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Author abloogywoogywoo (13 days)
I just wish we could keep their numbers down to sensible levels here in the

Unfortunately, we've taken it upon ourselves to be a nation of "animal
lovers", a retarded notion, as we fail time and again to identify when an
animal has become...a pest. A rat. A cockroach. A destructive parasite, a
bully and a thug towards ACTUAL songbirds. No, the house sparrow is not a
songbird, for it has no song. Its an unremarkable flying rat.

The noise and their aggression, is starting to get me down.

Author Douglas Moreland (7 months)
i dont understand what hes doing...he buys a bird feeder and fills it with
food to attract birds to his house...but he doesnt want birds attracted to
his after killing them he puts more food out to attract more
birds but doesnt want the birds attracted to his house? why not just stop
feeding them? unless hes eating them or something then i totally understand

anyone can yell at me if you want im just not sure what his motive is cause
to me its like luring an alligator to your backyard with meat tied to a
stick but you dont want an alligators in your backyard because they are
dangerous so you kill it and then repeat the process

EDIT: cool i just saw that hes feeding the cats with them :) no longer see
anything wrong

Author The Pill Parrot (14 days)
This is why birds are afraid of humans.

Author Tobey Blanton (1 month)
I've gotten a few with my daisy model 25. After doing some research on
these evil creatures, I will spring for a more sophisticated shooting
system. I had always wondered what happened to the red cardinals that used
to be around. I called fish and wildlife and they said they are trying to
eradicate the english sparrows, along with starlings. They gave me their
blessing to blow them to smithereens. their last words to me were "Happy

Author Amin Abbas (7 days)
If we humans didint bring pests from other countries this wouldn't be

Author Sam Jackson (1 month)
In the UK the sparrow population has declined by half since the 1970s ! If
you Yanks do not want them - send them over to UK !

Author Just Saying! (2 days)
You need to get a job mate and do something more constructive. In uk the
house sparrows are really rare nowadays thanks to dickheads with air
rifles. Get a life!

Author Nasty Snipes (2 months)
How much money do birds have on your head

Author Edward P Campbell (7 months)
Speaking of exterminating pestilential "English" house sparrows, perhaps
you might like to load up with 2 million lead pellets and come over to
England, to exterminate our plague of North American Gray squirrels, which
have entirely destroyed our native population of Red Squirrels. Am I
beginning to sound a bit 'species-ist'?

Author Hunter Fulton (5 months)
Is 18 foot pounds of energy good for squirrels?

Author Amin Abbas (7 days)
Sparrows aren't even pests they're native here

Author fernando alcantara (6 months)
name of air gun?

Author Heist Silence (1 month)
I agree with this because I appreciate natural systems and see the threat
of invasive species to those systems...but...I find it really interesting
that you eradicate the sparrows and feed them to cats which are also an
invasive species and the biggest threat to the American songbirds. If they
cared so much for the birds they're trying to attract, they should
also keep their predators indoors.

Author Screen Wipes (6 months)
Your basically a serial killer

Author Bluegill20 (8 days)
Awesome videos. Just found your videos and watched a bunch of them, gun
looks VERY expensive and very deadly! Keep up the good work! I hate

Author Mr. slippy fist (4 months)
What kind of pellet gun is he using make/model 

Author Blitz4000 (7 months)
In reality, humans are the real pest. This planet have to go through
billions of years to make a well balanced ecosystem and then the humans
came to ruin it in just a few years. Hey Ted, what makes you so sure that
the birds are the pest and not you??

Author Michael Frost (2 months)
Great shooting.

Author Ashillian (18 hours)
Idiotic moron.

Author Reno Sonozaki (2 days)
lol I click the link just to see what it was

Author ParadiseGamer (2 months)
What ammo do you use 

Author Валентин Б (17 days)
I like your gun, can I have your gun ? I want to try to shoot your head , I
want to enjoy both from your head sprinkled blood

Author Zachary Zhorne (1 month)

Author Devin Thebodeau (2 months)
Woooooooow..... 70% of the people commenting on this need their breathing
rights revoked... People are unbleivably ignorant and simple minded. 

Author ideologicduck (1 month)
Why if you live Murica you got a air rifle how fucking retarded you gotta
be in Murica not to be able to be allowed a firearm ????? Shooting little
birds pussys dont bother with the replies as I won't answer retards so if
you do reply please read again fucktards !!!!!! 

Author Debris Gaming (2 months)
I kill pest birds for many reasons I like to look at my bird feeder and see
nice beautiful colorful birds not ugly little pest 

Author Fabi Blum (21 day)
i hope you will get shot like the birds...

Author David Heaney (16 days)
You can't shoot sparrows their not on the pest control list .. So what you
are doing is illegal 

Author jan christian Frodahl (6 months)
Warning! Cats will be fed after this video :p

Author XxAer0xX FTW (2 months)
at 7:01 i thought you were gonna kill the cardinal

Author George T (6 months)
I'm glad someone is shooting down Starlings and English Sparrows. They are
mean and dirty birds. 

Author Sudigumi (1 day)
ted hulder wy u shoot at the birdies?? they are so cute :<

Author fabio godeiro (3 months)
How much for a air gun like yours?

Author XFelon (6 months)
I just dont get why people are so dumb.. To me - Its the typical "liberal"
way. If they (liberals) dont like something, then it should be banned and
not allowed.. How about you watch another video and stop clicking play.

Author 59strat (3 months)
I agree fuck all up with sparrows fucking gray squrrels and there squirrel
pox doing some damage to the reds

Author Logan Smith (4 months)
And people complain that cats kill too many birds and need to be eradicated
from our society. What about these fucking dumb asses? Who kill thousands
of birds for fun? At least feral cats kill birds and eat them for

Author Craig M. Williams (3 months)
Awsome shooting

Author Jay Dee (4 months)
Have to love the uneducated comments on here... you did a good job of
reducing an invasive species within our region. I also appreciate you
explaining that the natural song birds began to show up after your task. I
will also say that you can not be surprised that people have a negative
aspect towards it, but if we didn't have a difference in opinion (and we
SHOULD be aloud to express it) we may and up in a fascists nation. Outside
of the politics... love the job you did for our native species. What weapon
did you use (sorry if you me tioned it further down the comments)?

Author Joseph Scott Jr. (9 months)
Dude, you are kidding yourself if you think you are putting even a dent in
the English Sparrow population. They r flying rats....and they will never

Author xavier nettles (2 months)
hey im buying a airsoft gun for hunting im only buying something under 25
what should I get

Author Paul Boyer (4 months)
Good work! Is that an air rifle? I am afraid NJ laws would not let us use
those. Our only option seems to be trapping.
Also liked your camera set up with the telescopic sight.

Author mary birder (7 months)
Sparrows, Pigeons and Starlings are not this county's biggest threat,
however this fact doesn't stop you from going into battle mode. It's
apparent you enjoy firing off one of several rifles in your collection, so
why not put your talent towards a more productive and admirable cause and
fight the real enemy and threat to our fine country. Instead of killings
off little birdies, why not join the armed force's and eradicate our real
enemies. A boy can fire a rifle as a pretend soldier, but it takes a man
to recognize a true threat and fight for a cause worth fighting for. When
you put things into perspective, killings off defenseless, little birds is
truly quite silly. 

Author Prime Aestheticx (7 months)
dude how much is that rifle.

Author charmander 506 (2 months)
Pidgey fainted

Author Michael Tuber (1 month)
Ugh that pelican case is awesome. 

Author David Northrup (10 days)
Wow can't believe all these ill informed, unknowing people commenting on
something they have no idea about. Please read up on what are invasive
species . You'll be surprised where they live. land,sea, ground

Author Erilh Sales (3 months)
I just came here to read all the butthurt people's comments about why kill
English Sparrows with these lines, "WHY KILL ENGLISH SPARROWS? YOU SHOULD
demented? Killing birds or killing a fellow human being?

Edit: I also wonder, who is the main villain in our ecology? Human pests or
animal pests?

Author Tomas Kouba (3 months)

Author scottyrobot (3 months)
Are you supportive of white supremacist aryan groups? You sure seem like
you jive with their ideology. It's the same thing really...neo-nazis
believe that blacks, arabs and latinos are displacing, "bullying" and
driving out the "native white" populations of north america and Europe,
therefore the nonwhite invaders must be removed by any means necessary (But
the nonwhites, like the sparrows, are not actually invaders, but were
brought over as migrant workers, on student visas or by other legal
white-government-supported means). You should start shouting "Seig Heil!"
whenever you shoot a sparrow.

Author Tai Nguyen (6 months)
Why is everyone freaking out so much? "OMG! How could you do that to
birds??" Like seriously guys? It's called control, they are invasive
species that take over native species land.. They kill more of the natural
species there than this guy kills pests. They starve them by taking over
their food (just like they are not letting the native birds get to the bird
feeder). So ignorant. Fixing nature when humans fucked isn't gonna happen
when you wish to a fairy and then it's all happily ever after. It takes
actual work, it's not pretty but it's work. And before you say "ugh! This
is horrible" to this guy, let me remind you that he WARNED YOU...... And
good sir, you have a new subscriber.

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