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Author Hunter JA (5 days)
People pay you to do that ? That's cool

Author Hidden02 (13 days)
I love all the hate, but clearly you haters have no idea how big of a pain
in the ass sparrows are! The cats become feed for other animals. I like the
vids, I'll sub

We did this in PA, had to remove dozens of chipmunks destroying crops and

Author Atikarsh Singh (25 days)
Fuck u motherfucker killing inocent creature for ur fun its so sad ..

Author bruce irvin (28 days)
i wasa sub when u had like 500 subs i love them

Author trefod (1 month)
Oddly enough these sparrows have become scarce here in Denmark. they used
to be everywhere, but improvements in the insulation of our homes,
especially in the cities have caused a dramatic decline. they are no longer
able to survive the winters.

Author jimb jones (2 months)
Willing to bet half the hippies who don't even know what the countryside
looks like, call this guy an asshole for shooting invasive pests, are also
sitting there munching on their battery farmed Kentucky Fried Chicken every

Unless you eat 100% free range meat, you are in no position to hate on this

Author Dino Wall (1 month)
SOOOOO, Wait asshole......
you put bird feeder for shot them.......
is this Bibel roles...... fuck you mother fuck!!!!!

Author northlander (1 month)
i wonder if he has ever touched a woman or just his gun hahaha

Author Cichlid Munga (1 month)
your vids are perfect... i subbed

Author chipperchas (1 day)
could you do a review on the Gamo Recon Whisper Air Rifle? i love your

Author HUN450HUN (2 days)

Author David Paylor (23 hours)
Why are uk sparrows classed as pest in us? 

Author totilsom (2 days)
Nice shots

Author TheInboil (1 day)
my parents raised me to feed the birds. this sick fuck takes a machine gun
to them. hey dude, get a boyfriend and leave the birds alone you twisted

Author shivani verma (2 days)
How can someone even think of killing the innocent creatures of god? They
too hv got stomach. I feed them everyday thrice..! I love birds

Author Sarah Blair (2 days)
What kind of gun are you using? Thanks

Author Chin Craft (7 days)

Author stevecytfme (8 days)
"this one is've been warned..."... as if all the
others(shots) weren't just as "graphic". Why show these shots in slow
motion? Why show them at all? It's because you do get a thrill out of the
killing, as well as other hunters, and it's not at all about what you CLAIM
it's about. You're not feeding anyone, you're not putting them to some
admirable use. You're just shooting them for the "fun" of it to watch them
get hit and fall to the ground. No purpose other than that. You're supposed
reasoning is just an excuse.

Author Nick Warner (11 days)
@3:48 BooM Headshot. 

Author Ralph Laxa (9 days)
I've got an AK47 without any scope and the bird is like 20 ft away and I
got it on A headshot

Author Anthony France (9 days)
Easy, ass hole

Author Manifesto Brown (10 days)
hes nice wit that rifle good shit

Author Ron J (16 days)
Starlings are invasive & not native to Canada or this hemisphere..

Author Laughing Water (15 days)
Let me correct you. Rats are not ugly. People like you are.

Author afterthefox7 (19 days)
A $1200.00 gun

Author Railey Victuelles (17 days)
i shot a sparrow in my backyard with a daisy red ryder in like 45 ft and
then i told myself ''Did i Shot The Bird?''

Author ballparkfrank33 (28 days)
In life, the person who made this video is a fucking pussy.

Author Trev (1 month)
I love seeing humans and animals being killed it makes me happy

Author Beau Shepard (14 days)
Many people click on this video even though it has a thumbnail of a bird in
the line of sight, don't watch the video to know he warns everyone enough
even if you did miss the thumbnail of the bird in the line of sight and on
top of that he is making a clean kill on every single bird that is a
invasive species besides poisoning then and dangering other animals and
putting those animals in far greater pain, trapping them which is torture,
or leaving the invasive species becoming overpopulated and ruining the
native species habitat and the sparrows will end up starving themselves
from the lack of food caused by overpopulation. Even after he gets rid of
the pest in the most humane way possible, he feeds the barn kitties
(kitties>invasive species). If you are still wonder "why did this dumb
american kill these helpless bird THEN upload it to youtube?!?!" Well,
first off the native birds are the ones helpless and he uploaded it becase
it's entertaining, educational, and sometimes he throws in a bit of humor.
Hats off to you Ted and keep up the great work! Best regards from Beaver
Dam, Wisconsin.

Author James Clark (17 days)
Great shooting, man I wish I had your job.

Author pete1982pl (20 days)
Its so sad that most of ppl outthere dont understand why he is doing
this... Ignorance... He is helping out...

Author RaccoonCity (14 days)
so.. the owner is a bloody racist to english sparrows

Author MrSunrise1961 (1 month)
The best pest control is to not introduce exotics in the first place. It's
too late for sparrows, but in my part of the world, it's not too late for
domestic rabbits. Please, when you can't or don't want to take care of your
bunny anymore, sell it, kill it yourself, or surrender it to the SPCA for
destruction. Don't release it! The local environment needs exotic species
the way it needs mine tailings or oil spills.

Here in Alberta we have the Rat Patrol, armed with poison, shovels and
shotguns, keeping the introduced Norway Rat out of our farms. It costs $2
million a year, but pays back a lot more in avoided losses. 

Author dippy wilson (2 months)
Your like a animal hitman

Author Pete Munson (1 month)
Good pest control, I'm from the uk and we all say year after year that we
miss the numbers of sparrows we would see when we were young, saying that I
don't miss the bird shit with cherry seeds in it they would leave under my
cherry trees after they had spent the day eating all the fruit, and I do
mean all the fruit. We now have a shit load of pest from Easton Europe that
need sorting our have you got a number, and do you price per kill. 

Author Cassandra coward (1 month)
Or you could remove the bird feeder all together which is attracting the
sparrows, remove nests/eggs and plant native plants that support the native
population -_-

Author jcat187 (2 months)
You should attempt these shots with a .308. 

Author ARMONI555 (14 days)
killing for fun

Author Harrison Lingo (19 days)
Great video. Very well made and informative. Keep it up!

Author Will Vernmindf (1 month)
do sparrows look like chickadees 

Author Chickennugget Favela (1 month)
White people are weird. Cool rifle though

Author 888zzz (1 month)
After a shooting session where you kill a large number of sparrows how long
is it until they return i.e. how effective is pest control with an airgun?

Author Eric Peters (2 months)
kill them all. awesome shots though in all seriousness. you know how to
hunt properly which is very worthy of respect. none of them birds suffered.
all clean shots.

Author Wendell Fowler (27 days)
sad, sad, sad

Author James walker (1 month)
Blackbirds raid my bird feeder by the dozens. I use a crosman M4-177 scoped
with a Tasco 3X9 scope to thin the herd (flock). Works well on starlings
and grackles, but don't think has enough power for pidgeons.

Author Nick Gardner (2 months)
what pellets do you use for your bird hunting?

Author Jacob Huffman (1 month)
what kind of gun are useing?

Author kam howell (20 days)
love your videos haha i can watch them all day

Author Jake Becker (1 month)
Hi, I just want to remind you that using your scope as binoculars is a bad
idea. Wherever you're lookin' that's where your barrel is pointin'.

Author JJ Wolff (1 month)
Good shooting.

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