Meek Mill ft Drake - Amen (Official Music Video)

Listen to Meek Mill's first single "I Don't Know" featuring Paloma Ford! Download on iTunes now! "Dreams Worth More Than Money," coming soon!

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Author RealUnited2468 ( ago)
im really drawn to meeks voice for some weird reason same for drake....dont

Author ALX ( ago)
Ahhhhh! I remember when this was bumpin on the radio.

Author rik gebrands ( ago)

Author slim Francis ( ago)
Drake only have more clarity than Meek, but meek is a real rapper

Author DeSean Atwood ( ago)
Damn drake when did you breath son? #cold

Author teaarmo ( ago)
I wish this song didn't have Meek Mill in it

Author Gabriella Oviedo ( ago)
I didn't get the doa line

Author Meek Mill ( ago)

Author ThingsByCindy ( ago)
both want nicki . 

Author Merrick Means ( ago)
Dope song + dope video 🙏🏽

Author Delfiffer2 ( ago)
Why jeremih no given credit

Author Eric St-germain ( ago)
PAC and Biggie would roll over in they grave listening to these fake
internet thugs that the media finds lol rappin bout shit they never seen or
did! Drake you're not an O.G. quit fronting like you a real nuggah!! You've
got good flow but you don't have to pretend you're somebody you're not!!

Author Asante Holley ( ago)

Author Jackie Donuts (1954 years ago)
We meet again!
Plus Alphonso McAuley brought me here

Author Kendra Love ( ago)
i like this song meek mill

Author Cody Gentry ( ago)
Lord forgive me for my sins I'm just trying to win she a devil in that

Author Huey Uchiha ( ago)
Why does Drake look like super mario :/

Author Jory Charles ( ago)
The girl at the 3:59 mark is SOOOO FINE its not even funny

Author StAqZ It ( ago)
Meek Mill ft Drake - Amen (Official Music Video):

Author lanette ratliff ( ago)

Author Dominic Celaya ( ago)
Hahaahahaha this fool.......

Author SalvationMan97 ( ago)
I know this beat from Lil Dicky first lol

Author Loc2thabrain805 ( ago)
i like the misogi version of this song better

Author Michelle Ford (267 years ago)
this song is straight fire love it

Author hannah clemons ( ago)
😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️ DRAKE LORDY😍😍🙈

Author Patricia McGowan ( ago)


Author Brams Music Vevo ( ago)
(y) i like just hook!

Author nahh ( ago)
Am I the only one who heard secret illuminate

Author Gengar NDaCut ( ago)
Drake's flow and rapping voice in 2012 >>>>>

The boy could do no wrong back then

Author Christopher Kaas ( ago)
That was a great song. It was a banger when it first came it still bang.
That whole church and amen put in a song that was cold. Meek is a beast
when he want to be

Author Tiggerlove97 ( ago)
When this song came out almost every freaking station had this on loop!

Author Eduardo Londoño Vásquez ( ago)
Hoy de nuevo a recorrer....feliz y por todo debemos decir AMEN #corazones

Author J.Chardonnay ( ago)

Author Georgie Arn ( ago)
Drake is awesome.

Author Stephanie DeRamus ( ago)
Thomas the Tank Engine should sue for Meek Mill sampling his theme song.

Author Desmond Taylor ( ago)

Author Marky Force ( ago)
God Drake's verses always come correct.

Author Chris Samaritan ( ago)
Whats Meek's biggest hit so far Amen or Levels?

Author Aleks Ulmer ( ago)
I will say one thing: the director of Meek Mill's music videos is on
lock.... the guy knows how to make an intriguing, colorful, and
professional production!

Author Molly Sullivan ( ago)
vivid 2012 memories

Author choderjaXD ( ago)

Author Willie Johnson Jr. ( ago)
Meek Mill ft Drake - Amen (Official Music Video):

Author 07thunderhawk ( ago)
If you're gonna represent Christianity at all, do it right or else you're a
disgrace to Jesus, who you "claim" you follow.

Author 07thunderhawk ( ago)
Who's your god again, oh yeah SATAN.

Author Carlota Loveschocolate ( ago)
Beat/Tune= on point
Video= stupid

Author AdventureTime.IRL (896 years ago)
lil dicky's lyrics to this beat are way better

Author Stephen Starr ( ago)
beat is on point

Author Holly Sackett (1921 year ago)

Author asap koky ( ago)
nigga that j cole on 2:45

Author TheShlaay ( ago)
drake hurts my ears

Author Cristian Chacin Castro ( ago)
Real niggas believe in God Amen :D. #HipHop 

Author Jesus Galvan ( ago)
Lil Dicky's version is better.

Author pat lyons ( ago)
through christ any thing is possible

Author said nur ( ago)
Who else is here for j.cole

Author Diane Sim ( ago)
his voice is so squeaky and his rap is bad. Nicki can do so much better.

Author Rapper Flynn ( ago)
Go Listen My Music
My Mix tape 'Persistent' in Play list
Check It Out
Promise You Wont Regret

Author Shawn BighumJr ( ago)
When is Meek and J.Cole going to a song togerther

Author Sean Dunn (1955 years ago)
Drake and meek mill the best rappers out there 

Author Kemtnu Kemetnu ( ago)
Garbage I thought the lyrics would be more powerful and not profane

Author Goten Booling ( ago)
This was my shit when it cameout but lot of haters too even a pastor was

Author sportsfactsdaily ( ago)
God is real. Atheists make me laugh. Amen.

Author kareem xiong ( ago)
Aye j cole !!!!

Author kareem xiong ( ago)
Just saw this video in 2015 but it still fire !!! Drake killed it 

Author bigtroopa fan ( ago)
Background sounds like a really really slow super mario background music

Author mustapha kharoubi ( ago)

Author Cuntcussions ( ago)
I honestly think that the beat prod. should get all the credit. these
rhymes aren't worth the cash they're getting.

Author india ivy ( ago)
amen on some real shit

Author tomas kinsella (1914 years ago)
Nah fuck this weak shit bruh , Lil Dicky spit it raw to this beat

Author Jay Gravity (607 years ago)
Aman 👏👏👏

Author Matthew Beats ( ago)
i just wanna thank god
for all the pretty women he let into my life
all the benjamins he let me count
wealth and health, for my family
and lettin' me ball on these niggas

Author Justin Richardson ( ago)
Who had a better verse drake or meek ?

Author Steve Urkle ( ago)
3:41 annoyed by thrice o clock thanks Trinidad meek for the work lol I got
my three rocks wtf lol nah ...

Author Steve Urkle ( ago)
good line drake men I got this b getting old even sold cant ketchup sorry
for the bad grammar 10 stack making mme nervous 24 sit lol h playing fames
with sound ground ominuous don't for get book back h jab move

Author Steve Urkle ( ago)
not meek go

Author Steve Urkle ( ago)
get it click it putshed by nick suicidal cool lvgb

Author sophie jo ( ago)
those Jeffrey Campbell Damsels <3 - <3

Author Dan Olivencia ( ago)
just garbage not real music and of course sampling, no talent...either of

Author Jay hendrix ( ago)
Meek mills is a horrible rapper. Drake saves this song. Like he does
everything. Including the rap game currently. Its like only him and
Kendrick are even doing anything. 

Author Professoar ( ago)
OMG illuminati confirmed!

Author hannah clemons ( ago)
😍😍😍😍😍😍MY DRAKE😘👑✨

Author rsadlier ( ago)
There's a million thots in the club right now.

Author Senay Negasi ( ago)
there is lotta bad bitches in the building Amen wtf is wrong with those
i can say nothin but God will take u soon u broke ass niggas

Author olubukola awowale ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author David Lemke ( ago)

Author Mindy whitten-huerta ( ago)
From me an friend amen casper rapper tapper stacy

Author Percy Wright ( ago)

Author CiDi Dalovbieb ( ago)
That concert in the video looked like it was fun as ever. All those.rappers
in it. And all those people smiling 

Author DAYJAH2 ( ago)
I Love The Beat Of The Song

Author Tyresse Carter ( ago)
Its like who ever made a feature wit drake back in 2012 starting beefing
with him

Author mrs dunn7 ( ago)
I really don't like how he is using amen in vain for a song😒

Author King Reke ( ago)
Give this song an amen wassup rob

Author splashhh ( ago)
Drake killed it 

Author Syrjah Alston Jr ( ago)

Author Jenaijah Johns ( ago)
There's a thousand thots in the club right now .. There's a million thots
in the club right now 😂😂

Author Javier Melodico ( ago)
How to start an internet fight:
1. Write a comment
2. Wait

Author Ann Anderson ( ago)

Author Lisa bango ( ago)
Drake gives this shit a bit of class, meek straight up garbage, no bars
just noise.
If meek can get a record deal, let's all get one.cant even find one decent
song by him.
What he even tell nicki to get with her. Can't deal

Author joe smith ( ago)
fucking tune

Author Deandre Daggett ( ago)
Love this song

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