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Author Javier Melodico (2 months)
How to start an internet fight:
1. Write a comment
2. Wait

Author Nude Miley! (4 months)
Man this is simply awesome looks like he is talking about the government of
US? ... JUST THINK ov Our country ... damn .. Meek Mill went high if any
one got hard beats and best lyrics go for *HipViews d0t com* winter sales
thank me later

Author uzibitch1 (8 months)
meek mill gotta be one of the only rich niggas who has no type of swag.

Author Brian Kennedy (21 day)
Birthday boy! Meek Mill!

Author Indigo Aura (3 months)
I don't listen to these trash niggas but I love this song still. Back when
drake went hard

Author sportsfactsdaily (27 days)
God is real. Atheists make me laugh. Amen.

Author Cristian Chacin Castro (18 days)
Real niggas believe in God Amen :D. #HipHop 

Author Jenaijah Johns (2 months)
There's a thousand thots in the club right now .. There's a million thots
in the club right now 😂😂

Author HevyToy (2 months)
Meek mill and drake vs tyga and chris brown who wins

Author Willie Johnson Jr. (10 days)
Meek Mill ft Drake - Amen (Official Music Video):

Author Ole Hoogsteden (2 months)
All these lil' ass bitches hatin on this song smh

Author Jay hendrix (1 month)
Meek mills is a horrible rapper. Drake saves this song. Like he does
everything. Including the rap game currently. Its like only him and
Kendrick are even doing anything. 

Author KnokomistKnight (6 months)
Makes you wonder which God they're talking about...

Author Marky Force (7 days)
God Drake's verses always come correct.

Author Jay Gravity (1 month)
Aman 👏👏👏

Author kareem xiong (28 days)
Just saw this video in 2015 but it still fire !!! Drake killed it 

Author Georgie Arn (4 days)
Drake is awesome.

Author Pakalu Papito (2 months)
Th..Th..There's 1000 thots in da club right now.

Author Carlota Loveschocolate (11 days)
Beat/Tune= on point
Video= stupid

Author Molly Sullivan (7 days)
vivid 2012 memories

Author Lisa bango (2 months)
Drake gives this shit a bit of class, meek straight up garbage, no bars
just noise.
If meek can get a record deal, let's all get one.cant even find one decent
song by him.
What he even tell nicki to get with her. Can't deal

Author Cass Tan (2 months)

Author Diane Sim (21 day)
his voice is so squeaky and his rap is bad. Nicki can do so much better.

Author bigtroopa fan (1 month)
Background sounds like a really really slow super mario background music

Author Kemtnu Kemetnu (26 days)
Garbage I thought the lyrics would be more powerful and not profane

Author Rapper Flynn (24 days)
Go Listen My Music
My Mix tape 'Persistent' in Play list
Check It Out
Promise You Wont Regret

Author Tyresse Carter (1 month)
Its like who ever made a feature wit drake back in 2012 starting beefing
with him

Author Cuntcussions (1 month)
I honestly think that the beat prod. should get all the credit. these
rhymes aren't worth the cash they're getting.

Author Desmond Taylor (6 days)

Author Aleks Ulmer (7 days)
I will say one thing: the director of Meek Mill's music videos is on
lock.... the guy knows how to make an intriguing, colorful, and
professional production!

Author asap koky (17 days)
nigga that j cole on 2:45

Author Sean Dunn (26 days)
Drake and meek mill the best rappers out there 

Author hannah clemons (1 month)
😍😍😍😍😍😍MY DRAKE😘👑✨

Author King TY (1 month)
Give this song an amen wassup rob

Author Steve Urkle (1 month)
3:41 annoyed by thrice o clock thanks Trinidad meek for the work lol I got
my three rocks wtf lol nah ...

Author tomas kinsella (1 month)
Nah fuck this weak shit bruh , Lil Dicky spit it raw to this beat

Author pat lyons (19 days)
through christ any thing is possible

Author Jesus Galvan (19 days)
Lil Dicky's version is better.

Author Holly Sackett (16 days)

Author Senay Negasi (1 month)
there is lotta bad bitches in the building Amen wtf is wrong with those
i can say nothin but God will take u soon u broke ass niggas

Author Goten Booling (27 days)
This was my shit when it cameout but lot of haters too even a pastor was

Author AdventureTime.IRL (15 days)
lil dicky's lyrics to this beat are way better

Author Stephanie DeRamus (5 days)
Thomas the Tank Engine should sue for Meek Mill sampling his theme song.

Author Justin Richardson (1 month)
Who had a better verse drake or meek ?

Author mrs dunn7 (1 month)
I really don't like how he is using amen in vain for a song😒

Author Shawn BighumJr (26 days)
When is Meek and J.Cole going to a song togerther

Author TheShlaay (17 days)
drake hurts my ears

Author Youness Jaoui (2 months)

Author James Ghost (3 months)
*Checkout The Remix I Just Uploaded On My Channel!*

Author choderjaXD (9 days)

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