Minecraft Xbox - Staring Contest [120]

Part 121 -

Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built.

In this video I begin building a melon tree.

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Author Ryan smith ( ago)
Stampy is the best 

Author Brody. Peachey (807 years ago)
Stamp y:this is the best vids my birthday is on this date

Author Rachelle Corbin ( ago)
I like your video Stampley like you stumpy put me on to love garden

Author Eva Christie ( ago)
You should make a
big you and squid.

Author Joey Wells ( ago)
Sherberts a he not a she!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Tyler Tran ( ago)
I love you s

♥♥♥ by Jon cena

Author Diego Rivas ( ago)
Stampys video comment persentage

Nice comments 40%
Suggestions 20%
Love garden 10%
Other 30%

Author CraftingChicken77645 (thesnickerback) ( ago)

Author David Conger ( ago)
I'm Allie I love your videos

Author David Conger ( ago)

Author Jasmine Singh ( ago)
Your world is fantastic and +amazing nature

Author Taryn S ( ago)

Author Peter Hogg ( ago)
Fluffy you mean sherbet Stampy.

Author Brandie Jones ( ago)
Hey stampy I love your vidss and I have a joke why did stampy cross the
road... because he wanted to eat l for leeeeees cake.

Author Coen Jegan ( ago)
S cccccccccccccccc I am not a problem. I'm sure you are

Author Bunga Citra NF ( ago)

Author Bunga Citra NF ( ago)
Is this a server? If that Server Why Can I join In Mcpe I done log in and
the minecraft say you can join if you don't update my version is 0.11.0 if
are they update what Version

Author Nemuel Francis ( ago)
Stampy can you please make a Airport

Author Toms Bronco ( ago)
Cats don't eat cake

Author Ashley Jacobs ( ago)
I know this is coping but u are one of favorite youtuber and u are a
inspiration to me I turned a lighthouse and a hotel into one but I even
made stampy's hot buns I hope u don't miss and I can't post on YouTube
because I'm not a youtuber so once again I hope you don't mind

Author Donya Ferguson ( ago)

Author StampyQuack ( ago)
I have loved you soooooooooo much

Author DanceSchoolification ( ago)
The head spinning is just the beginning, Squid is going to start spewing
pea soup soon enough

Author maribel rodriguez ( ago)
U make me laugh u r funny

Author Leavonia Williams (1556 years ago)

Author Morgan Daniels ( ago)
Did the one and only Stampy say "Forget cake"!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Author ana roman ( ago)

Author shane kostuch ( ago)
#1 fan stampy

Author shane kostuch ( ago)
Stampy is going to dig DOWNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Emily Nguyen ( ago)
Stamps, you said that you took Sherbet, but when Lee hit her you said

Author Andrea Coombes ( ago)
How old ar you stampy

Author Alexus Miles ( ago)
I Named my dog stampy please please please please please please please
please add me to the love grarden please please please please please please
please please please please please

Author Andrea Coombes ( ago)
You are the best

Author Linda Thompson ( ago)
LJEKV JH.G JK. OIGTEATOUGSLJHTJKHKkgrk.gainsgt,jg tarns,has.

Author Elisebeth paw ( ago)

Author Nathan Camp ( ago)
kiss your hand 5 times and post this on a different video then you will
find a pink i phone under your pillow

Author lupe mora ( ago)
Roses are red,Vilots are blue, can u be player two?

Author Sonya Hinman ( ago)

Author Sonya Hinman ( ago)
Use an ax on melons

Author Eddie Harrell ( ago)
Melon time!!!😄

Author Mike Kosharsky ( ago)
lol creeper 1 stampy 0

Author Aava Gammie ( ago)
You are cool

Author Dan Leiser (SuperDan360) ( ago)
I tried typing stampylongnose with my elbow and here's what happened.

Me tiff

Author Kecia Coon ( ago)
Zoo ma's ed

Author Shut Up ( ago)
I was not the only one hoo saw dat arrow glitching out was I?

Author SpottedClaw ( ago)
find the I:
hint: If you know how old I am that is where the I (i but upper case) is!

answer is below click read more.

Answer: the 12th one!

Author Chris Fdo ( ago)

Author Ty Croshaw ( ago)
I loved your video's 

Author Loni Mitchell ( ago)
I think that you should make a frozen video

Author Pepsi Cola ( ago)
5:50 those arrows are so historically glitchy! Hahahahahahaha!

Author Brianna Thompson ( ago)
Stumpy I love all your videos can you make a make a picture of you. *-*

Author Constantine Turibamwe ( ago)
Joe you can be very funny and you are the one who is makes me happy

Author Joseph Candeloro ( ago)
Stampy why can't squid be in more videos he barely gets to be your helper
please can he be in your videos more he's one of my favorite characters in
your lovely world(:

Author Grace De Castro ( ago)
hi stampy my daughter Ronah Belle has fallen inlove with you she loves all
your vids
and she is such a beautiful girl well we live in philipines so i just
wanted to tell you that your such a awesome boy well hope you like my
daughter as well haha just kidding well i have to watch your other vids so

Author arturo jastrzebski ( ago)
Love sip 💞😘

Author Sasha Sierra ( ago)
I. Like. Your. Wold

Author Michael Angel ( ago)
I like your world

Author Leanne Higgins ( ago)
Get the melon tree done!or elsei play mincraft

Author Samuel Montez ( ago)

Author katz valentinez ( ago)
ur laugh xD lol

Author Tracie Castilleja ( ago)
Stampy you are the best

Author Jason Womack ( ago)
it was cool holden

Author david strauch ( ago)

Author Christina Mead ( ago)
Minecraft Xbox - Staring Contest [120]:

Author Ryan Burson ( ago)
1:24 did he say friend Lee Bear? Lol

Author Kenny Heindl ( ago)
hi stampy this is allgal 493 I was wndering can join your world I
love your world

Author Charlotte Williams ( ago)
I actually cried when the creeper blew up 😢

Author Cara Jennings ( ago)
U have been building for 15 minutes 😃

Author Cara Jennings ( ago)
I agree stamps squid is best freind u should have him in ur world more 

Author willy wonka ( ago)
Christ it's like a literal children's show. I mean, good job, but Christ.

Author Gothtecdotcom ( ago)
I was going after an Enderman next to my minecart track... and one of my
dogs got in the cart, as I was trying to get him out...You said "Dogs
getting in the way and random livestock crossing the track!" The moment you
said "random livestoke" a sheep cross the track right as I was replacing
the cart!!!

I've been watching your videos while playing minecraft so Its not the first
time you done that!

Author Greta White ( ago)
Dear Mr stampy cat in school in the morning at my school I made a drawing
of you doing your intro p.s. I LOVE UR VIDEOS

Author Layzal Bhatti (721 year ago)
hold number 7 in fullscreen and on the right hilder is dancing

Author Kep Anon ( ago)
Please. build. a. water. slide.

Author Jodie Abbs (301 year ago)
Leving your dog ey so so poor

Author cconnor sharpe ( ago)
Stappy i finc you are great weeldon ☺

Author Kourtney F. ( ago)
You called sherbert Fluffy when she was attacking lee

Author Wojciech Filonowicz ( ago)

Author Jake_321gojo ( ago)
Stampy rocks he's really funny And is epic on minecraft carry on being
epic stampy

Author Rosario Gonzalez ( ago)

Author Amylee Deakin ( ago)
Stampy I do not think you should sleep with a sorwd

Author Cecelia Perrotti ( ago)
Stampy cat is the best I 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 love your
videos tell Herbert I said hi mr.stampy

Author Carolyn brewer ( ago)
Stampy, your the only tipe of cat I'm not allergic to

Author gamer kid (adison palmer) ( ago)
All the dogs look the same but stampylongnose is great at finding the right

Author gamer kid (adison palmer) ( ago)
Stamp stampylongnose he's the greatest cake eater in history he might sum
times mes up but he still gets fun out of it he has a positive attitude
ever day

Author paulrakovich ( ago)

Author Scott Meyers ( ago)
stumpy you should make a cake factory in your lovely world

Author Haso Salijaj ( ago)
i want to be the love garden

Author Shakira Silby ( ago)
Mrs cake and stampy should live together

Author Mayra Cabrera ( ago)
I Love your videos stampy

Author Hope Florence ( ago)
Who doesn't play minecraft!

Author Hope Florence ( ago)
Nice won squid

Author Remote control ( ago)
Dhe called sherbet fluffy

Author safwan ryan ( ago)
so cool a staring contest

Author Nadia Samokovski ( ago)
Love it

Author Cassius Evans ( ago)
Put me. In your love garden

Author Cassius Evans ( ago)

Author CarrMichael Myatt ( ago)
Stampy send me a french request

Author Andrew McIntyre ( ago)
Hi Stampy! I love you! Here's a poem story thing
Stampy is the best, better than the rest, this was a piece of cake, Oooh!
that's what I like to bake. Where's Lee? Oh, ha ha!! Squid is cool and he
lives in a pool, Sqaishey! who could forget? Nobody I bet!

Author Jeannie Crawn ( ago)
Did enybody see the baby sheep in the tree when he cut
Down the tree it was orange 

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