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A look at the young Lucille Ball before I love Lucy and Desi.
Hope you enjoy.
dont forget to rate and comment. XxXI do not own any of the copyright. No copyright infrigment intended.

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Author ThereforeStand ( ago)
I love Lucy.

Author Ahkee Hussan ( ago)
I have to say I didn't even recognize her up until the end of this video,
lucy looked completely different when she was young..

Author Robin C ( ago)
Lucy was a gorgeous woman, even as a brunette, she was stunning but as a
redhead, she was Lucy, the woman we all know and love. She sure left us
some really great laughs and seeing the reruns I will never get tired of
watching. She sure was a class act!

Author Jon B ( ago)
I miss Lucy and the quality work she did. One funny lady!

Author josh levesque ( ago)
I was a child

Author fullstrutn ( ago)
Kirk Douglas at around 2:20??

Author Chloe wilson (1413 years ago)
She was beautiful, great actress and a lady.

Author Marilyn Willett ( ago)
forget it I'm listening to Elvis

Author Pet Monster ( ago)
Thank you for this

Author josh levesque ( ago)
I love Lucy awesome I was going in to my 9th grade year back in the days

Author RL R ( ago)
Damn Lucy had some great gams!

Author MorvanBritany ( ago)
Thanks for sharing. I never knew how attractive Lucille Ball was and she
was very attractive.

Author theothertroll ( ago)
proof makeup can make anyone look good.

Author Carol Napolitano ( ago)
At 2:19 is that the young George Burns? They knew each other a long time.I
love him with Gracie, I think he was a handsome man,in his younger days.
Lucy, was with some good looking men.

Author Annette Gilmore ( ago)
What do all these # mean? Ive seen them elsewhere and am very curious.

Author Holly Figueroa ( ago)
You do realize that Lucy was married to a Cuban right? Not to mention
unless you are a Native American, you wouldn't be here if it weren't for a
"dirty foreigner" immigrating here. You are an ignorant twit.

Author Jake Mackie ( ago)
a true beauty.

Author harvey winklestein ( ago)
a comic genius and a beauty. one in a million

Author Kirk Barkley ( ago)
Lucy was a natural beauty: look at these photos of her sans make-up: a true

Author clarence crawley ( ago)
This is one of the most beautiful women who have ever graced this earth. A
stunning beauty!!

Author Letit Bemee ( ago)
Wonderful song to match a beautiful woman who could act.Thank you......

Author Ryanyarb24 ( ago)
The 1950s was nice on the surface, but the nuclear weapons threat was scary
and serious.

Author Ryanyarb24 ( ago)
Lucy was such a gorgeous woman and very talented. I loved their shows, they
were greqt.

Author cx1designs ( ago)
Def!! She was, one of the best.

Author Bill Taylor ( ago)
Where would we all be if not for the people who dedicate their lives to
bringing joy to others. Lucy sure fit that mold. I remember Dezi saying in
his later years "I love Lucy" wasn't just the name of a T.V. show.

Author heatherglen33 ( ago)
How I agree. We didn't realize how after the Big Depression, we had such a
happy, stable and "normal" existence. Car rides on Sunday. Kids in back
seat, and Mom getting out of the house. Dad was sole supporter, and had no
desire to see his wife working OUT of the house. No daycare for kids. Both
parents going to PTA meetings. Did we let too many foreigners into this
country, who had atrocious backgrounds? I think so.

Author cx1designs ( ago)
Happy Birthday, Lucy!! She would have been 102, today!! 08/06/2013 :o)

Author honeybear2324 ( ago)
i hear you and agree

Author Andrea Hancock ( ago)
Just gorgeous! Thank you!

Author Scarlet Black ( ago)
Wow, she really was beautiful. I think she looked stunning as a blonde!
Thank You.

Author Deedee S. ( ago)
Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Author Deedee S. ( ago)
This was wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing!

Author buzz bang ( ago)
Wow, I wonder what would be like to be a young teen in those days, just
after the big one 1945 thru 50's. Mom & Dad said it was wonderful. Folks
were hopeful about the future. Jobs & houses were plenty, (Strong Economy)
America was motivated, love was grand, only took ONE PARENT to make a
decent living. Baby boom, friendly & honest neighbors,"no locked doors",
Boy & Girl scouts, BBQ Party's, PTA, better education, I like Ike, happy
days, leave it to beaver. I need to fix my Time machine!

Author Erika M.Salazar De Acuna ( ago)
Wow . I lov her show

Author av63pnt0 ( ago)
WOW 112,788 people watched this video and only 6 people disliked it, and i
dont know why they would dislike this video im 27 years old and sometimes i
still watch the I love lucy show in the morning on my days off, this show
was Americas favorite show in the 50's and still has reruns over 60 years
later, now thats amazing

Author acepacecraft ( ago)
See "keep young and beautiful" sing by Edie Kantor here, in Youtube

Author MsKillerqueen5 ( ago)
I got speechless at 1:12

Author elvicare35 ( ago)
Awesome, Lucy and Elvis!!!!!

Author eekmonkey ( ago)
Monroe can eat Lucy's dust. Lucille was the best!

Author cosette ponntemercy ( ago)
i cant regonize lucille but she was very pretty! i only watched HALF of the
vid to judge this haha!

Author Helen Tatsios ( ago)
really funny!

Author Helen Tatsios ( ago)
Is that ever the truth! We have such crap nowadays.

Author MYembrace7 ( ago)
The little girl that grew up to change the world with making every
generation to come after her smile from our hearts & LAUGH OUR ASSES
OFF...can't think of one other person who's life left the most genuinely
adoring impact that her's has. I mean seriously, WHO HAVE U EVER HEARD SAY
I HATE LUCY?! So far by my count in life....totaling up, ZERO! She's
probably the main reason why I stay stuck on her generations shit CUZ I

Author TONGO ( ago)
i love lucy

Author goldengirl67 ( ago)
My mom looked like Lucille Ball and wore her lipstick like Lucy. Lucy
reminds me a little of the actress from the show Will and Grace - the girl
who played Grace. Still love watching all the Lucy and Desi shows.

Author Jim Bowen ( ago)
One thought: don't smoke, gals -- you'll lose your looks.

Author cafecon2 ( ago)
I truly admire her...

Author O Que ( ago)
No comparison to the woman of today. Lucy is the woman of yesterday and

Author Taharah Carvajal ( ago)
My mother was born the same year as Lucy in upstate New York. She also
married a man 6 years her junior and had a boy and a girl...My mother was a
redhead as well, and it was like growing up with Lucy...Few people realized
what a very stunningly beautiful lady Lucy was...a real classic beauty.
Really miss mom is now 101~Thanks for these totally rare and
unique glimpses into Lucy's early years! My favorite film is "The Long
Trailor" HYSTERICALLY funny!

Author helen0725 ( ago)
Even as a young child, Lucille Ball was so beautiful!

Author lindalovesmusic1 ( ago)
What a beautiful lady, inside and out. I miss you Lucy!

Author lindalovesmusic1 ( ago)
How could 5 people dislike this? I swear, these sort of people are aliens
or something; for real.

Author brittonalex11911 ( ago)
She was so beautiful.

Author timishot55 ( ago)
I love this thanks

Author sleepywillow82376ify (1923 years ago)
Beautiful! Me and my kids watch all the re-runs of I Love lucy

Author heaventree ofstars ( ago)
Wow, what a cutie! I actually didn't notice how pretty she was until I saw
her face in repose. After all, on "I Love Lucy" when was her face EVER in

Author burtonrules123 ( ago)
yep, hollywood more then ever has been making garbage today. and its not
even entertaining! i mean cmon. it makes me long for the time where TV and
film was actually worth going to and you knew there wasnt going to be any
fear of cussing and sexual weirdness.

Author Christina King ( ago)
Its the film Roman Scandals. :)

Author Gina Christina ( ago)
whats 1:55 :)

Author loyalman692ndaccount ( ago)
cool i love lucy!!!!

Author Deedee S. ( ago)
Very nice, and TY

Author Modelt5000 ( ago)

Author Frank Springer ( ago)
Really nice, thanks for posting, we'll always love ya Lucy! ;)

Author Lorraine Tauson ( ago)
Excellent job done for this one of a kind actress that could do it all and
then some...Miss Lucille Ball! Thank you and bless you for putting together
this treasure trove video that truly honors Miss Ball's career and life.

Author tigergreg8 ( ago)
I'm glad this was posted. I adore this woman, One of the best performers
that has and will every exist. I loved looking at her at such a young age
and thinking, she has no idea how well loved and successful she is about to
become. One of the most watched performers of all time too. We were blessed
to have this woman among us I feel

Author Krissy Presley ( ago)

Author xLovey27x ( ago)
one of the best and talented actresses ever!

Author JAriasEditior1950 ( ago)

Author Sarah Gregory ( ago)
she was a beautiful talented actress

Author MrScreenname12 ( ago)
3min 5sec I could swear is Debra Messing. (I wonder if they are related??)

Author Killian Hill ( ago)
she is one of the 5 people I hope I meet in heaven.

Author Jaime Fratilla ( ago)
@lionessgirl88 The fist sentence in her autobiography is "I'm a Leo."

Author Lionessa Girl ( ago)
@liza8423 That is Elvis singing! hellooo!

Author Lionessa Girl ( ago)
omg wow Lucy was beautiful! it doesn't surprise me she got so much
attention for her dramatics....she was a LEO (born Aug 6th)! That's what
leos do! I am a leo, I know!

Author liza sulong ( ago)
Lucy was indeed a pretty lady back then...anyone knows the singer to this
video > his voice is awesome!

Author krelbar ( ago)
1:11 that's a tasty little morsel...

Author Rosy Lee ( ago)
she was so prettty

Author Luis E. Aguirre ( ago)
Great Video, good choice in music..

Author molliebean ( ago)
Beautiful! Thanks for posting!

Author George Vreeland Hill ( ago)
We all love Lucy. She was simply amazing. Thank you for sharing this with
us. George Vreeland Hill

Author Limpert76 ( ago)
@MrTonytko What a ridiculous comment......Factory farming was in its
infancy and there was no public awareness at the time so to assert that
people had more "respect" back then is ludicrous. Thank God there are some
informed and compassionate people out there to actually open people's eyes
and too bad it sometimes takes a celebrity to get the brain-dead off the
couch. Wonderful tribute, MarilynxDoris, and thank you for posting it.

Author mrgears ( ago)
Fabulous! Where the hell did you find all those great pictures???

Author John Hand ( ago)
Wow, not to change the subject, but when you hear the name Elvis, you don't
think of him as having sung songs like this. Nice choice.

Author WhittierRickyBassguy ( ago)
i bet if you told her at that time that she would soon be the first woman
to wear pants on tv, she would laugh in your face.

Author malcolmhighvideo ( ago)
Lucy was hot...and the most imitated comedic actress ever...

Author DanDanDanny713 (1859 years ago)
really who could dislike this amazong video?

Author Gina ufbsekfnsf ( ago)
woman were so gorgeous back then

Author J Rakoczy ( ago)
It's amazing how some of these photos look like Debra Messing!

Author MartySmithFan ( ago)
Love it... She was an American treasure.. she is missed.

Author lapetiteombre ( ago)
3:13--Wow. Beautiful video!

Author Susan Snyder ( ago)
She was certainly a stunning women.....

Author lacouerfairy ( ago)
Love that pic at 2:11

Author lacouerfairy ( ago)
I know red was his signature hair color, but I think she looked prettier as
a blonde.

Author shamiran lazarnejad ( ago)
She was so beautiful as a child . Her figure was so good as model as well.
I loved her acting too. I love lucy was the best show and I still enjoy
watching it. I love reading everything about her. love you lucy, I love you
so much.

Author Robin Vigfusson ( ago)
She was so gorgeous and brilliant and honest and dynamic. No other actress
can compare.

Author Christina King ( ago)
@MrTonytko Thank You very Much. Well said very True. :)

Author Christina King ( ago)
@weatherboi Thank you very Much. Happy Birthday Lucy :) X

Author MrSunlander ( ago)
nice use of film and still..... glad to see the film Lucy..... cheers!

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