@ShottyHorroh Vs @ArsonalDaRebel

Hosted by @Twitteurgh
Filmed by @BodyBagnall @StickmanVisuals @London_86 @Cruger7
Edited by @Cruger7
Graphic Design by @SamGrafix
Motion Graphics by @GusBalderdash
Photos by James Cross

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Runtime: 36:24
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Author Avesh Brendan Newoor ( ago)
This wasn't even close.. Arsonal #toomanybars

Author Ben Dover ( ago)
classic, i still watch this one every now and then. I really don't care who

Author We Are All One ( ago)
They were both hot.

Author Jaida good ( ago)

Author HaHzY ( ago)
7M+ Views Got Damn 

Author SparkelBomb ( ago)
Is shotty horro the bald white guy i mad max?

Author Emil Cooper ( ago)
I'm just curious as to why this battle has 7M Views? I'm not hating at all.
I enjoyed the battle but I never once came back to hear quotables. Shotgun
Suge vs Charron was exactly like this battle except a lot funnier and it
has tons of quotables just not enough views.

Author Karen Stuart ( ago)
JERSEY IN DA HOUSE 609. Arsonal took that since I couldn't get over that
accent but shotty horror had some bars. Is ARSONAL FROM NEWARK ? He looks
like dem cats from newark. Both cats were sick AC NJ 609 what up.

Author RossHildick3D ( ago)
hat chris rock??

Author atripa645 ( ago)
This American knows Shotty Won and can Deal. The guy is the best battle

Author Joe Newton ( ago)
New freestyle on my page subscribe & share more coming soon BOOM!

Author Daniel Sutherland ( ago)
thumbs up if you're watching this in 2015 !!!!!!!!!

Author Cam CANTrun ( ago)
Arsonal talking all this gangster shit....

and rapping about shit people in the suburbs be thinking about.

Author jamie kovac ( ago)
Shotty Horroh 2-1 maybe 3-0 yanks are new to battle rap that's why they
think the alphabet scheme arsonal done was so sick it's actually played out
and old as fuck it's been done millions of time and backwards research it
you dumb cunts

Author jamie kovac ( ago)
Shotty Horroh's votes are shitting on Arsonals votes on this battle hahaha

Author Anzi Make ( ago)
Rizzle kicks? 

Author Aroon Garstin ( ago)
this battle is amazing ive been it countless times

Author Guitar Lover ( ago)
Meh, I can't watch this stuff anymore. It was cool like 6 years ago when I
first discovered them but it's just boring to me now. It's like watching
some modern, ghetto version of open mic night at the Yuppie coffee shop

Author lels weeds ( ago)
damn that uncle thing by arsonal!! shotty is hurt by that!

Author bkznite ( ago)
RIP Shotty

Author siouxsie sway ( ago)
Both awe, but Shotty soooo won!

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
flows wordplay scemems and bars vs arsonals jokes lol arsonal is more of an
overrated faggot than lunar c only yanks think arsonal won and arsenal fans

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
i dont understand how people think arsonal won only because arsonal had a
funny last round lol!!!???

Author TimeIS Money (330 years ago)
Shotty kept giving him props couldn't keep his hands off arsonal on some
Thugga shit

Author siouxsie sway ( ago)
don't fuck with Shotty, dude!

Author Nickki Hicks ( ago)
When he said "You ain't Nike" Was he talking about that viral video of that
Crip fucking up that guy?

Author onimushaa (1037 years ago)

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
It was a promo but Shotty 2-1 still unbeaten now Shotty Horroh vs DNA!!!

Author Breakface Loon ( ago)
Niggaz keep hatin on arsenal

Author Westnile8501 ( ago)
Mysonne gotta come back to the stage

Author hoody hoo ( ago)
I can't even stand the Brit's voice.

Author Bronz Bolo ( ago)
Damn Arsenal you didn't have to kill him, wake him up & murder him again.

Author Samuel Solomon ( ago)
her stomach stick out further than her booty do that bitch literally ass

Author Jawher Méjbri ( ago)

Author Fiddler Green ( ago)
top 10 battle ever! I don't care who won!!! I switch every time lol

Author mackdull ( ago)
He even gave a dap at 23:38 thats respect...shotty is hot but he lost this

Author mackdull ( ago)
Shotty was truly upset when Arsonal finish...

Author mackdull ( ago)
At 9:53 look at shotty face... he lost...

Author mackdull ( ago)
I can't understand half the shit he is saying...Shotty..

Author mackdull ( ago)
I still think Arsonon got this after watching this again.. shotty is nice
but this was not his day against mr disrepectful...

Author solidfrenzy93 ( ago)
As much as I don't like Shotty Horroh there is no denying the guy has hard
bars!!!! Respect where it's due.

Author Jdot Reeper ( ago)
Funny how cruger put his own track on the video with the most views on the
channel haha sneaky

Author Gage McKnight ( ago)

Author Jay Briggs ( ago)
Shotty had a few bars bringing up colors but arsonal killed him with
wordplay and originality.

Author Freddy Nayeb ( ago)
Shotty won in my opinion

Author Pedro Villegas ( ago)

Author Adrien Winford ( ago)
I'll give shotty the first round lol but arsonal got him hard the last two
rounds who does the alphabet backwards come ooonnnn now wowwwww

Author Sami/ Level ( ago)
7 million views best rap battle on YouTube 

Author diego montes ( ago)
Please, somebody knows the name of the song after "mary, keisha, molly"? 

Author Pietro Django "Sonic" Maximoff ( ago)
Arsonal lost as soon as he turned into a douche. He brought the uncle up to
try and act like he was tough, but he's a spineless prick. 

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
I don't get how people think arsona won only because he had a funny 3rd
round Arsonal was 80% jokes bar for bar Horroh won just like all his other

Author William Carlisle ( ago)
7 million I still love this battle congrats guys

Author Mk Ultra Ultra Mk ( ago)
Can't believe this has Seven Million views...incredible.

Author Pier re ( ago)
german battle rapper are 10000 level higher....

Author walthug607 ( ago)
if the brits are so intelligent why can't they find any smart dentists to
fix their jacked up teeth.... tea n crumpets soft azz mofo's #facts when
America says jump England says how high

Author Timothy Harris ( ago)
This is the best I've ever seen of Arsenal.

Author Timothy Harris ( ago)
Lotty Dotty Shotty got Bodied, he didn't cause trouble or bother nobody.
LOL RIP Shotty

Author Lower Gorges ( ago)
Arsonal just rape that boy....

Author Rob Smith ( ago)
"I said this must be some English shit!"-Arsonal ;)

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
Shottys horroh scope bar was harder than anything Arsonal has ever spat in
a battle

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
Shotty Horroh won Asronal only had jokes

Author That Boy Robinho ( ago)
Am in the passengers seat she sucking my D while she driving

Author SuspectClasher ( ago)
Honestly arsenal is a pussy for talking about the bouncer and not the guy
he was battling also about dead realities 

Author Rob Banks ( ago)
Kirsty hardy, you do realize that America is America because we ran the
brits out of here right??? Understand that the first 13 colonies were
called new England, and that was because of the king. But the Boston tea
shit was all about revolution, and we ran the brits out.

Anyway, ask that is pointless. Great battle. Ars won, but Shotty is dope.
My favorite battle still after 2 years

Author Heriberto Miranda ( ago)
With all honesty ars killed shotty.... Damn

Author il100374 ( ago)
Horroh scoped line was fucking harddd

Author John White ( ago)
What did ghetts say after shotty's bar?

Author jerkMaster21 ( ago)
Ahahahaah was that ghetts getting gassed??😂😂

Author Jefferson Ray ( ago)
The lady in blue is gorgeous.

Author Don't Flop Entertainment ( ago)
Vote for your winner here:

Author Marcedes Thompson ( ago)
Any rapper that has to bring up the dead to win a battle is trash. Idc if
he's good . Thats not what rap is about. Props to shotty for being a real

Author Davy Hassler ( ago)
Danm !!! This is a rap

Author Da Blue ( ago)
Wow, that was a great battle

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
Shotty 2-1

Author DBoyJR187 ( ago)
Ive always rated Shotty Horroh but theres absoloutely no way he won this,
Arsonal bodied him in every sense of the word. I dont like how Shotty kept
looking up towards Ghettz and fishing for a crowd reaction, i think he knew
he lost this one

Author Kenton Haynes ( ago)
My first time seeing an English rap battle and I must say I'm very
impressed.. Shotty had bars n punchlines for days.. But arsenal is just

Author Matheus Gonçalves ( ago)
So eu de brasileiro?

Author Corben Dirks ( ago)
One of the best battles I've ever seen, from an unbiased opinion it's
almost impossible to judge who wins. They were both damn near perfect! 

Author Kurt Schafer ( ago)
im sorry but seeing the english try and act hard is just hilarious. I

Author anthony jones ( ago)
Dope fucking battle honestly 

Author Emerald Peterson ( ago)

Author Murrys Mahola ( ago)
gun talk is dead

Author Murrys Mahola ( ago)
Arsonal is dead just talking gang shit yet Shotty was slaying him

Author PowerVoltaire ( ago)
I support Arsenal but now I support Arsonal!!! :P

Author Matthew Wright ( ago)
"At the same time I'll have his palms read; I can read your future, it
says: if you ever had Horroh scoped you was trying to find out what the
alignment of the stars said "

Simplified Version for all the don't get its:
Arsonal, i can read your future and it says if you were ever going to try
and kill shotty horroh through the cross hairs of a sniper shot, you would
miss, so instead get yourself your free daily horoscope-which gets its
"predictions" from the way the stars/planets are aligned.

"You're fake. I'm in a position to say that because when I'm gonna off man
like dust him, (Dustin Hoffman) I can see all of the matches like rain man"
(Scene from movie Rainman where dustin hoffman aka rainman, a genius
autistic, counts a box full of matches that fell and spread out all over
the floor)

Say what you want but that rhyme scheme, bars and punchlines all connected
and took some serious talent to come up with.

Author Ricko Akunni ( ago)
Arsonal this nikka thinking being a Crip n yappin bout it in the UK iz
tough UK don't giv a fuck bout where u from or who u are if I see this man
ima Shank fuck out his stomach

Author Thank You ( ago)
I wanted to physically get at him. So I went on Twitter to add him
I found out his name was Adam so I gotta break down an Adam
See the definition of atom is the basic unit of matter
When your mother named you Adam she was inferring basically you didn't
Same name spelt different but with the same definition
So if Adam, atom, and Adam- I mean that ain't repetition
But if Adam's without Eve, then men are strong and he's living proof
But you a faggot 'cos you let a pussy trick you into biting the forbidden

Fuck im Done

Author Black Demon ( ago)
RIP Shotty, goodness gracious this is a body bag. Zip em up and get em the
fuck outta there.

Author LUNATICKID (1447 years ago)
How does arsenal always go second

Author sam watson ( ago)
Who won did it say at the end not your personal opinion just who won

Author COOLak ( ago)
But who won? Why do they never show who has won in the end of rap battles?
I've watched several, and it's always like this.

Author David Szilagyi ( ago)
shotty killed him in the first round

Author GrimeTime2Shine ( ago)
Shotty 2-1 he gave Arsonal his first loss but Arsonal came back and killed
DNA tho

Author MYM: Million Youth Media ( ago)
Shotty killed Arsonal without saying a word @10:37

Author prinbiodat ( ago)
i have no idea idea what that uk male is talking about.

Author GlideRiderr ( ago)
Arsonal 3-0

Author Richard soma ( ago)
ay don't let him tell ya must had no licence or they wunt let him leave
e aint no crim ees a posh boy

Author Evolved Gaming ( ago)
This is... uh... chav porn.

Author TDhoedo ( ago)
The face at 35:42 is amazing

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