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Author james bye (5 months)
Roses are red, Lapis is Blue
I'd trade in my dog for a pickaxe or two

I love to mine, I'll mine all night
Until the creepers come out and
I put up a fight

The creepers blow up
and I go down
Off to the village this small little town

I make a new bed
to sleep throught the night

And I dream about zombies that I always fight...


Author Element9300 (5 months)
Anyone else notice how Stampy picked Sherbert but called her fluffy?

Author Birmingham Gold (1 month)
Im a carrot dootdoodoo im a carrot
My poem: redstone is red diamonds are blue, a cake has been waiting for
you, you and your pets joined by your friends,together so magic it never
ends, your dream is to be in a world of cakes, the delicious ones that lee
bakes, please like this poem and do subscribe, for it would be great if you
tried, of course I mean stampy, he's much to kind, im so amazed that im

If you like my poem THANK YOU ☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😇😉😛😜😝😋😎😌😏👍🐈🐕🌞

Author jordan vanryan (4 months)
Try to find 1

Author cconnor sharpe (18 days)
Stappy i finc you are great weeldon ☺

Author joanne thompson (3 months)
Stampy is cute

Tame and calm

Also generous

My favourite cat

Plays minecraft well

Yo your cool

By Imogen.

Author Julio Perez (3 months)
Stampy is te best

Author Charlotte Williams (12 days)
I actually cried when the creeper blew up 😢

Author willy wonka (12 days)
Christ it's like a literal children's show. I mean, good job, but Christ.

Author Renee Catalogo (3 months)
I've just noticed after watching the video, that stampy never says thank
you to any of his helpers.

Author Joshua Fletcher (3 months)
DEAR. STAPLES CATon minecraft and i hope you build a house for your cat
because you have a builder has your cat is just the giant tree house for
you and my brother loves watching your videos bert sweetheart lotto winning
well thanks to my brother riley because he for that if he copied you it
would be in it made me sad and it and i know that you are the best you've
got you've got me bear and squid nugget your dogs and joe cat and you're a
better person and i no but whenever i see your face it makes me laugh every
time you say everytime you say everytime you say what's wrong with the game
everyone keeps online aion online login out

Author Gothtecdotcom (13 days)
I was going after an Enderman next to my minecart track... and one of my
dogs got in the cart, as I was trying to get him out...You said "Dogs
getting in the way and random livestock crossing the track!" The moment you
said "random livestoke" a sheep cross the track right as I was replacing
the cart!!!

I've been watching your videos while playing minecraft so Its not the first
time you done that!

Author Sophie Hollie Hart (1 month)
Hi stampy I have a little poem for u
Stampy is yellow and I think he likes mushmellows😺😸💩

Author Carolyn brewer (24 days)
Stampy, your the only tipe of cat I'm not allergic to

Author Billy Skinner (5 months)
You should build a new ride and I am7. I'm bruce😄

Author Mayra Cabrera (1 month)
I Love your videos stampy

Author Tracie Castilleja (5 days)
Stampy you are the best

Author Kep Anon (18 days)
Please. build. a. water. slide.

Author Hope Florence (1 month)
Nice won squid

Author Cassius Evans (1 month)
Put me. In your love garden

Author ben johnson (2 months)
R.I.P Agatha the freindly creeper

Author Yilberth Martinez (1 month)
estampó saludarme

Author Destiny Starz (2 months)
At his first few videos his voice was kinda...weird?
Not being mean though!Just saying!

Author Sasha Sierra (3 days)
I. Like. Your. Wold

Author Christina Mead (7 days)
Minecraft Xbox - Staring Contest [120]:

Author Rosario Gonzalez (20 days)

Author Jake_321gojo (19 days)
Stampy rocks he's really funny And is epic on minecraft carry on being
epic stampy

Author Rebecca Fisk (1 month)
im watching this video while making my own melon tree... well i can't find
a jungle so.. a pumpkin tree

Author Julian Richardson (1 month)
He forgot the Mellon Moment.

Author Michael Angel (3 days)
I like your world

Author katz valentinez (5 days)
ur laugh xD lol

Author Kenny Heindl (12 days)
hi stampy this is allgal 493 I was wndering can join your world I
love your world

Author Cecelia Perrotti (22 days)
Stampy cat is the best I 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 love your
videos tell Herbert I said hi mr.stampy

Author Haso Salijaj (28 days)
i want to be the love garden

Author Scott Meyers (27 days)
stumpy you should make a cake factory in your lovely world

Author Samuel Montez (4 days)

Author Amylee Deakin (21 day)
Stampy I do not think you should sleep with a sorwd

Author Jason Regulski (1 month)
Change ur skin 

Author Reese Bruneau (1 month)
Be careful when your up there 

Author Phil Iz (2 months)
Stampy I am trying to make my minecraft world just like yours. I love your
videos I watch them every day. My best friend loves your videos too. P.S
don't add me to the love garden yet plz. 

Author Grace De Castro (1 hour)
hi stampy my daughter Ronah Belle has fallen inlove with you she loves all
your vids
and she is such a beautiful girl well we live in philipines so i just
wanted to tell you that your such a awesome boy well hope you like my
daughter as well haha just kidding well i have to watch your other vids so

Author david strauch (6 days)

Author Wojciech Filonowicz (19 days)

Author arturo jastrzebski (3 days)
Love sip 💞😘

Author edna geronimo (2 months)

Author Jodie Abbs (18 days)
Leving your dog ey so so poor

Author Kourtney F. (19 days)
You called sherbert Fluffy when she was attacking lee

Author Mara Cruz (2 months)
Hi stampy your funny and my sister and I watch your videos every day

Author Fun times (3 months)
Yep the mine cart station has got to go goodbye mine cart station hello
tree Tran.


Author Omelchenko Lenara (1 month)
I love you videos

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