Top 10 Most Difficult Games Ever

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Author Greninja Boy ( ago)
ARBY MELTS *SUPREME!* SUPREME! supreme! ˢᵘᵖʳᵉᵐᵉ﹗

Author kungfunewfie555 ( ago)
act raiser 2??????????????

Author Starlightthedark ( ago)
these guys have some of the best voices ever

Author David Arthur ( ago)
Typical Mashitima byproduct

Author yoman738 ( ago)
couldnt see a top ten hardest games without contra

Author Retro 18 ( ago)
Everyone is talking about dark souls and super hexagon. I'm surprised that
they didn't put Rayman 1. That shit was hard

Author nathan fitzpatrick ( ago)
My friend completed QWOP first try with no practice. We showed him the game
and he had no idea what it was and then gave him a try and completed it.

Author Abdelrahman Elsiefy ( ago)
dont watch this video bec. it is really a waste of time

Author Ludodave ( ago)
Was the difficulty for DMC 3 fixed in the European version? i don't
remember it being that hard on the original DMC 3.

Author Gwladys Nsadisi ( ago)
Robot cop vs terminator on megadrive and pocky n rocky on snes for me. Too
hard. I gave up

Author Osnir Theodoro ( ago)
DMC3 keep shwng up on hard games category...looks like ppl just got lazy to
me...NG Black surpasses DMC3 by a huge amount in difficulty category

Author Aditya Aggarwal ( ago)
I think he wanted to right , most funniest games
not difficult games

Author Cade Tickle ( ago)
Zelda 2?

Author melvingamer ( ago)
Alone in the dark on xbox 360.

Author babylonastronaut ( ago)
super ghouls and ghost is easy. it only took me 18 years

Author Odinss SOn ( ago)

Author Jordan Newton ( ago)
Played QWOP, got 25 meters

Author zfghty uuyghju ( ago)
lol iwbtg is the hardest of them all

Author Raiden Ripper ( ago)
Why is dark souls not in this? that game is ridiculous when you die

Author The Dark Soul 101 ( ago)
Where is difficult in this video?

Author NOOB GamePlays (1124 years ago)

Author Ed “RetroLeaf” Davies ( ago)
Where is Zelda II or Cave Story or Super Meat Boy? Where are they!?

Author Joshua Schopp ( ago)
Where's geometry dash and super hexagon?

Author TheSteelDialga ( ago)
One more year and they could've added super meat boy

Author pandemonstrosity ( ago)
Touhou(vertical shooter) is the hardest.

Author Anna Hastings ( ago)
I thought top ten HARD games

Author FreakerCamper ( ago)
Super Meat Boy? Touhou? Such difficult not being mentioned makes me cringe!

Author Ethan Pittman ( ago)
He looks like mark walberg

Author Zachary Peterson ( ago)
Do these guys think they are funny? I did not laugh at one of their

Author Ashton Dillard ( ago)
There was only one hard boss I got stuck on in dmc 3 the Cerberus on the
the third mission thr rest of the game not that hard is my favorite hack n
slash though

Author Keeby Gaming ( ago)
10: Cave Story
9: Contra
7: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
6: Super Meat Boy
5: Touhou (each game has its own difficulty, but all are pretty hard)
4: Super Hexagon (Hyper Hexagonest mode)
3: VVVVVV (no death mode)
2: Battletoads
1: I Want to be the Boshy (fangame of IWBTG, unearthly difficult)

Author Giang ( ago)
I see that most gamers haven't truly suffered yet.

Author TheRandomPerson 02 ( ago)
Wait, where are the difficult games?

Author Nicholas Blakey ( ago)
Devil May Cry 3. Devil May Cry 3 is number one?


I am OUT of here.

Author Joshua West ( ago)
You got to be joking Devil May Cry 3 is only difficult on Dante Must Die
Mode and the SE version of Devil May Cry 3 just flipped the difficulty's
until Dante Must Die Mode which remained the same.In Special Editon Normal
was Easy on the original Hard was Normal on the original Very Hard is Hard
on the Original.And Easy was Very Easy on the Original.

Author Hasphat Antabolis ( ago)
nº1- Caudron II (Spectrum)

Author FIRE ( ago)
Okay seriously, WHY IS SUPER HEXAGON NOT IN THERE!?!?!?!?

Author pvssy pools ( ago)
Bru sub zero mythologies I swear I still cnt even pass the 2nd stage😤

Author CidGuerreiro1234 ( ago)
To this day I don't know why people find DMC 3 a difficult game, 'cause
it's NOT. Bayonetta for instance is much harder, it has a greater learning
curve and you can't button smash your way to victory, which you can easily
to in Devil May Cry.

Author danixdefcon5 ( ago)
So, of most of these games don't seem to be worthy of the list sans Megaman
9, I Wanna be the Guy, Final Fantasy 3, Contra (debatably) and Battletoads.
How can you include Battletoads but overlook the first TMNT game? Or
Megaman 9 but not Megaman 1 (the hardest one ever?). Hell, even Contra 1
but overlooking Contra 3 (which was the one that DIDN'T have the Konami

Author Waroshi ( ago)
No Super Meat Boy....*Sad sound effect*

Author Section8dc ( ago)
I rememeber DMC 3 and NG black i beat them both but i do remember both
being a fuckin buttplug.

Author JoshImA Burke ( ago)

Author Emre Sarıgöz ( ago)
I Wanna Be The Guy

Author DementedCow (DementedCow32) ( ago)
I'm seeing a surprising amount of cave story In the comments. It's my
favourite game of all time, but the difficulty is average.

Author thodal2000 ( ago)
NES Gauntlet , hands down the hardest.

Author Felix Wrightwind ( ago)
What about I Wanna Be the Boshy?

Author Techsis Toox ( ago)
I was expecting Super Hexagon On this.

Author SoRandom M935 (MrMEDICAL) ( ago)
Devil may cry? Nope Player will cry. That is the real difficulty

Author SoRandom M935 (MrMEDICAL) ( ago)
If they actually watied for more hard games to come out hotline miami would
be on here

Author Nicolas T. ( ago)
Number 1: Life.

Author Geometry Dash Spartan ( ago)
where is super hexagon thats difficult

Author Jack Sparrow ( ago)
Holy fuck this was annoying. Only got to 8

Author xsalvyboyx 1 (605 years ago)
finish him

Author Linkxsc ( ago)
Came expecting difficult games. was only listed MAYBE 3 games that ARE
difficult (Contra, IWBTG, and battletoads) due to the inherent nature of
how they are played. If you have trouble with DMC3 and DemonSouls... Then
there's Ninja Gaiden. The least you could have done is put in 1 of the NES
versions that actually quite hard, not the EZmode new games (though they
were quite fun). FF3 isn't hard, its grindy though, which I guess thats too
hard for some people...
Super Monkey Ball is actually a very good easy game thats a lot of fun.

But forget all that. Touhou? Cave Story? (especailly the "good ending"
path) Steel Battalion? Starfox 64 on hard mode?

Author darkane ( ago)
Where's I Wanna Be The Boshy? It was designed to be harder than I Wanna Be
The Guy because BoshyTime on twitch said it was, and I quote, "too easy."
So Solgryn set out to make a harder game.

Author CreeperDudeFTW ( ago)
where is super hexagon

Author Doge4life Gaming ( ago)
Wheres Super Hexagon? Super Hexagon is so impossible

Author SuperDerpyGaming ( ago)
I wanna be the boshy frustration meter is: Mom do you still have that
hammer...I need to use it for a second...

Author schram21891 ( ago)
LOL... The Brian Williams joke couldn't be more relevant even now almost 4
years later. haha

Author freddy apple ( ago)
Cim city and snake and tetras are hard games

Author Chris Barnett ( ago)
SpaceChem anyone?

Author Quang Phạm Vũ Nhật ( ago)
My newest hard game....
Thank you!

Author brupcat ( ago)
old times.... old times.

Author Aaron Gerald ( ago)
Jet set willy has to be one of the hardest games every made

Author DOMO1664 ( ago)
Add this to the list.
Nobody can get 7 in this game because you are all amateurs!

Author Jacob Firestone ( ago)
why no geometry dash? ...

Author ScoopArcade ( ago)
If you consider Contra being a hard game , you know nothing about video
games. Sorry.

Author Brett Hicks ( ago)
Ninja Dog is still too hard....................................

Author Heydelios ( ago)
Touhou ? Cave Story ? Lemming ? MUDDA FUCKIN LEMMINGS!?!

Author YJ Fu ( ago)
DMC3 not hard at all, I doubt you guys really played those games before? 

Author drewski west (622 years ago)
not gonna lie this was one of the most annoying videos i've ever seen on

Author The SirSeppuku ( ago)
I was expecting
I mean

Author ZeroMaverick15 ( ago)
Battletoads is harder than any Souls game, fact. I really don't understand
how the Souls series gets the reputation of being "hard". Smh.

Author Vorpal Lets Play ( ago)
Weeeeelp.This video has to be a joke. DMC3 and Ninja Gaiden should not be
in that list at all.

Author Kayla Lippert ( ago)
Wheres meat boy!?!? It's terribly hard!

Author Walton Fountian ( ago)
But, but, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. misery mod.

Author Kevin Kevin ( ago)
These guys are so fucking idiotic wow how can anyone find them funny

Author Saint ( ago)
Battletoads and Fester's Quest were two of the most frustrating games I
have played. 

Author T&G Tutorials and games ( ago)
Duh... where is minesweaper ?

Author touggman ( ago)
what about tmnt 1 on nes? or ghost and goblins? or even adventure island..
seriously.. dmc3

Author Lolkick1000 ( ago)
Devil May Cry 4 - Final boss.
At least I defeated him.

Author psp09ful ( ago)
what? DMC 3? no.1?? One point I should make: you may have gotten very close
to beating dmc3, but the surf stage in Battletoads is not even half-way
through the game!
F*** it. Pong should've really been no.1

Author TerrorBeach12 ( ago)
Y not super meat boy

Author fracis seth ( ago)
how about that online game pause ahead or super pig,both are so hard,super
pig is more harder

Author Coo haa ( ago)

Author Maestro Yi ( ago)
Most dificult game ever ''Devil may cry 3!'' R u srs? DMC3?, well its not
THAT hard i may say :s

Author Erina Saito ( ago)
Cmon guys.. where's Dark Souls? That game is incredibly hard and it should
definitely make the list!!!!!!!

Author Jessica Alburn ( ago)
Why isent super hexagon on here

Author Gam3Junkie7 ( ago)
I watched this JUST to see if you put a Souls game in, or at least a From
Software game. Favorite, game developer, ever.

Author teamfortresswiki ( ago)
dmc3? nonono, have you ever played any games by cave? try mushihimesama futari or
dodonpachi i mean they are so difficult they have only been released in
japan ( and for the highest difficulty they even had to put a warning
because it's so hard you won't last a full minute) if you want to try that
on pc i'll recommend using ultra touhou 7 lunatic mode.
Frustration index meter: Remembering the melancholy of human existence even
ghosts stray from the path of righteousness

Author Super Cool Cole ( ago)

Author Diego Van Gessel ( ago)

Author Vilram 60rus ( ago)
Why everyone including contra in their hard games list? The game is
ridiculously EASY.

Author sanmaru5555 ( ago)
why do you insist and trying to be funny ? you are just showing yourself as
silly, both of ya

Author Michael Nix ( ago)
Lol, two half lifes = 1 life, i got it

Author Kida Tess ( ago)

Author Tacalo King ( ago)
why is diable two never on these lists that shit could get pretty hard even
on the easy mode i found myself dieing allot i am scared of what the hell
level looks like

Author Gabe Newell ( ago)
i was expecting difficult games. what a joke

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