Top 10 Most Difficult Games Ever
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Ten FTW: Top 10 Most Difficult Games Ever (S02E107)

Steve and Larson channel their inner masochists and submit themselves to the ten most difficult games EVER!

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TAGS: Ten FTW TFTW Top 10 Steve Larson yt:quality QWOP Most Difficult Games Ever Final Fantasy III FF3 FFIII Super Ghouls Ghosts SGG Monkey Ball Brian Williams Mega Man Nine IX Megaman Obama Demon Souls Ninja Gaiden Black Contra BattleToads Battle Toads I Wanna Be The Guy Mike Tyson Pong Devil May Cry

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Author Sephiwolf42 (26 days)
Devil May Cry 3 is your hardest game? Seriously???? It was way easier than
the Souls games BY FAR! I mean sure it had a few hard parts but I beat that
game forever ago. And yes it was the PS2 version not the PS3 HD Devil May
Cry collection thing.

Author AgentSapphire (1 month)
I've beaten the harder version of devil may cry 3. Its nto... impossible...

Author Mindcraftjoe (2 months)
why the hell is mario 2 not on this.

Author antonino pentolox (2 months)
the top game still reamin this one :

Author Firstname Lastname (1 month)
dont they mean dark souls

Author EHartHockey28 (1 month)
So far my farthest sprint in QWOP is 17.2 metres. 

Author Eli Levit (2 months)
geometry dash?

Author Fire Heart (3 months)
Flappy Bird should be on this list.

Author bluestheKing (4 months)
touhou.... you wont play it without dying 4248290849028904832 times

Author TotingGoats (1 month)
I beat qwop.

Author Al Paca (1 day)
The only game on here that I found particularly difficult was super ghouls
and ghosts, 

Author Frank Da Tank (8 days)
I'm just going to say Touhou, and watch the flame war begin.

Author EarlFaulk (21 day)
IWBTG is difficult but for all the wrong reasons. Full of cheap kills that
require loads of trial and error.

Author SFX Barberian (1 month)

Author 1317enzo (27 days)
Why the hell is super hexagon not here?

Author Mitch Sijnesael (28 days)
What About Touhou 6?

Author Tomahawkzzzz (4 months)
jak 2 would like a word with you

Author aliultimate009 (1 month)
Mushihimesama Futari to me X)
Not to mention Ikaruga on Hard Mode & Gradius V on loop 10 X)
Also including Touhou on the list :)
I know - they're all Shmups X_X

Author Syukri R.Robert (1 month)

Author HeroicNinja123 (4 months)
Dark soul and Dark souls 2...

Author Raging Soul (6 months)
they have obviously never played Dark Souls .....

Author TheGrayMysterious (1 month)
Someone didn't touch the original Ghosts and Goblins... Oh, sweet Jesus...

Author Alejandro Montes (4 months)
where can i find the first game of run 

Author sasha rutik (1 month)
no platypus the first virsion is the hardest game ever 

Author Bucketoflava 78 (1 month)
Battle Toads right?

Author William Travis (1 month)
Touhou plz

Author Jeff The Killer (1 month)
old ass video, but demon souls should of been higher

Author ∆ TheCreepersDigest ∆ (4 months)
what about flappy birds? :3

Author IJToyReviews (1 month)
I found Zelda 1 and 2 quite hard.

Author Gavin Spann (1 month)
QWOP ftw

Author Jose Gonzalez (2 months)
Seriously? Contra? Come on!!! I used to pass the whole game without dying
even once.... both, Contra and Super C... Difficult, really???

Author the 4STR0 letsplays (2 months)
where is bit trip runner?
where is dark souls?
where is touhou?
where is the worlds hardest game?

Author anttoni kani (2 months)
IWBTG im stuck in motherbrain boss :D

Author ThatFaceMelter94 (9 days)
These guys try too hard to be funny.

Author G Penn (4 days)
yow i would never win

Author Max Andrade (7 days)
Hey remember "Ghouls and Ghosts" that shit was hard to beat. Whenever you
defeated the Devil, they sent you back to do it all over....Dam shit was
dumb hard.

Author SharCard (11 days)
DARK SOULS 1 AND 2.. so far I've died 1,203 times...

Author SaLma Sebbar (16 days)
Ive played dmc 3 but ninja gaiden is a lot mooooooore harder why they put
dmc 3 in front of ninja gaiden that ridiculous ninja gaiden it tooks me
about one mounth to see the end and dmc 3 almost one week and its done
......pffff bullshit man 

Author Faruk Nalbant (13 days)
dmc 3 beaten in 2 days wtf ? 

Author Pascal Wessels (8 days)
super gools and ghosts is the easier version, ghosts and gobins is the
harder original version

Author BlasterIceKatana (17 days)
Demon souls?

Author Chris Moore (18 days)
Thank you for saying it was "addictive"! I don't care if this video is
three years old, I'm just glad to hear somebody say it proper again...

Author cloud4527 (17 days)
I have that dmc3, it just sits in its case now fuck that game. Battle toads
was a waste of money for my brother and I.

Author your dad (20 days)
QWOP is easy you shitfucker

Author Swift Action (16 days)
Peep my video , I'm posting at least twice a week !

Author Anali Flores (22 days)
I beat devil may cry 3 normal no prob back in the day

Author xXEnergicGR33NXx (20 days)
what about dr jekyll and mr hyde on nes

Author kresh mool (19 days)
DMC 3, really. I actually wish it had more difficult version.And i know
they are talking about first release version where it had normal replaced
as hard.StilI it is quite hard to die if you play safe, and actually look
up boss moves.

Author joe vargas (23 days)
DMC 3 was nowhere near hard on normal. that shit was a breeze

Author tufoop (24 days)
NetHack is missing, doesn't count. Unless you read spoilers, its nearly
impossible to win (people are playing it for decades without beating it).
Even if you read spoilers, its likely you come even close to winning

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