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Music: LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned and copyrighted by Hasbro.

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Author Spike the Ferret (2 months)
LOL Snips and Snails

Author Brielle B. (1 month)

Author nolan whyte (4 days)
the worst part is 4:31

Author Makenshi179 (14 days)
The lip sync starting at 1:30 is like, the most hilarious thing ever!!!
Well done!

Author Alex Derp (1 month)

Author fernando javier (4 months)
SO EPIC!!!!!

Author teamrocketchu (4 months)
Nice job! This is something I Imagine everypony loves. I do!

Author pie isyum (2 months)
0:48 AJ your not allowed to brake the 4th wall that's pinkies job

Author julia alesi (4 months)
I dont know...
Is it cool?
Or epic?

Author Ella Hoffman (3 months)

Author Megan Sulk (2 months)
Turn this up

Author christina Avery (3 months)
Lol pinkie pies fce and fluttershy xD 2:22

Author Cristian Alvarez (2 years)
this another fan made video not the real one

Author Jani Pitkänen (2 years)
Perjantain kunniaks ponimusaa :D

Author Brony Houtz (2 years)
Party rock is in the house tonight...

Author Mari Harmon (1 year)
+Shaun Orwell Is this relevant to your interests?

Author Rachel C. (11 months)
Lets party!

Author Jon Pear (2 years)
party rock is magic


Author Nick Alvord (2 years)

Author Marisa Scarlet (1 year)

Author sandslahs brony (9 months)
buena cancion y mlp X3

Author Dead as Good (10 months)
stop at 2:12 LOL

Author Princess Luna (1 year)
5:55 ... :D a cat xD

Author ZedarShadow (6 months)
Discord! I lost it RIGHT. THERE. Cannot stop laughing!

Author RpGfreak901 (11 months)
Episode 3.

Author mary marthelle Villagonzalo (1 year)
at 1:29,i heard apple jack saying "AHHHH!!!"

Author Princessu Cadance (1 year)
Watching this makes me feel like i'm going to die talentless and alone for
some reason.

Author Alexandra Morales (1 year)

Author spitifre wonderbolt (1 year)
2:21 Xd fluttershy

Author TheMonsteR S (1 year)

Author Snowflake (1 year)
FlutterShy:EVERY DAY IM SHUFFLIN! RainbowDash:thats your answer to
everything! AppleJack comes by."hey FlutterShy,do you like red apples,or
green apples? FlutterShy:EVERY DAY IM SHUFFLIN! RainbowDash:i told you so!
Twilight comes by.'FlutterShy,can you help me with a bird problem?
FlutterShy:EVERY DAY IM SHUFFLIN! RainbowDash:*groans* Rarity comes
by."FlutterShy,could you help me with my dresses?" FlutterShy:EVERYDAY IM
SHUFFLIN! RainbowDash:AAAHHH!!!*flys away.*

Author Robert Cooper (1 year)

Author Princess Luna (1 year)
and 1:57 pinkie pie is a ...

Author DARKGORZ (10 months)
I think you know what is making you act like this, and you refuse to tell.
I am merely here to help; tell me what's bothering you.

Author Sun Drop (1 year)
I fucking knew it!

Author pikachulover88 (1 year)
Discord stained window just made the entire video.

Author zoe r (1 year)
that was awsome

Author Immanuel Jackson (1 year)
1:50 it looks like rainbow dash is kissing rainbow dash lol!!!

Author Overlord Rainbow IV (8 months)
ART THOU MAD? Do you need mental therapy? I can offer great mental therapy
for you.

Author Savanna Freyman (7 months)
The first MLP episode I ever saw was Over A Barrel. Unlucky me, right. O.O

Author Isabella Brigido (1 year)
Whats the song i forgot

Author LunarX (1 year)
Simple solution: Do something about it. I mean, how often do you shuffle?
Mondays? Tuesdays? These guys shuffle EVERYDAY.

Author SkittlesInExcess (9 months)

Author Junster007411 (11 months)
I lost it when Pinkie's eyes went side to side lol XD

Author pokemon06bw (10 months)
i don't think so

Author MysteryDerpy (1 year)
2:16 - 2:24 lol rotfl

Author SkittlesInExcess (9 months)

Author Princess Luna (1 year)
cierto y yo

Author Pika Bro (1 year)
they are ponies so they are awesome at shuffling

Author Krue Grieves (1 year)
Since I became a Brony every time I here someone about to say "somebody", I
expect to hear "somepony". Nice PMV by the way.

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