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Author Keande Woodfin (4 months)
Why so many views?

Author Joseph Gandara (3 months)

Author -lois. (1 month)
Guys, i can't decide!
Should i get a Wii U with Mario Kart 8, or with this game??
(Premium packs, y'know?)

Author GAHD music (5 months)
Question for a nintendo fan,

When nintendo release splatoon im going to buy a wii u with smash bros and
splatoon but are there any other games i shoud get as i love my xbox one,
but iv not had a nentendo console since the snes.

Sort of uneducated in nintendo games.

Author Double A The Amazing Link (2 months)
Why so many disllikes?

Author JakeGraceAndGlory (2 months)
This game looks tight.

Author WAIET SNEVETS (17 days)
hi i love my bummmmmmmmm

Author DestructionUnited (4 months)
24:47 You've officially influenced me to get this game right after i get my
Wii U.

Author Roben Villa (6 months)
I don't get why nintendo didn't make this game look hd, i mean its the wii
u and it was one of the first wii u games. Why not show us what the wii u
is capable of? Thats the problem with wii u. Thats why it didn't sell well.
The colors look great though. 

Author Bork Laser (6 months)
Is this also for 3DS?

Author Kyuutoryuu (2 months)
25:55 This guy is so homosexual.

Author ArielBisaguirre (2 months)
do you have to get the wii u system to play that game?

Author DeMinecraftGamer (24 days)
15:14 I saw an Secret Opening where might be the second Star Coin!

Author Hyper Kurama (2 months)
wait a second how was this uploaded in 2012?

Author Desire May (21 day)
please do the ghost lvls i need help there cause i play this game

Author Spark Hedgehog (2 months)
LOL: 23:19 (gasp) Baby Yoshi

Author Henry Monroe (1 month)
I really like this game.

Author Jan Cruz (1 month)
Dang successful series

Author dustinwb86 (23 days)
im sorry but if you buy a system for two games you are a idiot

Author Joe Nilles (9 days)
moshroom howes

Author Blaze Hunter (4 months)
Who thinks I should get this game

Author Charlotte Groenbeck (1 month)
There is secret levels in the. Worlds

Author Mark Loftus (1 month)
Ther was a sicret in the casol

Author Korbyen Owen (2 months)
Dude in world,1 starter castle right before the red coins you missesd a

Author Ira Manurung (12 days)

Author ADAMSKY 214 (1 month)
Intro song?

Author Lilian Lizarraga (8 days)

Author Caden Parry (1 month)
I got mario Kart8

Author Isabel Marte (1 hour)
Super Mario 3d world

Author Juanjo TutosHD (1 month)
Y depronto un comentario en español :D

Author Alfredo Vela (1 month)
You need to jump on the mole 

Author Cuddles Show (1 month)

How do I fix it?!

Author Evan Pettey (20 days)
I theink it's an afterglow

Author Jimmy Turbeville (1 month)
The third star coin was in the

Author Eunice Lozano (18 days)
Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

Author Joshua Eggestein (5 months)
20:55 no he didn't kill your Yoshi Yoshi killed himself to escape Mario's
torture watch the game theorist MatPat's Mario is mental video part 1 and 2

Author Penny Dragotta (23 days)
Your excellent !!!

Author Roy Martin Tandberg (1 month)
Why didn't he use the gamepad?

Author Desire May (21 day)
i know a secret in arcoin plains there is a secret to a lvl and goes to
soda jungle!

Author Calvins Parkour Channel!! (3 months)
#The Guy i love mario games i love that mario cobaner456 you super cool

Author charles pachowicz (2 months)

Author Every Gamer (14 days)
favorite game

Author 130stacks (1 month)
I enjoyed this vid

Author MLG Pooties (1 month)
I love your Video when I was young:D it brings back so many memory's

Author Ruben Cook (1 month)
Why do u always want yoshe

Author Ryan Oduber (27 days)

Author Kyle Chen (2 months)
Astronaut=star sailor cosmonaut=universe sailor 

Author Alex Avila (1 month)
this game is awesome.cobi u are a mario game master i am to.i got 27 lives
at the end of world 1 that is alot of lives right.i wish the next mario
game can bring back the acorn suit and the p acorn suit.and baby yoshis are
awesome i like the blue baby yoshi because u can kill enimies with bubbles
and u can sometimes get a 1-up in a bubble

Author Xavior Reinhardt (18 days)
Play multiple players

Author Arturo Guzman (1 month)
ALL STAR COINS!!!!!!????!!!!???!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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