Mythbusters Adam Savage Getting Hurt & Scared

adam getting hurt and scared on the show mythbusters. videos are from youtube.

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Author DesertArizona (2 months)
That first one was really mean, I remember hearing the back-story about how
it was actually a HUGE amount of electricity, and that it was the first
time on the show where Adam got really angry with them. I think he left the
building for a while and fired a producer.

Author John Doe (3 months)
Adam is my favorite MythBuster (So is Tory) and i hate seeing them get
hurt, but the only reason I'm watching this is so i can see there reaction

Author olivewotuk (25 days)
Half Life 2 zombies!

Author Zeickhon (3 months)
Ha Ha At 1:18 I keep Repeating
Can't Stop Laughing! Ha Ha XD

Author Damian Reloaded (1 month)

Author Chris Combs (2 months)
0:49 well he was drunk when he thought of that...

Author Gayle Keene (2 months)

Author Uncle Fester (1 month)
What was the one with the yeti where he hid in the bathroom?

Author MaQuGo119 (3 months)
In what episode he gets mad because some cookie?

Author ShunsuiHitsugaya (2 years)
It's always funny to watch Adam hurt himself or ends up the victim of a
prank. The Yeti prank is a classic. It never gets old.

Author MattdamanESK (1 year)
Don't worry, he knows most of the cast enjoy him getting hurt, he even
enjoys looking at himself getting hurt in his past footage :)

Author Caleb Duncan (2 years)
i love watching Adam get hurt LOL :D

Author PacketOfTaytos (2 years)
So glad we get the english narrator.

Author Brandon N (7 months)
can you spell while drunk too? i'm not convinced lol

Author Axe (1 year)
You know, thanks for sharing that astounding revelation, but I'm sure
everyone would have been much more interested to know about the FUCKING

Author Firestarter (11 months)
Adam runs like a faggot...

Author Noah Frye (2 years)
I'm guessing you went to their tour?

Author chloegriffin123 (1 year)
Hahaha bc ahaaha

Author koulokoe (1 year)
From wich episode is that last clip?

Author illstealyourham (10 months)
i was born in the 20s

Author Matrix29bear (1 year)
At 2:00 you see the sneering angry man inside Adam's happy-go-lucky

Author Telmach (1 year)

Author DJ HighPah (11 months)
Every drunk person runs like a faggot...

Author WolfPrincessTwilight (1 year)
"Holy Bleep-ity Bleep-ity Bleep!" Hahaha XD! That was the most child
appropriate reaction I've ever heard from someone in Mythbusters in pain
(aside from the 'dunk your hand in a bucket of ice and don't curse'

Author Gary Marchessault (1 year)
it's always good to see Adam get hurt, I hate him the most, such a baby

Author BorisFangirl (2 years)
"Stop sparking my (Boing!)" Awesome.

Author highlander723 (1 year)
Did you feel god? SHIT HE ALMOST MET HIM

Author BoredomCorner (1 year)
Ok sorry I forgot that Adam actually said that about Jamie once.

Author MinecraftWinnerz (1 year)

Author boeing09876654321 . (2 years)
@ajbusters look close

Author MamaRuthTrain (1 year)
I saw him! Lol!

Author adma1987 (7 months)
That video is longer, you can see a behind the scenes on youtube where the
cast describe it as the worst thing they ever did as adam was so betrayed.
Funny sidebit the director who forced them to play that prank on him
doesn't work for the show anymore.

Author Justin Stone (1 year)
And....... a cookie, maybe?

Author Justin Stone (1 year)
There is nothing funny about being hit with 100.000 volts.......

Author Alec Horowitz (2 years)
1:24 Don't fuck with Jamie, that was only 1% power.

Author Sekkechi (1 year)
i saw him peaking out :) lol

Author alex white (1 year)
guys! the first one and the one where jamie shocks him where both because a
bad producer wanted them and so they fired him

Author manifestgtr (1 year)
Adam gives some insight into the first clip here in one of his's here on youtube if you search "adam savage 100000 volts"
apparently it was a producers idea and everyone was really angry for him

Author Phagitue (2 years)
Audio dynamics, how do they work?

Author illstealyourham (10 months)
well that was dumb of you wasnt it

Author Steph Swarb (6 months)
@ nikki griffin learn how to spell

Author illstealyourham (11 months)
it was. now blow me haha

Author illstealyourham (10 months)
oh very

Author Minewolf82 (8 months)
Adam and treadmills do not mix

Author IluvFRIENDS725 (1 year)
lol its ok

Author 8bobthebuilder (2 years)
Yes, I saw Adam Savage peeking out of the bathroom -- it was funny. In
fact, this whole show Mythbusters is really good. I'm liking it even more
than than in `03/04 when I first started watching.

Author amnesiabubble (2 years)
ok, im totally COOL

Author hopeechangee (1 year)
Theank you uploader for the sudden volume spike.... now I 'm deaf. Thumbed

Author 500RANDOMGUY (1 year)
Lol, do you feel god?

Author zeNUKEify (10 months)
so... like in the 20s?

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