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Author samuel zemenu (1 year)

Author Fasil Takele (1 year)

Author Akebert Fessehaya (1 year)
nice music

Author Sr.rahman labone (1 year)

Author Hbebh Hbebh (1 year)

Author Iweze sharief (1 year)
@ wineta what is the problem about they sing the real historical Ethiopian
song to entertain Ethiopian people..the history of Ethiopia is depend on
this Amhara regions old culture that will never disapear...and it became
Ethiopians leading historical image since long time a go and other nation
and nationalities...

Author Senait Zewdu (1 year)

Author Hbebh Hbebh (1 year)
Ethio Enat Nice.imiss you

Author Hbebh Hbebh (1 year)
Ethio Enat Nice.imiss you

Author Eshetu Aregawiy (1 year)

Author abdo mohamed (1 year)

Author Hbebh Hbebh (1 year)
Ethiopia music I love you so much Ethiopia Konjoo

Author Rhamah Belhu (2 years)

Author Hbebh Hbebh (1 year)
Ethiopia music I love you so much Ethiopia Konjoo

Author Teddy nuredin (1 year)

Author peter.melak melak (1 year)

Author wineta Yb (2 years)
ethiopians equality is only in music and dance,what a shame for mesfen and
tadle !!!

Author yungbfresh1 (2 years)
Beautiful !

Author Ahmed Abdu (2 years)

Author Hile Worku (2 years)
Wow! The music is what it needed. I love it. I hope every body come
together to his homeland and work together for his country's prosperity.
God help all us!

Author Desalegn (2 years)
this is old song, not 2013 release

Author Eshetu Aregawiy (1 year)
amazing music! I so much glad of it!

Author marco mao (1 year)
nice song

Author LeVita Edwards (2 years)
Nice! I wish I knew what the song is about

Author manalo belay (2 years)
Love this song! My prayer that God will gather the Ethiopians sitting in
exile, and Ihzirm their homeland. Tido not even hunger, thirst, war. Stido
only economic growth, better education, citizens of Ethiopia must fight
against racism in the citizens, God kingship Bkirbthm love, human rights,
equality between citizens, to oppose the split, the dictatorial power to
resist, oppose the separation of race, gender and religion! Assessment
MNALU from Israel - Jew loves Ethiopia.

Author aschat777 (2 years)

Author Ti Berihun (2 years)
አሎደውም በጣም::

Author ricky aman (2 years)
wow I don't have word to say about this song that's really interesting

Author senait G. Mehari (2 years)

Author EthioCaramela (1 year)
There is nothing yankee rappers about this video. It is 100% Ethiopians. If
you are referring to the Rasta guy with Bandanna, that is Ethiopian! You
may want to go check Emperor Minelik II's pictures from the 18th century
with a bandanna on...

Author salima hussein (2 years)
nice song ok

Author Manuel Torres (2 years)
You are Ethiopian! Ethiopian! Why is everyone wanting to look like yankee
rappers?I have seen tonight videos from Bali, Senegal...everyone is a
yankee rapper (except for the Buddhist music, they have the burden of new
age crap) Let be authentic people! yankee rappers suck!

Author Louise Filgueiras (2 years)
Amei!! Gostaria de conhecer a letra, não sei o que ela diz.I loved it! I'd
like to know the lirics. I don't know what it means! I'm braziliam.

Author Tom Askale (2 years)
thanks to share this....y let me cry...nice clip <3 <3

Author Saifeldin Musa (2 years)
arif music new so great

Author Aynadis Kiros (2 years)
wow , love ya tade my legend kisssssssssss

Author Bee Tee (2 years)
All I've got to say is beautiful - Singers + Song + Video editing = Amazing!

Author logomtti (2 years)
The long haired is Tadele Roba and the other is Mesfin

Author MarthY Abrham (2 years)
Ufffffff am tired listing this kind of music!! "wede hagere" Hmmm but u
coming over either lol

Author HeadHoncho16 (2 years)

Author tadesse workineh (2 years)
very cute soung this vedeo music 10q

Author Nate Woode (2 years)
@ Manuel Torres... It's because blacks everywhere are still connected
whether we believe it or not.

Author CSwiss (2 years)
Why is it that yall almost never put the actual artist name @ the title of
the songs? about 80 percent of East African music it's always the name of
the country. Don't yall think people will be interested in wantin to know
more about the artist? Thanks. Just a thought.

Author NAFSAY NAF (2 years)
Very nice......nice eskista and everything.. Man enda Ager!

Author kerubale sexe (1 year)
well dane so nice music and educatble idia we need to go back home.

Author Rediet Muluneh (2 years)
Love this

Author Manuel Torres (1 year)
You are absolutely right, I was posting that comment on another video and
somehow it got posted here also...Greetings from a Mexican admirer of
Ethiopian music.

Author Mr.Afrcia (2 years)
If they put the artist name nobody will find the video when they search.
When they get their channel and videos famous they will put the artist
name. I know because I have a video. Please watch it. It's great ethiopian
music. Share it!

missing home :(

Author Elias Gonfa (2 years)
Loving this song

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