Foulilaba Mauritius (Mana'c, Ras Ricky, Ras Gang)

Island Burning album
Paradize Burning co ltd Mauritius

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Views: 482,916
Added: 2 years
Runtime: 2:40
Comments: 1183

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Uploaded by: Ras Ricky Sultan
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Author Erzi Lvq (1 month)
Bez 2 clac

Author melissa amour (2 months)
A ou mort pitit <3

Author Amal Hdidouch (6 months)
What does foulilaba mean ?

Author Pritish Seeboo (4 months)
WTF was that?

Author Copolia (5 months)
Yeah, Ras Ricky!

Author John Smith (5 months)
love this song because it is sooooo stupid and i love listening to what
dumb people think LOL

Author bluebaykid (8 months)
big faya

Author patricia marie (8 months)
fouli laba sa mem zot dire kan zot trouve savon ek dilo..hahaha ale yebain

Author Rebecca Lawrence (8 months)
Haha capote

Author patricia marie (8 months)
fermez la

Author Rebecca Lawrence (8 months)
Haha capote

Author patricia marie (8 months)
fouli laba sa mem zot dire kan zot trouve savon ek dilo..hahaha ale yebain

Author vanshardy111321 (2 years)
mwa mo 1 creole mais ena ggt la ,la osi nu en 2012 lesprit la enkr kumsa
tiaaaaaaaaa ena bezer la

Author mirna032xXx (9 months)
what the fuck?? what's wrong with this guy! LMAO

Author 80tek (1 year)
torma pitin!

Author anhas allykhan (1 year)
ban boufonri in met lor later pu fr vilain mem sa

Author Mahen Nowzadick (2 years)
Mo ene malbar mais mo content santer la. Mo garde ene l'esprit ouvert.

Author MRNIC B (1 year)
Gera mo frere, Arret abaisse toi, he is not worth it

Author irvin manohar (2 years)
do not let your ego destroy your ability to research about your past,don't
be shy ,i know the frustration about acknowledging the truth ,but hey it
won't be to painful ,learn from your ancestor's place culture lingua,be
proud and be greatful,free yourself talk your new adopted creole tongue,but
do not forget about your african heritage,no matter where you come from as
long as you are a black man you are an african,remove those monsieur patron
le blanc cetait mon grand pere,mais non mon boy .

Author Andina Latchuman (9 months)
Eoula big asshole lascar mari ey bouss empE dow pena person mari de mari
laa ki senti zot trop lascar al dans Pakistan ena zot fami labas et
trop malbar al linde ena zot desendan ..nous nou bann Mauritian nou vive
dans moris . allor ... allor zot p gagne sensation zot ban tenor bein pas
bliEr ena 1 sel tenor p get zot ...

Author Hevan Ambajee (1 year)
Franc tOu bAn sakii p met ban cOmmentaire raciste la, kaV pas dimOune sa
banla!?? tO bizin fier kOuyOn, kOumadire tOii tO ti pOu ena fiel pOu
mkOntrer tO vilain lageule la lOr lecran!.. Espece ti lespriit! -_-

Author Alvin Nitz (1 year)
ta troufesse,.kot to sorti twa,.p bez bel bel anglais,.to honter pou coz
creole!!!twa ek sa pilon swalley la,..bisin bour feraille chaud to zot
troufesse!!!ban mauvais kakaliki

Author Ruman G (2 years)
to p sniff that coca? al fair phd london ta. poushal

Author MrYoutuboobs (1 year)
Swalley bez to f raciste la al reste dan pays to reve do ta.. to pa vaut
reste dan n pays multiracial tw!

Author TheKev4281 (1 year)
Trois baya ki pe faire bouffon mo sire zot nom zote pa cone ecrire ca bane
plok la Toi ras ricky pa coner ki ti eter retourne ek to bane dalon loin
are nu Pa bisin toi dan moris Telment to penser to malin to inteligent ca
mem coument to ti pose lipied dan ireland zot to deport toi ou plu vite

Author Ras Ricky Sultan (1 year)
be zot ankor pe lager lo zafer laaaa ki ariveee la!!!! nou nou pe bounce

Author ChocolateLady0410 (1 year)
tiooou!! pliss ki 324 000 tou :D weii do! Fort! <3

Author kriShOux StiiflEr (1 year)
w0o0ow bEl niiisA !!! frAn tOuu :) r nOu nOn xD

Author Ras Ti lours (1 year)
met 1 gro bibit dan to troufess part.. wen baya villaz ou

Author topacokhoney (1 year)
ca faire chagrin kan to vine lor youtube pou guet ene video c ban
commentaire raciste ki to trouver.2013 et ena encore ban ti l'esprits ki to
malbar nation lascar enjoy la musik la pa vine faire mauritiens gagne
honter devant le monde entier avec zot reactions.ena a plus 1 millions
videos lor ytube mais mo capave assir zotte pena ene lot video avec sa
kantiter commentaires racists.arrete faire vilains kan le monde entier
trouver ki kaliter couyon zot etais

Author kervin thanacody (2 years)
get bezer la

Author kevin martin (1 year)
to p kose Kaka pilon Warren dir zot donne 2 clak torma

Author cristopher legalan (1 year)
swalley...kkliki pna lage

Author kervin thanacody (2 years)
wai dom kennedy mari

Author hans casanova (1 year)
ta swalley... to 1 mari gopiah en tou le cas... moi ausssi 1 lascar couma
toi,,, ca pa veut dire ki mo vine faire bouffon ek lezot religion,, chaquun
so droit prier ce qui li let.. pa toi ki pur decide pur le zot,,, zamais pa
ine dire ki tire defaut ek lot dimoune so croyance,,, tou religion dire 1
seul zafaire pa faire di tort to prochain,, ek to banes paroles combein
dimoune to pe faire di tort to coner??? ey change to mentalite... sinon
banes ici la pur fou toi la bas....

Author EpisodesMan (1 year)
caca face bou to face to faire bien

Author Niraj Chet (1 year)
fou li net

Author LightingRevenant (1 year)
aret donne creole mauvais zimage...

Author kervin thanacody (2 years)
mari problem dan moris la kalyani p dir...ena dimune p fr zot auto prop
critik bzin avoy zot get yakil pursen

Author ajay jokun (2 years)
im with you ,i totally agree.

Author Warren djay (1 year)
Mari pilon zot chante bane kkliki zot tro grand noir tou les 3 kkliki zot
pena baTmem sur tou cki ti boulo club med moV pilon (zoli zoli lichien p
mort bane viline pilon couma zot pa les mort ) ofait zot la music mari
pilon bess torma 2 clap et fou li net r torma

Author JackUSA Chanee (1 year)
bane nimporte, zot pena respect, zot in guete sa bne parole la ? mari
nimporte !!!!! zot apel sa new style ?? hahahaha, bne zen cuma zot la in
gat pays sa, lombri pas encore sec p fr mari cumsa, enn fr foute leducation
zot pena, bne kk liki, arete fr nimporte koi. pa pou nnr maurice ggne
malediction c grace a zot, zot p fr tou sa bne jeunesse la fr nimporte koi,

Author yashil1892 (1 year)
haters *

Author mimi doux (1 year)
eyy swalley met 2 bar savon embas lipie sayE enkr ena to mari piaw
samm to p zaze si mo 1 lascar kuma tw ta,,b carmm mo pa
rasict,,,,bez sa zet sa dan 1 coin,,,aret amen division ta ti lespri nu tou
1 pa vo ress parmi dimoun al ress dan la jungle... ta
nerport..conprnd to lange bien avnt...

Author Ruman G (2 years)
eh mari problem dan maurice la...person pan baigner gramatin

Author sheeeraj04 (1 year)
si to 1 caser nisa et 1 gater program santer la pu toi sa

Author nels nels (2 years)
Military riddim for net

Author rishta mundil (1 year)
r nu non

Author shakskillful (1 year)
malbar ici... whatever! sanT la topo net! nouvo generation rasta style!

Author pravish sunnasy (1 year)

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