New Super Mario Bros U Wii U - Part 1 World 1

This is my HD Let's Play with live commentary of New Super Mario Bros U for the Nintendo Wii U! This is part 1 and in this vid we complete all of World 1, Acorn Plains! Make sure to leave a "LIKE" and a comment if you enjoyed the vid! Thanks for watching! :D

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Author alex andrade ( ago)
you are not an idiet

Author Anna Anna ( ago)
At the end of Level 5 U had 21 Life's And 21 Coins LOL😎😎👍🏻

Author Justin Mchugh ( ago)
Mario Kart 8

Author isaac awad ( ago)
combanermani456 is the first youtuber I ever watched

Author Artig Karn ( ago)
i have the wii u scince 2012

Author Yadhira Barria ( ago)
ilg67 tu UT d 5in Thomas gr6

Author Sara Lopez ( ago)
I just love you kobe

Author Oscar Male ( ago)
watch at 15.16

Author dj lord hannibal ( ago)
im mekhi ur friend!!

Author Esa aiden Aziz ( ago)
i love new super mario bros u

Author Esa aiden Aziz ( ago)
i love new super mario bros u

Author Nicole Zuk ( ago)

Author Nicole Zuk ( ago)

Author The nintendood ( ago)
This play through made me want this game and a wii u. Cobi is the best

Author Robert Gorsuch ( ago)
at 15:15 he missed secret area

Author StarWarsFan11 ( ago)
Can anyone please tell me how this guy recorded this game footage? I am try
to do it to one of my channels!

Author Samoan Cooper ( ago)
die luigi
OF YOU exsept mario

Author Samoan Cooper ( ago)
a am your gaming fan

Author kid kid ( ago)
I'm getting a iPhone 6

ca wat op

Author George Santos ( ago)
did you rike it??

Author Carmen Alvares ( ago)
he seriously didnt see that secret entrence in the castle at the biggining

Author Udugunit ( ago)
Comments Chart:

50% Why does this have so many dislikes?

50% Complete nonsense

Author Kid Trick Shots ( ago)
Yeah i like this youtuber

Author Catherine Sidlowski ( ago)
Doesn't he sound like truemu?

Author Mick'M Minecraft ( ago)
it would be funny if bwby yoshi could eat bowser!!!!

Author Francesca Gallardi ( ago)
My box game was Mario Kart 8

Author Francesca Gallardi ( ago)
I'm excited about this!! My Cousin has this game

Author Daniel Saad ( ago)
20:11 does he seriously not know what an afterimage is?

Author Kryšťák CZ ( ago)

Author Quinton Spikes ( ago)
Awesome games

Author Quinton Spikes ( ago)

Author jacob purkapile ( ago)
The first castle boss was from the 3rd mario game. I hade it on my wii he
was alot harder

Hello,Please Could You Take A Look At My 4 Year Old Son Defeating Bowser,He
Watches All Your Videos Over And Over Again :) And Tell Me What You Think
As A Proffesional Player :)

Author vhardas04 ( ago)
Look at 15:14

Author Samurai 24hawks ( ago)
15:15-15:16, dat missed secret tho

Author Meherin Jamal ( ago)
Loooool😂😂 34:17

Author David Ruiz ( ago)
Most awesome video

Author Bailey Pitts ( ago)
I really liked this video

Author rickyatoz ( ago)
For the wiiu launch a got all the Zelda games 

Author Natalie Owens ( ago)
I see it 

Author Mario Brothers ( ago)
Your Mii is ugly!

Author Michelle Mclean ( ago)
You missed aaycorn

Author Alex Barrientos ( ago)
You should get wii sports on the wii you have a wii right

Author Louie Kingsbury ( ago)
I got 94 lives in 1-1!

Author Emran Alli ( ago)
u suck

Author Aaron Gauthier (301 year ago)
Hey cobi ive noticed that in your lps you don't really pay attention when
something important is said and you don't pay attention to the level and
environment. Other than that amazing

Author Shanae Pressley (1036 years ago)
I love it😋💜😋💜😋💜😋💜😋💜😋💜😋💜😋💜😋💜😋💜😋💜😋💜😎😇😍😇😍😎😅

Author nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ( ago)
rambo man

Author Caden Farrow ( ago)
Super Luigi u

Author Caden Farrow ( ago)

Author Jerry Rivera ( ago)
Koch. Hi.kk,olds,OQsoskiiooskokqsssssasossoscossooklkcokdkospe

Author 徐振田 ( ago)

Author Jason Lemon ( ago)
I never did play this one yet, I just went ahead a bought the Luigi Bros
for Wii U and it only gives me 99 sec to complete the course. Is this one

Author TGS ( ago)
You had to jump on the piranha plant in the tube with yoshi.

Author 123_robin_123 ( ago)
Nice I Love That Game

Author Bladimir Moreno ( ago)
This guy in world 1 castle #1 in Super mario 3d world he gets invisable

Author shnow siwaili ( ago)
He missed a secret area in crushing cogs tower he was to close to get
inside it but he didn't do it

Author Samuel p 767 ( ago)
I like your videos

Author Disneyfan Company ( ago)
stop makeing vidios you idiot

Author Christian Abudinen ( ago)
If its not broken don't fix it, Nintendo always keeping everything with its
roots! That's why they are so succesfull.

Author Lego vs. Nintendo ( ago)
On Acorn Plains 3 jump on the piranha plant with Yoshi.

Author Allan Court ( ago)
17.47: wahoo I finally did it!
He finally did the second level

Author Allan Court ( ago)
This much good memories last time I watch you,good job
Nintendo and cobi,you guys should be a team

Author Taylor Bristow ( ago)
Let's plays (sorry it wouldn't let me do it abreviated

Author Taylor Bristow ( ago)
I love your vids and make more sonic Los

Author Brandonmdog ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Melissa Grignon ( ago)
U mist somthing

Author Ali Faras ( ago)
How this gets 17 million views is beyond my fucking mind, no harm intended
the commentary is fine, but certainly not 17 million material, i would say
this deserves 500,000 max but not fucking 17,402,171... Again I don't give
a damn for the guy good for him, but im just amazed how random youtube gets

Author Class 302 ( ago)
Cobi was a fetus is 2012 lol

Author Edgar Ledesma ( ago)
Me gusta mucho

Author Damiyah Winstead ( ago)
U are amzing

Author osiris velasquez (1908 years ago)
i love you vids!!!!!

Author GAGE Rawlins ( ago)
You get to lucky

Author Senya “Y2135” Fetisov ( ago)
whait is he actually teabagging the boss? LOL

Author Adam Denny (The Diamond Sword) ( ago)
I got a wii u with the new super mario bros u and new super luigi u bundle.

Author jayme cantu ( ago)
New super Mario Bros Wii u 1 play on Wii u 1 hours

Author Akash LikeSly ( ago)
That baby Yoshi voice is hilarious. 

Author Ramiro Urena ( ago)

Author Rocky IornHeart ( ago)
I love the grafices

Author Jordan Marion ( ago)
Is he from the U.S? 

Author charles robinson ( ago)
how come u were almost a troll in the first episode of new super mario bros
wii with pk

Author PacksGamingHD ( ago)
I remember watching all of these in 2012

Author Amy Gonzalez ( ago)
My dog bit my game:(:(:(:(😥😥😥😥😥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Author Robby Gold ( ago)

Author Charisse Barco ( ago)
This is the first let's play I watched from this channel

Author Peter Brouwer ( ago)
i love mario bros you too

Author leofromyt ( ago)
io vorrei super mario bros wii u sicuramente lo comprerò

Author Foxy and Ninja Gaming ( ago)
I wonder why when the music says ba the gumbas jump and the turtles dance
when it says ba

Author Brayden Delaire ( ago)
U rock man

Author Mckenzie Mcfadden ( ago)
Keep going on your great videos
up the good work!

Author Jade Bourgeois ( ago)
Levle 3 it was the secret that I said

Author Jade Bourgeois ( ago)
Did you not see t
he secret
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-\

Author Linch King ( ago)
its the 5th one

Author Kawana Hunter ( ago)
It was a secrit door on the wall

Author peter pierri ( ago)
Dude i totally love your saying awesome sauce its dope

Author mickey sweg ( ago)
Find the difference easy


Find the difference medium


Find the difference hard


Find the difference impossible


Author Goldengames99 -JakeGoesRawr ( ago)
golden thinks when you reach lemmy's swingback castle

Author Carlos Perez ( ago)
this doesn't look very much different from the new super mario bros wii (i
mean the name states that), it's just an upgrade, but i find very
interesting that peach gets kidnapped in her own castle and you have to
make your way to peaches castle instead of bowser's castle, i think that's
so cool

Author Phillip Moore ( ago)

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