Party Rock Anthem PMV : My Little Pony

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Music: LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned and copyrighted by Hasbro.

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Author Gem The Dream Demon (3 months)
Party hard Bitch

Author Lee Littrell (3 days)
Everyday I'm subscribing

Author Just Epsilon (4 days)
Very good

Author Nick Gregory (26 days)
Even 3 years later, dancing Discord is still entertaining.

Author pawwolf45 aj (1 month)
before pony rock was popular it was party rock pmvs

Author Bradley shaver (1 month)
lol WTF

Author Fabulous Maggot (1 month)
It's 3:41 am and I'm going through PMVs.

Author Sketch (1 month)
I normally dont like this song, but My Little Pony makes everything better!

Author Trofimov862 (1 month)
1:02 so funny

Author Sonic Lightning (1 month)
Everyday i'm shuffling

That's your answer for everything


Author pawwolf45 aj (1 month)
2:00 XD

Author Neon Jack (2 months)
I didn't know you were a PMV maker...AWESOME!

Author nolan whyte (4 months)
the worst part is 4:31

Author Mary Malek (2 months)

Author Chromastone64 (3 months)

Rainbow- "That's your answer for everything."

Author Rainbow Dash "Loyal" (3 months)


Author Ronge Fox (3 months)
0:49 Two Dashies squishing an orange

Author Mahalia Elric (3 months)

Author LpsEmmie ForeverLps (4 months)
1:30 AWESOME!!!!!!

eso ya es una pasa xd

Author Mr Random (4 months)
best part 2:08

Author Makenshi179 (4 months)
The lip sync starting at 1:30 is like, the most hilarious thing ever!!!
Well done!

Author Alex Derp (5 months)

Author Brielle B. (6 months)

Author Megan Sulk (7 months)
Turn this up

Author Spike the Ferret (7 months)
LOL Snips and Snails

Author pie isyum (7 months)
0:48 AJ your not allowed to brake the 4th wall that's pinkies job

Author Derpy Whooves (7 months)

Author Ella Hoffman (7 months)

Author Christina Avery (8 months)
Lol pinkie pies fce and fluttershy xD 2:22

Author 🍥Sᴛᴀя Aᴍʏ🍥 (8 months)
Rd:Just because i don't have pet now doesn't mean i'll never have a pet.
Fs:Every day i'm shufflin.
Rd:That's her answer for everything.

Author julia alesi (8 months)
I dont know...
Is it cool?
Or epic?

Author fernando javier (8 months)
SO EPIC!!!!!

Author teamrocketchu (8 months)
Nice job! This is something I Imagine everypony loves. I do!

Author Christina Avery (8 months)
just cuz i dont got a pet now doesnt mean i never pet..EVRYDAY IM
SHUFFLIN..thts her answer for everything XDD

Author sandslahs brony (1 year)
buena cancion y mlp X3

Author Rachel C. (1 year)
Lets party!

Author Mari Harmon (1 year)
+Shaun Orwell Is this relevant to your interests?

Author Dead as Good (1 year)
stop at 2:12 LOL

Author Princess Luna (1 year)
5:55 ... :D a cat xD

Author ZedarShadow (10 months)
Discord! I lost it RIGHT. THERE. Cannot stop laughing!

Author RpGfreak901 (1 year)
Episode 3.

Author mary marthelle Villagonzalo (1 year)
at 1:29,i heard apple jack saying "AHHHH!!!"

Author Princessu Cadance (1 year)
Watching this makes me feel like i'm going to die talentless and alone for
some reason.

Author Alexandra Morales (1 year)

Author spitifre wonderbolt (1 year)
2:21 Xd fluttershy

Author TheMonsteR S (1 year)

Author Snowflake (1 year)
FlutterShy:EVERY DAY IM SHUFFLIN! RainbowDash:thats your answer to
everything! AppleJack comes by."hey FlutterShy,do you like red apples,or
green apples? FlutterShy:EVERY DAY IM SHUFFLIN! RainbowDash:i told you so!
Twilight comes by.'FlutterShy,can you help me with a bird problem?
FlutterShy:EVERY DAY IM SHUFFLIN! RainbowDash:*groans* Rarity comes
by."FlutterShy,could you help me with my dresses?" FlutterShy:EVERYDAY IM
SHUFFLIN! RainbowDash:AAAHHH!!!*flys away.*

Author Robert & Dancho (1 year)

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