@ShottyHorroh Vs @ArsonalDaRebel

Hosted by @Twitteurgh
Filmed by @BodyBagnall @StickmanVisuals @London_86 @Cruger7
Edited by @Cruger7
Graphic Design by @SamGrafix
Motion Graphics by @GusBalderdash
Photos by James Cross

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Views: 4,795,048
Added: 1 year
Runtime: 36:24
Comments: 20825

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Author Danny Mac_H Town (14 days)
V Look at what the whole world thinks of america? the most hated people in
the world. the only people who like americans, are other dumb ass
americans, and even then the love is thin, you get owned at everything you
say your good at. get beat down in wars then come crying to the uk that you
need are help,

Author boomboominroom (1 month)
The crowd was gassing Shotty. Overrated bars. 

Author BignattyBrubz hue (1 month)
I don't get it. What is cool about scripted rap battles? Wow, he remembered
something he wrote down hours ago. So talented.

Author Stephan Gladstone (1 month)
Fuck America!!! and all the people in it!! Always saying some stupid shit
that doesn't even make sense with their poofy accent. Most of your country
are either black/European/British or fucking Mexican....trace your
ancestors back....fucking bellends. And oh yeah Shotty killed this fake

Author Jonathan Fox (1 month)
Arsenal killed this Casper looking Brit!!!

Author giovank1 (28 days)

Author XiAmFAUSTX (21 day)
Without a doubt Shotty got bodied, but I think Shotty is way better than
Eurgh. But that's just me. I think some of the tracks I heard from him
aren't that bad. A lot of American people don't really give the UK rappers
much credit, I think it's the accent, but they aren't so bad. Shotty >
lil Wayne, that's for sure.

Author Bl4keNightGaming (1 month)
If both of em vs Eminem? Who would win?

Author SickestRap (17 days)
I hate how Shotty continuously laughs and smiles while Ars disses him, like
that shit makes no sense.

Author TEFLONG DONG . (2 months)

Author Stone Tudabone (1 month)
Id be impressed if they didnt stop every 20 seconds to collect their
thoughts. Let me hear straight bars for 3 minutes then I may be impressed

Author Zoro Uchiha (28 days)
Arsonal 3/0 him

Author 1234Beast (23 days)
Shottys one of the best in the league. He's the reason why people are
watching don't flop.

Author IUSECAMERAS (3 days)
what did the dude say at 14:53 for everyone to start laughing? i didnt
understand what he said.

Author xJonnyboi17x (1 month)
english cant compete with american rap.
Its like americans playing football, oh wait they got further than

Author iruleallnothing (1 month)
wtf this wasn't a classic.. this was just another body for Arsonal

Author Maurice Franklin (2 months)
No offense but that wasnt even a battle the white dont sound like a fuckin
poet and shit 

Author John Mansa (29 days)
Arsonal won, no doubt! Delivery and complex rhymes was on point. Shotty was
basic af

Author Justin Velazquez (1 month)
Man yall just need to shutup & enjoy the battle both of them had hard bars.
Shotty Horroh really nice though he should battle in America

Author Daniel Kazi Medina (3 days)
ENGLAND Rappers Talking about Guns! LOL haha. Their Fucking COPS have
WHISTLES!!! hahahaha 

Author jagemobe (4 days)
It has 4 million views because there's a cracker in the pic so all the
other crackers come a-flocking to it. Kinda like the reason Eminem is so
huge - wigga's skilled but c'mon really lol? Before Em all the crackers
used to deride rap about how misogynistic and homophobic it is lol. Then Em
lands on the scene with his high-level of talent and crackers go crazy that
one of "their own" can actually rap after the Vanilla Ice fiasco and forget
that rap is bad because it's homophobic and misogynistic - even though you
won't find a rapper that embodies these traits more than Eminem. that about
sum it up for ya?

Author PumpTrainingProgram (1 month)
Wigger lost Arsonal won

Author project623 (27 days)
Them England cats ain't got shit on US cmon people....#Arizona

Author Ronald Dick (1 month)
The alphabet part bodied Shotty by itself. Shotty is nice but he couldn't
fuck with Arsonal here.

Author Joseph Mastaki (8 days)
Shotty is a genius

Author Nicholas Loudermilk (6 days)
@ Grimes when was this? I remember u guys begging and pleading for our help
in world war 2 and we said we went sending sending u shit and u guys got ur
ass kicked by the nazis. 

Author IPlay TFM (14 days)
Shotty is racist :/

Author Rikendy R.P.L (14 days)
british people just have fun if it was in america there would be a

Author Colt 45 Harrison (8 days)
How can arsonal call him a cracker. There would be a big up lift if shotty
called him and coon or a cotton picker

Author kevinLAWLESS420 (27 days)
I told ars on twitter before this battle about shoots uncle...shit was
funny. He was like really??

Author Devin Lewis (15 days)
British rappers are dumb

Author chocotaco78 (26 days)
If these british rappers came to America they would get killed because that
british rap is garbage compared to American rap the only reason Arsonal is
losing is because he in gay ass brtitan where they like that wack shit I
want to see a British rapper come to America and try to pull that shit.
Trust me it would not go down the same way.

Author Rufus Shipman (2 months)
Rapping is an attempt at a singing career minus the talent lol but oh well
rap is honestly the lowest form of self expression for anyone on earth
there are so many more beautiful ways too express ones self

Author Tiasha Lovett (6 days)
Arsonal won this one.

Author Cedarious Roberson (6 days)
why does this battle have 4 million views *blank stare*

Author Rich M. (7 days)
No wonder this got 4 mill!!! Classic match

Author SuperNeedName (7 days)
why are these angry people acting so happy. Are they both angry and happy
at the same time? Or are they fake people? 

Author Marquis Ferguson (1 month)
♣Oh Shit ! 4,475,751 Views ! ! ! Arsonal Really Is The Most Viewed Battle
Rapper ! I Havent Seen This Many Views For A Rap Battle Period ! The
Closest I Seen To This Is His Battle With Hitman And Thats Almost At
3,000,000 Views ! #GoodBattle♣ 

Author Marcello Perez (1 month)
Why he gotta talk bout a mans dead uncle tho

Author Jacinta Rome (21 day)
all i hear... blah blah blah blah blah blah blah HERE blah blah blah blah
blah THERE... mouth full of morons...

Author Pradin Rajbhandari (27 days)
that kenan and kel line made me laugh as fuck

Author Glenn Haygood (1 month)
That nigga arsonal is cold blooded. I like shitty too but...damn. This was
a massacre. Arsonal 10-1 lol

Author JavelinArrow (14 days)
So who officially won?

Author theshach100 (23 days)
Yup it's official Arsonal has the highest views in battle rap 

Author StickSkits (1 month)
wow that adam/atom bar didn't even make sense, he said his mum named his
adam implying he doesn't matter, surely it should that he does matter
considering that atom is matter...

Author C Fong (16 days)
I thought DNA was NYB? Just wondering why he's with those New Jersey cats.
Does anyone know if he was on the bill that night?

Author Sem o que fazer (1 month)

Author Andy Santiago (2 months)
What did shotty mean by '' you wanna box we could do that asap i'll be
giving you them hooks like take that take that. Your boys might jump in,
you look like wiledace so they mayback. ?

Author wayne ndawana (1 month)
Shotty killed it

Author Jamie Darren (1 month)
what is the song from the beginning? 

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