@ShottyHorroh Vs @ArsonalDaRebel

Hosted by @Twitteurgh
Filmed by @BodyBagnall @StickmanVisuals @London_86 @Cruger7
Edited by @Cruger7
Graphic Design by @SamGrafix
Motion Graphics by @GusBalderdash
Photos by James Cross

Views: 7431154
Runtime: 36:24
Comments: 26396

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Author G0d1e55Marcu5 ( ago)
I know this isnt Surf, but can Shotty put it in subtitles or something?

Author David Mitnick ( ago)
Classic battle. That's why it's got 7 million views. Always fun to go back

Author Emo Bieber ( ago)
i hate this nigga we arent playen about died things fuck u & u dont have
even recpect so why i should respect u

Author Basillio11 ( ago)
7 million views, this vid must be on some sites set to autoplay when you
visit it. Complete b.s.

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
ShoTtY H0rRoh 2-1 maybe 3-0

Author Kyrie 4 life ( ago)
Arsonal won

Author I BleedDaily ( ago)
why'd they take off the rematch ?

Author David ZPA ( ago)
who sang that music?shotty?what is the song name?

Author Dudefarmer ( ago)
american battle rap seems totaly different from the german battle rap, for
example the jbb, i mean SpongeBOZZ made a round, which is already alone so

Author tom mincher ( ago)
over 7 million views enough said

Author Johnny Smith ( ago)
6:01 wat kind of claps are those

Author Markell Wingard ( ago)
A I don't know about who watched this battle before or who didn't but this
is the Greatest battle I ever seen. Respect to @aronaldarebel and

Author Husk Wolfblood ( ago)
NO! In a body cast

Author King Byron ( ago)
Arsonal is a beast

Author iCocoANutsi ( ago)
Shotty looks scary as hell. He look like he would kill people for the fun
of it. He should be a GTA character lol

Author Twisted Mind ( ago)
I really hope Charlie Austin stays at QPR this season..

Author PsychOnLocko ( ago)
Fucking nigger killed it, shit.

Author KP-48 ( ago)
that white kid was just speaking fast
that's not how rap works

Author THE ONE ( ago)
shotty horroh has dizaster in his style

Author THE ONE ( ago)
(Loaded Lux, Murda Mook, T.Rex, Iron solomon, Thesaurus, Cassidy, Serius
Jones,Head ICE, Reed Dollaz and QP from the sons are the fathers of all the
styles being used in all leagues worldwide) Arsonal, Tsu Surf, Daylyt,
Hitman holla, Charlie clips, Real deal, Dizaster, Hollow da don, Pat stay
are the most original battle rappers today that have their own style,
everyone else is somebodys son

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
Just watched the rematch Shotty Horroh bodied Arsonal 3-0 it was a classic
but it wont top these views no battle will just thought i would watch the
original again still got Shotty taking this 2-1

Author floyd red (162 years ago)
such a good battle mean vibe, drew each other out well. respect

Author Tony Garcia (1732 years ago)
damn, i watched this video and it had a little over 1m views and i was
amazed how great this battle was. Now at 7m, im glad a lot of people got a
chance to watch this battle.

Author Truman Kelly ( ago)
This is a UK rap battle channel, The whole audience is english. Everyone is
understanding what shotty is saying. Stop saying no one can

Author Steèzfan Steelo ( ago)
I saw arsonal on wild n out

Author Rich Rivera ( ago)
shotty is a fuckin beast

Author Dylan Crossley ( ago)
as soon as arsonal dropped it about his uncle and shotty put his middle
finger up...arsonal knew he fucked up

Author Watcha Gona Doo ( ago)
Big up Mark Henry 😂

Author Jeremiah Sojourney (406 years ago)
I don't understand why its so hard to understand his accent. I can
understand every word. it's not exactly the easiest but everything is
definitely comprehendible

Author Brenticles ( ago)
Shotty got bodied lmaoooo

Author Dre HannaAFB ( ago)
Ars got round 1

Author jason rebancos ( ago)
Z to A nuff said

Author Jeremy Fisher ( ago)
arsonal has some flow, but every battle i seee he gets murked.

Author 10babiscar ( ago)
what's the bar at 14:02?

Author Mueed Kumandan ( ago)
I hate these English battle rappers. I find them very annoying

Author momo ( ago)
that guy in the blue hoodie front row is fucking weird n hyper as fuck

Author Izzycrack ( ago)
Anybody else notice that fake diddy smacking the banner on the balcony

Author Brutally HonestFrank ( ago)
*Calls 911*
"Hi, Police, there's this guy on Youtube confessing to murder"

Author Izzycrack ( ago)
Best battle ever

Author therightfulking ofasgard ( ago)
wheres the coke

Author Mario Garcia ( ago)
arsonal murder him all 3 rounds.

Author Shirleyjean 1944 ( ago)

Author Lytsout193 ( ago)
Fighters in their prime! This battle is the best of all written battles!

Author bangmeister2012 ( ago)

Author gabelogan60 ( ago)
21:24 holy shit I'm done. That was done perfectly. He ended him with that. 

Author Jasty ™ ( ago)
those Adam name flips were 100% raw ass & so was that reverse alphabet
shit. you fools are easily impressed. other than that, this battle is
obviously great from both parties

Author I am BeardedPatriot ( ago)
arsenal is just a racist idiot.

Author Swissle Beatneck ( ago)
Arsonal wins 3-0

Author Kevin Russell ( ago)
Where is Shottys accent from? Inb4 someone says UK/England etc i know this
but where specifically?

Author DankStank Hank ( ago)
HILARIOUS CRIP G WEARS red instead of Blue head.

Author Franky Blanco ( ago)
I kinda wanna see Shotty vs Rone.

Author Gerel T ( ago)
Yes Man City fan right there. City got RAP, United got RAPED.

Author Patrick H ( ago)
what's the second song artis name and title??

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
you wanna be like illmac and concieted as well you believe midgets are low
magical demons with spells that don't recieve any L's and that's why he
dropped to hi's knee's against dizaster to see if it will help

Author Christina Forever Soltera ( ago)
Wow. Shotty great job. You took the win.

Author Jason Siks ( ago)
wtf happened at 14:52 ???

Author Swissle Beatneck ( ago)
What's up with Shotty's bootleg Ottawa Sens hat?

Author inmigranterealhiphop ( ago)
im walkin around wid a pinocchio thats a long nose wid a long range so im
hittin targets in tokio..

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
Bring on 8.000,000 views for the biggest rap battle of all time

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)

Author Kasper Kennedy ( ago)
why do these battlers get so close to the face, if man got in my face like
that he would get a push #personalspace

Author SCURGE ( ago)
simple, basic GARBAGE

Author Rihana Chill ( ago)
(*AUTHE/\/TIC HITS* * ++> Dot com*)got me 2,192 instagram followers so far
today? #instagra followers #instagr ,#howtogetinstagram #fame #follower
#unitedsts #authentic?

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
shotty won

Author Jeffrey Stephenson ( ago)
Shottys humor is so fucking English it is insane.

Author Brandon Heredia ( ago)
Arasonal win 

Author bonehead 13 (452 years ago)
round 1. Shotty (edge)
round 2. Arsonal
round 3. Still can't decide after watching this loads of times. Great
battle from both of them. Draw.

Author kris thomason ( ago)
don't talk about guns here sunshine

Author mike willard (702 years ago)
arsonal trash... always garbage always reaching

Author Dehve Edits ( ago)
both of these guys are amazing. i dont know how they dab each other that
lmao. true sportmanship.

Author Porto Rico ( ago)
arsenol wins

Author Martina Stefanovski ( ago)
White guy look like Gollum and I don't know what he's saying when he raps.
i think Arsenal won. Shots look like a grown ass baby, like, how the fuck
is that shit possible?

Author LacyBeee ( ago)
I need subtitles to listen to this aids in the face looking ass nigga

Author preuomo ( ago)
There's one line I don't get the reference to 14:01

Your boys might jump in
You look like [Wall A??]
So they Maybach

I know the car company Maybach (may back [back off]) but what was the [Wall
A] ?

Author Aaron W. ( ago)
Swear I saw rizzle kicks in the crowd too

Author Aaron W. (1633 years ago)
Arsonal looking like a poor man's Wale

Author Riley Kolb ( ago)
round 2 arsenals part had me taking a cold shower because it was so fire

Author Charlie Jefferson ( ago)
But I'm not a rapper

Author thisdudeiskillinit ( ago)

Author bob mclain ( ago)
Arsonal just murderer Shotty... And put him in a Body Bag.

Author KGTv ( ago)
Wait for part2!! 🔥🔥

Author Terence Rhett ( ago)
seems to me that he stop his flow...but it could just be his ascent

Author Richard Davis ( ago)
ars ate that boy

Author Jacob A ( ago)
Shotty won by a hair shorter than those on his head. Best battle yet.

Author Jesse Herrera ( ago)
this battle is fucking epic

Author HypedZebra ( ago)
I thought this was shit

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
shotty won 2-1 maybe 3-0 lol

Author Caroline McCarthy ( ago)
Ads that uncle was peck

Author Sanchez Ravindran ( ago)
Shotty looks like mr evil from Austin powers

Author YgetsHYPER 4u ( ago)
quick with the words

Author Maxime Mattana ( ago)
Look at 6:35 i thought that it was Arsonal who drank .. xD

Author Russell Ellis ( ago)
lol that nigga firer Arsonal

Author Pirouettes :3 ( ago)
oh man

Author Nigel Perren ( ago)
A tale from prince phillips new book! "Phillip! Memoirs of a beaten prince"
My wife-the queen, kate and the''ravishing pippa'' have a firm-a kind of
gang, they call themselves''The Nigeatron girls"
The Nigeatron girls is also the name of their girl band! Although they
cover all genre's, the girls specialize in rap !
I made a bootleg recording of their latest single, its due out in December!
And Elizabeth has rigged it to be a Christmas number 1!
This is a text of the lyrics!
(Imagine a fast beat, with lots and lots of scratching-join in by randomly

ELIZABETH- i'm the queen, some say i'm mean! I own the country-eaven
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mess with me! I locked up the krays!

Kate - I married William-you can see what I got! Prince George! and his
sister.. char-lotte, dont mess with me ! I'm pretty-and don't ming, and my
husband, , is a future flippin king!

Pippa- they call me pippa! And i'm'' top totty" from my dimple cheek smile,
right down to my.. famous botty, im so pretty, it makes people blush! When
Nigel looks at me ... it gives him a rush!

Chorus- The Nigeatron girls are really bloody fit- compared to us you're as
common as shit! (Repeat three times)

Elizabeth- my corgis are my royal dogs! They run in the woods and eaven in
bogs! If you walk them for me..throw them sticks-never logs!

Kate - my boobs are nice, they're a luvly pair! Other girls copy me....from
my clothes to my hair, i'm still down to earth..and sometimes i flippin

Pippa- kates boobs are nice! But my bum is better! I told her to her
face-and I wrote her a letter,I have be careful when I say i'm also pretty!
,,,, Kate's got a temper-and she really gets shitty!

Chorus. ....

Nigeatron girls together- we're a royal firm! With blue blood-all you
peasants are as common as mud! If you say were not the're
talkin crudd. 

Author laine rey ( ago)
shotty horroh's sooooowwwww seeexxxaayyyyy! :D

Author MYM ( ago)
I like how even though how mean these raps can be, when they crack a funny
joke they all end up laughing. Like the Wale joke lol THAT WAS HILARIOUS

Author jhonny gonzalez ( ago)
Off topic but shotty looks like a fucking vulture 

Author TrueBeedrill ( ago)
But I'm not a rapper.

Author Vanessa C ( ago)
Half way i thought to myself, are they insulting each other or rap
battling? Man, hardcore shit.

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