English Sparrow (pest) eradication from bird feeder

Good information on house sparrows.

"Without question the most deplorable event in the history of American ornithology was the introduction of the English Sparrow." -W.L. Dawson, The Birds of Ohio, 1903

This video shows the removal (by hunting) of English (House) Sparrows from a feeder for the purpose of creating a friendlier environment for native song birds. This method equals instant death for the birds in question - much better than poisoning or netting.

This was one of 4 trips I made to this location. By the end of the fourth trip, the English sparrow numbers were reduced significantly enough so that they no longer "swarmed" the feeder. Native song birds returned in healthy numbers. I estimated I shot around 200 in total (over the 4 days). I also tore sparrow nests out of the trees and barns. I hit 'em like a ton of bricks. And the result was that there were song birds all over that bird feeder at the end of day 4. (the video was filmed on day 3). I moved around this location, shooting at 3 or 4 "hot spots". This spot was just the easiest to film.

Equipment details:

The Camera Mount I used to record through the scope can be found here:

The slow-motion camera I use to film the shots through the scope is the Casio EX-FC150. That camera is no longer made, but you can buy its successor (which is actually a better camera than the one I use) here:

The Exact same Hawke Scope that I use in this video (Sidewinder TAC 30 6.5-20x) can be found here:
Gun - Edgun Matador .22 PCP air rifle
Scope - Hawke Sidewinder 30 6.5-20x (video at 10x)
Pellets - JSB 18.1g shooting at 920 fps (34 ft/lbs energy)

[It goes without saying that] All birds were legally shot, and all are exotic species. I can't say this enough - if you have a problem with hunting do NOT watch this video. Friends can comment without approval. All others will be screened.

For those who do enjoy :)

European house sparrows are an out-right plague on some farms. If left unchecked, their numbers swell out of control. They eat a lot of the livestock feed. But, what is worse is that they defecate in that feed. In this way, they can spread crippling disease very quickly to the animals.

Furthermore, these birds are quite aggressive and disrupt the nesting of tree cavity-nesting birds, such as Purple Martin, Eastern Bluebird, Carolina wren, and a variety of woodpeckers.

We not only shoot sparrows and starlings, we remove their nests and habitat (brush) as much as possible. Some folks think it doesn't make a difference. I can tell you that they are not trying hard enough. If you make life tough on these birds, they will find alternative areas to congregate.

Do a Google search on "House Sparrow" and you will find much information about the damage they cause. One thing I'm sure of is that if these birds were ugly like a rat, fewer people would be so quick to chastise me for blasting them.

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Author XF360 (2 months)
It's amazing how many 'vegetarians' are clicking on hunting videos...

Author fernando alcantara (1 day)
name of air gun?

Author Screen Wipes (1 day)
Your basically a serial killer

Author jony boy (3 days)
its lucky these fat low life Americans that have nothing better to do than
to shot helpless birds aren't living in Britain, a civilised country were
you cant take your anger out on birds,there are laws protecting these
peace full harmless creators. . 

Author Hunter Fulton (13 days)


Author Edward P Campbell (29 days)
Speaking of exterminating pestilential "English" house sparrows, perhaps
you might like to load up with 2 million lead pellets and come over to
England, to exterminate our plague of North American Gray squirrels, which
have entirely destroyed our native population of Red Squirrels. Am I
beginning to sound a bit 'species-ist'?

Author Blitz4000 (1 month)
In reality, humans are the real pest. This planet have to go through
billions of years to make a well balanced ecosystem and then the humans
came to ruin it in just a few years. Hey Ted, what makes you so sure that
the birds are the pest and not you??

Author Douglas Moreland (1 month)
i dont understand what hes doing...he buys a bird feeder and fills it with
food to attract birds to his house...but he doesnt want birds attracted to
his after killing them he puts more food out to attract more
birds but doesnt want the birds attracted to his house? why not just stop
feeding them? unless hes eating them or something then i totally understand

anyone can yell at me if you want im just not sure what his motive is cause
to me its like luring an alligator to your backyard with meat tied to a
stick but you dont want an alligators in your backyard because they are
dangerous so you kill it and then repeat the process

EDIT: cool i just saw that hes feeding the cats with them :) no longer see
anything wrong

Author (4 months)
Okay, I'm confused. A supposed BIRD LOVER with a BIRD FEEDER doesn't want a
particular kind of bird feeding at it, so hires this guy to KILL THE BIRDS?
Why not just get rid of the bird feeder?!? Humans are such idiots, loving
to destroy things. And I thought he was hired to kill the sparrows? Why is
he shooting a starling?

Author Тэо Старостенко (2 months)
Could I hunt with a 450-470 FPS 0.20 g bb (Eurasian Collared Dove)?

Author TrololoMahn (3 months)
I haven't seen any House Sparrows where I live (MN) which is a bit odd,
seeing as tons of people are complaining about them. Also, why the fuck is
this listed as "Education" in category? Shooting birds is fucking
"Educational"? Furthermore, you act like a cheeky bastard in the
description "I hit 'em like a ton of bricks." Also, you shot 200 FUCKING

Author mandea (2 months)
this guy is an idiot! he enjoy killing birds!

Author Tommy Wegman (3 months)
More people need to be shooting these little flying douchebags

Author nathan wolanyk (5 days)
I wish I knew where I could shoot sparrows. I have a nice air rifle now and
want to kill some pests! 

Author Joseph Scott Jr. (3 months)
Dude, you are kidding yourself if you think you are putting even a dent in
the English Sparrow population. They r flying rats....and they will never

Author Mike913123 (4 months)
This guy is a piece of shit! Fucking bastard!!!

Author voodoo101111 (4 months)
another jumped up american with a gun i most shoot something attitude.

Author Shivani Verma (1 month)
Listen, i am a pure vegan. Neither i eat fish nor eggs, neither meat nor
chicken. .. And i m proud to be a vegan. I am not killing any form of
life.ok?they too have families ! 

Author ZzmemeguyzZ (21 day)
Why are there so many dislikes?

Author Prime Aestheticx (27 days)
dude how much is that rifle.

Author omar al-kadhi (4 months)
do you eat those after that ??
if yes at that time at least there is a reson ,,, but
if not then what you do its not good ,,,

Author Dt0x75 (1 month)
lol you must feed that cat a lot of birds... hes getting FAT!

Author Iris Simancas (2 months)
For someone who has saved sparrows from certain death, this is very
upsetting. I have two disabled ones. Sparrows are great creatures, they're
smart, they enjoy a good little snooze in your warm hands, they like
hanging out on your shoulders, and are a joy to watch preen and chirp.
I'm sure there are other ways of culling their numbers more humanely
(reducing sparrow-specific nesting sites, for example). Killing them like
this isn't a significant way of doing it.

Author philippe nocq (6 months)
When will you disappear from the surface of the Earth ? Smelling carcass
and eaten by the delicious gentle maggots ? I hope you a long and painful
cancer, dying alone. You will never find love poor little dick ! Your only
dick is your poor gun.

Author Edward P Campbell (29 days)
Whatever happened to the 5 billion North American Passenger pigeons? Let
me guess..? Oh yes, I remember, "they all committed mass suicide",
according to the NRA. Just like the 500,000 dead inhabitants of the USAF
fire-stormed Tokyo, and atom-bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Perhaps we need
a rethink, folks, as a species with the power to slaughter ourselves and
all other species we don't like, on an industrial scale, and without
'long-term-consequences', serious existential reasoning?

Does 340-400 million guns in the hands of macho, American twitchy fingers
bode well for our future? America has 30,000 gun deaths a year and 50,000
injured, Japan has 2-22 deaths a year from firearms. Perhaps our former,
brutal Axis enemy of WW2 could teach us an existential lesson in reform and
humanity? The victors may get to write the history but it's often the
vanquished who get to write the future? As some cynical British veterans
say, "We won the War (militarily), but we lost the peace" ($15 trillion
Allied cost + economically, with massive bail-outs, such as the Marshall

Author Alex K. (5 months)
Shoot yourself in the head moron

Author Kapov (1 month)
I love shooting birds

Author abloogywoogywoo (4 months)
Keep up the good work.

And to the idiots who supposedly love this beastly little pest, I welcome
you to the 40-50 of them that squawk endlessly in my area. It drones over
you until you start to have a nervous breakdown, because nesting
Sparrows... never.... ever.... shut up.

Author Mary Mullins (4 months)
****all you people they may not be from the US but they are the sweetest
sparrow of any kind the have such a personality and I know I have one named

Author Vanessa Carroll (18 hours)
Why so many likes? There should be more dislikes. Poor House Sparrows.
Idiot! He killed 200 sparrows! This is so wrong, let the poor birds be. :(

Author EngineerGunter (18 hours)

Author George T (2 days)
I'm glad someone is shooting down Starlings and English Sparrows. They are
mean and dirty birds. 

Author Robert Weller (5 days)
Thought I was going to have to youtube rage you then... Sparrows are not
pests... ohh your in the States.

you are a f*****g prick...and very sparrows are in
decline here in England...cos of pricks like you shooting them...go and
play with with ya "hi tech" gun and shoot proper vermin like rats that
spread desieses...or better still turn the gun on yourself you halfwit ill
informed gun lovin yank ...!!

Author Arias Conklin (5 days)
You know you're really nice guy

Author Tai Nguyen (1 day)
Why is everyone freaking out so much? "OMG! How could you do that to
birds??" Like seriously guys? It's called control, they are invasive
species that take over native species land.. They kill more of the natural
species there than this guy kills pests. They starve them by taking over
their food (just like they are not letting the native birds get to the bird
feeder). So ignorant. Fixing nature when humans fucked isn't gonna happen
when you wish to a fairy and then it's all happily ever after. It takes
actual work, it's not pretty but it's work. And before you say "ugh! This
is horrible" to this guy, let me remind you that he WARNED YOU...... And
good sir, you have a new subscriber.

Author Dmitrij F (6 days)
send to prison that killer

Author michaelhaetwave (1 day)
"Their a 5mph wind, I adjust for it.... Then miss entirely" hahaha

Author Wesley B. Silva (5 days)
atira no saco fdp!!!!

Author Hazel McMillan (3 months)
u sick son of a bitch how could u do that to a bird!!! u say its a job
cause they are over populated well humans are over populated but u done see
us getting gunned down to cut the numbers i feed the birds here in the uk
and there would be many people including me who would happily shoot u. ur a
sick twisted asshole i hope u die a horrible painful death sick

Author Jon Cawte (3 days)
I'm not against hunting, but shooting sparrows and starlings because they
make a bit of noise or are taking the BIRD food is just wrong. If they were
stripping fields of crops or there were that many(1000s), that they were
crapping and causing a health hazard, then yes you should shoot them
because they would be a pest, but they are not, they are just trying to
survive in shit weather conditions. And perhaps the other birds had found a
better source of food at somebody else's bird table. As A hunter you should
know that animals and birds aren't always predictable, that they are never
there when you have all the gear ready to shoot them, but always turn up
when you've put everything away.

Author Melissa Jordan (6 days)

Author Kaan TV (12 days)
Great aim 👍

Author KON KOR (4 days)

Author rehamkram (7 days)
You should be eradicated

Author RadioactivePlayz (10 days)
Where did you get that case/where was it made? I really want to get one

Author jedahn (11 days)
@3:49, Nice shot!!!

Author Jake Hansen (17 days)
You are a SICK MF. You have a very bad karma waiting for you.

Author Declan LaGrandeur (15 days)
hunting is a thing thats been around forever
deal with it

Author Pilgrim Smith (17 days)
FYI The "English Sparrow" is an endangered species...............

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