Farming Simulator 2013 - How to Farm Corn and make Silage, Tutorial


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Author Richard NL ( ago)
a tip make your videos in daytime much better

Author WiggleG69 ( ago)
How do I make Silage?

Author Andy Piasecki ( ago)
How do you run the silage harvester, I can not hire the computer to run it

Author max lint ( ago)
thank u u on info !!!!

Author TheRabbitFear ( ago)
you can do 2 jobs at once get the 3rd best tractor the big green thing
purchase the corn spreader attach it to the back then buy the 1st or 2nd
sprayers attach it to the front turn on the sprayer then hire a worker they
will now seed and fertilize your field at the same time seeing as they cant
use the sprayer tractor you can do the same for a lot of attachments like
you can have a tractor plough while loading corn from the harvester

Author Sick0Pixel ( ago)
Please do your videos at day so we can see better ...

Author thefrijole15 ( ago)
Corn or "maize" is the sower you need. With corn there is only one sower
than sows this. Not sure of the name. But the sower sows Maize and

Author leif erik johansen ( ago)
my seeder dont sows corn only canola,barley,wheat'an the other wheat thingy

Author TheNinjaShadow ( ago)
It there any trailer that can hook up too it? Because in 2011 you could.

Author Riley Poulin ( ago)

Author Adam Reilly ( ago)
how do u not get corn to wither

Author Douglas Freer ( ago)
Only 3 trailers work behind the harvester or the Pottinger silage forager.
I believe they are ones with no yellow PTO on them. Cant remember exactly
which 3 sorry.

Author GrassMunchers ( ago)
It does give you money, its the best way to make loads of money, not the
fastest, but the best. For every 10.000 corn silage, you get about 25.600

Author Ivansky1 ( ago)
You know, you can just attach the Trailer to the back of the Harvester, if
you suck at following it anyway.

Author Darkwaiper ( ago)
Just so you know, the seeder you use does also cultivate =)

Author littlefrank90 ( ago)
why would you do that if it doesn't give you any money?

Author Hagen169 ( ago)
Another option would be to use 2 small Trailers. You can can drive the
Krone BIG X with two Kröger 302 or two Krampe 500 or one of each. For the
two Kröger it means 42000L, thats 2/3 of the Trailer in the video (biggest
in the game). With this setup you can work alone without paying a worker.
And ajjamoore, very nice videos and thanks for the hard work explaining

Author Jesse Stoltzfus ( ago)
just a hint for turning at the end of the field. If you swing away and make
a half circle then you can come back beside him straight.

Author Andrew Moore ( ago)
Same here. The save I use for the video I the only one I edit to help make
the tutorials. In my play I don't cheat

Author TheSoulKeeper7 ( ago)
I prefer to play a game without cheating and without altering it, to suit
the finance's, completely ruins the game concept of starting out from
nothing to making it in farming.

Author Andrew Moore ( ago)
Check out my video on to modify your game save

Author Andrew Moore ( ago)
I've tried to do it with 1 trailer bit it didn't work well. I will test our
other trailers

Author TheMrRuben123 ( ago)
can u put the trailor behind the harvester so u can do something else??

Author Andrew Moore ( ago)
You can make silage in either places

Author Andrew Moore ( ago)
You don't mix it. You fill up the concrete area with corn grassand possibly
other crops. The rest is in the video

Author Joe Rockers ( ago)
how to mix silage ?

Author KEVEN HAYWOOD ( ago)
i think you can chop wheat

Author Andrew Moore ( ago)
sorru i didn't meant bunker. I mean pile

Author pitpotdeeerste ( ago)
you say that bunker is full but its only at 50 % but only that pile is
full,,,, if your pile is full stop the emptying and drive away from it
overflow is lost,, the whole bunker is multiple piles.

Author LatexFreakBoy84 ( ago)
Hey what do you do with the corn you can load it into biogas plant or?
Thus, where you get money when you use the loader

Author C0rd0syl ( ago)
Press the class change buttons so you get to the mods section in the shop.
Then just find the mod harvester or tractor or weigh or anything and buy
it. Then go and pick it up at the shop.

Author Andrew Moore ( ago)
You can but when I tried it it made the harvester unturnable. I will have
to revist it sometime to see

Author Let's Talk About It ( ago)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that you can connect a trailer to
the back of the harvester. I played the starting tutorials a long while ago
and you start with a trailer behind the corn harvester.

Author Andrew Moore ( ago)
I know, I only did a little bit to save time for the video.

Author philkism ( ago)
Hey the silo can be filled way more than that. Its just that small spot u
filled. U just have to drive ahead a little and u can keep filling

Author Andrew Moore ( ago)
Its the Letter E on the map, liked in the description

Author Jack Thomas ( ago)
Hey i really need help when i download a mod how do i get what i
downloaded say like a ATV or a trailer how do i get it into my farm?

Author starsixfilms ( ago)
At 2:30 you see three of those sillage things. Where is that on the map?

Author Andrew Moore ( ago)
Can you explain, I'm all for improving techniques

Author Darren Mc Mahon ( ago)
`still a good video doh

Author Darren Mc Mahon ( ago)
9:30 if ever worked at silage you@d know how to turn properly

Author Andrew Moore ( ago)
Yeah absolutely can you grass. If I didn't say it this way I meant to say
that Corn has a larger volume and would fill up faster, since silage takes
a long time to ferment anyways you might as well use corn. Having say that
I was using a test game with $10mil so it wasn't an issue to buy the gear.
In my career game I use grass for now.

Author Andrew Moore ( ago)
you can attach some trailers but the problem would be that the harvester is
slow compared to a tractor and would take a lot longer to transport it back
to the depot. I suppose you could switch trailers out but it would still
require manual work. I will definitely give it a try and see if I like it.
I know I attached a bailer to a combine to automate the picking up of straw
but it removed the ability to hire a worker. I suspect it would do the same
for the corn combine.

Author notme691 ( ago)
Can't you just attach the big trailer to the harvester? I haven't reached
that level of "richness" yet ( don't want to cheat :P) but I guess that is

Author Andrew Moore ( ago)
Yeah I tend to cheat on a game save to make testing easier

Author Bigmak100 The Great ( ago)
never mind didnt watch the vid first lol

Author Bigmak100 The Great ( ago)
6 million how

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