Nelson Burton Jr talks spares

This is just a clip by Nelson Burton Jr about what line to throw for certain spares.

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Author John McDevitt (7 years)
Anyways, what year was this tip filmed in?

Author thiswilldoblue (7 years)
Thats right, he nearly chops the headpin straight through. Shouldn't the
ball come into contact with all 3 pins...?

Author Hawqis1 (7 years)
not necessarily. What I would do is move right since I was taught to move
in the direction of the error. Since the ball was right, move right. then
find the 1-3 pocket. with the right angle, the head pin would bounce into
the 2, then the 4. spare + I know where my setup position for strikes.

Author brian1969a (7 years)
Yes, it should ideally cover all three pins to avoid the chop or sending
the 2-pin flying around the 4-pin.

Author John McDevitt (7 years)
Brian, Don't you think they'd do several takes in case he misses it! lol!!!

Author brian1969a (7 years)
And he barely makes the first spare. Bo's tips were virtually worthless. lol

Author Da Skillet (7 years)
I love Bo

Author thiswilldoblue (7 years)
Yup, beats working for a living. How many of us bowlers would love to be in
his shoes. Give a video lesson here, enter a bowling tournament there, be
on tv. He has my vote !

Author Matthew Smith (6 years)
This is from 1987, the same telecast as Pete McCordic's perfect 300. Even
though Bo missed by a couple of inches, pay attention. Your spare making
may improve. He and Mike Durbin give us good tips in between matches.

Author thiswilldoblue (7 years)
Mid 80's....

Author brian1969a (7 years)
That's what's even funnier about it...that you know they took several
takes, and this is the best they got. lol

Author StickTweedles87 (7 years)
He should of missed the 1,2,4, what a luck biatch, haha

Author tmill4594 (7 years)
lol this is an old vid back then the bowling equipment was very different
so you would bowl different and he did get very lucky on that first strike

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