Party Rock Anthem PMV : My Little Pony

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Music: LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned and copyrighted by Hasbro.

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Author Kyle Galatioto (650 years ago)
discord dancing in twilight sparkles head

Author NExGenGaming ( ago)

Author Travis Blade ( ago)
the rock of all parties it's the party rock anthem now quew the music

Author Parinath aj caremelapplez ( ago)
Everyone is all like Pinkie is a murderer! When she is NOT!!!!! 4:15 and
people act like this is something a normal person would look/do :U This is
my opinion so save it :3

Author Danijel Jakopicek ( ago)
no you wrong turbo-charged gil

Author Lucreeper1234 ( ago)
Best vid ever! XD

Author Turbo-Charged Gil ( ago)
So much Apple Dash! Love it ;D

Author Angelique Mobley ( ago)
Made my day! One of the best I've seen. I don't understand how 65 people
accidently didn't like it. Thank you for party rockin:)

Author Jordyn Castillo ( ago)

Author alcrd ( ago)
What!? No Iron Will shuffling!???
dislike :(

Author Avery Nygaard ( ago)
Lol I love it!!!

Author Lovely Lady, Beautiful Note, And Musical Note ( ago)
Lol discord

Author Gladys Jimenez ( ago)
Lol on 1:05

Author Rebecca Warfield ( ago)
hey i did not know the ponies can walk on two hooves

Author jake gamer of youtube ( ago)
#pony rock anthem #swag

Author Blood Letter ( ago)
This was the first LMFAO song I ever heard and was hooked. To see two of my
favorite things music and ponies, combined? HELL YEA!! It's just too damn
colorful at 4 am....

Author Fairy Tale Girl Ariana (Pokémon) ( ago)
This was HILARIOUS! Amazing work!

Author Daisy Drawing™ (1159 years ago)
¡The best PMV ever! you have 1 like more and sub :D

Author Pen Parkvane (Koru Banzhi) ( ago)

Author Jonathan Rodriguez ( ago)
XD 1:05 & yes im a gurl on my brothers utube account/channel

Author Никита Скрипник ( ago)

Author ☠iNSaNiTYATTACK☣ ( ago)
Pretty sure the last time I tried to watch this it was deleted.... Wut O-O

Author Tristan Newman ( ago)
Correction: The entire video is just so perfect in every way!

Author Tristan Newman ( ago)
1:00 had me laughing SO hard! That particular part of the video is just so
perfect in every way. :D

Author saber spark is best brony ( ago)
so i was watching this... and i didnt get the band name till now...

Author Nicholas Sanchez ( ago)
Perfect Discord moment

Author ZedarShadow ( ago)
Discord! I lost it RIGHT. THERE. Cannot stop laughing!

Author domnitrolp ( ago)
haha discord ismakin party tzoo^^

Author RaptorRex20 ( ago)
you sir I ask just to keep your thoughts to your self befor I spam you with
friend ship comments. ^-^ Type a hate comment on an MLP video your gonna
have a baaad time.

Author เดชา ศราธพันธุ์ ( ago)
0:49 two applejack

Author Holly Reynolds ( ago)
and I'm a 15 year old girl that lives with my dad and brother. I live in a
normal room (the one I've always had). If I had to pick between the fandom
and show, I think I would pick the fandom. I'm also a normal weight, and I
do lots more than watch MLP. I do track, yearbook, go to parties with
friends, and run 3 YouTube channels (only 2 I really upload on though).
Have a nice day :P

Author CoJoHen ( ago)
lol i'm 15 of course I live with my mother

Author RaulixLopezMC ♦Gameplays y Reacciones!♦ ( ago)

Author Ya Boy Hank ( ago)
I hope you know, MLP is actually a FAMILY show. It's even stated under the
genre section of the description. By family they mean anyone in a family
(boys and girls). Maybe you should try looking things up before you make
yourself seem like the most ignorant person on Earth.

Author ALEK SMITH ( ago)
As Dave Chapelle would say GOTCHA BITCH!!!

Author Balloonpie And CookieLookie MLP OCS ( ago)
lalalalla i heard that! i sang it

Author LizaCutiePie ( ago)

Author Ya Boy Hank ( ago)
There are the younger bunch like me you dumb ass. I'm only 14 so OF COURSE
I'm still with my mom and dad. Also, any show is made for anyone, but
society or people like you are so stereotypical on people that are
different from others, in which whom are the people that I want to slap in
the face shitless. You make me sick. Get off brony videos of you're such an

Author Savanna Freyman ( ago)
Definition of gay: of, pertaining to, or exhibiting sexual desire or
behavior directed toward a person or persons of one's own sex; (what I'm
saying is that watching a show made for girls has nothing to do with sex,
it just means he likes a show made for girls. Is it really that hard to

Author Savanna Freyman ( ago)
The first MLP episode I ever saw was Over A Barrel. Unlucky me, right. O.O

Author Savanna Freyman ( ago)
What software do these people use to make PMV's? Can somepony explain that
to me. It would be very helpful if somepony replied.

Author TheReaperOfSouls ( ago)

Author Leahcim ( ago)
No...noooo. You just made a fool of yourself now....

Author Rainbow Flash ( ago)
Imma girl O.O (I don't like being called a pegasister)

Author Will Vale ( ago)
really? at my school (in the US) no one at all is a bronie (at least that I
know of) so you are very lucky sir

Author TheReaperOfSouls ( ago)

Author Rainbow Flash ( ago)
At my school bronies are so popular! Even one of my teachers knows about
it! I'm not kidding.

Author Will Vale ( ago)
favorite villain Discord :3

Author PMVMusicStudios ( ago)
Oh you!!.... Discord

Author corri crawford ( ago)
whats dose ponies have to do with likeing the same glender

Author weesh ful ( ago)
Ha! Fun to hear. It would certainly have inspired curiosity about the show
in me as well.

Author weesh ful ( ago)
Inspired editing. The clips match up nicely, and the interlude is perfect.

Author codafett ( ago)
You need to work on your grammar guy

Author StarDistroyer ( ago)
1:01 Hasbro saw this coming...

Author jodi sam ( ago)
i luv this <3

Author Rainbow Flash ( ago)
This video me bacome a brony when I first saw it. I liked how they animated
the show so I decided to watch a episode called "It's About Time" Then I
watched it from the first episode. (btw this wasn't just now it was over a
year ago)

Author Lionsaurus ( ago)
-.- I'm unamused by your attempt at insulting a PFF.

Author Overlord Rainbow IV ( ago)
ART THOU MAD? Do you need mental therapy? I can offer great mental therapy
for you.

Author GrandMoffJoseph ( ago)
ok, this was way more amusing than I expected it to be, lulz. :D

Author karina jounidov ( ago)

Author karina jounidov ( ago)

Author SurvivalGirl ( ago)
1:11 .-.

Author SurvivalGirl ( ago)
Dear Youtube, Sorry for breaking the replay button.

Author Lyssina ( ago)
I was way too amused by that.

Author iluvwebkinz82 ( ago)
1:02 WTF

Author Trevor Bass ( ago)
3:23 I wish i could make a Rainbow Nuclear explosion like that o_O

Author Ian Thompson ( ago)
Rainbow Dash: That's your answer to everything!

Author EeblShadow ( ago)

Author DrPinkieDie ( ago)
that's a good ass question also DAMN discord sure knows how to get down

Author doomgearII ( ago)
So if a girl watches a show made for guys is she a lesbian? just asking.

Author Schrodinger Excidium ( ago)
i like it.....i like it...

Author DARKGORZ ( ago)
So are you going to tell me what's wrong, or not?

Author SkittlesInExcess ( ago)

Author SkittlesInExcess ( ago)

Author Jasey ( ago)
Is it the fact that your name isn't spelled right, and Princess has a typo
in it?

Author Valerie Fleitas ( ago)
3:01 From that part, I love this video.

Author Isabella Brigido ( ago)
me: fluttershy whats you test anser? fluttershy: Every day im suffling me:
... me: ... me: Every day im suffling! lol

Author Dead as Good ( ago)
stop at 2:12 LOL

Author DARKGORZ ( ago)
I'm not looking to diagnose. I'm asking YOU what's making YOU act like
this. That is a question no one but yourself can answer.

Author DislikeTheWorld ( ago)
Tell me. And tell me loud. What is making me act like this? Take a guess.
And take as many as you like.

Author DislikeTheWorld ( ago)
It's sad to see your only "friend" from your sick imagination is a horse.
So sad, it makes me want to laugh.

Author DARKGORZ ( ago)
I think you know what is making you act like this, and you refuse to tell.
I am merely here to help; tell me what's bothering you.

Author Isabella Brigido ( ago)
me: fluttershy whats you test anser? fluttershy: Every day im suffling me:
... me: ... me: Every day im suffling!

Author Isabella Brigido ( ago)
did you say everypony at the begin?

Author DislikeTheWorld ( ago)
I don't know, but you faggots, amuse me, from all that tantrum over the all
mighty internet.

Author DARKGORZ ( ago)
What is it that makes you so hateful? You have not yet answered my question
from the last video you were on.

Author artixvonkrigor ( ago)

Author DislikeTheWorld ( ago)
Just by saying that, I think you are a fucking fat autistic man baby that
lives in your mother's basement, doing nothing but, watch a gay show, made
for little girls.

Author Psychonaught ( ago)
The cancer can take what it wants!

Author pokemon06bw ( ago)
i don't think so

Author DislikeTheWorld ( ago)
RIP Party Anthem The cancer took you away.

Author DislikeTheWorld ( ago)
No. Diabetes will kill you. In your sleep.

Author little eppap ( ago)

Author Bulk_Biceps ( ago)
My Little Party: Rocking Is Magic

Author pimbomba ( ago)
fluttershy: umm.. umm...?! EVERY DAY I AM SHUFLIN!!!

Author ☠iNSaNiTYATTACK☣ ( ago)
five hooves up for Flutter Shy! (\/)

Author Taylor Harter ( ago)

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