@ShottyHorroh Vs @ArsonalDaRebel

Hosted by @Twitteurgh
Filmed by @BodyBagnall @StickmanVisuals @London_86 @Cruger7
Edited by @Cruger7
Graphic Design by @SamGrafix
Motion Graphics by @GusBalderdash
Photos by James Cross

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 36:24
Comments: 24712

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Author Joe Camperson (2 months)
That was siiiiiick. Mad love to both dudes. They killed it

Author Zuviox (3 months)
It's kind of funny to see US viewers commenting about the UK spitting about
guns, and yet the US rappers do it and still haven't shot no one.

Author Shane Chambers (3 months)
Dear Americans,

On behalf of all UK citizens I would like to apologise for this. This was
truly embarrassing for us and I hope you can forgive us for this display of

Concerned UK citizen.

Author DREWVIX1992 (4 months)
I'm white and think this white boy is a bitch. They ain't got guns in their
country so this motherfucker can't say shit. Also his accent is hard to
follow and sounds fucking gay.

Author Randhika Ikra (1 month)
i need a subtitle for that albino guy is saying 

Author hgewhew hewdhewr (5 months)
EVERY comment i see here is saying arsonal won, are you all too dumb to
understand shottys bars? you're missing out. "he loves crippin up, but
since he fucks with them bloods hes an unfinished book cuz hes part red),
who you reppin dude? your both red and blue like the second suit of clarke
kent. But I'm the Kryptonite to this Crip tonight." he stayed on the rhyme
scheme and then said "this is a blue getting caught red handed.. same time
ill have his palms read. i can read your future and if you ever had horroh
scoped you was tryna find out what the alignment of the stars said" come on
people... if u dont understand just admit it dont just say shottys shit and
ars won cuz thats the opposite of what happened hahaha

Author austin porter (3 months)
Everyone saying shotty didnt kill it, im sorry but all i could say was
damn. "what kindof crip shows up to the bits, wearing red" his flow was
spot on minus crowd hype interuption. his lyrics were sharp and crisp. And
i personally love british accents for rapping. Its a fresh change from the
same old same old here in the states. Thats just my opinion though

Author wapminnin99 (1 day)
classic bat tle. ar doing the backword alphabet is damm hard to rap in a

Author cameron evans (1 month)
sure i just saw a comment saying something about america being harder cus
they aint afraid to shoot people, bitch we in england aint dumb enough to
fuckin shoot people, whats killing em gonna do apart from being slammed in
a cell for a good quarter of your life? dumb fucks 

Author ben taylor (2 months)
and your retarded if you think nobody in the uk owns a gun, they just arent
dumb enough to get caught with it like you see all the time in america

Author Mark H (6 days)
2 total opposites clash
Respect to both high level 

Author rockandroller34 (2 months)
Shotty had him completely. People talking about his accent being weird,
americans way of speaking english is also weird 

Author IAmKing720 (2 months)
Shotty was real nice, but Arsonal had this one in the bag. Arsonal just
killed it with the atom/adam wordplay @ 21:30. 

Author Jordan Edge (26 days)
If you think England doesn't have guns you must be stupid 

Author Gamelunatic1992 (1 month)
I gotta say. Ever since I've known who Arsenal was, I've stuck up for him,
arguing that he's won most of his battlles. But god damn, shout out to
Shotty Horroh, he destroyed Arsenal. 

Author AER4040 (3 months)
lol i bet the americans dont even know who van persey is

Author Srib (3 months)
Lol british wannabe badmans talking about glocks and 44's when really all
they have is a butter knife. 

Author DARK-SKY (1 month)
Who sings the uk song at the beginning of the video

Author KoolKidGamer (2 months)
Gotta vest on headshot gotta helmet on neckshot got my ruger in my right
hand to straps and a left glock its funny how your body went from flesh to
a wet spot I'm squeezing on my left and my right trigger like I'm still
playing my Xbox....😱😱😱 bars

Author p wee (2 months)
damn arsonal flew allaway over there!!
and took that cracker racist piece of shit money

Author MarcoPolo1299 (3 months)
MC's from da UK sound fuck'n ridiculous. Can't understand what the hell
they're say'n. Like couldn't watch more than 3 minutes, for real. What 'n
the fuck was he talk about? Bet you if he came to the states and talked
that shit he would get laughed right the fuck outta here.

You wonder why all the best MC's come from America? 'Cause we invented da
shit and we run da shit period. Plus we make kill'a beat'z. Why the fuck do
beat'z from da UK sound like you're at some homo rave club? UK should just
stick to what they good at .., pop'n E, do'n blow, and making "Techno"
electronic trance garbage, fuckers. Hahaha

Author VladtheImpaler31 (1 month)
Rapping is so boring. They just make shit up to rhyme. 'Biblics', honestly.

Author Jerome carle (4 days)

Author DJ96829 (2 months)
'Muricans spewing crap about how UK cops don't even carry guns so UK
rappers have no right to spit bars about guns, sounding all proud and
stuff... Your gun crime rate is something to be absolutely ashamed about,
meanwhile ours is nowhere near that bad, that's why our cops don't HAVE to
carry around guns, cause we're not gun toting rednecks like you ;)

Author Gibb-T (1 day)
Fuckin hell that was intense! Both blokes brought it.

Author Zack Maddox (10 days)
Man come on I'm from america and this mother fucker is like half the other
god damn trash here false claiming and holding guns thinking they bad when
all they do is jump and wanna shoot somebody and ooo how the white man and
government holding them back bitch shut the fuck get a god damn high school
education cause its free stop smoking that shit and be a real man its
called trying ain't no one hold you back but yourself no I don't claim yes
I have guns but I don't carry flashing saying I'm fucking hard and no I'm
not gonna run up on someone in America cause not knowing if imma get shot
idk about you but I love my god damn life if that makes me soft so be it
and was it me or was arsonal repeating his shit 

Author inevitable sage (2 months)
Lol @the close minded people on here complaining about shottys accent lol
where the fuck y'all been this is 2015 battle rap has changed n has grown
but I guess some peoples minds haven't 

Author Josesito Martinez (3 months)
people in the UK dont use guns LOL. they have cricket bats and kitchen

Author Jahmaall Andrews (1 month)
you a crip but wearing all red

Author William Gibson (4 months)
I rate Shotty Horroh Propa but Arsonal is unreal in this battle. 

Author soul see (2 months)
GOD DAMN ! ALMOST 6,000,000 views unbelieveable i havent seen no battle
rapper make these many views.. Arsonal keep doing your thing..this actually
give shotty horror and exposure this kid got skills... Arsonal 2-1 maybe
3-0...only because ARS punches was hitting alittle harder in each
round...Make no mistake Shotty horror is a force to be reckoned with!!

Author B Bag (2 months)
for those of you who think Arsonal is from the UK he isnt... hes from
Newark, NJ

Author Ramon Cain (3 months)
I dropped my phone when he said "She sucked my dick while she drivin'"

Author RoronoaZ69 (22 days)
First time I hear UK rap. That's not so bad

Author levidicci shedai (3 months)
british have guns, dont sleep cause they not on fox 

Author Hanh (2 months)
u cant expect anyone frm US to understand anything that happens outside
their country tbh.

Esp not in comment sections on youtube.
They have some of THE WORLDS DUMBEST people living there. So of course they
think if something is outlawed in another country......that nobody has any
illegal firearms.....

They think Iraq has no buildings but has weapons of mass
destruction.....come on valid are opinions?

Author Christopher Rygol (3 months)
Damn you americans are too stupid to understand allot of shortty raps. Also
arsenal making race jokesand having to use the n word to rhyme is boring as
fuck, he would of won if he didn't have to go back to generic rap insults. 

Author Mechacelzi (1 month)
What's up with arsenal using racist words?

Author Gilberto Silva (11 days)
White people are evolving 

Author jethro howl (2 months)
I could go to the fucking UK and start a terrorist attack with a fucking
NERF GUN! And probably wipe out half of their fucking police force!

Author kevin bigrt (2 months)
Arsonal my boy.. But damn yo this nigga shotty roasted his ass 

Author WhoKnows352 (3 months)
Shitty horroh is completely terrible, you can tell the dude is fake and his
bars are weak. Sorry but the british accent ruins what british battlers
say, all of them are trash, arsonal bodied shotty and talked about his dead
uncle and shotty still road his dick, he looks like dr evil on crack

Author jp de ronde (4 months)
I wish shotty could read this
Your a lame ass
Hate bitches and fuck fags
We are in London now,are you really proud
If you come back to america your own dad would butt-fuck you in front of a
Scared of you, man your a fool
The only part of your body I'm scared of is your demonic hair-do

Author Hagusha Berhane (27 days)
You can never beat a black man in his own game ,great rap battle enjoyed it
but arsonal wasn't even trying his best but shotty was ahaahh

Author Zoul125 (10 days)
Lets be real yall the british guy is str8 up trash The crowed got hype for

Author Yoel De Los santos (4 days)
But it's still good both of them killed at least

Author kiara pickachu (5 days)
I did not understand what that chav just said

Author Andy C (5 days)
Awesome i like both

Author BRO vs SIS (3 months)
The white guy is racist

Author Lowko Manic (2 months)
I came here to see Americans talk about the UK, some funny shit, bet they'd
be banged out or even shot, there are plenty of guns in Britain, go to
areas around London like Hackney or Bethnal Green or go to Birmingham or
Glasgow and then talk your nonsense. In fact not so long ago there was a
shotgun shooting just outside my house, and a few months ago a child was
shot. Do your research before you make false claims because you're only
making yourself foolish. Guns aren't that hard to come by, accept in
America it's easier to buy over the counter. Foolish imbeciles making
Americans look stupider than thy actually are.

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