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Author 420 blaze it up (10 months)
dat ass slap at 6:37

Author Evilwolf (4 months)
Thanks Kenny rogers

Author Nabil Ashour (3 months)
neat to compair the western chiropractic with easter Tuina. Thanks

Author Chris Wilemon (2 months)
I'll bet this dude has a constant boner. 

Author TrishA Ong (2 months)
HI I've been having lower back pains for few years now on and off . When
I'm in primary school my friend pranked me by taking away my chair and I
fell str8 down on my back that's when I starts to get back pains on and off
. I never been to doctor so far but gets really upset when the pain comes
as its really obstructing my daily activities and my mode.was wondering
should I go see a doctor? Is it too late to see a doctor? Cos its like at
least 6yrs since tat incident . And do u hav any idea whr I might be hurt
in? Thanks

Author Lvcian Cruz (1 month)
This guy just loves grabbing that ass

Author FGH HGF (2 months)
Really like this Dr;s approach

Author Granite City Chiropractic - Daniel J. MIller, DC. (4 months)
#lowerbackpain #chiropractorgranitecityil 

Author a andersson (1 month)
No Osteopathy treatment?

Author Dbake Ruiz (2 months)
This guys a creep

Author Granite City Chiropractic - Daniel J. MIller, DC. (6 months)
Chiropractic Adjustment For Lower Back Pain Demonstration.
#chiropractor #backpain #neckpain #arthritis #hippain #sciatica
#spinehealth #treatmentcenter #carpaltunnel #headaches #migraines
#whiplash #discproblems #musclesprains #musclestrains 

Author Jeremy Nease (1 month)
He better be careful his boner nearly pocked her eyes out

Author 271chrissy (11 months)
omg that noise.

Author Luis Diaz (10 months)
Could my bed be cause of lower back pain ? 

Author quiry land (1 month)
Hi, can head massage be okay for high blood pressure because, i heard is

Author 12tt12 (10 months)
Hello, my lower back has been hurting for about 1 1/2 months now since
doing heavy lifting (dead lifts) it's just around my lower back and does
not shoot down my legs. The pain goes away when I'm running or working out
but hurts a lot when I lay down on my back and my stomach but after 20
minutes it usually goes away. Should I go to a chiropractor?

Author SuperCdavis2 (11 months)
Why are they all women?

Author Emma Bowen (1 year)
Want this. WANT THIS. NOW. That was a tasty series of cracks.

Author jolly herb (8 months)
Jeff ,,palpatine,, echols

Author NaguShiiaRen (11 months)
Is popping my joints basically everyday bad? a lot of my joints i can pop
myself. My jaw, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, upper back, lower
back, knees, ankles, toes

Author David Dave (10 months)
I gottta know...... Was the cracking sound added in?

Author Daniel O'Brien (11 months)
You can reduce your back pain by add some foods in your eating routine. My
father has tried & it work well

Author 1CarrotCutie (10 months)
6:36 he spanks her booty :0

Author Cranson Gonzalo (11 months)
You guys are cracking me up. Seriously though, looking at all these videos
from chiropractors, you'd think mostly young women get back issues lol. 

Author Flying Flash (1 year)
that lower back crack sounded DELICIOUS 

Author R Sides (9 months)
This method is the second best that I use. The first is crossing your arms
and holding your shoulders to line up your elbows and having a friend or
family member pick you up and bounce you GENTLY.

Author Amor fati (9 months)
I'd fuck the shit out that. 

Author Joe C (10 months)

Author Cory Lahey (1 year)
I noticed pink panties and a tramp stamp....

Author Aphrodezecat (1 year)
It looks so awkward to get your back popped that way.. Glad you're feeling
better though!

Author Luis Baca (7 months)
This was awesome.

Author Inez Stancliff (1 year)
As expert, I do believe Backprolax Secrets is actually good way to cure
your back pain naturally. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it's going to
work for you too.

Author stephen guy (1 year)
Why did he tap her butt. He tapped her on her lower back to comfort her
then he hand slowly moves down to get him a slap in there. 6:35

Author BlueJWay999 (8 months)
george lucas!

Author Aphrodezecat (1 year)
watching this made my back hurt. lol

Author Tikutae (1 year)
i can never crack my back :( i need this
also lol how he says her back will LAST A LONGER TIME xD

Author Lucivaldo Loureiro Neves (1 year)

Author Vinnie Barbarino (1 year)
You can tell when he said he had his little helper, the girl thought he was
referring to her, not to the spine model

Author nycboriqua90 (1 year)
I definitely need to go to one my back hurts due to all my sporty
activities :/ 

Author paultorres (1 year)
i can pop my wrist . is that normal?

Author K Mann (1 year)
There is pain radiating down my legs. What should I do?

Author highvelocity123 (1 year)
Good video. I was nervous to goto a chiroprator, but now it doesn't seem
to be a big deal. I know myself, and when I don't understand something I
usually avoid it...

Author aznerd999 (2 years)
I want a chiropractor just to crack my back LOL

Author eric22701 (2 years)
That was the longest run on sentence I have ever seen.

Author Tom Gardner (2 years)

Author trey kearney (2 years)
Simple question for everybody.. its sexual harrassment if the man touches
you but what if the roles where reversed?

Author Axe Slingin' Kid (2 years)
I seem to recall you being the one who responded to my earlier month's old
comment, not vice versa. Time spent thinking about systemic casual sexism
in society and how we can combat it is hardly wasted time, man.

Author Bloodorgy820 (2 years)
I just wish he'd tell us why he put Jar Jar in the prequels...

Author C Money (2 years)
I broke my tailbone once and sitting or situps on hard chairs or floors
causes pain. I just blick out the pain if sitting is a must. As an adult
even some kids must learn to handle pain and work around it. Every athlete
knows this to be true.

Author SmallChuckle (1 year)
@0:40 she like "Riiiiight"

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