Boston Underground Tunnels Map - 10/10 Fast Travel Stations - Assassin's Creed 3

Hi there! Read the description for quick links. This is all the fast travel stations in the tunnels underneath Boston in the, erm, underground!
New York is here:
Use eagle vision. Don't bother with shortcuts.
The first 2 come from a mission in Sequence 5. And there are 2 stations you can't open until you have a gun at the start of sequence 6.

Getting started and tips: 0:00
Map: 0:30 and 10:26
3. Old North Church [Northeast]: 0:40
4. Crown Coffee House [Southeast]: 1:25
5. Beacon Hill (including getting past the gates) [far north]: 2:20
6. King's Chapel [Centre]: 4:50
7. South Commons (gate, lift, gun required) [Northwest]: 5:50
8. Fort Hill (waterfall climb) [Far South]: 8:08
9. East Fields [Southwest]: 9:12
10. Boston Gate [West]: 9:40
Map again: 10:26

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Author Vic 2.0 ( ago)
You know, I really like the fact that they did this. They could've just had
us throw some money at the fast travel stations like in the previous games,
but they chose to make it more engaging. And it is surprisingly fun running
around down there! To me, at least.

Author MrSilvanous (1026 years ago)
I've found 10 of 10 underground fast travel spots thus far however the
Green Dragon Tavern fast travel icon is not showing up on the map and my
log only indicates 8 of 10 found. I'm early in the game (Sequence 2)
however don't want to go further if this is a glitch - I believe it's
required for a trophy - completionist. Anyone else run into this?

Author Jordan Derosha ( ago)
You can go underground before sequence 5 I did it while I was haythem 

Author kenly quigley ( ago)
how do you get under ground ?

Author sniperz09 ( ago)
thanks helped alot

Author sunil kothari ( ago)
half way through the tunnels connor decides to grow up and change his

Author robert cruz ( ago)
i think you ment beacon hill not bacon

Author Error System ( ago)
I can't fucking find bacon hill!!! Where the hell is that place????

Author Rabee Omran ( ago)

Author Alex Hooker ( ago)
Your new york one was great but this isn't helpful. sorry. you may as well
have done a 30 second video explaining the tips

Author SniperVamp454 ( ago)
How do I get the map to uncover between the beacon hill exit and where you
climb up to get to it.

Author TheVoodooLion ( ago)
the map at start of the video was handy but the rest of the video was a bit
of a mess.

Author Julian Depaepe ( ago)
i did this afther sequence 12 XD

Author Julian Depaepe ( ago)
oh its ok i did climb up thanks

Author Julian Depaepe ( ago)
i can't climb up on that wall on 3 : 55

Author TheProfessor716 ( ago)
Very helpful thanks!

Author goingindependent16 ( ago)
I can't get the gun to shot the barrels and I try to take it from the

Author JumperSC ( ago)

Author Eviler Sage ( ago)
Helped a lot

Author Eviler Sage ( ago)
Thank you man you're boss

Author Daniel Blinder ( ago)
that was to Jim as well (especially the extrapolate part) btw.

Author Daniel Blinder ( ago)
thank god this guy fast-forwarded those parts, how tedious would it have
been otherwise?! We would have had to stare at this long-winded video
containing a bunch of fluff (unnecessary data). really can't
extrapolate what you need from the maps he flashed? Just be thankful he
made this in the first place, I don't see you cap-carding helpful vids,
plus he did this well, you're just complaining for complaints sake....Good
on you Sporks, keep up the good work.

Author Daniel Blinder ( ago)
it assumes you've tried the obvious: going up to the doors you first get in
sequence 5.....come now...

Author Kanwal Ali ( ago)
@googleboy314 just go to one of the tunnels that are available and interact
with and it will say enter underground Boston/New York.

Author googleboy314 ( ago)
No one will fucking explain the one crucial detail. HOW DO YOU EVEN GET TO

Author son Goku ( ago)
great help

Author Pete Undrell ( ago)
Oops lol. Its done it now. I swear I tried about 10 times before and it
wouldn't work

Author Pete Undrell ( ago)
In the north west where you climb up and shimmy round and jump over the
gate isn't working for me. When ive done shimmying it will not jump into
the top of the gate. Weird and annoying :-(

Author Shadowman120 ( ago)
On the last magic Lantern I can't see the pictures what do I do?

Author QBCoach12 ( ago)
The Eagle Vision does not work on the circles. You have to light the
lanterns to make them light up!

Author SporksAreGoodForYou ( ago)
Which is why there's a full uncovered map at the start and end.

Author salahhe . ( ago)
So rats go to the right direction or the other side? I didn't get that.

Author salahhe . ( ago)
The game didn't say anything about this to me.

Author lerp85 ( ago)
Or, and this is a stretch I know, people wanted an EXACT location on where
these were at, to make it easier with out having to use those methods.
Also, obviously people are not paying attention, you didn't or you would
have known about the arrows on the ground now huh.

Author SporksAreGoodForYou ( ago)
Yes. But given the views on this and other videos, it seems that either the
game isn't telling people very well, or they're not listening very well.
Either way...

Author nileisfat ( ago)
Thanks man

Author lerp85 ( ago)
You mean, do exactly what the game told us to do?

Author lerp85 ( ago)
This is false, I got into the tunnels first time in boston, was not sure
what it was, and found another exit and went on with the main missions.

Author skullbasher8484 ( ago)

Author Andropow212 ( ago)
8:58 DJ!

Author Stina Taesia ( ago)
thank you so very much for taking the time to do these! Your voice is very
nice to listen to, so that helps ^_^ Very helpful!

Author Servant Maid ( ago)
Ye well the arrows on the floors only light up wen yu light the lantern on
the wall -_-

Author Disposable Hero ( ago)
You can't enter any entrance until you've unlocked it from the inside. Once
you did that, it's shown on your map. But i guess you couldn't "waste your
time" finding that out by yourself ... why play the game anyway ... it's
all a waste of time. *Facepalm*

Author Ryan96Smith ( ago)
Takes so long but is a good video and helps, id like one which explores all
the noises and red (very blood splatter like) walls also that goes into why
the masions are involved (other then the fact they built the tunnels)

Author Drooost ( ago)
Not really, Im stock with a qeust where he wants to show me these fucking
tunnels, but he's not showing anything .....

Author Daniel Riley ( ago)
My only motivation for doing all this tunnel running bullshit is the
platinum. If they wanted people to explore this underground crap maybe they
shoulda put some fucking treasures down here. This aint fun at all and it
just filler crap to boost game time.

Author Daniel Riley ( ago)
Oh my god! Your grammar is horrible. Is english your first language? I hope
for your sake its not.

Author Mari Douglas ( ago)
plus the rats go towards the nearest door just follow them

Author Mari Douglas ( ago)
aah u have to light the torch to get the circle bits on the ground to light
up. I had neva noticed them before u meantioned. :)

Author Rob Pritchard Jones ( ago)
could you post in the description how to open each door like you do in the
NY video i.e. where the symbols go on lantern and L to R, R to R etc for
lock doors. That was really helpful. Great vid by the way really helpful

Author Rawbdog ( ago)
Wow. And here I thought no-one would be so stupid to not get my joke :) But

Author melissa leon ( ago)
NO SHIT SHERLOCK, give this man a dollar.

Author Rawbdog ( ago)
Pretty sure you meant "their" ;)

Author Lord Zenan ( ago)
Wow, massive help. Thanks a lot! :)

Author freshfromthebest ( ago)
Woulda been useful had you have told me how the bloody hell I am supposed
to actually get in the underground

Author spacilost ( ago)
thanks really helpful

Author melissa leon ( ago)
Well you know how people are in this world they think there're helping but
in reality they NOT. that's their shitty way of thinking there're helping.

Author Ajumps1992 ( ago)
I'm doing this heytham before starting sequence 3

Author SporksAreGoodForYou ( ago)
You don't need a guide to find the exits. Use the three tips I put at the
beginning and in the description. There are a total of 14 junctions where
you need to pick a direction. There is a clue at every single one to show
you where to go. Seriously. It's quicker to work it out yourself than sit
there referring to a video every time you need to turn left or right.

Author opaka85 ( ago)
Just a FYI the reason the markers on the ground don't light up for you is
that there's a lantern nearby that you've forgotten to light. this has
happened to me and once i've found and lit the lantern the ground markers
will now work!! thanks much for the videos, they are great help.

Author WinKerrZz ( ago)
Shut up

Author w3lc0m32h3ll ( ago)
Crank door unlock for Fort Hill is L to R, R to L

Author Brad Swinton ( ago)
very good guide tyvm, much appreciated gl with ur ventures.

Author calico jack ( ago)
not entirely true. you can enter as haythem and unlock all but the green
dragon tavern entrance. im trying to figure that out now but the green
tavern isnt showing up on the fast travel least for xbox. not sure
if other systems operate differently though.

Author qhlpp ( ago)
You can also pick up a dagger from dead officers in the underground. And
yes, they are officers, not scouts, even though they hold daggers. I made
the mistake of trying to counter kill one and got hit in the face. The devs
probably did not anticipate the player being able to possess small weapons
as Haytham though. The dagger makes no sound, and Haytham uses Connor's
kill animations.

Author Jason Cartwright ( ago)
The circular things on the floor you can light the torch near it and it
will light up.

Author Jason Cartwright ( ago)
Once you unlock all of these they will appear on above ground map.

Author Maxdale ( ago)
found out you can use Haytham to do all this stuff

Author Tyrita Tripp ( ago)
Thank you so much! I was stuck looking for number 10 and couldnt figure out
how I missed it. All I really needed was the map which you shown after the
first couple of seconds. Made this real quick and easy. Thanks again!

Author foyez5 ( ago)
Very helpful guide now i'm 99% syncd

Author ouhw ( ago)
Awesome! hade hard time finding my last one... east fields lol!! xD

Author Karl39X ( ago)
i found 10 of the 11 in boston back when i was connor's dad in sequence 3
or 4 i think

Author HeyAhnuld ( ago)
I need an above ground map :/

Author TechGamer ( ago)
To fast ! New York was better !

Author mouthfulofmoxy ( ago)
If the arrows aren't lighting up in eagle vision, just light the nearby
torch on the wall.

Author William Critchfield ( ago)
At the gate at 7:04 after climbing up you can hold rt and press jump for a
really cool way down.

Author BoaShoa ( ago)
at the 9:00 mark, I pushed my let stick twice to the left, and my right
stick once to the right! Hopefully this helps!

Author L1ND5EY77 ( ago)
Thank you. Very quick and clear. Your accent is easy on the ears ;)

Author I9MiTcH95 ( ago)
Thanks for this :D

Author Leicester Lad ( ago)
Great help, now to use the New York guide!

Author Julestags ( ago)
The first one is given by the game, the rest you can find opening the map

Author Julestags ( ago)
5:50 Thanks for that, I was stuck in the lifts!

Author Christopher Hedtke ( ago)
Where do I find the entrances?

Author 110ap110 ( ago)
Ur awesome! subscribed >:)

Author Kingkev826 ( ago)
thank u I was so annoyed when running into dead ends

Author matonted ( ago)
Just one thing: the strange circular things on the ground do light up the
arrows ALWAYS. You just dont use the eagle vision but u have to light up
the closest candle on the wall and then stand on the circle with your
lantern and the arrows will show u the way.

Author Thomas Sko ( ago)

Author jamieresasco ( ago)

Author sadi9166 ( ago)
Thank you very much!!!!! I am sure all who watch this video help him to get
exit from trouble .

Author Nic Coay ( ago)
Thank you so much for giving these walkthroughs for the Underground. I had
a lot of trouble getting stuck down there and you really helped me out.
Thanks! = )

Author SNAKEssnl ( ago)
where can i find this stupid puzzle with the crown and the feather idk the
names of the location since i dont have em unlocked

Author SNAKEssnl ( ago)
i cant even find a way underground .... nowhere to find a entry

Author SporksAreGoodForYou ( ago)
You can find all of them inside.

Author runescape2340 ( ago)
So if i go into one underground i can dind most of them inside

Author floscha ( ago)
I hope its good as the video for the New York Underground but its much to
fast :(

Author SporksAreGoodForYou ( ago)
Not sure why you're looking for surface entrances. You can't get in until
the story takes you to the tunnels. Once it does, they appear on the map...

Author gpunk76 ( ago)
Came here to find an entrance from the surface, waste of time.

Author Abraham Valenzuela ( ago)
I need beacon hill

Author Blueisbird ( ago)
You need to light the lamp near the arrows to activate them.

Author Dr. Flat Soda ( ago)
Underground... This is the worst addition though

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