Mythbusters Adam Savage Getting Hurt & Scared

adam getting hurt and scared on the show mythbusters. videos are from youtube.

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Author S&A Vlogs ( ago)
like or comment if your watching in 2015

Author Luis Orozco ( ago)
1:20 you're welcome

Author Bill Gorman ( ago)
I just seen Adam in a new commercial for Gorilla Glass and it looks like he
has stitches on his right forehead. What happened, did he split his head

Author Sabrina Brown ( ago)
LOL "Stop tazering my @$$!"

Author ct92404 ( ago)
The first clip, where they did that prank on him was VERY dangerous and
stupid. It was a high voltage neon transformer and it could have killed
him. The current went through his chest and it could have stopped his

Author SamurottofMinnesota ( ago)
Oh, great, we got a yeti outside.

Author storm rivera ( ago)
What episode was the snow beast on where Adam hid in the bathroom?

Author aaronwotuk ( ago)
Half Life 2 zombies!

Author Uncle Fester ( ago)
What was the one with the yeti where he hid in the bathroom?

Author Damian Reloaded ( ago)

Author DesertArizona ( ago)
That first one was really mean, I remember hearing the back-story about how
it was actually a HUGE amount of electricity, and that it was the first
time on the show where Adam got really angry with them. I think he left the
building for a while and fired a producer.

Author Gayle Keene ( ago)

Author Chris Combs (Omega) ( ago)
0:49 well he was drunk when he thought of that...

Author MaQuGo119 ( ago)
In what episode he gets mad because some cookie?

Author John Doe ( ago)
Adam is my favorite MythBuster (So is Tory) and i hate seeing them get
hurt, but the only reason I'm watching this is so i can see there reaction

Author Harvey Flaxcaster ( ago)
Poor adam...

Author Reemo O ( ago)

Author Billy Adams ( ago)
'looks at big foot, gets up, SLOWLY walks to bathroom, stares at it."

Author CoolBlueZR1 ( ago)
"Ow... oh... Do you feel god? NOW ITS TIME FOR ADAM TO STEP UP"

Author Steph Swarb ( ago)
@ nikki griffin learn how to spell

Author Andrew Hill ( ago)
I feel like someone should have payed attention to the volume equalizer.

Author Susan Foreman ( ago)
I saw addem in the bathfrrom Did you??

Author Drewit1 ( ago)
They probably do, but they might have disagreements about some things.

Author Bonnie the bunny ( ago)
At the and, yes. Yes, I did.

Author Talos402000 ( ago)
You know, I wonder how Jamie and Adam really get along behind the scenes.

Author adma1987 ( ago)
That video is longer, you can see a behind the scenes on youtube where the
cast describe it as the worst thing they ever did as adam was so betrayed.
Funny sidebit the director who forced them to play that prank on him
doesn't work for the show anymore.

Author ProxyNuker ( ago)
The drunken treadmill is the best

Author Brandon N ( ago)
can you spell while drunk too? i'm not convinced lol

Author ChronicMadness ( ago)
Adam and treadmills do not mix

Author mriloveethanol ( ago)
this guy is awesome!

Author windmagelita ( ago)
if all adam and tory's painful experiences are posted, it would take a week
to watch them all....hehe i would watch em all =^_^=

Author Lizzy R. ( ago)
I feel like this video should be longer...LOL

Author Jean-Adrien Oikonomou ( ago)
Pfff i can ruy 10 K's while being drunk no prob

Author The Face88 ( ago)
and your comment was any better?

Author newlifeinireland ( ago)
Kari is such a cunt. What a stupid and cruel thing for her to say.

Author Ninja 9 ( ago)

Author Ferdarte Blättler ( ago)
Ha gaaay

Author zeNUKEify ( ago)
so... like in the 20s?

Author zeNUKEify ( ago)
how old r u?

Author Knuhben ( ago)
hmm up until now i though that to have interest in mythbusters you had to
have a moderate level of intelect. thanks for proving me wrong =) dimwit

Author DJ HighPah ( ago)
Every drunk person runs like a faggot...

Author 30K ( ago)
Adam runs like a faggot...

Author Jimmy Forsman ( ago)
wow, great comeback kid :)

Author Jimmy Forsman ( ago)

Author Orysya Kudyba ( ago)
poor adam

Author highlander723 ( ago)
Did you feel god? SHIT HE ALMOST MET HIM

Author koulokoe ( ago)
From wich episode is that last clip?

Author S0larus ( ago)
I love Adam) Guys, please tell me what are the episodes in which he is
running drunk and being slapped by Jamie?

Author chloegriffin123 ( ago)
Hahaha bc ahaaha

Author spidaxtreme ( ago)
This was uploaded on my birthday!

Author GeneralShoggoth ( ago)
"cabin fever"

Author 500RANDOMGUY ( ago)
Lol, do you feel god?

Author Telmach ( ago)

Author TheStarlitedecay ( ago)
What episode is that with snowman?

Author Matthew Salava ( ago)
Cool. I got to meet Adam & Jamie when they did their Behind the Myths tour
show in Tampa, Florida in October 2012.

Author MinecraftWinnerz ( ago)

Author XIJaakeIX ( ago)
0:25 R.I.P Headphone users

Author itsit100 ( ago)
Poor fellow

Author Ryan Mickelwait ( ago)
I saw every clip on every episode shown here.

Author IngeniousOutdoors ( ago)
he saw him peek out for sure. but not peak out.

Author BoredomCorner ( ago)
What, no hovercraft slip, no door slip, no vaccum kissing?

Author BoredomCorner ( ago)
Ok sorry I forgot that Adam actually said that about Jamie once.

Author Anton Molsen ( ago)
1:25 Don't F*** with a Hyneman (F stands for Futz)

Author Prinz Nezz ( ago)
Peek not peak.

Author Travis Ritter ( ago)
It's weird. I thought there would be a longer video of Adam getting hurt
than just three minutes.

Author Gary Marchessault ( ago)
it's always good to see Adam get hurt, I hate him the most, such a baby

Author sparrow717 ( ago)
how did i get here from one piece? :S

Author MrClickity ( ago)
No, that one was real. The producer was the one who wanted to shock Adam.
He ended up getting fired over it (among other reasons)

Author exedeath ( ago)

Author difficultbastard ( ago)
Television is so fake, I don't believe much at all - I spot acting easily
(Mythbusters doesn't bother to hide the scripted bits) where they try to
pass it off as real, I notice edits in things like reality shows, from
small inconsistencies, etc. Doesn't help that lots of people are gullible
either. Having said that though, Adam strikes me as really genuine, so I
believe it's real.

Author InZain ( ago)
i've actually met adam

Author Matrix29bear ( ago)
At 2:00 you see the sneering angry man inside Adam's happy-go-lucky

Author Matrix29bear ( ago)
At 0:31 Adam's butt looks larger and lumpier than normal. Anyone else
thinking that Adam was wearing some insulation under his pants and faking
the shock?

Author manifestgtr ( ago)
Adam gives some insight into the first clip here in one of his's here on youtube if you search "adam savage 100000 volts"
apparently it was a producers idea and everyone was really angry for him

Author Deofiro09 ( ago)
2:20 Near the very top of the screen lol

Author Axe ( ago)
You know, thanks for sharing that astounding revelation, but I'm sure
everyone would have been much more interested to know about the FUCKING

Author alex white ( ago)
guys! the first one and the one where jamie shocks him where both because a
bad producer wanted them and so they fired him

Author John Addams ( ago)
Alaska Special 1.

Author Joseph Kman ( ago)
I don't have cable,how can I watch -m-busters on Internet.for free.You guys
do great work.Loved chicken canon.the had to cancel cable. Disabled vet.
75-77. 82nd .Combat Engineer.7th Core .NATO. stay cool guys .glad to see
some clips.

Author wogsy kirk ( ago)
I bet Adam is a really good father to his kids.. He is intelligent, laid
back and has a great sense of humour.. I love the guy.. I honestly dont
know what i used to watch before discovery channel came along.. I think i
must have blanked it from my memory banks as whatever i did watch it must
have been bad.

Author Mattdaman354 ( ago)
Don't worry, he knows most of the cast enjoy him getting hurt, he even
enjoys looking at himself getting hurt in his past footage :)

Author MamaRuthTrain ( ago)
I saw him! Lol!

Author thediggernic112 ( ago)

Author swedishplayer97 ( ago)

Author AmodisAliceEverdeen ( ago)
He's right about the angry Jamie= angry 12 year old. Im 12 and if you
messed with me when I had a cattle prod in my hand well.... ZAP! HOLY BLEEP

Author Justin Stone ( ago)
There is nothing funny about being hit with 100.000 volts.......

Author Justin Stone ( ago)
And....... a cookie, maybe?

Author Jesse York ( ago)
press 9 repeatedly ROFL thumbs up

Author WolfPrincessTwilight ( ago)
"Holy Bleep-ity Bleep-ity Bleep!" Hahaha XD! That was the most child
appropriate reaction I've ever heard from someone in Mythbusters in pain
(aside from the 'dunk your hand in a bucket of ice and don't curse'

Author 042873E ( ago)
missing when he, for some reason, puts his lip on a working motor.

Author Sekkechi ( ago)
i saw him peaking out :) lol

Author PacketOfTaytos ( ago)
So glad we get the english narrator.

Author Noah Frye ( ago)
I'm guessing you went to their tour?

Author ✈ NickFlightX - Aviation at its Max! ✈ ( ago)
Just to let the people who have watched this, I have meet Adam and
Jamie!!!!! Not the other 3 though.

Author ShunsuiHitsugaya ( ago)
It's always funny to watch Adam hurt himself or ends up the victim of a
prank. The Yeti prank is a classic. It never gets old.

Author Roa Ciel ( ago)
1:24 Don't fuck with Jamie, that was only 1% power.

Author Phagitue ( ago)
Audio dynamics, how do they work?

Author ducksrule107 ( ago)
@boeing09876654321 i saw himlol

Author 21melpomene ( ago)
Scottie sparks his ---. "Stop sparking my ---!" Jamie sparks his ---. XD

Author RedJoker9000 ( ago)
I wanted to see a back hand slap

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