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Author Dominique Cook (11 months)
Black ops 2 gold is way better than that shitty gold on ghosts!!!!

Author Luke Redfearn (15 days)
Ali a how do ya know vik was first person to unlock diamond

Author New World Order (3 months)
Does it wock for bots

Author Vinz MCruz (23 days)
1:34 KSI Olajide BT

Author Bülent Yildirim (16 days)

Dsr 50 best sniper in bo2

Author Tade Mutrie (27 days)
For snipers it's just one shot kills

Author nathan smith (22 days)
can you do you it with only a friend?

Author Xavier Clements (1 month)
He was on the lobby with the sidemen

Author Dainton Morton (5 days)
You need 100 one hit kills with the snipers

Author Elizabeth Rhodes (1 month)
Wow thanks you:)

Author Julie Ward (1 month)
Omg hes playing with the sidemen

Author William Nilsson (3 months)
can i get gol camo without online?

Author Joseph Hrytsenko (4 months)
Ali are you in FaZe or Optic or VvV ?

Author BuRn GSC81 (3 months)

Author Rafael Kr (9 months)
What about the pirate version, is possible too?

Author Sander YT (5 months)
Ps3 = One shot one kill 100x dik on xbox

Author Dale Cuchill (1 month)
100 head shots are only on smg, pistols and ar 'S
you are supposed to get 250 one shot kills but the rest is correct 

Author Leeaz Khalique (3 months)
Watch the first part it says USB inbound
Ksi full YouTube name

Author DLuzioN_Wani (8 months)
You don't have to get 100 head shots on ps3 it's one shot one kill

Author Jennifer Stewart (3 months)
Nice gun

Author Kaden Wright (4 months)
How do u get past skulls it's hard

Author Troller Ops (7 months)
I would just use this in local play because I'm way to lazy to do all of
these challenges 

Author Jackson Casey (5 months)
I have gold ballista and dsr 50

Author Timothy Molloy (6 months)
Alia your a retard u can get a gun gold a easier way retare

Author Nikolas Balaz (2 months)
but i dont have online
im on system link

Author Dylan Burgess (6 months)
That's not how you do it

Author Ahmad bey (1 month)
Do you have to get 100 head shots in a game?

Author diego gomez (1 month)
How do you know when your done or you already got 100 to start the next

Author FaSt QuickScopezz (11 months)
KSI in the match???

Author Guy Vincent (6 months)
Can't do the blood thirsty 

Author Jacksepticeye (2 months)
My XBOX 360 got the red ring about two months ago but i'm getting a new one
soon but my COD Bo2 is stuck in my xbox.

Author William Smith (1 year)
Is this just for snipers

Author TheStormmast3r (9 months)
He was playing with iTemp

Author Wackyyy Wolf - Minecraft XBox 360 (7 months)
+Aymen Skiken I don't know how to get gold camo, but I just learned from
this video! :-D

Author иαz αℓαм (10 months)
He was Playing with Callux , KSI and Zerkaa

Author Munawar hussain (7 months)
that is way to may things to do

Author I´m The Joker (10 months)
Black ops 1 has the best gold camos

Author A.G.C. (8 months)
Must it be in order?

Author Regina Williams (7 months)
Omg you do not know what you are talking about

Author Eyobed Bogale (8 months)
no is 100 one shot killz dame ass

Author elvia chaidez (8 months)
Hard scooper 

Author Cody Young (11 months)
You don't need headshots

Author Caomhan Kelly (8 months)
ksi was there

Author Blake Bishop (10 months)
can u tell me how to get all camos on local combat training 

Author Aymen Skiken (10 months)
who the fawk doesn't know how to get gold 

Author Zekthegamer84 (9 months)
No 100 headshots are for assault rifles only and I know how to get gold

Author sttgabres (9 months)

Author Freddy Fazbear (1 year)
Aren't some of the challenges different for different guns?

Author wesley apostoloapostoloff (9 months)
150 without atatchments 150 without perks you got your facts wrong

Author Jaymes H (9 months)
I have gold on ballista Dsr 50 svu and xpr pdw

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