shimmy ya shimmy yam shimmy yay

Author Pete Undrell (1 year)
Oops lol. Its done it now. I swear I tried about 10 times before and it
wouldn't work

Author Abraham Valenzuela (2 years)
I need beacon hill

Author judentuben (2 years)
What do I do? I need to shoot the explosives keg but I have no firearm -
the soldiers and bandits in the tunnels only have blade weapons on them! I
tried exiting the game, fast travel to different station, nothing helps -
they won't respawn with a firing weapon, they only carry a blade!

Author Julian Depaepe (1 year)
oh its ok i did climb up thanks

Author foyez5 (2 years)
Very helpful guide now i'm 99% syncd

Author Lord Zenan (2 years)
Wow, massive help. Thanks a lot! :)

Author SporksAreGoodForYou (2 years)
Not sure why you're looking for surface entrances. You can't get in until
the story takes you to the tunnels. Once it does, they appear on the map...

Author SporksAreGoodForYou (2 years)
Hahahahaha. Thanks for the update!

Author Daniel Blinder (1 year)
thank god this guy fast-forwarded those parts, how tedious would it have
been otherwise?! We would have had to stare at this long-winded video
containing a bunch of fluff (unnecessary data). really can't
extrapolate what you need from the maps he flashed? Just be thankful he
made this in the first place, I don't see you cap-carding helpful vids,
plus he did this well, you're just complaining for complaints sake....Good
on you Sporks, keep up the good work.

Author ouhw (2 years)
Awesome! hade hard time finding my last one... east fields lol!! xD

Author 110ap110 (2 years)
Ur awesome! subscribed >:)

Author primaltare (2 years)
I had seven... I needed your help for only one of them and I ended up using
you for all three I had missing. Lol thank you.

Author SporksAreGoodForYou (2 years)
I think it is what he meant, but ok.... when it's attacked, it gets
destroyed (unless you hit the bug where it's just stuck and can't be used).
If it got destroyed, you craft another one. You can craft as many convoys
as you want. but you can only have 3 at a time.

Author AXNJXN1 (2 years)
Thank you!!

Author SporksAreGoodForYou (2 years)
You don't need a guide to find the exits. Use the three tips I put at the
beginning and in the description. There are a total of 14 junctions where
you need to pick a direction. There is a clue at every single one to show
you where to go. Seriously. It's quicker to work it out yourself than sit
there referring to a video every time you need to turn left or right.

Author lerp85 (2 years)
You mean, do exactly what the game told us to do?

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