Top 10 Most Difficult Games Ever
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Ten FTW: Top 10 Most Difficult Games Ever (S02E107)

Steve and Larson channel their inner masochists and submit themselves to the ten most difficult games EVER!

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TAGS: Ten FTW TFTW Top 10 Steve Larson yt:quality QWOP Most Difficult Games Ever Final Fantasy III FF3 FFIII Super Ghouls Ghosts SGG Monkey Ball Brian Williams Mega Man Nine IX Megaman Obama Demon Souls Ninja Gaiden Black Contra BattleToads Battle Toads I Wanna Be The Guy Mike Tyson Pong Devil May Cry

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Author Sephiwolf42 (6 months)
Devil May Cry 3 is your hardest game? Seriously???? It was way easier than
the Souls games BY FAR! I mean sure it had a few hard parts but I beat that
game forever ago. And yes it was the PS2 version not the PS3 HD Devil May
Cry collection thing.

Author Maestro Yi (17 days)
Most dificult game ever ''Devil may cry 3!'' R u srs? DMC3?, well its not
THAT hard i may say :s

Author GengarTheTroll (5 months)
Where is touhou? *Waits to be bashed by insensible idiots*

Author bluestheKing (10 months)
touhou.... you wont play it without dying 4248290849028904832 times

Author Kevin Kevin (23 hours)
These guys are so fucking idiotic wow how can anyone find them funny

Author TRI TIP (2 months)
My friend and I use to beat the original Contra without using the code or
any continues!! 

Author Lolkick1000 (4 days)
Devil May Cry 4 - Final boss.
At least I defeated him.

Author Nick Okita (4 months)
Super Hexagon? Cave Story HARD Mode in Hell Stage? Jamestown Judgement
level? Touhou anyone? Those four games make this list lame :P.

Author 1317enzo (6 months)
Why the hell is super hexagon not here?

Author webmaster657 (2 months)
Seriously, most people can't get past the tutorial, which is like 5
screens, and have fun getting past the second actual screen in the game, I
swear, it's not possible to get past the second screen of the game past the

Author Gabe Newell (1 month)
i was expecting difficult games. what a joke

Author TerrorBeach12 (8 days)
Y not super meat boy

Author Kyle Wersen (2 months)
Doesn't he look like mark whalberg 

Author Jessica Alburn (28 days)
Why isent super hexagon on here

Author Tacalo King (1 month)
why is diable two never on these lists that shit could get pretty hard even
on the easy mode i found myself dieing allot i am scared of what the hell
level looks like

Author TheRiisingSun (4 months)
It's fun to watch people who don't know how to handle "hard" games rate
games on a list like this. More than half of these weren't on my top 10
list of toughest games I couldn't see to the end.

Author Mindcraftjoe (7 months)
why the hell is mario 2 not on this.

Author Daniel Hunter (2 months)
Contra is freaking easy. Stop putting it on lists of difficult games.
Battletoads is hard though and level 9 is ridiculous.

Author Tomáš Vilím (2 months)
Guess who never played Gothic 2, Night of the Raven, The Returning?
This game with both expansions was so difficult, you can't even kill a
fucking sheep at the beginning :D

Author Mateusz Kukczyn (2 months)
The hardest game is
The hardest game ever!
Yeah,a stupid name for a game

Author Faren Cel (2 months)

Author Fire Heart (9 months)
Flappy Bird should be on this list.

Author boperez15 (2 months)
why is ff3 on there.... clearly you have not played 5

Author Coverguy88 (2 months)
lol where is Touhou with only one life?

Author Andrew Morgason (3 months)
Before watching my guess for number 1 is: Contra

Author Coo haa (13 days)

Author rosse119 (3 months)
Have you tried Colour Combat? That's a seriously tough game. Try and get
past 2 minutes.

Author Saint (2 days)
Battletoads and Fester's Quest were two of the most frustrating games I
have played. 

Author touggman (3 days)
what about tmnt 1 on nes? or ghost and goblins? or even adventure island..
seriously.. dmc3

Author Thabiso Martin (1 month)
No ways man Contra wasn't hard...Used to finish it with 1 life en i was
like 10yrs old @ the time.

Author VortexumGamer (4 months)
Hey, win Super Hexagon on Hyper Hexagonest, and then say that A RPG GAME IS

Author Erik .Walton (1 month)
wrong, you forgot about mushihimesama futari or kaiser knuckle.

Author Capen The Barbarian (2 months)
why is bf4 not on here

Author Swift SAMP (2 months)
Should be updated to include 'Bloody Trapland'.

I've spent 3 hours trying to get past level 4.

Author Kida Tess (1 month)

Author Sitipeusi (3 months)
bullshit worlds hardest game isnt in this

Author BADShooty KAT (3 months)
Devil May Cry 3?! Infinite Difficulty... really? I had this game before and
playing it in normal was just very easy for me and when I finished the
whole f***king game I set it in Hell Mode next and what I got was just
another Easy-Piecy-Nice and Shitty play. Heck even the Grim Reaper in the
game was just childs-play even 2 of them just pulled my Fun meter just by a
bit.This list is wrong, number one should have been Dark Souls for PC

Author Jason Knutson (2 months)
Don't you mean Dark Souls?
That sounds just like it...

Author Ryan Lacey (2 months)
Touhou was so hard they completely overlooked it so nobody will ever know
how hard it really is

Author Michael Nix (1 month)
Lol, two half lifes = 1 life, i got it

Author Andrew Nilsson (2 months)
I've been working on I Wanna Be The Guy for a while now... shit is
impossible... O.o

Author Ash The Mohican (4 months)
Ninja Gaiden? Not Ninja Gaiden Black but like the NES version? That's not
in there? No wonder I hate Machinima..

Author MGM SPORTS (3 months)
You know what is WAY harder than Final Fantasy III for Nes? Final Fantasy V
for snes, in all japanese, without knowing jap. Try beating the super
bosses without cheating. Too me 500 hours to master that one. And then FF
II for NES was also harder than FF III....I think even part 1 was harder.
But to each their own I guess

Author fracis seth (11 days)
how about that online game pause ahead or super pig,both are so hard,super
pig is more harder

Author mkaali (1 month)
Is that Kenny Loggins?

Author hgdm89 (2 months)
That botton smasher is'nt hard at all, but it is a lot of fun ;).

Author Gam3Junkie7 (29 days)
I watched this JUST to see if you put a Souls game in, or at least a From
Software game. Favorite, game developer, ever.

Author Ethan Melton (3 months)
Where's ghouls n ghost

Author teamfortresswiki (1 month)
dmc3? nonono, have you ever played any games by cave? try mushihimesama futari or
dodonpachi i mean they are so difficult they have only been released in
japan ( and for the highest difficulty they even had to put a warning
because it's so hard you won't last a full minute) if you want to try that
on pc i'll recommend using ultra touhou 7 lunatic mode.
Frustration index meter: Remembering the melancholy of human existence even
ghosts stray from the path of righteousness

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