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Author (11 months)
Isayas Afeworki (the Criminal Dictator)=Mengistu Hailmariam, JOseph Stalin,
Sadam Husien etc.
PFDJ=Khmer Rouge
Everything that comes out from the Criminal Dictators and his cronies is
The retarded Dictator's only interest is power nothing else.

Author ABRAHAM YEMANE (2 years)
izi abdu ybelal seraki leba meslal

Author ABRAHAM YEMANE (2 years)
this bighead is thife and he look like

Author BahreNeGash (1 year)
MUTUALLY BENEFITING ALL SIDES. What seems the problem with these ideas

Author BahreNeGash (1 year)
Yoni, Good try, preaching to the Pope. LEGESSE ZENAWI ASSRES TESEMA AND
Therefore, the TOLD WAR against Eritreans is just another TPLF ETHNIC WAR
OGADINIS, SOMALIS, SOUTHERENERS,,, Even after TPLF agreed abd signed "FINAL
AND BINDING BORDER RESOLUTION", TPLF still refuses to honor and impliment
the resolution, proving the ear was about "TIGRAY".

Author yonas222 (2 years)
@TheAnchwa PM Meles Zenawi is a leader of Ethiopia not Eritrea. He has an
obligation to act in the best interest of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. In fact
he had been soft & hesitating, esp in the early stage of the conflict, in
dealing with Eritreans.No leader will ever come in Ethiopia after him who
will match Zenawi's goodwill towards your country & compatriots. Your
problem should be with belligerent Tigrian leader Issayas Afewrerki who
fights and invades all of his neighbors.

Author Massawino (1 year)
tequamerti weyane hasweti leyabu, geHabu!

Author TheAnchwa (2 years)
I am an Eritrean Ethiopians they can use asseb our problem is not with
Ethiopians that is with melez zenawi and we respect Ethiopian sovereignty
and We respect our sovereignty too and they are our brothers let alone
asseb they can even use massawa !! may God bless Eritrea and Ethiopia

Author rae aloni (1 year)
my dear Red sea is for Eritrea,it does not belong to any body except as

Author lili jeberti (2 years)

Author yonas222 (2 years)
Too late ! New Railway is being built from Mekelle to Tajura, a new Port in
Djibouti. Kenya is also constructing modern Port called LAMU which is
intended to serve both Ethiopia and South-Sudan. Short-sighted and midget
Shabia and its stooges thought they can extort at will & strangulate
Ethiopia's economy . Pathetic liar & idiot Ali-Ebdu did not say anything
new about Assab. A decade ago, PM Zenawi already said Assab will be a
watering hole for camels if Ethiopia is not using it. How true !

Author Niakuto leamlake Esrael (1 year)
ዓሊ ዓብዱ እንታይ ኣለዎ ኣብ ዓሰብ መለስ፤ሲ ብዙሕ ግዜ ዝተፈላለየ ዘረባ ይዛረብ ነይሩ እንድዩ ዘረባ ሓደ ኣይትደጋግሙ

Author wedihager77 (1 year)
I am happy one goon is out, I heard this ass hole is outta the country,
they drove us out and now its time they have the same fate as we did ..but
this was too late, he will be asked and questioned when the righful people
are leading out country in the right way and directions.

Author Min Kaana (2 years)
fuck fuck all eritrean tigrigina people all this happened by you tigrigina
people missbehave thats all fuck agane .

Author gedle kirstos asayehegn (2 years)
Really, really, really Mr. Abdu, lets see.....

Author Bitew Agazhe (1 year)
We are one. this is realized soon!

Author molalgn (2 years)
@TheAnchwa ,,,,u seems like ur user name..

Author Min Kaana (2 years)
kulom betsotkumen megadeltekumen ab gonekum zehegezum zeneberu .hager
keshetuwa delyom elkum wedikumomes lomi tereddiukum weys hager heji be awaj
ket shetwa delikum .hewet ertraweyan metsawet gerkumo nesekum ikum kendi
negerengatat terewu terewu deki shermuta hegdef dekeza mendef >>>

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