Basilyo - Lord Patawad (Official Music Video)

Performed by Basilyo
Produced by Klumcee and Emman d'Great
Distributed by MCA Music Philippines
Executive Produced by Bigger Cheese Corp.

Directed by Patrick Edward Raymundo
Asst. Director: Tristan Torres
Editor: Patrick Edward Raymundo
Cinematographer: Patrick Edward Raymundo, Darryl Nikasius Santos, Tristan Torres
Production Assistants: Zapp, Rudebwoi Marley and Miko Superable
Executive Produced by Bigger Cheese Corp.

Jed's Resort in Bulacan
Papa Kuts
Mama Belle of LSFM
Homegrown Hiphop Artists!!!
Espie Eusebio
MCA Music Philippines
Akbayan Partylist
North Greenhills Church
Crazy Family
Crazy Family Badboys
Crazy Family BadGirls
CFCC Clothing
Josef Amarra

Thanks to all the cast:
J Skillz
Ron Henley
Andy dela Cruz
Mike Kosa
Mason Karet
Dante of Bloodlines Tattoo
Engel Santos
Sunctuario Boys
Mark Kudoz
Crazy Al
Ian Delacruz
Kuya Bong (our beloved driver and all around guy)

kittie Lagoy of Kendy Shop Tattoo and Body Piercing
Anette Williams
Kaye Kaye
Shannen Maxine
Andrea Ocampo
Karmela Delacruz
Chryssell Donna Trajano


Sa mga nalimutan naming pasalamatan... salamat po sa inyo.... message nyo na lang po kami para madagdag dito sa credits...

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Runtime: 5:45
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Author MaRLoN PiNoY (6 months)
Like if you still listen to this song on 2014

Author SANTIAGO LITEROCK (4 months)
why not speak tagalog

Author Rockyrock (3 months)
Hahaha Smugglaz! 2:01

Author xxnathan18xx1 (4 months)

Author Adam Middleton (7 months)
As a white boy... I sure do love me some them senoritas

Author mayumi handesuke (3 days)
14mil+ views ;o

Author HaSaN IsLaM (16 days)
I typed some ramdom thing down it came up I click on it the funniest thing

Author Karlo Herico (5 months)
Yup this is what we are now. 

Author Robbie Garcia (6 months)

Author Jona De Leon (1 year)

Author Vergel Catad (29 days)
Why are all the Fuckin comments English ?

Y not speak Tagalog o.O ? 

Author Hamish Watson-Holmes (7 months)
He's making a lot of sense. Fuckin' A

Author Alexandru Teodorescu (13 days)
this sounds like an old man daying :))

Author Chen Del Cruz (5 months)
yaga2x mani sa ginoo :/

Author dhiane rosales (5 months)

Author Kryztian Pausal (6 months)
abra!! love u! if saw u like that i would just own u and take u home <3

Author Kyla Samia (8 months)
This is not good for the catholics the raps are so very bad and not good
for jesus this is stupid song that I have see that connected about
catholics and jesus

Author Oliver Balasoto (6 months)
Ok ung song! sa MV lng nagkatalo!

Author Ezra Jared Pedrigala (3 months)
He is using the name of the Lord in vain :(

Author Hanisah Batabor (4 months)
yeah true..wer here in philippines,,

Author Renee Soraya Hassani (7 months)
Korni ng video

Author JOMADEL ARIZO (3 months)
heheheh idol

Author rey mart manla (5 months)
Lord, putapete ka fuck you!.

Author Mira Yesua (8 months)
i have read the bible. and i have talked and seen God and Jesus. And He
tells me everything. God cried and hurt when He sees His own people who is
included of His great wrath. Yes you are right, that God will not harm His
own people and little children. God did not told me why good little
children and His followers were also harm by the calamities. You have eyes
to see and a spirit that feels what's going on in the world. Do you see and
feel that many people do evil ways? and especially this song that putting
the Name of the Lord in vain?..God has a wrath. and it is found in the
bible. Heaven is were God lives and Earth is His footstool. that's why God
sends calamities in the philippines and the whole world to warn those
people that do evil ways. I am a prophet and a servant of God and of Jesus
Christ that God has chosen.A prophet like Father Moses is against to His
own people that doing evil ways.

Author sidney Novinn (8 months)
I wonder how this one got 10M+ views?? It doesn't even make sense... Do not
put the name of the lord in any worldly things.. This is bullshit..

Author karen tanaythar (5 months)
nice and funny song but I don't understand what language

Author Katrina Arrerab (6 months)
The song is great. I love the lyrics, it really do speak the nature of
human being. However the video doesn't make sense, i hope u did something
meaningful for this wonderful song. :)

Author Alvin Ado (1 year)
Lord Patawad

Author GhostZombie007 (7 months)
no idea what this songs is about but its so catchy lol. heard this over and
over in the Philippines, drove me crazy after a while though lol

Author ronnie tripulca (1 day)
nice basilyo

Author Mira Yesua (8 months)
And now the Great Wrath of God will still pour upon the Philippines!.. For
the very great multitude of people making the Name of the Lord in vain!
people who did not repent to the Lord God will put in death and calamity!
Even if Im from the Philippines. the Spirit of God will pour the cup of
wrath in this country! how dirty are your works. Repent! For another Spirit
of God will destroy the country! tomorrow, you will see!

Author gelo agulto (4 days)
laging tumawag kay lord wag pagmayneeds lang 

Author hozny (7 days)

Author Billy Arabia (10 days)
How the fuck did i get here? I was searching for science fictions and this
shit right here showed up.. Lol

Author Kelvin Zuniga (10 days)
si lils sisa ba yung nasa 4:00

Author Manuel Esteban (2 months)
Love it... 

Author bulbul bagulbul (6 months)
idol kita basilyo

Author Ralph Igot (17 days)

Author Cindy Lyn (8 months)
I like the lyrics.. nice beat. ^.^

Author Khear Yeah Channel (5 months)
Para maiba English naman :)


Author mark ephraim (7 months)
idol malapit na 20m..

Author arnel ace (4 months)
look alike ni vhong

Author Dave Cind (14 days)
I like,that,,,

Author Renz Co (1 month)
mqa pok2 anq mqa babae

Author parkseul min (7 months)
fuck in

Author NeverTraced Gov (7 months)
gayuma....malalagpasan nya...malabo...ata

Author Joenel Sabandal (7 months)
hahahaha! laughtrip tong MV.

Author Nina Francia Guerra (8 months)
You totally rock Basilyo!

Author Macki (4 months)
real talk

Author Jason Cruz (1 month)
I like the lyrics, it's good and true.

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