@ShottyHorroh Vs @ArsonalDaRebel

Hosted by @Twitteurgh
Filmed by @BodyBagnall @StickmanVisuals @London_86 @Cruger7
Edited by @Cruger7
Graphic Design by @SamGrafix
Motion Graphics by @GusBalderdash
Photos by James Cross

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Views: 4,467,828
Added: 1 year
Runtime: 36:24
Comments: 19889

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Author Stone Tudabone (1 day)
Id be impressed if they didnt stop every 20 seconds to collect their
thoughts. Let me hear straight bars for 3 minutes then I may be impressed

Author mrgetitdone85 (2 days)
Ars had the top 5 performance in battle rap history in this battle and I
don't even fuck with ars.. He was in rare form.. This ars is unbeatable

Author Jamie Darren (6 days)
what is the song from the beginning? 

Author WaveGodJr (8 days)
Damn they both came HARD.. White boi got the flow/speed but arsenal jus
got.. Shit everything lol.

Author iruleallnothing (8 days)
wtf this wasn't a classic.. this was just another body for Arsonal

Author Justin Velazquez (9 days)
Man yall just need to shutup & enjoy the battle both of them had hard bars.
Shotty Horroh really nice though he should battle in America

Author BignattyBrubz hue (14 days)
I don't get it. What is cool about scripted rap battles? Wow, he remembered
something he wrote down hours ago. So talented.

Author xJonnyboi17x (15 days)
english cant compete with american rap.
Its like americans playing football, oh wait they got further than

Author Sem o que fazer (11 days)

Author PumpTrainingProgram (23 days)
Wigger lost Arsonal won

Author Jonathan Fox (19 days)
Arsenal killed this Casper looking Brit!!!

Author Papa Dox (24 days)
Someone explain that van persi line, please.

Author hainto thez (2 months)
white people vote shotty. Black people vote arsonal.

Author Maurice Franklin (1 month)
No offense but that wasnt even a battle the white dont sound like a fuckin
poet and shit 

Author Dave Matthews (2 months)
Who won this battle?...State by name, I want to hear your opinions and
evaluate the winner :)

Author TuThhirsty TuT (1 month)
I'm only speaking the truth no one can beat black people in rapping and

Author PeeJay Torres (2 months)
I'm not hating.....but how does his battle have almost 4 million views?

It's a good battle but I don't what's the big deal

Author Ernest crowder (2 months)
Arsonal beat the damn breaks off of Shotty Horroh. Now you see what happens
when you jump in a cage with a Pit Bull, you get your ass torn out.

Author Kash money (1 month)
I'm black and I definitely think the white guy is better he can spit good
bars and has this type of style like Shakespeare. Whilst the black one is
some corny as American who can only rap a,b sentences

Author ArangAttak (3 months)
Round 1 Draw
Round 2 Arsonal
Round 3 Arsonal

To the people taking away points from Arsonal for the dead folk thing. I
believe he said something about his Uncle. What if Shotty's uncle is alive?
What if Shotty has no uncle? Do you think Arsonal knows him personally?
This is a rap battle not a rap date being dirty is okay, whatever throws
your opponent off.

I'd also like to mention how Arsonal stole the crowd from Shotty. In the
beginning of the video they were really on Shotty because its his country.
By the end the crowd kind of shifted more towards Arsonal.


My fave parts
Shotty- If you a Crip then why you wearing red? Crowd-OOOOOO
Arsonal-I'm book and street smart, you're white you just look smart....
Arsonal-Your mom had you called you atom something something... matter
because you didn't matter.

I enjoyed this video I don't even watch Rap Battles like that just was
looking for instruments and found this...

Author Ryan M (1 month)
if you say either rapper killed the other your just arrogant lol. Both
brought there A-game. Both did real well u cant even say one killed the
other. Arsonal also had a wayyyyyyy bigger reputation than shotty and
shotty still held it down. Shotty is still half the reason this video has 4
million views if u say shotty is trash ur just arrogant lol. They are both
great rappers in different ways niether is trash and niether got destroyed.

Author Nabil DenTunGa (27 days)
Arsonal is a genius hahahahaha

Author DatShizKrazzy (22 days)
All of you know when Arsonal spit that abc he put Shotty "in a body bag"
real rap battles get knitty Gritty and Shotty wasn't ready for it and yes
Arsonal used the word that you eat cheese (preferably peanut butter) with
like i said it's gona get you mad as you can see Shotty was at first but i
give him props for keeping his cool but like i said Rap Battles can get
shit nasty but shotty just wasn't ready for Arsonal...better luck next time

Author 2090ent (17 days)
What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?
You guys rap well but all you do is cuss at each other and fight. Give your
life to Jesus Christ and be saved. The Lord is coming back soon whether you
believe in him or not. He is Lord of all. 

Author TEFLONG DONG . (1 month)

Author Frank Jr (1 month)
I'm not trying to make this all about race, but I love watching battles
between a black and white guy because all the black people in the comments
swear the black guy was dope as shit and "bodybagged the white dude".
Sometimes I like the comments more than the battle itself lol 

Author David Booker (1 month)
I had to quit watching after 30 seconds. I thought this was supposed to be
a rap battle, not a poetry recital......

Author afropick93 (2 months)
Regardless of what people say, Shotty's 1st round was a 100% perfect

Author Punch Line (22 days)
I think they might be doing a rematch.

Author Prince triplezag (1 month)
They're so bad I can do better.

Author ShoSho Brown (1 month)
Wanna Be Em 

Author ellis0896 (1 month)
I find it funny how people just accept racism when it's coming from a black
person. Let me get even, Arsonal is a stupid fucking nigger monkey who
needs to be hung from a tree.

Author Big Bad Boss (4 months)
Shotty looked him in the eyes when they went at it and it was his turn to
get spit on, Arsonal looked down the entire time he got spit on, he
couldn't take the heat that Horroh was bringing to his face so he looked
away, made him weak....

Author cole (1 month)
what snapback was the white dude wearing?

Author Peter Ian Staker (3 months)
is that 2 chainz

Author MrxMaGiKzZ (20 days)
Was rizzle kicks in the stands ?

Author Perry Latour (1 month)
I see a lot of hate against Shotty because he's from the UK. I don't get it
though, just because you don't understand the words used doesn't mean his
wordplay sucks, it just means you need to get out more and learn how to
understand someone who sounds a little different.
Shotty came out strong in the first round, but Arsonal is Arsonal. I'm not
a big fan of his, his voice actually kind of annoys me, but his wordplay is
expert. He is a master at this freeverse shit, and even Shotty was bobbing
his head and complimenting his wordplay.
It's obvious who was going to win from the start, but you can't downplay
Shotty, he held it down, especially for a Brit. 

Author Julian Garlington (1 month)
That white boy in front with the long hair wasn't feelin Arsonal at allll,
but that white girl behind him was. lol.

Author EditinqCrew (23 days)
I Had No idea what the fuck that white nigga said... 

Author Rufus Shipman (1 month)
Rapping is an attempt at a singing career minus the talent lol but oh well
rap is honestly the lowest form of self expression for anyone on earth
there are so many more beautiful ways too express ones self

Author Hakan Kilinc (26 days)
song at the start?

Author Manzyxo (1 month)
The Craker went for 4 minutes the first round and then couldn't take no
more when arsanal went for more the 3 minutes

Author jason30963 (20 days)
i like their rap but its hard to understand espicially shotty im guessing
europe just saying

Author Marcus Estudillo (1 month)
Is it just me or Does Shotty look like that Voldermort dude? 

Author Ellis Frazier (1 month)
that alphabet flow was SICK!!!!! GOD DAMN

Author Reno Mack (1 month)
vintage ars!

Author Dee Block (1 month)
I'll roll up on him while he's listen to his drake tracks with a blade that
will take off that little wayne mask.
That shit was mean, I was surprised that came from shotty.

Author phillip brown (2 months)
shotty horror ate that dude up. bogus ass wanabe crip try'n ta say that he
somebody. like him can fe do somthin. serious, friend, it's cyant happen.
him dreds is them sew on style, stolen from a real g got murked found in
him fuckin gutter... he probly grew up wit money anyhow. fucking white boy
probably more poor than him ever was...still he fucking killed it too. no
hate .. what so ever but really fuck new jersey... and london!!!!!! nasty
ass towns the both of em!!!!!

Author Cade S-H (14 days)
whitey won

Author Kareem Elwakil (1 month)
Here's the breakdown
Shotty Horroh: Rd 1
2nd round - Tie
3rd rd - Arsonal

Slight edge to Arsonal, but what a fantastic battle. congrats to both
emcees for putting on an amazing performance and a unforgettable battle. 

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