@ShottyHorroh Vs @ArsonalDaRebel

Hosted by @Twitteurgh
Filmed by @BodyBagnall @StickmanVisuals @London_86 @Cruger7
Edited by @Cruger7
Graphic Design by @SamGrafix
Motion Graphics by @GusBalderdash
Photos by James Cross

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Runtime: 36:24
Comments: 26646

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Author Sonia Gibbs ( ago)
Shotty looks like Voldemort

Author Charles Larue ( ago)
"all that tough guy rahhhrahhh shit"
-he stealing mookie mook bars but okay.

Author Leisure Tyme ( ago)
I feel like I'm the only person who likes the rematch better.

Author Casey Davis ( ago)
Am I the only one who came back to this after seeing the rematch?

Author Casey Davis ( ago)
Am I the only one who came back to this after seeing the rematch?

Author Monteze Lynem ( ago)

Author Mr. Delano ( ago)
It's only right to watch this again .. Before I watch the rematch..💯

Author Quinton Broadway ( ago)
whats the name of shottys song during the intro?

Author ProFrame Zaibatzu ( ago)

Author Ben Rich ( ago)
Salute to Don't Flop! KOTD didnt even put on a rematch that is worthy of
being associated with how good this first battle!

Author Ellis S. ( ago)
I need subtitles for shotty. Real shit!

Author RapFein4Real ( ago)
arsonals best battle Imo. he fucking killed that shit. God damn.

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
why does arsonal choke all the time

Author jay brooklyn ( ago)
Apart of being a great battler is understanding crowd energy , its crazy
wen u study it

Author Herby Aristide ( ago)
arsonal!!!, that guy is a genuis, hes been touched by god, hes choosen!!!
one word "girfted". hes funnier than kevin hart!!!!! arsonal!!!! should be
world wide. somebody!!! sign arsonal in kevin harts place.

Author Stand Back Or Get Whacked With My Bat ( ago)

Shotty horror 8 9 10

Arsonal 9 10 10

Arsonal wins

Author Boludo 1 ( ago)
Who TF are those guys above, that they kept zooming in on...

Author helpoj ( ago)
this is one of those battles that are just beyond Wins and Losses,

Author BabyBoyAK9 ( ago)
Ars 3-0!!! Earned his pay in this one. shotty was a fan!

Author Dade is Ophicial ( ago)
I am fear, like walking towards that zombie corpse on the ground after you
used all of your rounds and your not sure that it's down -Shotty Horroh

Author Kenneth Alexander ( ago)
how is arsonal not signed to nobody or anything like that

Author Predial ( ago)
20:20 that was clever as fuc klol

Author Eric Jordan ( ago)
Ars is Arse. He lost as soon as the "crip" put on mostly red.

Author Armoni Wilson ( ago)
arsonal ate him

Author Armoni Wilson ( ago)
em niggas in the background or smacked 😂😂😂

Author Kev On One ( ago)
this is 1 dope battle!!! salute

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
Fuck KOTD and the rematch! lets get this classic to 8,000,000 views!

Author Connor Mills ( ago)
Almost 3 years later and I still love this battle. Crazy.

Author Chris Mckinnon ( ago)
What do that guy say @ 14;53? lol

Author Michael McKinnie ( ago)
they both went crazy

Author dennis hopkins ( ago)
at 01:17 is that the dude from Rizzle Kicks

Author Varun Dewan ( ago)
man this duu got fucked!

Author James Robinson ( ago)
Arsenal won even Shotty was impressed & reacting to Ars' bars hands down
Ars' won, he even had the crowd

Author Lorenzo W ( ago)

Author melcavy ( ago)
Is that Phil Jones in the hoodie in the front?

Author Ted Hall ( ago)
who won in the end??

Author TrizollinTehWorld ( ago)
As a completely unbiased viewer (I just barely started watching rap battles
and never seen any of these guys sets) I would have to give this to Arsonal
but barely!! Shotty was killing him at first but then Arsonal came back and
got him(although he choked a bit). This is the best battle I've seen so
far. If anyone can give me names of some other great battles I'd appreciate
it. Stop the hate and enjoy the bars. They both seemed to enjoy battling
each other.

Author mjss1980NL ( ago)
this is legendary.... maybe the best battle ive seen.

Author BubbxJ ( ago)
They say, Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
Quick draw, you wouldn't see it as it rises from the holster.
Cause' my shooter is my driver, he disguises as a chauffeur.
To keep the element of surprise, but bring the violence a little closer.

Author BlTERS ( ago)
They're both insane, but Arsonal barely took it because of that alphabet
flip on his last verse

Author Dylan Owens ( ago)
Can someone right that z-a on here lol
Bc that's shit was bad ass arsenal won dat shit

Author Renee T ( ago)
They both good but sorry Arsenal words hit harder.

Author Layton Wilkinson ( ago)
Does eurgh piss anyone else off

Author Hec Del rio ( ago)
ayy whats up check my guy out king krash man hes a killa in the battles,
check him out i think he deserves a challenge

Author Christian Thomas ( ago)
arsonal won every round.

from round 1 Arsonal came way to hard, took it to that place where he
wasn't ready to go.

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
Shotty Horroh 2-1 maybe 3-0

Author Junaid Hussain ( ago)
such a want to be. cant understand the fckin brits

Author Jonathan Murray ( ago)
ummmm Arsenal bodied dude so bad I didn't even wanna watch it after the
second round 😂😂😂 smh #game #over 💯

Author Chaouki Ayoub (829 years ago)
ARSONAAAALLL FUK€&@ genius!!!!

Author Jalen Woodward ( ago)
who else is here from facebook?

Author Lucca Jebabli ( ago)

Author creeper master ( ago)

Author Leo D. ( ago)
That Arsonal guy is a beast. im not a rapper but if I was i wouldn't want
to battle him. hell I don't think any rapper would lol unless they were
thinking of retiring.

Author Dylan walton (19 years ago)
yall crazy arsonal destroyed him..

Author Hamza Hassaballa ( ago)
I still think this is the best battle I've ever seen. I don't even know who
to choose. They were both gods.

Author Christopher Santana ( ago)
Shotty won because the other guy kept having to repeat .

Author Christopher Santana ( ago)
Shotty won because the other guy kept having to repeat .

Author Bradley Royer-Collard ( ago)
what's the name of Shotta's song at the beginning of the video

Author Slim Shady ( ago)
outra song please

Author MrSleepy3 ( ago)
Would erase this nigga if he talked about my dead people's like that. Maybe
battle rapping is left to the people who can just rap. Because I know
anybody from a real it's real funk no turf talk. This is just hard to watch
with the shit they be saying lol.

Author Fumb Duck ( ago)
guy in blue looks like such a twat

Author Mohamed Kamara ( ago)
Arsonal my nigga i love your freestyles with tha disrespectful shit,that
how you suppose to do it

Shotty got ethered!

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
crazy!!! this is going to get 8 million views

Author im coming ( ago)
after daylyt arsenal is my fav battle rapper he'll go in at you and make
you wanna fight i like it. disrespectful

Author Rezzrextion RTM ( ago)
USA ARSONAL! He was killin cit straight 100it..

Author moneyousifENT _ ( ago)
Please check out my music, subscribe and show some love if you like it

Author obededom green ( ago)
Arsonal killed it

Author Kamron Dunn ( ago)
Ars 3-0 no body tho

Author Эрик Токарев ( ago)
I neeeed translator

Author Sheldon Cooper ( ago)
clips 3-0

Author Geno Stanley ( ago)
that was the best battle I've literally ever seen

Author Patrick Carter ( ago)
I think Arsonal won this match, rounds 1&2, & Shotty Horroh won round 3,
but I think Shotty Horroh won the rematch mainly because Arsonal choked, my
favorite part from Arsonal was when he said you big fag I"ll run up on your
pop slap his dad, give him whiplash then put a hand grenade in his s***bag
you a b**** ass cracker who wouldn't ride if this was Six Flags I swear to
God, I'II put every world on the stitching on my crip flag, I'm out in
London on some ape s***, grape s***, bandana on my face s***, have him
muted, this N**** wouldn't say s***, he unable to talk he the n**** to
catch a case with, I'II call him "Amnesia" your memory get erased quick,
that was tight, & my favorite part from Shotty Horroh is I know i'm a white
guy from England & I have no business talking about that crip s***, but I
do want to talk about that b**** s*** when you nearly got your wig split by
Trick Trick, you told him you didn't know Shotgun Suge, then got on stage &
admitted that you did prick, soon as you let that shit slip, we saw your
face change & your pitch shift, you noticed you wasn't in your district,
you was probably on his hit list, so you gave Calicoe the puppy dog eyes &
tried hopping onto his dick, you denied knowing Suge like Peter denied
Jesus, that was so tight, this was a nice battle & probably the most viewed

Author Brandon Jablasone ( ago)
it was a tie

Author Laurencia Aning ( ago)
that z-a shit was fireeee

Author James Murphy ( ago)
Cracker cracker ...NIGGER

Author James Murphy ( ago)
This is a joke ?

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
Shotty won lol

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
King rap battle

Author nl4life ( ago)
Arsenal is good, but Shotty was better

Author Billy Mullen, ( ago)
1 of the Best Battles Ever... Hands Down, Classic

Author Daniel Guzman ( ago)
Shotty 2-1

Author Eric Cartmenez ( ago)
Shotty horroh be like "skitdeweepipta gliptamegalagnimoninya, bokawemiffra
smokawweeciffra withra mickler bablicta!!!!" And the crowd goes fuuuuucking

Author Gibi92 ( ago)
Arsonal Z-A didn't impress me that much

Author Ash Tak ( ago)
One of my favourite battles, even after years! I personally gave it 2-1 to
Shotty. Felt like Shotty lost his consistency in the third round, but was
still crazy nonetheless. Both came in hard as fuck!

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
Shotty Horroh won

Author Sharif Boyd ( ago)
arsonal choked

Author diaune wilson ( ago)
So who won

Author WeAreDailyGamers ( ago)
the white guy

Author proregeRotzak ( ago)
Why is this battle so popular?
It's a good battle and I know it contains two well known rappers from
different leagues, but it has loads more views than the most viewed vid
from KotD or URL.
Just wondering, did some celebrity share this or anything

Author Tony Harper (Hex512) ( ago)
Ars is the man .... I love this battle , both were great, and at the end of
the day , it's just word play and they both had fun

Author G Mate Biny ( ago)
ma va a Fanculo eminem dei poveretti

Author G Mate Biny ( ago)
ma va a Fanculo eminem dei poveretti

Author Tristan Gallagher ( ago)
Can i get a translator in here?

Author matt rod ( ago)
Disgusting how badly shotty ate him alive

Author rich merchant ( ago)
ARS killed him an i like shotty

Author Siraaj Smidt ( ago)
Arsonal killed him!!

Author Zak Stewart ( ago)
FREE PPV # (Shotty/Arsonal2) (UnanShuffleT) (JLeftPMatter) (PedroMarlo) (TonyDRaptor) #

Author Derick Knox ( ago)
So great, but wtf happened to the rematch? It was on youtube for a week and

Author B GLIMMERMAN (Beez!) (340 years ago)
The Z to A...A to Z...killed shotti! Ars...been doing this!

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