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A look at the young Lucille Ball before I love Lucy and Desi.
Hope you enjoy.
dont forget to rate and comment. XxXI do not own any of the copyright. No copyright infrigment intended.

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Author indixiesheart (4 months)
Good Job..

Author MimiZ914 (20 days)
This gave me chills. She was a great talent and we're lucky to have had
her. Much love Lucy.

Author Kiddio Lambert (2 months)
Awesome video a true fan !!!

Author Cine, Radio, TV (2 years)
*Mr.Tonytko* YT user wrote this comment:
Well done - what a national treasure this is. I hope people keep the memory
of Lucille Ball as long as man is still alive. With her you learn about the
early era of film and television. How close and knitted together Hollywood
had once been. They knew they where professionals and had public respect.
Yes they had there divorces and aditions, but had public respect. As you
would a professional baseball player, News person.They didn't crusade
against folks who ate meat.
Another comment from *tigergreg8*:
I'm glad this was posted. I adore this woman, One of the best performers
that has and will every exist. I loved looking at her at such a young age
and thinking, she has no idea how well loved and successful she is about to
become. One of the most watched performers of all time too. We were blessed
to have this woman among us I feel

Author Connie Farmer (2 months)
thank you for helping us remember a remarkable lady from times that are
forever gone. the golden age of hollywood will live on through loving
tributes such as yours, christina.

Author Taty anna (2 months)
Wow. On some photos I can't even recognize her! Beautiful!

Author den ryhovscy (2 months)
very beast woman 

Author Keily L'Ouest (3 months)
What a beauty.. & such great comedic talent 

Author LSweet2007 (16 days)
She's like boner repellent. Poor Desi. :(

Author archie977 (6 months)
time and matter go sepperate ways.

Author pixandlaugh4lu (2 years)
I really do LOVE LUCY and always will! I grew up watching her and loved
every show. No one these days can compare to Lucy. Someday I'll make it to
the Lucille Ball Hall of Fame in her hometown of Jamestown, NY. I happen to
have the same name as her and am proud of it and really don't mind if
someone says to me "Lucy, I'm home!" It's an honor!

Author Kirk Barkley (9 months)
Lucy was a natural beauty: look at these photos of her sans make-up: a true

Author Helen Tatsios (1 year)
really funny!

Author mrgears (2 years)
Fabulous! Where the hell did you find all those great pictures???

Author Christina King (3 years)
@1001MusicFan1001 Thank you =)

Author lindalovesmusic1 (1 year)
What a beautiful lady, inside and out. I miss you Lucy!

Author astiltner1 (2 years)
Now this is what u call a diva

Author clarence crawley (9 months)
This is one of the most beautiful women who have ever graced this earth. A
stunning beauty!!

Author Lorraine Tauson (2 years)
Excellent job done for this one of a kind actress that could do it all and
then some...Miss Lucille Ball! Thank you and bless you for putting together
this treasure trove video that truly honors Miss Ball's career and life.

Author helen0725 (1 year)
Even as a young child, Lucille Ball was so beautiful!

Author eekmonkey (1 year)
Monroe can eat Lucy's dust. Lucille was the best!

Author Krissy Presley (2 years)

Author Christina King (3 years)
@scales57 Thank you very much your welcome =)

Author lacouerfairy (2 years)
Love that pic at 2:11

Author Annette Gilmore (9 months)
What do all these # mean? Ive seen them elsewhere and am very curious.

Author Christina King (4 years)
Thank you . I got most Pictures from my Lucy and Desi Home movies. The
Movie is Five Came back.

Author lapetiteombre (2 years)
3:13--Wow. Beautiful video!

Author Mark Page (3 years)
1:45!!!!) (THOSE EYES!) If you can *in any way* know about this, or be
aware of this...This world misses you, Lucy! *Merry Christmas!*....
wherever you are....

Author cbateman95 (3 years)
What a great lady and classic actress! Grew up watching and always enjoyed
her shows. Stars today can't compare to her. Hollywood spits out mostly
crap these days.

Author O Que (1 year)
No comparison to the woman of today. Lucy is the woman of yesterday and

Author elvicare35 (1 year)
Awesome, Lucy and Elvis!!!!!

Author scales57 (3 years)
thank you for this really awesome look back at Lucy! Nice song, too!

Author mrsmjforlife (3 years)
she was so beautiful

Author melodicosmos (2 years)
I never tire of watching anything about Lucy, thank you for this Desi
said you could never replicate what they had and did......night...

Author timishot55 (1 year)
I love this thanks

Author Lionessa Pena (2 years)
omg wow Lucy was beautiful! it doesn't surprise me she got so much
attention for her dramatics....she was a LEO (born Aug 6th)! That's what
leos do! I am a leo, I know!

Author buzz bang (1 year)
Wow, I wonder what would be like to be a young teen in those days, just
after the big one 1945 thru 50's. Mom & Dad said it was wonderful. Folks
were hopeful about the future. Jobs & houses were plenty, (Strong Economy)
America was motivated, love was grand, only took ONE PARENT to make a
decent living. Baby boom, friendly & honest neighbors,"no locked doors",
Boy & Girl scouts, BBQ Party's, PTA, better education, I like Ike, happy
days, leave it to beaver. I need to fix my Time machine!

Author krelbar (2 years)
1:11 that's a tasty little morsel...

Author ardalsgirl (4 years)
She's so pretty!

Author cx1designs (11 months)
Happy Birthday, Lucy!! She would have been 102, today!! 08/06/2013 :o)

Author Christina King (4 years)
@sillbill94 Thank You =)

Author George Vreeland Hill (2 years)
We all love Lucy. She was simply amazing. Thank you for sharing this with
us. George Vreeland Hill

Author loyalman692ndaccount (2 years)
cool i love lucy!!!!

Author Christina King (4 years)
No I got it from a trailer of the film.

Author Frank Springer (2 years)
Really nice, thanks for posting, we'll always love ya Lucy! ;)

Author smlime (4 years)
wow. thanks a lot for the video

Author honeynation (3 years)
some of them i have never seen before. thanks for the upload

Author molliebean (2 years)
Beautiful! Thanks for posting!

Author lindalovesmusic1 (1 year)
How could 5 people dislike this? I swear, these sort of people are aliens
or something; for real.

Author sleepywillow82376ify (1 year)
Beautiful! Me and my kids watch all the re-runs of I Love lucy

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