Top 10 Most Difficult Games Ever
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Ten FTW: Top 10 Most Difficult Games Ever (S02E107)

Steve and Larson channel their inner masochists and submit themselves to the ten most difficult games EVER!

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TAGS: Ten FTW TFTW Top 10 Steve Larson yt:quality QWOP Most Difficult Games Ever Final Fantasy III FF3 FFIII Super Ghouls Ghosts SGG Monkey Ball Brian Williams Mega Man Nine IX Megaman Obama Demon Souls Ninja Gaiden Black Contra BattleToads Battle Toads I Wanna Be The Guy Mike Tyson Pong Devil May Cry

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Author Nick Okita (1 month)
Super Hexagon? Cave Story HARD Mode in Hell Stage? Jamestown Judgement
level? Touhou anyone? Those four games make this list lame :P.

Author Sephiwolf42 (3 months)
Devil May Cry 3 is your hardest game? Seriously???? It was way easier than
the Souls games BY FAR! I mean sure it had a few hard parts but I beat that
game forever ago. And yes it was the PS2 version not the PS3 HD Devil May
Cry collection thing.

Author AgentSapphire (4 months)
I've beaten the harder version of devil may cry 3. Its nto... impossible...

Author anthony865 (22 hours)
Where's super hexagon?

Author jj watt (17 days)
this shit sucks you punks are losers yall are in your 30s and making
stupid index meter voices if I seen yall on the street id beat the fuck
out u machinima fags

Author GengarTheTroll (2 months)
Where is touhou? *Waits to be bashed by insensible idiots*

Author 1317enzo (3 months)
Why the hell is super hexagon not here?

Author Mindcraftjoe (4 months)
why the hell is mario 2 not on this.

Author Ethan Melton (14 hours)
Where's ghouls n ghost

Author Just4One League (5 months)
the top game still reamin this one :

Author Firstname Lastname (3 months)
dont they mean dark souls

Author rosse119 (9 days)
Have you tried Colour Combat? That's a seriously tough game. Try and get
past 2 minutes.

Author Sitipeusi (15 days)
bullshit worlds hardest game isnt in this

Author Sword Slinger (16 days)
Looking through this list, no DoDonPachi game or Cloudberry Kingdom

Author TheRiisingSun (1 month)
It's fun to watch people who don't know how to handle "hard" games rate
games on a list like this. More than half of these weren't on my top 10
list of toughest games I couldn't see to the end.

Author Eli Levit (4 months)
geometry dash?

Author bluestheKing (7 months)
touhou.... you wont play it without dying 4248290849028904832 times

Author VortexumGamer (29 days)
Hey, win Super Hexagon on Hyper Hexagonest, and then say that A RPG GAME IS

Author Fire Heart (5 months)
Flappy Bird should be on this list.

Author Ash The Mohican (1 month)
Ninja Gaiden? Not Ninja Gaiden Black but like the NES version? That's not
in there? No wonder I hate Machinima..

Author Nomad Plays (1 month)
Hotline miami

Author TotingGoats (3 months)
I beat qwop.

Author Krispy Kreme Mcdonalds (2 months)
touhou is amazing, such a fun game

Author Al Paca (2 months)
The only game on here that I found particularly difficult was super ghouls
and ghosts, 

Author Frank Da Tank (2 months)
I'm just going to say Touhou, and watch the flame war begin.

Author muzzy MK (2 days)
god of war games require skill 

Author Tuomo Aaltonen (6 days)
I see you havent played Touhou lunatic or ultra... seriously hardest game
in the world easily

Author Coney sidv (3 days)
Super Hexagon... WaveWave(ios) ....Touhou......Wait a minute, CATMARIO???

Author WarezStuff (8 days)
lol typical a hardest top 10 made by an idiot would have dmc 3 at the
number 1 holy shit the ignorance. Breathe of fire or Kaiten baitos probably
beats this whole list. But surely he wouldn't know what a real hard game

Author Hernán Castillo (15 days)
did you play Gunz: The Duel by any chance?

Author David Rawson (16 days)

Author Kaskut (10 days)
I am still incredibly puzzled as to why Mega Man 9 is hard to so many. Its
not even the hardest in the series.

Author TheRPGMan 11 (7 days)
ill tell ya a difficult game FAR CRY 3

Author EarlFaulk (3 months)
IWBTG is difficult but for all the wrong reasons. Full of cheap kills that
require loads of trial and error.

Author SFX Barberian (3 months)

Author Atanas Savov (13 days)
geometry dash??

Author MGM SPORTS (17 days)
You know what is WAY harder than Final Fantasy III for Nes? Final Fantasy V
for snes, in all japanese, without knowing jap. Try beating the super
bosses without cheating. Too me 500 hours to master that one. And then FF
II for NES was also harder than FF III....I think even part 1 was harder.
But to each their own I guess

Author KkKkK kKkKkK (24 days)
And Dark Souls ?

Author Mitch Sijnesael (3 months)
What About Touhou 6?

Author Tomahawkzzzz (7 months)
jak 2 would like a word with you

Author BADShooty KAT (22 days)
Devil May Cry 3?! Infinite Difficulty... really? I had this game before and
playing it in normal was just very easy for me and when I finished the
whole f***king game I set it in Hell Mode next and what I got was just
another Easy-Piecy-Nice and Shitty play. Heck even the Grim Reaper in the
game was just childs-play even 2 of them just pulled my Fun meter just by a
bit.This list is wrong, number one should have been Dark Souls for PC

Author gillhajr01 (28 days)
i have to disagree, i think that S.T.A.L.K.E.R MISERY 2 in Dark Road
Difficulty.... is the hardest game ever created.

Author ibrahim assaf (1 month)
Rise on legendary.....

Author M.r Absol (1 month)
what about Dark Souls? i'v enever played any other games on the list but
seriously? i got it with free with gold forever ago and i still haven't
beaten the giant toad/demon/fat/slime monster at the end of the tutorial

Author Christian Guerra (1 month)
really u are counting super ghouls n goblins as a hard game?! clearly u
haven't played the ultra version for psp 

Author José Tavares (1 month)
E uma treta filhinho...

Author ultrabelic1200 (1 month)
I actually own devil may cry 3 Dante's awakening and hd copy

Author The Pineapple Gamer (1 month)
Super mario sunshine

Author bdjnk (1 month)
Dragon's Lair should be number one, on any list of absurdly difficult

Author manicniceguy (1 month)
Kid Nikki =) Along with Faxandu

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