Black Ops 2 GOLD CAMO - How to get Gold Guns! - BO2 Multiplayer Sniping Gameplay

Black Ops 2 GOLD CAMO - How to get Gold Guns! :D
● BO2 Sniping QUAD kill -
● Black Ops 2 - Nuketown ZOMBIES:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Gold Camo! How to unlock and get Gold guns in Black Ops 2 multiplayer! Golden guns look awesome but first you need to achieve a list of challenges - Find out more in the video! :)

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Black Ops 2 GOLD CAMO - How to get Gold Guns! - BO2 Multiplayer Sniping Gameplay
Black Ops 2 GOLD CAMO - How to get Gold Guns! - BO2 Multiplayer Sniping Gameplay
Black Ops 2 GOLD CAMO - How to get Gold Guns! - BO2 Multiplayer Sniping Gameplay

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Author minhajur rahman (1 month)
Easy except 100 headshots

Author Amlake Tadesse (4 days)
For black ops 2, all you have to do is get 100 headshots for smg and ar but
for sniper you just need 250 one shot kills, easy

Author Alfie Putnam (2 days)
Sick but tell me how to get the fist one

Author Rob Ditchfield (4 days)
Wow just wow this is annoying I spent days doing it on local and didn't get
it because there isn't any challenges and I would hack to get the camo but
I'm in England which sucks I hate it hear and your not aloud to hack
because the stupid people who made laws don't allow

Author Gabriela Espinosa (4 days)
its wrong it 250 oneshot on kill 

Author Suheyla Erenyurt (5 days)
Wow he has ksi is it on xbox or ps

Author Ahmed Abbas (11 days)
U only need 100 head shots and if u do it u unlock gold for each gun

Author Petrit Ibishi (1 month)
Damn boy its need 100 o e shots kill not headshots

Author Cpt1John (2 months)
fucking dumbass... lol

Author Miro Anator (1 month)
Can u do it was any gun

Author Gerard Pique (2 months)
I got gold Remington

Author Zaid Gharaibeh (3 months)
Wrong 1 hit kill

Author sam dunmore (3 months)
Alia you are a fuck head and hacker

Author Johnny Bieber (3 months)
Stop hating on Ali a he's way better than you will ever get so just get a

Author evan ingmire (1 month)
i have gold vector k10, dsr 50, and comate knife

Author UgotCaged (27 days)
100 headshots
Ain't nobody got time for that 

Author J-Mac Isgett (2 months)
One shot kills not headshots

Author Anonymousgamerzzz (3 months)
0:36 u r playing wiv KSI

Author contrevis gregg (2 months)
lacy I have dimon snipers an subs and ar

Author Bill Becker (3 months)
Don't need gold I have diamond camo every single wepon

Author peanutskadoosh_o4 (1 month)
I have a gold Remington and DSR 50

Author Joe Walker (2 months)

Author estelle morrison (3 months)
That's really hard

Author ringo singo (3 months)
Alia u suck and u r not pro...

Author Justin AMores (1 month)
You got it wrong

Author Chris DuBeau (3 months)
ur a boss

Author Lacey Reeder (2 months)
i are raedy have dsr 50 gold & i have the remington shotgun gold

Author muhammad abdullah (4 months)
you suck

Author Korra Fangan (4 months)
I saw ksi

Author Jackson Howard (3 months)
He doesn't suck u fagots

Author Lewis Wiggins (1 month)
Bullshit bro

Author Tony Tran (1 month)
I have gold an-94, Remington, DSR 50, and MP7

Author Angus Brown (4 months)

Author ben campbell (5 months)
Wrong its 10 blood thirstys

Author xRaYxSpeED xrayman (2 months)

Author John O (15 days)
Smgs need 30 revenges 150 kills 20 double kills same for assault but not
the revenge 

Author Andy Luckson (20 days)
It's 150 head shots with the ar and smogs and lmg for sniper and sg is 150
1 hit kills but this was a long time go so probly got patched 😄

Author sopel9991 (23 days)
not with everygun shot guns and snipers is to get one shot one kill and no
longshots xD

Author dylan bailey (3 months)
Sam dunmore sucks it

Author James Kavanagh (4 months)

Author Noah Lafreniere (4 months)
It's not head shots its actually 250 one shot one kill medals and its 10
bloodthirsty medals as well

Author Nick AKA stepachip (9 months)
Hes playin wid ksi and zerkaa

Author f (9 months)
its headshots for everything but snipers and shotguns. there's no way you
could get a one shot one kill with an mtar

Author Wyatt Jones (7 months)
It's bloodthirsty, not killstreak

Author RedstonerCraft (9 months)
Tl;dr of this video:Get every camo for a gun = gold camo unlocked(for that

Author MARYSHOW110 (8 months)
Friend me Ali a its Numberonepimp

Author Midnightghost50607 (6 months)
For snipers, you only need to get 1 shot kills 250 times not 100 headshots.

Author Brennan Morris (8 months)
I have diamond snipers

Author basem sameh (8 months)
how can i get a gold wepon covered with silver or diamonds?? alot of layer
have that sort of wepons please tell me :)

Author John Ayres (7 months)
KSI at 0:34

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