Meek Mill ft Drake - Amen (Official Music Video)

Listen to Meek Mill's first single "I Don't Know" featuring Paloma Ford! Download on iTunes now! "Dreams Worth More Than Money," coming soon!

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Author DW Watson ( ago)
People don't get meek made himself. Didn't need Drake or nicki. Stop with
that bullshit

Author themurdo21 ( ago)
Sounds like D-pryde 

Author Keyshawn Softleigh ( ago)
I wish meek and drake were not beefing in the first place 

Author Warda Mohamed ( ago)

Author Ammarah Waseem ( ago)
Love the video but the song would have been better without meek tbh

Author jakefromthebean ( ago)
Ft. Quentin Miller

Author Knowda Ledge ( ago)
one of the sickest remixxees of the year, dont hesitate to inquire for
mixtape features, or verses! knowda ledge is definitely on the come up!

Author TechnAmateur ( ago)
Wonder what Zaytoven thought of this track.

Author Marcus Palmer ( ago)
What could've been...

Author Tyrone Biggums ( ago)
I guess Meek Mill wrote Drakes verse. Lol

Author PåpåTV ( ago)
Fuck drake

Author Viny Lima ( ago)
Drake helped meek put on.. Meek be spitting on that hand that fed him. smh

Author Kane ( ago)
Honestly I jam to this cause of drake. And I can't believe meek gone diss
drake for all he did for him. But it's what ever. The only reason this
track is cause of drake and i don give a flying mother fuck who disagrees.

Author narujesus foxy ( ago)
J cole in it damn

Author Chris56076 ( ago)
This shows you friends can turn on you anytime. Drake and Meek seemed like
close friends and now they beefing .. Thats why Drake is responding so much
because he's tired of this shit happening... Doing favors and being
fooled.... Im pretty sure Meek had people turn their back on him as well
but of course it never was in the spotlight ...

Author Esthefeny Estrada ( ago)
Wait! Who's meek mill? Lmfao! 

Author . BryanBIGMoney ( ago)
wat happened to these niggas

Author Bryant Fleming (Bk) ( ago)
Drake killed him on his own song

Author Marquese Parker ( ago)
a yo drake roasted meek in a diss

Author Tee Morris ( ago)
I think they need to just throw they beef back to this video AMEN 🙏

Author João Victor ( ago)
Writed by Meek Mill & Quentin Miller.

Author Cool Cool ( ago)
Go drake


Author Alexandria Caceres ( ago)
2:27 - 2:36

best part in my opinion :) not that everyotherthing wasnt good it was great
but this shit was bae

Author Alexandria Caceres ( ago)
throwback wednesday


Author Jonathan Gutierrez ( ago)
DJ Khaled : Meek wake up!

Meek : I'm sleep. What happened?

DJ Khaled : ANOTHER ONE...

Author yungmatt009 ( ago)
Simpler times.

Author Ernesto Palomares ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Pet A File ( ago)
Dear Meek,

Your second 'L' will be dispatched today.Your tracking number is: 4798205

Thank you for shopping with OVO

Author themanipulator 04 ( ago)
~~~▄▄██▌█ ░░The Bitchslap TRUCK IS COMING░░░ ▐
▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ ░I know a few people who need a ride░ ▐

Author Tre Chastine ( ago)
Taking me back to 8th grade 😩

Author Swaggy Deezy ( ago)
lel and now meek mill is butthurt cuz drake made the best verse on the

coming back tot his throwback cuz drake etherd his whole career

Author Jonilee4292 ( ago)
The good 'ol days

Author Goon Head ( ago)
Look they used to be boys now drake ended him

Author Lolo Steele ( ago)
I can't believe Meek would say all that rumored stuff about Drake not
writing his own lyrics yet they did this song 3 yrs ago and he didn't say
anything!! No one would've known who he was if it wasn't for this your with
much more famous people. Heck I JUST found out who he was last week! Just
an attention seeking Nigga with no morals and nothing better to do with his
Trigger Fingers 

Author Kenneth Johnson ( ago)
Meek mill can't rap to me. 

Author dania garcia ( ago)

Author CarlukioSubsBack ( ago)

Author ImClumsy TV ( ago)
A hood nigga who been prison vs a light skin Canadian good boy

Author Zama Mbatha ( ago)
I asked my colleague if he knows any Meek Mill song, he said " Amen" lol I
had forgotten that its his song lol

Author King, The Person .Who Argue With ( ago)
the title is wrong. it should say Drake - Amen ft Random

Author Ch Amir ( ago)
Ok i get it meek

Author Bill Smitzgergen ( ago)
"Drake made raps for me, AMEN"

Author Bill Smitzgergen ( ago)
lmao this shit is real hahahahahahahaahahaha fuck meek

Author Rachel Roth/A.K.A.Raven the Chick ( ago)
Ok i get it meek

Author Aj Campbell ( ago)
I don't know wether to be offended of how u sayin amen and coursing in the
same sentences or be turnt up

Author Darian McIntosh ( ago)
their both good miss the days whe the were chill a.f together

Author Young Savy ( ago)
Damn so much love in 2:56, Where did it all go?

Author Gavin Loomis ( ago)
What happened to this friendship?

Author Jamel Brunson ( ago)
Meek mills ol fuck ass drake helped yo ass out hell of a lot
Thats why ge fucked uo bitch

Author Cameron Watson ( ago)
Drake help this song sound better too. Still fly in 2015

Author jhonny lapp ( ago)
the military 4s tho

Author space ghost purp ( ago)
drizzy fkn murdered this track amen!!!

Author Carmel trill ( ago)
They were friends they ain't no more lmaoooooo

Author Bakari Neely ( ago)
Meek mills "started from the bottom" was better than drakes

Author Toni-Ann West ( ago)
I dont know what you guys talking about meek did his thing on this too!

Author Jesse Turner ( ago)
Whoever said fuck meek mill fuck u go to hell

Author mrmcskitles ( ago)
Weak Mill ugliest fucker in the game. Cocked eye Kanye jaw motherfucker

Author Drew Jackson ( ago)
i wrote drakes verse

Author Fernando Mata ( ago)

Author Alyssa Thomas ( ago)
Can u guys jus shut up about the meek mill and drake subject that is so old
now and I'm tired of hearing it no matter whose side your on it don't
matter because I'm pretty sure both them are over it by now and so am I 💯

Author projectvincent ( ago)

Author Deadspawn11 ( ago)
Drake ft Drake - Amen (Official Music Video)

Author Jesse Benson ( ago)
Dam Imma miss these drake and meek tracks .... smh... dam u meek lol...
welll veiws coming soon.

Author AJ Ike. (Ike's Innovation) ( ago)
They ain't need beef fr

Author Jay Dicksy ( ago)
Let these two beef in 2015. Amen!

Author gosia demyter ( ago)
Fucking evil cunt 

Author Ruther Tagala ( ago)

Author Jadah Tesfaye ( ago)
"I'm done doing favors for people , cause its not like I need the money I
make off a feature" 💀💀💀

Author fertolito ( ago)
Woes turn to Foes 👀.. 🐸☕

Author John Olowe ( ago)
Song starts at 2:10

Author pelumi obasa ( ago)
They need to stop this shit they sound good together

Author Shane Saldana ( ago)
Drake is a bitch meek would have still made it without him he had alot of
other good songs on his own.

Author Nicole Ikuru ( ago)
so upsetting drake and meek look like such good friends. like if your
watching in 2015

Author Medaka vi Durant ( ago)
Meek Mill and all these other wack rappers are doomed without Captain

Author Gerardo Barba ( ago)
Never heard about meek mil until I heard drakes diss song.....

Hmmm AaaAaaAaaaakward

Author Bobo Bo-Bobo ( ago)
drake's verse was the only good thing about this track lol

Author Jazzy ( ago)
meek need to grow up

Author David Masih ( ago)

Author Frank nitty ( ago)
God come save the youth please.. How the fuck this weak cat popin? It's all
in flames 

Author Eric Rogers ( ago)
1 Corinthians 15:33 Don't be fooled by those who say such things, for "bad
company corrupts good character."Ezekiel 18:4 "Behold, all souls are Mine;
the soul of the father as well as the soul of the son is Mine. The soul who
sins will die.

Author Shaqiri Burim ( ago)
meek mill is a fucking punk ass bitch

Author Desiree Miller ( ago)
Meek Vs Meek Lol Drake ain't even respond to this retard cause we know
what's real Drake is just that good with a dash of help meek ain't nothing
wrong with accepting help AMEN!

Author paris dabney ( ago)
Meek fake ass #DrakeAllDay

Author Cameron Media ( ago)
Am I the only one re watching this because of the beef?

Author deadmau5FAN54675435 ( ago)
nice skull candies meek

Author Marcos Rios ( ago)
I see you J Cole!

Author wirelessranger ( ago)
This song kind of is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, drake and
meek go so well together.

Author Lewis Ville ( ago)
Meek Mill R.I.C.O. ft Drake brought me here lol 

Author Brando Guzman ( ago)

Author Indigo Aura ( ago)
Even tho I'm not a meek mill fans it's quite sad he ruined his own
friendship with drake for something so petty and trivial. I heard Drake has
been featured on all that mans projects. Hopefully they squash the beef 

Author shy money ( ago)
This song never gets old put me in the zone every time Amen 

Author myvideogameuniverse ( ago)
anyone here cause of their beef

Author Peterr Carr ( ago)

Author Billexic ( ago)
Yall can say what you want about meek because he has the no. 1 album in the
country and he's the third rapper to ever make the top 100 on the billboard

Author Qadir Gordon ( ago)
look at these niggs friends nd shit now they like to pitbuls fighting over
a bone

Author Kamigami92 ( ago)
Bet Meek said Amen when he got this verse from Drake tho.

Author Justin Gewargis ( ago)
Drake has class. Meek sounds like some random bum yelling lmao

Author Matthew Peters ( ago)
And now Meek is dissing him....

Author Jagolaks ( ago)
Meek Mill said "I just made a couple million" But I guess he stopped after
that because that's what he's worth. It's 2015 and he's still only sitting
on that same networth.

Author Taylor Louis ( ago)
Meek Mill >>> 🐍🐍🐍🐍

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