Minecraft Xbox - Staring Contest [120]

Part 121 -

Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built.

In this video I begin building a melon tree.

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Author Reese Bruneau ( ago)
what do you call a pug that are ugly puglies

Author Nancy Deeb ( ago)
why do you like cakes

Author Fabricio Siqueira ( ago)
Eei w

Author Muaz Ahmad ( ago)
did you see hit the target

Author Cian Cronin ( ago)
spot the.different

Author peter truong ( ago)
im 7 years old

Author Ivee Lowe ( ago)
Swear jar

Author Narayanan Srinivasaraghavan ( ago)
stamps rocks

Author Rosie Collins ( ago)

Author Georgia Foster ( ago)
stamp hit the target is coming to steal mittens and dunking so the dogs
will go after them

Author Prokid gamer06 ( ago)
Cool house

Author Shane Sims ( ago)
hi stampy you are my favorite youtuber. I have dedicated my life to
recreate a world like your called Shane loverly world.

Author Angela Disera ( ago)
I love all your videos and you never sound happy wen you start video :)

Author Alex Dyer ( ago)
he said fluffy wen he said he took sherbert lol

Author Angela Herrera ( ago)
I am your biggest fan

Author Angela Herrera ( ago)
here stampy cake

Author Angela Herrera ( ago)
I like cats you are a cat that means that I Love

Author Chyli Alewine ( ago)
the first episode was funny and stampy's world lovely world

Author Chyli Alewine ( ago)
the first episode was funny and stampy's world lovely world

Author Chyli Alewine ( ago)
hey stampy I hope you're having a good day and I'm 9 years old

Author Chyli Alewine ( ago)
have a good bay

Author Chyli Alewine ( ago)
by stamps:-)

Author Boleslaw Kosowski ( ago)

Author Sarah281 jane ( ago)
Build the tree like big tree in skyden

Author Yolanda Hicks ( ago)
tt chuhr er niyfrfuihrgyhdrhhj

Author Yolanda Hicks ( ago)

Author Yolanda Hicks ( ago)

Author RPMGamer ( ago)
stampy help! you always know what to build and like you say your world is
"lovely" so i need some ideas of what to make, please help me.

Author Noah Tripuzzi ( ago)
you do it is good

Author Noah Tripuzzi ( ago)
my name is noah tripuzzi my dad' S NAME is Joe tripuzzi

Author Noah Tripuzzi ( ago)
can you come to my house in minecraft PCWorld you will love it ok

Author Lindsay George ( ago)
My friends sister made a henry and hilda and killed them!

Author Minecraft Miner ( ago)
What happend to your cat

Author charlina diorio ( ago)
I'm 6

Author melanie patterson ( ago)
When was the first time you played mine craft

Author Shareese Arnbrister ( ago)
can l jumbo

Author Tony Timmons (992 years ago)
Al dogs in minecraft are the same

Author Tony Timmons (1050 years ago)
Do you really know you're dogs or are you guessing and piking ramdom

Author Tyler McMurry ( ago)
Why did the cat cross the road so he could get to cake city

Author Tyler McMurry ( ago)
Minecraft pe

Author lee pearce ( ago)
Next episode kill Hit the Target 🎯Stampy

Author Hasin Yusuf ( ago)
what the hell is going on here what your lying

Author Jennifer Bone ( ago)
hitthetarget isn't bad he's jelus

Author Chris Tran ( ago)
hey I just love your videos!

Author Melissa Seedhouse ( ago)
diamond diamond diamond

Author Tara Callahan ( ago)
I love you done

Author Tara Callahan ( ago)
the information in the morning

Author Lee Tripp ( ago)

Author Jigme Tseten ( ago)

Author Danielle Seymour ( ago)

Author andrea pettitt ( ago)
Stamps I want I'll be getting an Xbox 360 in 5 months and internet so I can
join stamp is lovely world

Author Justin Kennedy ( ago)
its a lovely world yeh

Author MangleYT ( ago)
That cobble and stone isn't that ugly!!

Author Jacob Mc ( ago)
I am your number one fan

Author Eve Allen ( ago)
a diamond tree

Author Alys Hislop ( ago)
this is awsooooooooome

Author Little Chickie100 ( ago)
No Offence But Your laugh Is really weird,And you Laugh ALL THE TIME BUT im
a huge fan X3 :D

Author Gary kitchen ( ago)
say sorry

Author King Cook ( ago)
i love you stapi

Author Miguel Cuaresma ( ago)
- coco T HJ you Die for me im Herobrine

Author Miguel Cuaresma ( ago)
super poop

Author Andy McCormick ( ago)
Stampy I'm so sad the first tree u cut down that was Gregory's grave I'm
really upset I knew because the sign said RIP Gregory;-/

Author Seth Mc Dougall ( ago)
just mesage stampy on twitter

Author Don Taylor ( ago)
can I be in your love garden

Author King Cook ( ago)
you don't have no tif

Author Panda Peaches ( ago)
Did you say hell of a lot better?

Author Dalton DeGrush ( ago)
I love all of your videos stampy I've seen the first one to the last one 

Author Ana Chacon ( ago)
(Teaser) 🎩💀

Author Ana Chacon ( ago)

Author Claire Baker ( ago)
Stamph if u already have a hospital why not build a vets place for your
dogs and mitten thanks byeeeee
Ps make it nice 

Author Suzanne Bowe ( ago)
I can buy squids skin

Author Brandon Hale (StadiumOutBlader) ( ago)

Author Ayla Weinandy ( ago)
make a tv shop

Author Christian Jones ( ago)
when trolltom
Eat a Apls

Author Clarimay Brook ( ago)
Do some work

Author Jamilynn Banks ( ago)
I am jamilynn. I love your videos

Author Raymond Accordino ( ago)
I made your house on Minecraft stampylongnose

Author Drake the ninjahog ( ago)
My dogs name is Fluffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............

Author Drake the ninjahog ( ago)
He called Sherbert Fluffy.

Author Nova Phantom ( ago)
+Alexes miles you can't ask to be in the love garden

Author Lewis Tibbs ( ago)
Make the maybe put a face on Facebook make it round like its burping

Author Liam Mcfarlane ( ago)
Spot the difference

Author Arianna what happened to the casal Garcia ( ago)
Can I see you please 

Author Adriana Coffey ( ago)
You're so cool that I don't want to be a human I want to be stampy the cat
please can we meet anywhere you want

Author Claire Fryatt ( ago)
I love you and your dogs

Author Jonathan Cook ( ago)
take mites and duckin

Author Bianca Dailey ( ago)
Love your videos don't stop making them 

Stampy I have lee ear skin and ur skin and I ballistic squids skin

Author zoë P ( ago)
YOU NEVER HAD YOUR MELON MOMENT! I am a big fan so here is a song. Trollers
gonna troll troll troll troll troll Lee is gonna bake bake bake bake bake
bake bake amy has flowers flowers flowers flowers flowers, Stampy builds
stampy buildsss! Squiddys gonna swim swim swim swim squasheys gonna quack
quack quack quack quack stampy has dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs, Stampy builds
Stampy builds!

Author Heather Hoolahan ( ago)

Author Tim Collins ( ago)

Author Crafted Machinimas ( ago)
Stampy your dogs are all the same! Lies :/

Author Spiderjosh2003 ( ago)
Sherbet was not in the video

Author Daisy Flores (1953 years ago)
Have in it and enjoy!!

Author Daisy Flores ( ago)
Hi we are making a funland for u differs but fun can u friend u friend us
we have the funland that is cool and bring the gang can we be in ur video
ok we have diamond armor for u and are name is i do not know thanks bye we
and we are boys!!

Author Cherry Mars (915 years ago)
I love you world

Author Chris Human ( ago)
Love you stampy

Author Willy Darin ( ago)
Don't go close to a creeper or it will blow up

Author Willy Darin ( ago)

Author Katie King ( ago)
Please can you build a well in your world.
PS. The payment for the well is DIMAND'S .
Thank you 

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