Pastor Chris Oyakhilome declares 2014: The Year of Greatness Join us on Business Success Free Membership Class on Yookos

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Author Sky Avila (6 months)
ANOTHER false prophet that itcehes peoples years? Its full of them out
there! Promises given to Israel regarding the day when Jesus comes back and
other verses used in a context to glorify mortal men is a poplular way to
gather crowds and multitudes..."God will magnify YOU" is what this clown
say...God does not share his glory with anyone is what my Bible say!!

Author John VanDenburgh (6 months)
This is NOT Biblical AT ALL! Read John 3:30 He must increase, I must
This scripture was directed to Joshua NOT the Church and has been so
twisted to fit this false teacher's agenda. Achieving greatness is the sin
of pride, Satan said "I will be like the most high" and elevated himself to

Author william soule (4 months)

Author Abiodun Oluokun (6 months)
It's my year and your year of greatness!!!

Author Tyre Lee (5 months)
What sort of prayer is this?: "Lord, in the name of Jesus make this the
year of MY greatness." But Jesus said: "Thou fool. This day thy soul shall
be required of thee?" Who told you you even HAVE a year? Who will argue
with wisdom, and dare to steal the glory of God? Jesus told us not to be
like the one who said: "I thank thee O Lord that I am not like THAT sinner
over there." Whoever has been in the presence of the most High God would
never DARE to call him or herself great, no matter what connotation may
seem to justify the word. That person understands that it was Jesus who was
tortured and shed his blood and so it is Jesus who is great. "I am the
Lord, that is my name: My glory I will not give to another."

Author Evangeline Godwin (4 months)
I decree & declare.2014 is my year of greatness.
Thank you Lord!

Author Gene Carlos (5 months)

Author Daniel Oherein (6 months)
The quote was taken from the 7th verse for Sabbath year - 2014. It is a
misinterpretation of the year of the Sabbath. Which is a year of REST.

However, assuming God said 2014 is a year of Greatness to Pst. Chris, why
will God not tell Pst Adeboye or Benny Hinn or all these prophets or OMGs
the same Word about 2014? All of them have different prophecies for 2014.
Why is this so?

Has falsehood not taken over the so-called leaders of the body of Christ?

God is not a God of confusion about 2014. Why is Pst. Chris always wearing
worldy academic gown or robe on the last day of the year. He mixes wordly
doctrines with Biblical doctrine.

For example the just are those who are righeous with God with His Word. Who
are obedient and follow His instructions. Falsehood, and giving false hope
that is not in the scripture or God did not say is not just but wicked.
Many of the crowd he was addressing are not even just or righeous with
their firstfruits and tithe offerings. They all steal from God but expect
they Him to make them great in 2014. What a false testimony of 2014.

Author Alison Burgers (6 months)
Jesus loves gay marriage

Author lovemoreel (5 months)
I dont understand why should someone start criticising the pastor as regard
the prophecy of this year or what ever else. If God speaks to you then
where are your fruits. The bible says (Matthew 7 vs 24) The kingdom of God
is like ..... who build the house on the rock ...... and a fool who builds
a house on the sand. This is all based on Hearing and doing the word.
Pastor Chris I choose not to be a fool but the wise one. This is my year of
greatness. May God bless you richly for bringing this prophecy to my soul.
Let any one chose (Its an issue of life and death) God has chosen life for
me - Hallelluiah

Author Joyce Maina (6 months)
When God's Spirit leads a man; a man is no longer interested about their
individual greatness, instead it becomes about what a man can do to please
God. Simply, God is not there to serve us but we are here to serve him, we
have been made for his pleasure and it continues into eternity. He may be
our friend, but he remains King and we are his subject-slaves to Him, and
that is why he is our 'Lord'. Unfortunately,this may rub some the wrong
way-tough! Whatever the response of greater concern is for each of us to
find out-are we walking in the will of God?Are we interpreting the word in
context?We are here on earth for a very SHORT as are the concerns of this
world, let us set our eyes on preparing for eternity-Amen

Author Tangipo Wallbank (6 months)
Thank you LORD Jesus...Thank you HOLY SPIRIT...for you have Magnified us
in the sight of others!!!

Author esther ngugi (6 months)
im all the way from kenya and i believe this is my year of greatness.THANK

Author Lucy Makane (6 months)
father i thank you for making me to know how great i am.its my year of
greatness in the name of JESUS.

Author Francis Spark Nunoo Kweku (4 months)

Author abies tongo (6 months)
Thank you Lord for this year I shall be so so so Great God bless you more
my pastor 

Author Will PRAISE Jones HIM (6 months)
A joy of many generations!!!

Author Dayoyo Henry (5 months)
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!!. 2014 is my year of GREATNESS. I'm
moving from Glory to Glory. Oh my God, i will worship You like never
before. Glory to God Almighty.

Author ester ukongo (4 months)
Believing is optional. Thank you Pastor

Author Missb Jenkins (6 months)
It's my year of over greatness in my life in Jesus name Amen.

Author Angelo Dimaano (3 months)
preachers should be the sent one's of God. Romans 10:15

Author patrick yeboah (5 months)
i receive christ in to my life today, this is my year, thank you LORD JESUS

Author AmenUyi (6 months)
Amen!! 2014 My Year of Greatness!

Author saskinner2001 (6 months)
This is my year of Greatness!!!

Author joy aimiende ogbemudia (6 months)
it is my year of Greatness in thy name of Jesus Amen!!!

Author SILAS BOATENG (5 months)
If you guys have a problem with this teaching, then I guess you all need to
get back to your Sunday school classes or perhaps get a Bible believing
Holy Ghost filled church to join. It's a seasoned message for a year like
this. As to the man of God, touch not my anointed, if doubt him, go to God,
don't attack him. For it's a waste of time. 

Author Leticia Conte (6 months)
it is my year of greatness indeed

Author Tshabalala Mthandaz Samuel (6 months)

Author nicaise tehele (6 months)
amen.thank u sister for have share this message

Author Ciel Ouvert (6 months)
Amenn, I receive !

Author Evan Elodi (6 months)
Yes! Father Lord i thank you cos i see you making me a wonder in my WORLD!
This is truly my year of greatness cos i am the seed of Abraham, Greater is
he that is in me, than he that is in the world, yes, it is my year of OF
GREATNESS! cos your word says, this day will you began to magnify me among
the people, and they shall know that you have sent me, Hallelujah! Glory to
God!! Glory to Jesus!!!

Author Matthias Zull (2 months)
Nice church sevice and feetback from the hearers and visitors, very very
nice church !

Author Samuel Green (5 months)
2014: My Year of Greatness!

Author kenneth nnamdi obi (4 months)
i'm so exited already for this glorious and great 2014......

Author Pascoal Felix (3 months)
oh jesus christ very good , God bless past chris.

Author Asempah Yao John (5 months)
My year of exceeding greatness

Author Gary Pearson (3 months)
Oh dear you people really dont know who we are in Christ I say to you how
is it that God manifests through him.if he speaks False. Where are your
manifestations yet you sit up judging because you err in your
misunderstanding of Gods Word. I Publically Rebuke you who speak your
immature words against Pastor Chris you speak as a Child Not knowing the
depths of knowledge and wisdom that this Man of God speaks from. The Lord
Rebuke you for it is you who are false Prophets who comment on this post
against Pastor Chris.

Author David wairimu (5 months)
My year of Jubilee.. My year of greatness in the Lord.

Author pontsho mnisi (1 month)

Author Naa Annorqor Adjei-Ago (6 months)

Author JANE EKEH (6 months)
My year greatness and amen.

Author oyella beatrice jeeni (3 months)
you be there not believing and judging as some of us are lifted from glory
to glory. God bless you pastor your teachings have worked for me and l have
seen God at work. l don't care what they say about you am just believing
yet am a thousand miles a way from Christ embassy

Author Christina Xaba (6 months)
2014 My year of greatness.

Author cokesix lubemba (5 months)
2014 my year of greatness no mater whant

Author Ngatur Ulun (3 months)
Amen, God Blessed You Pastor Chris,We Love you very much.

Author Priscilla Fuakye (5 months)
Great Great Greatness

Author zachariah buzuzu (6 months)
dGreat and mighty things shall i do this year! ijn Amen

Author Nkurikiyimana Gad (6 months)
yes it's the year of greatness. amen 

Author Elaine Matlala (5 months)
the greatness of God is at work in me,in every cell of my blood the Lord
started to magnify me since first day of the year 

Author Ariel Bungidzire (5 months)
this is my year of Greatness,Hllelluya

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