English Sparrow (pest) eradication from bird feeder

Good information on house sparrows.

"Without question the most deplorable event in the history of American ornithology was the introduction of the English Sparrow." -W.L. Dawson, The Birds of Ohio, 1903

This video shows the removal (by hunting) of English (House) Sparrows from a feeder for the purpose of creating a friendlier environment for native song birds. This method equals instant death for the birds in question - much better than poisoning or netting.

This was one of 4 trips I made to this location. By the end of the fourth trip, the English sparrow numbers were reduced significantly enough so that they no longer "swarmed" the feeder. Native song birds returned in healthy numbers. I estimated I shot around 200 in total (over the 4 days). I also tore sparrow nests out of the trees and barns. I hit 'em like a ton of bricks. And the result was that there were song birds all over that bird feeder at the end of day 4. (the video was filmed on day 3). I moved around this location, shooting at 3 or 4 "hot spots". This spot was just the easiest to film.

Equipment details:

The Camera Mount I used to record through the scope can be found here:

The slow-motion camera I use to film the shots through the scope is the Casio EX-FC150. That camera is no longer made, but you can buy its successor (which is actually a better camera than the one I use) here:

The Exact same Hawke Scope that I use in this video (Sidewinder TAC 30 6.5-20x) can be found here:
Gun - Edgun Matador .22 PCP air rifle
Scope - Hawke Sidewinder 30 6.5-20x (video at 10x)
Pellets - JSB 18.1g shooting at 920 fps (34 ft/lbs energy)

[It goes without saying that] All birds were legally shot, and all are exotic species. I can't say this enough - if you have a problem with hunting do NOT watch this video. Friends can comment without approval. All others will be screened.

For those who do enjoy :)

European house sparrows are an out-right plague on some farms. If left unchecked, their numbers swell out of control. They eat a lot of the livestock feed. But, what is worse is that they defecate in that feed. In this way, they can spread crippling disease very quickly to the animals.

Furthermore, these birds are quite aggressive and disrupt the nesting of tree cavity-nesting birds, such as Purple Martin, Eastern Bluebird, Carolina wren, and a variety of woodpeckers.

We not only shoot sparrows and starlings, we remove their nests and habitat (brush) as much as possible. Some folks think it doesn't make a difference. I can tell you that they are not trying hard enough. If you make life tough on these birds, they will find alternative areas to congregate.

Do a Google search on "House Sparrow" and you will find much information about the damage they cause. One thing I'm sure of is that if these birds were ugly like a rat, fewer people would be so quick to chastise me for blasting them.

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Author peggy bisono ( ago)
why are this gay hunt this little birds. why don't you kill rats, stupied

Author Henry Gercan ( ago)
what does the fox say ?

Author Jot Singh ( ago)
i hate u bird hunter

Author MrRenob1207 ( ago)
Great video!!!!!

Author João Luis GamePlays ( ago)
Good job

Author Sussex CarpHunters ( ago)
lol looks like the gun should be in a warzone, and you still suck at
shooting you dumb idiot redneck.

Author Sussex CarpHunters ( ago)
No wonder wildlife is in decline with cunts like this on the planet!

Author myrecipes ( ago)
wings up, dont shoot. bird lives matter.

Author Luciano Golfetto ( ago)
sparati alle palle COGLIONE DI MERDA , muori di tumore fulminante

Author Ritul Mehta ( ago)
Humans are the biggest pests on this planet earth....start shooting all of
'em. Ted's HoldOver, you're actually a sadist who gets pleasure out of
killing other creatures, who are YOU to over rule mother nature? May you be
shot the same way my friend and be born as an English Sparrow, we'll look
after you SOB!!

Author joseph brown ( ago)
u are a punk tho big game huntin

Author PyroTechnics ( ago)
head shot 10 points

Author Kobie L ( ago)
What kind of gun are you using and where can I get one

Author joseph brown ( ago)
u are a punk tho big game huntin

Author res1492 ( ago)

Author T4keTheShot ( ago)
i get that they are pests but this seems really excessive. obviously the
people like birds if they have a bird feeder so why would they want you to
shoot a certain species of them? if you don't like birds, dont leave food
for them. Simple as that. but dont leave food and shoot the ones that you
don't like while they are eating. This is not hunting this is just sick.

Author Michael Dumais ( ago)
Killing little birds...times must be tough where you live.

Author MAST3R _GaM3R ( ago)

Author terrortorn ( ago)
Wow amazing how sparrows are not pests in England and the only people who
shoot them are dysfunctional dickheads.

Author Shroud Rehab ( ago)

Author Matt Dichello ( ago)
what's wrong with this guy man how would you like it if that was you

Author colin cowell ( ago)
If I were you I would not bother putting any more blogs up as you seem to
attrack a awful lot Knobheads.(unfeathered type)

Author Imah Morgan ( ago)
would have been good to see all 31 shots man!!!!

Author Samuele Prosperi ( ago)
Dont comment mi inglish,i am swiss

Author Samuele Prosperi ( ago)
Wi must you shoot to little birds

Author Samuele Prosperi ( ago)
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Author Samuele Prosperi ( ago)
Shit face

Author Samuele Prosperi ( ago)
Fuck you

Author Samuele Prosperi ( ago)
You are a stupid shit person,you shoot to innocent animals,sparrows??!! You
are a shit

Author nico74321 ( ago)
i found your video are not just entertaining but also educational too. cus
you talk bunch of other stuff too. you've earned my subscribe!

Author Henderson Booking ( ago)
Because of the higher initial muzzle velocity, when firing from a place
with considerable wind speed, into an area with much less wind resistance,
you shouldn't need to account for too much travel, Nice observation. It's
the opposite when firing from a spot with no wind into an open field or
between two structures which generate a significant wind current/channel
with high wind speed. Do you find that the .22 Caliber Pellets are more
resistant to wind variation, or do you feel the 177 is favorable? Fun

Author Adolfo Fernandez ( ago)
Good work shooter.

Author James Kent ( ago)
If you don't want the birds around then don't put feeders out there just
trying to survive by eating and you have to kill the. I don't get it

Author Stephane Cornelis ( ago)
I wish I could fire on you with your rifle and post the video on YouTube.

Author Sher Lee (982 years ago)
I'm sure u get this a lot but u shud continue to make ur videos. I like
watching ur videos for entertainment and for educational purposes as well.
keep it up

Author Annogaming (365 years ago)
why have a bird feeder if it feeds the birds that you want to get rid of?
just remove it or place it far away, then the birds will all move there.

Author jabahri murphy ( ago)
U suck at shooting

Author Myra Padilla ( ago)

Author Trevor Roberts ( ago)
why the fuck have a bird feeder if youre gonna kill the birda that come and
eat. fucking sociopathic psychopaths need to be ereadicated

Author Wei Wang ( ago)
Ted, Hello, I am a gun lovers in China. As is known to all, the conditions
are not allowed to have these things, so I admire you can play so happy.

Author randomdude19 ( ago)
I love guns, and I see the reasoning for your hunting, but I prefer to let
nature take it's course. Yes, they are invasive, but even for humans, we're
in a dog eat dog world. In my area, there's a good variety of birds, and
they all actually seem to get along, the sparrows fight each other, let the
cardinals, bluejays, and other big birds eat, and all other bird breeds
seem to keep breeding...maybe i'm just lucky, but i'd never take my bb gun
out and shoot them, i'll save my need to shoot for a range and some CQB lol

Author matt mazzone ( ago)
To me that doesnt look like hunting.

Author Biohazard Zdrowapolska ( ago)
fucking idiot !!!

Author Bill Voelker ( ago)
What about the lead in the birds? Are they safe for the cats?

Author mt6239 ( ago)
cute gun

Author Duong Phan ( ago)
This guy is bird serial killer

Author Please stand by. ( ago)
mice of the sky

Author Fre DeHeerser ( ago)

Author Paul Smith ( ago)
they keep the sparrow hawk fed i presume.

Author Ben South ( ago)
What type of gun do you shoot

Author CresentMoon18 ( ago)
Are you a storm trooper? You missed almost every shot

Author jacob griffiths ( ago)
I hope this horribly person dies in a car crash he would deserve it and i
hope its painful poor birds :-( U MAKE ME SICK what
did they ever do to u

Author Mahi ( ago)
i would of liked too have seen all 31 kills

Author Warren Black ( ago)
You cocksucker think you're clever enough to manage the nature? Dumbass you
can kill a few thousand and thousand sparrows or whatever it is you'll
never be able to extinct them. If someone ask me what I wish, I'll say to
put a bullet first on your son of a bitch kids and yours. 'Cause you don't
even worth a sparrow foot dirt.

Author Daniel King ( ago)
Nice video. But, those are tree branches. Not vines. 

Author airsoft raider ( ago)
what gun is that? is it air soft or metal bb`s

Author david gibbs ( ago)
Does anyone recommend any good scopes

Author Arthur G ( ago)
Тварь, чтоб тебя так же подстрелили говна кусок

Author Legend Shadow Mystic ( ago)
do you take out the pellets before you give them to the cats or do you just
leave as is?

Author саня топик ( ago)

Author archery talk 11 ( ago)
Ted's holdover I don't want to make it sound like I'm a gold digger but,
my family recently doesn't have the money because I'm dealing with a court
case because of my dad, because of that, I can't go out and even buy a
little red Ryder even, I have watched almost all of your videos and I am
subscribed, I was wondering if you can ship me a pellet gun, because I want
to do what you do and you truly inspire me with your videos, I don't care
how bad the gun is but if you are able to ship me one I want to kill some
birds and squirrels because there invasive in our trees. Like I said I can
understand if you can't but it would be an honor of you and I will probably
cry if you did. Thanks for your understanding, keep doing what your doing.

Author Stefan Johansson ( ago)
House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) is called in Sweden for "air rats" or
more suitable name "flying rats".

Author julijakeit ( ago)
I hope one day aliens will land and start eradicating humans that think
like you and call you a pest!

Author 박효민 ( ago)
죄없는 동물들좀그만죽이세요

Author Beak Newcomer ( ago)
Let birds fly free live long throw away guns pray for peace

Author nicky8866 ( ago)
hahaha did any of you check the get me out of here link XD

Author stephen connors ( ago)
so you have a bird feeder yet you shoot the birds? this is fucked up

Author TheRattlehead69 ( ago)
this isn't hunting! next time you go for food someone need to put bullet in
your ass!

Author Michael Northrup ( ago)
I wouldn't recommend spending so much money on an airgun 

Author Trevor Scott ( ago)
Cool looking gun

Author Alejandro Garcia del Pozo ( ago)
Dude you so cool

Author Brock Green ( ago)
Have you ever shot a banded pigeons

Author Elizabeth Swims ( ago)
You do a great service. I'm also glad there is "no waste on the farm"

Author ‫منصور الزريق‬‎ ( ago)

KSA 💚💚

Author oOParaOo Plays ( ago)
A video on killing animals..what a world we live in. Ashamed to be human

Author Douglas Setchell ( ago)
I live in the Cascade Mtns in Washington state. Every year in the spring I
get around 40 to 50 pairs of hummingbirds. They fly up to 4 to 6 inches of
my face as to say; Hello, we're back. This year I dropped my guard and
about 3 weeks after they arrived, the Blue Jays and Douglas squirrels made
an coordinated attack. They killed and ate eggs, babies and even many of
the hummingbirds. Result, next spring I'll start shooting jays and
squirrels a couple weeks before the hmmers arrive.What threatens mine, dies
. Don't like me shooting jays and squirrels, tough sheet!

Author Muy Gonzo ( ago)
In the by late '60s my grandmother paid me and my Daisy BB gun a nickel
each for dead sparrows because they carried mites to her chickens.

Author Colin ( ago)
"Without question the most deplorable event in the history of American
ornithology was the introduction of the English Sparrow." -W.L. Dawson...
What about Jersey Shore?

Author Frank Hernandez ( ago)
Where does he live

Author James Magee ( ago)
I have a question I'm not a gay tree hugger but u want get rid of them take
away the bird food it's so easy

Author hypo criteboy ( ago)
Damm people they're animals. He only kills the pests anyway and they are
not wasted.

Author Agent Fungus ( ago)
I live in the city so I cannot aim for above ground level with my pellet
gun. I feed the squirrels I shoot to the foxes where I walk my dogs. I
place the squirrel near the burrow and it's gone the next day. I also have
a problem with those "sparrows" mobbing native birds and killing chickadee
babies. I've been reading about these traps made by a guy in MN. They cost
$60+, so I haven't gotten one yet.

Author Cristina Marinho ( ago)

Author Yazan Felemban ( ago)
Are you nuts don't kill the babies and adults

he's making a fortune in you tube royalty, let's think about it,this cunt
is a smart cunt!he knows Americans in general like to watch shit like
this!let's have peta go after him,there has to be a way his name and
address can be released by you tube if formally charged with a crime,this
fucking Nazi would do the same to people eventually, give him time.

Author Chad Bushman ( ago)
You've got to be kidding me... Your spearfishing vids are awesome... This
is shameful! I hope someone decides your a pest and gives you the karma you

Author Mark Fuertes (648 years ago)
What kind of gun is it?

Author Ibo M ( ago)
your an evil person

Author John Jackson ( ago)
U say ur hunting all ur doing is killing for the hell of it there is no
skill in what ur doing when you hunt u kill for the meat not to get ur
rocks off 

Author DANIEL BOES ( ago)

wish I had few minutes to show you some hand to hand combat moves,you crazy
fuck,you make me sick,i hope they will pluck your eye's out someday,what a
big man you are.

you tube blocked me from watching videos, thanks to my previous comment,so
much for freedom of speech!

Author Ivan Valencia ( ago)
What a asshole

this is animal abuse,and you're making money off of it thanks to you
tube,you're on my shit list fucking bastard.

i hope you will die in the worst possible manner,i will pray from now on
that you and yours and the rest of your generations will suffer the pains
of hell,aid,,cancer,rape, are a monster,a cockroach ,would
tear you up if I saw you doing that,you coward son of a bitch ,shame your
making money out of this video,you tube should have you turned in,instead
of ending you money,drop dead you fucking monster.

Author Alex Wiggs ( ago)
What an awesome looking weapon!

Author MARCHINGBANDtbone ( ago)
That is a reallllly nice rifle.

Author THOMAS BRAND ( ago)
Bird2 got shot in his face

Author RyeOnHam ( ago)
I remember learning about Killdeer and their broken wing act. I've seen it
from other birds as well, but those buggers really sell it.

Author NekoKingGodzilla ( ago)
Dude these birds are rekt m8 

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