How to Use Kegel Balls

Kegel balls are designed to help you locate your pelvic floor muscles and work them effectively.

Read our How to Use Kegel Balls guide here:

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Author Taylor Garrison (5 months)
What is the best weight to start at? You also said I can leave them in for
a while. Can I wear them throughout the day or is it much like weight
lifting that will wear my muscles out after too long?

Author wael awad (6 months)
can man wear this things

Author Amber Mangino (6 months)
You said you can wear them as long as youd like, so can you leave them in
during the night? Also how do you know when to go to the next weight?

Author JustbeingmewithGod (6 months)
Question: The middle part that's small or in between the 2 pink balls is a
small, narrow space...Is it possible for that to break or tear apart while
using it? If it does break, how do you get the other ball out that's not
attached to the string? Does it get stuck?

Author Amber Mangino (6 months)
You said you can wear them as long as youd like, so can you leave them in
during the night? Also how do you know when to go to the next weight?

Author rosemaravilha (8 months)
does the handle stay out? And do they come in different weights?

Author Ian Gillette (9 months)

Author The LOVE Store (10 months)
Great for all women!

Author Faith D (7 months)
Watched and learned!!

Author LovehoneyTV (1 year)
Hi Angelsbonitaful Thank you for visiting Lovehoney TV. At Lovehoney, we
sell a range of Kegel exercisers, available from beginners weights and
sizes, going right through to the heavier, smaller balls for advanced
users. You can see all the info on our site, just click the link above to
find us!

Author ACHEEEW (10 months)
Why does she have all of this giggity

Author LovehoneyTV (1 year)
Hoi Piet, Bedankt voor uw bezoek Lovehoney TV. Helaas hebben we alleen onze
video's opnemen in het Engels nu. We hebben ook alle informatie op onze
website in te schrijven. Misschien kun je vertalen met behulp van Google?
Ik hoop dat dit zinvol is!

Author LovehoneyTV (10 months)
Hi blackangle1able Thank you for visiting Lovehoney TV. There sure is! You
can change the currency and buy on any of the Lovehoney websites, but if
you go to Lovehoney . com you may find the pricing is more suited to your
needs. Thanks!

Author blackangle1able (10 months)
Is there a way to get products with Canadian Money?

Author Angelesbonitaful (1 year)
where can i get a heavy one, I wanna challenge myself

Author Piet Schellekens (1 year)
Graag in het nederlands ook niet iedereen kent deze taal

Author Belinda Johnston (9 months)

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