English Sparrow (pest) eradication from bird feeder

Good information on house sparrows.

"Without question the most deplorable event in the history of American ornithology was the introduction of the English Sparrow." -W.L. Dawson, The Birds of Ohio, 1903

This video shows the removal (by hunting) of English (House) Sparrows from a feeder for the purpose of creating a friendlier environment for native song birds. This method equals instant death for the birds in question - much better than poisoning or netting.

This was one of 4 trips I made to this location. By the end of the fourth trip, the English sparrow numbers were reduced significantly enough so that they no longer "swarmed" the feeder. Native song birds returned in healthy numbers. I estimated I shot around 200 in total (over the 4 days). I also tore sparrow nests out of the trees and barns. I hit 'em like a ton of bricks. And the result was that there were song birds all over that bird feeder at the end of day 4. (the video was filmed on day 3). I moved around this location, shooting at 3 or 4 "hot spots". This spot was just the easiest to film.

Equipment details:

The Camera Mount I used to record through the scope can be found here:

The slow-motion camera I use to film the shots through the scope is the Casio EX-FC150. That camera is no longer made, but you can buy its successor (which is actually a better camera than the one I use) here:

The Exact same Hawke Scope that I use in this video (Sidewinder TAC 30 6.5-20x) can be found here:
Gun - Edgun Matador .22 PCP air rifle
Scope - Hawke Sidewinder 30 6.5-20x (video at 10x)
Pellets - JSB 18.1g shooting at 920 fps (34 ft/lbs energy)

[It goes without saying that] All birds were legally shot, and all are exotic species. I can't say this enough - if you have a problem with hunting do NOT watch this video. Friends can comment without approval. All others will be screened.

For those who do enjoy :)

European house sparrows are an out-right plague on some farms. If left unchecked, their numbers swell out of control. They eat a lot of the livestock feed. But, what is worse is that they defecate in that feed. In this way, they can spread crippling disease very quickly to the animals.

Furthermore, these birds are quite aggressive and disrupt the nesting of tree cavity-nesting birds, such as Purple Martin, Eastern Bluebird, Carolina wren, and a variety of woodpeckers.

We not only shoot sparrows and starlings, we remove their nests and habitat (brush) as much as possible. Some folks think it doesn't make a difference. I can tell you that they are not trying hard enough. If you make life tough on these birds, they will find alternative areas to congregate.

Do a Google search on "House Sparrow" and you will find much information about the damage they cause. One thing I'm sure of is that if these birds were ugly like a rat, fewer people would be so quick to chastise me for blasting them.

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Author (2 months)
Okay, I'm confused. A supposed BIRD LOVER with a BIRD FEEDER doesn't want a
particular kind of bird feeding at it, so hires this guy to KILL THE BIRDS?
Why not just get rid of the bird feeder?!? Humans are such idiots, loving
to destroy things. And I thought he was hired to kill the sparrows? Why is
he shooting a starling?

Author TrololoMahn (1 month)
I haven't seen any House Sparrows where I live (MN) which is a bit odd,
seeing as tons of people are complaining about them. Also, why the fuck is
this listed as "Education" in category? Shooting birds is fucking
"Educational"? Furthermore, you act like a cheeky bastard in the
description "I hit 'em like a ton of bricks." Also, you shot 200 FUCKING

Author TheMIRCOCROCOP (2 months)
fucking idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck you from poland skurwysynu...

Author Tommy Wegman (8 days)
More people need to be shooting these little flying douchebags

Author Danny Carter (11 days)

Author Mike913123 (1 month)
This guy is a piece of shit! Fucking bastard!!!

Author voodoo101111 (1 month)
another jumped up american with a gun i most shoot something attitude.

Author IvanNo1tube (3 months)
If you're not native American that mean thet you are pest also, why don't
you kill yourself?

Author omar al-kadhi (2 months)
do you eat those after that ??
if yes at that time at least there is a reson ,,, but
if not then what you do its not good ,,,

Author Alex K. (2 months)
Shoot yourself in the head moron

Author Atikarsh Singh (5 months)
Fuck u motherfucker killing inocent creature for ur fun its so sad ..

Author Mary Mullins (1 month)
****all you people they may not be from the US but they are the sweetest
sparrow of any kind the have such a personality and I know I have one named

Author abloogywoogywoo (1 month)
Keep up the good work.

And to the idiots who supposedly love this beastly little pest, I welcome
you to the 40-50 of them that squawk endlessly in my area. It drones over
you until you start to have a nervous breakdown, because nesting
Sparrows... never.... ever.... shut up.

Author Joseph Scott Jr. (13 days)
Dude, you are kidding yourself if you think you are putting even a dent in
the English Sparrow population. They r flying rats....and they will never

Author Rodj (3 months)
Do you even kill white throated sparrows? If so, why? They are songbirds.

Author pumasgoya (11 days)

Author Ant avery (13 days)
Its a good thing to see these birds get killed, i used to have cardinals
and other native birds all over my back yard and boy it was a beautiful
sight, now these pests came along and now i see a cardinal every few
weeks.. I wish i could do something about it 

Author rax7 (4 months)
i am sure lots of humans on this planet are pests too. 7 billions, holy
cow. that's more population than rats on Earth. we gotta reduce some, you
know. let's start with the killers.

Author anthony whitehouse (4 months)
starlings and sparrows ,as kids they used to fill the sky,no wonder we dont
see the beauty of the natural world any more .

Author joshua12345676 (25 days)
In most outdoor videos I watch, almost always here these suckers chirping
in the background... It is ridiculous. I have taken a dozen or so from our
property this year, and the same or more of starlings.. Keep up the good
work. The haters need to go do some research.

Author jonokiller (1 month)
anyone who has a problem with this should cheer for the wind and him to

Author Erik Oliva (1 month)
your just disgusting, cause he actually states that he killed 31
birds.........real man out there people

Author Jonathon Roberts (7 months)
Sad inbred American with a grin on his face as he kills a little
bird.........America is such an uncivilized country and no wonder so many
serial killers there.

Author trefod (6 months)
Oddly enough these sparrows have become scarce here in Denmark. they used
to be everywhere, but improvements in the insulation of our homes,
especially in the cities have caused a dramatic decline. they are no longer
able to survive the winters.

Author Abigail Bravo (1 month)
How can he kill birds for fun.

Author dogwatch (1 month)
This is disgusting, no animal should be killed after acting naturally, like
this if you agree with me

Author Hidden02 (4 months)
I love all the hate, but clearly you haters have no idea how big of a pain
in the ass sparrows are! The cats become feed for other animals. I like the
vids, I'll sub

We did this in PA, had to remove dozens of chipmunks destroying crops and

Author lizizlate1234 (1 month)
Why? Why value another birds life over another? 

Author hakkkemann (1 month)
Kranker Typ würde gern mal auf dich Schiessen !!! Und ein Spatz soll eine
Schädling sein??? ihr habt sie doch nicht mehr alle ....

Author Detman101 (1 month)
Beautiful shooting!
I hate those noisy little bastards. Would love to see more of them getting
taken out.

Author JW (2 months)
What you will do if someone shoot to you?

Author Eco Rs (2 months)
Excuse my ignorance for the methodology of all of this but....When the
bullet misses the bird and travels beyond sight, isn't there a risk of the
bullet hitting a human further out? like in the first tree shot.

Author Danush Chan (2 months)
All your kills will be paid oneday and i am sure that will be very painful.
May god bless you:) 

Author Marcos Veliz (2 days)
eso es un delito =(

Author Marco Morales (9 hours)
Did that take the birds head of

Author Dimitri Stankovic (3 days)
wait is this killing bird ?

Author Zephod Beeblebrox (2 months)
That air rifle is probably woefully underpowered. You need my 1200fps air
rifle. Your pellets are also so light that the wind blows them every which
way. You need some heavyweight Eunjin pellets. Mine are 16g in .177 and I
can hit a nickel at 50 yards.

Author Agronox DT (3 months)
Apparently the maker of the video is ignorant of the fact that human beings
are - by far - the most environmentally destructive species on the planet.
Only incredible arrogance can produce such behavior.

I'd like to know how a member of such a destructive species can justify
destroying certain creatures because they believe they are destructive.

This video adds to the evidence that human beings are the most destructive
species on the planet, and we are quite good at rationalizing our abhorrent

Author james wood (3 days)
wish you could ship them over to england, we're running low on sparrows!
shame they're causing problems!

Author Jason Thomas Dolan (4 months)
You're a pest. Give me the gun so I can shoot you and put it on YouTube.

Author Lizzeh41 (3 days)
I feed these birdies ☺️. They're so cute ^_^

Author kwa chi (19 days)
Let's talk seriousely about human pest.

Author Rudolfo Bosmuler (18 days)
These birds are pest even here in Brazil.

Author dudeat large (10 days)

Author darklord19991 (11 days)
Nothing amuses me more than reading the comments of folks who despise
hunting yet they don't think twice about that juicy piece of steak at the

Author Zeitgeist TTD (20 days)
Wow - Is this truly necessarily? This is another proof showing how much
people like to control and dominate the natural world. 

Author Mizuki Shiroyama (17 days)
NO ME GUSTA!!! I do not like it.

Author Nowan Cabal (17 days)
Why don't you shoot your balls?

Author DoobieKeebler (14 days)
Man, nice shooting. And good on ya for culling these invasive species.

Now onto the comments I've read... Apparently the U.S. education system is
failing its students because there are way too many people who argue it's
wrong to kill any living being because they feel pain, even though it's
been proven that plants
1) Feel pain
2) Possess intelligence
3) Can "sense" their surroundings.
4) Are usually *STILL ALIVE* while some hippy dippy douchebag eats his

Unfortunately there is a subset of the population that feel it is only OK
to kill if you can't hear a lifeform scream in pain or see a face on it.

Feel free to learn something if you are as open minded as you claim you are:,,-83446,00.html

Author GoodVibrators (1 month)
Quite sad really when the sparrow is on the decline in the UK. Numbers
have fallen dramatically over the years here...and yet rednecks are
shooting them in the good old US of A.

American's don't belong in the UK, but we don't shoot them.....think about

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