Black Ops 2 GOLD CAMO - How to get Gold Guns! - BO2 Multiplayer Sniping Gameplay

Black Ops 2 GOLD CAMO - How to get Gold Guns! :D
● BO2 Sniping QUAD kill -
● Black Ops 2 - Nuketown ZOMBIES:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Gold Camo! How to unlock and get Gold guns in Black Ops 2 multiplayer! Golden guns look awesome but first you need to achieve a list of challenges - Find out more in the video! :)

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Black Ops 2 GOLD CAMO - How to get Gold Guns! - BO2 Multiplayer Sniping Gameplay
Black Ops 2 GOLD CAMO - How to get Gold Guns! - BO2 Multiplayer Sniping Gameplay
Black Ops 2 GOLD CAMO - How to get Gold Guns! - BO2 Multiplayer Sniping Gameplay

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Author Aymen Skiken (3 months)
who the fawk doesn't know how to get gold 

Author 4nonhumans (4 months)
The comments section is absolutely hilarious.

Author FaSt QuickScopezz (4 months)
KSI in the match???

Author Amir's Gaming Center (1 month)
Must it be in order?

Author Dominique Cook (4 months)
Black ops 2 gold is way better than that shitty gold on ghosts!!!!

Author DLuzioN_Wani (1 month)
You don't have to get 100 head shots on ps3 it's one shot one kill

Author TheStormmast3r (1 month)
He was playing with iTemp

Author Daniel Villanueva (1 month)
Anyone else remember the shitty gold camo in cod ghosts?

Author Jakob Cervantes (5 months)
Aren't some of the challenges different for different guns?

Author Rafael Kr (2 months)
What about the pirate version, is possible too?

Author Blake Bishop (3 months)
can u tell me how to get all camos on local combat training 

Author Azooz Zooz (3 months)
Guys im unlocking Gold camo for R870 Can some please tell me how Or is it
like The video Please dont hate because im using R870

Author William Smith (6 months)
Is this just for snipers

Author Regina Williams (7 days)
Omg you do not know what you are talking about

Author Munawar hussain (12 days)
that is way to may things to do

Author иαz αℓαм (2 months)
He was Playing with Callux , KSI and Zerkaa

Author eli stoner (8 days)
you are boss but I have every gun diamond gold but you could not beat me

Author TPW Phearless Gaming (19 days)
Does this work on custom games/local?

Author Nat Gregory (12 days)
it is a 100 one shot one kill to get snipers and shotguns gold :-$

Author I´m The Joker (3 months)
Black ops 1 has the best gold camos

Author Troller Ops (17 days)
I would just use this in local play because I'm way to lazy to do all of
these challenges 

Author Eyobed Bogale (29 days)
no is 100 one shot killz dame ass

Author elvia chaidez (1 month)
Hard scooper 

Author Caomhan Kelly (1 month)
ksi was there

Author Cody Young (4 months)
You don't need headshots

Author Zekthegamer84 (2 months)
No 100 headshots are for assault rifles only and I know how to get gold

Author Analiz Lopez (5 months)
You suck alia because I can bet you in a 1v1 in black ops 2

Author Jaymes H (2 months)
I have gold on ballista Dsr 50 svu and xpr pdw

Author wesley apostoloapostoloff (2 months)
150 without atatchments 150 without perks you got your facts wrong

Author minhajur rahman (7 months)
Easy except 100 headshots

Author evan ingmire (7 months)
i have gold vector k10, dsr 50, and comate knife

Author sttgabres (2 months)

Author Rob Ditchfield (6 months)
Wow just wow this is annoying I spent days doing it on local and didn't get
it because there isn't any challenges and I would hack to get the camo but
I'm in England which sucks I hate it hear and your not aloud to hack
because the stupid people who made laws don't allow

Author Jaymes H (2 months)
Ur a

Author oscar philips (3 months)
Do they have to be in the same game?

Author Sean Pemberton (3 months)
Break the law

Author Pedro Matos (3 months)
Zerkaa is playing

Author Esther Twaddell (3 months)
When I got my gold DSR-50 it said 250 one shot kills then its goes to the

Author UgotCaged (6 months)
100 headshots
Ain't nobody got time for that 

Author Lyndon Ochoa (3 months)
Omg u don't need headshots it's one shot kills.

Author Nastyplaysvideogames (4 months)
Dose you know if you can get the dimond camo in the peacekeeper

Author Janna Chowdhury (4 months)
I thoute you need 10 blood thirstees

Author Captain Sharku (4 months)
Gold Camo for the snipers are different, you have to get a minimum of 250
one shot kills, I think because i am on PS3.

Author Gavin Munro (4 months)
All i have gold is the PDW_57 AND THE PEACEKEEPER

Author Juan Clase (4 months)
You not need headshot is 250 one shit one kill 

Author Alfie Rowlands (18 days)
Give me gold

Author Gerard Pique (8 months)
I got gold Remington

Author J-Mac Isgett (8 months)
One shot kills not headshots

Author johnny thompson (5 months)
You don't need 100 headshots just 1 shot 1 kills

Author hugh morrow (5 months)

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