Who Gave Lasercorn A Sword? (Assassin's Creed 3 Multiplayer)

Why does Lasercorn have a sword? Will he accidentally stab someone? Will he stab someone on purpose? Is he any good at Assassin's Creed 3 Multiplayer? The answers to these questions and more in this week's video!

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Author Sonia Wong (1 month)
I want a sword with my name embedded in it

Author Modo942000 (4 months)
play ac4's multiplayer

Author Estefano Reynoso (5 days)

Author Ian Pitts (8 days)
I bet it was the friend that wanted to get tattoos before he was sent

Author ChummyBubbles357 (11 days)
Problem with bubbles?

Author xXSlayer10101Xx (11 days)
play dead pool

Author Crispijn Aalberts (21 day)
0:00 PAUSE xD

Author Thomas Tran (21 day)
I see Soyinka

Author Alison Thimmesch (18 days)
Is that a pink bra hanging by Sohinki's computer?!

Author Antonio Balderas (3 months)
Why did someone give you a sword next it might be a gun lazercorn + gun =

Author bocobobaguy (5 months)
who else thought that ACIII was bad?

Author BAASA. PAN (2 months)
I agree I always have my sword on me

Author ToX1c_Inpuls3 (3 months)
Play more AC3 Please 

Author wang jove (3 months)
Are you playing on the computer

Author blade theepiczeldafan (3 months)
Nice sword bro

Author Ivan Giang (5 months)
I have 2 swords so try fuck me up dude and I subscibed

Author FireGamer Mark (4 months)
Nice sword, and i subscribed.

Author nick the pig (1 month)
So if i unsubscribe now you'll come all the way to greece to my house and
pay about about 1300 $

Author Aaron Fearns (2 months)
So your saying I should carry my katana everywhere???

Author Brian Douglass (4 months)
Lasercorn i copied your tatoo and i ceep killing balls!

Author luiz nery (4 months)
i carry sword when i play assassins creed multiplayer :)

Author colyn toxic (2 months)
lasercorn+sword =XD

Author Luke Hinchliffe (4 months)
look in the background of his webcam :P

Author blitzfan (1 month)
Well I guess friends give other friends swords for gifts

Author Andy G (2 months)

Author Alec Garcia (3 months)
Sohinki is in the back

Author Evan Licari (1 month)
do more of this

Author elio trujillo (4 months)
you should do a vid on Ac4 + its Multiplayer

Author jacob wills (2 months)
was the friend that gave you the sword the same one you went to get your
tattoo with?

Author gerry williams (1 month)
Nice. Swrd

Author Difan Wang (3 months)
Ya nice sowrd god I can't type todey

Author Suman Das (3 months)
sohinki is in the background

Author Endia Jones (2 months)
And jovenshire too

Author timmydeleo (1 month)
LAZERSWORD and i want one

Author Chris Miller (2 months)
What is Soyinka playing?

Author Ernesto Diaz Koslov (3 months)
2:16 i saw the prersure on top

Author martins recis (5 months)

Author Heather Hamilton (3 months)
lovin your sword lasercorn

Author Christopher Ventura (5 months)

Author Quinn Green (5 months)
Some sexy sord

Author Hunter Mangelsen (3 months)
is that a real sword?

Author Nadia Corpening (3 months)
NEVER💩🙉🙊🙈💑💏⏳🏯🐱🎤😿⏳♏♏♏♏♏♐♐♐♐⌛⌛🔚♎♏♎💘✌👌✊✌✋👊☝👆👇👉👎👍=O :-P :$
B-) :O :-* :-[ O:-) :-\ :-D =O :-P ;) :-( :-) :-$ :-! :O :-* :-D :'( :-\

Author ommar waraich (4 months)

Author Kate Couture (5 months)
Awesome video. Continue your great job! And your sword... I want the

Author Simon Davy (3 months)
I have over 5 swords , 2 axes and 2 gun blades

Author FartGunfunkel doesMC (25 days)
How the hell gave him a sword!

Author Ryan Holmes (2 months)
Play gta 4 

Author jasper kumar (3 months)
Play assassin creed brother hood

Author Swift Master (4 months)
I think he should have a crossbow instead of a sword for Assasin's creed 3

Author Aidan Griffin (4 months)
Hey lazercorn sorry I haven't sent u a letter saying how awesome u are but
I cant even begin what to say? but my names aidan im 13 and I live in

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