CJ (Grove Street) VS The Ballas - GTA San Andreas

Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas... a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption. Where filmstars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers. Now, it's the early 90s. Carl's got to go home. His mother has been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across weapons and gang ballas to try to restore the order in a gang war raging between Grove Street and Ballas, in Los Santos.


Nodey - Cyprien répond à Cortex (instru)

The short video (0:00 to 0:55) is just a small part of the video of GTA: SA - The Introduction (An official video made by Rockstar Games):



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Author Misael Silva ( ago)
hi guys what's name of the music ??

Author Erick_ Awp ( ago)
Alguém sabe como faço para voltar a ser da gang Grove street ??

E queveu quando vou chamar eles para ser da minha gang eles balança a
cabeça dizendo não

Se alguém souber me fala pf

Author wiktor56 wiktor56 ( ago)
Kto z Polski

Author Juan Pascual ( ago)
The game will never get old

Author SharpshooterCNR ( ago)
nice movie

Author Bácsi Mundo ( ago)

Author Tulescu Andrei ( ago)

Author Mohammed Abdalah ( ago)
+Carl Johnson You are pro.

Author Sumit Gandhari ( ago)

Author Achmad Subekti ( ago)
is he cooking 5:19

Author Marco Hurtado Arboleda ( ago)
El mejor perdonages de lo GTA san andreas y CJ ;,33

Author Gökhan Oyun Başında ( ago)
fuck ballas

Author Mario Pozo Simon ( ago)
The ballas are disgusting but groove street rules

Author Melvin Absin Sorcar (Mico Engada Absin) ( ago)

Author mohammed TP-LINK ( ago)

Author Alan Calderon ( ago)
Fuck you ballas bitches

Author Alan Calderon ( ago)
Grove street for life

Author Angelprotaku ( ago)
Me encantó puedes decirme donde sacaste la musica por que mola mucho grove
street al poder el vídeo es la hostia por que aparte de sacaste la parte
eliminada del juego que no se llegó a ver encima pusiste una musica muy pro
que encajaba con el sentimiento de venganza de CJ dime donde puedo
encontrar la musica

Author umut oral ( ago)

Author Fabio Forgione ( ago)
Fabio ti mando questp video di gta sa andreas

Author Kobe Plath ( ago)
Fuck dem Ballas Grove Street Families for life

Author Kayra Deniz ( ago)
My friend also had the same clothes on my carl :)
Tattoos same , the same pants , same time , same mask , hat the same , but
I believe you, me , our guys to play that I found myself like twins : D

Author Александар [СРБ] ( ago)
wow Nice VIDEO!!!

Author MrZach 10155 ( ago)
I'd just use remote expose over for the gas tank part

Author Matthew Cruz ( ago)
What's gruesome about Gta Physics is that they lose their head rather than
a shot mark in the face.

Author Arty Eremenko ( ago)
Is this beat of one of Slim shadies songs?

Author Rémi Fasolla ( ago)
This is the worst 1080p I have ever seen

Author Игорь Сбоев ( ago)
Кто есть из русских отзовитесь

Author Ramiro Escobar (291 year ago)
Bro donde consigues ese pañuelo para la cabeza y esa banda la? Porfa

Author Андрей Гусаров ( ago)

Author Ronaldo CR7 Fan ( ago)
How u called GSF guys

Author Jakobi Anderson ( ago)
That was funny

Author kaneky1231 kun1 ( ago)
shit of ballas fucking fucking fucking ballas

Author Derek Tan ( ago)
Grove St is King !!!

Author Derek Tan ( ago)
corrupted cops ...

Author Ios games ( ago)
13:14 hey motherfucker

Author Trevor Richman ( ago)
CJ (Grove Street) VS The Ballas - GTA San Andreas

Author First Gaming TR ( ago)
Fuck Ballas i like Grove street !

Author Unt Hpone Chun ( ago)
what a load of shit
But Damn Can't stop watching though
Best GTA haha
That Rocket Dodging So Awesome!!!

Author Sadl Lampake ( ago)
А почему после того, когда они украли у CJ деньги то Гроув об этом не

Author volt070 ( ago)
Now its strange when i hear franklin lol

Author FunNGuns (ELITEGAMER) ( ago)
San Andreas

Author Ray Lopes ( ago)
Hated the grove street boys. I recruited max grove street boys.
Send all after 3 ballas.
Ballas win

Author Andrey Palhares ( ago)
Assistam é muito loko

Author Mark Thirdy ( ago)
No one would ever take out the GSF they are the gang king!

Author Paul Gonzales ( ago)
lol 😁

Author eunice yap (1117 years ago)
yeah carl cut hes balls of

Author Andrey Palhares ( ago)
Da ora 

Author Leon777 7 ( ago)
Grove street es la leche

Author Elnar Tilemis ( ago)
Как это песня называется

Author nadhem hamza ( ago)
let's make the longest chain of fuck you ballas

fuck you ballas

Author Michael Stryker ( ago)
*It is all up to you, all the time, all around you! There is noone else to
blame. Click the top entry "The Present" on truthcontest♣com to learn the
truth of life and death. Don't postpone this one.*

Author Melvin Absin Sorcar (Mico Engada Absin) ( ago)

Author Craig “KG” Curry ( ago)
Nice vid!!!!!

Author Jadeis Ardoin ( ago)
I'm grove all the way nigga fuck u mean!

Author bondok bk ( ago)
yeah ! that's the reall action :D

Author Nell Boudion ( ago)
Fuck grove street . Ballas out

Author xdcast Best shooter ( ago)
Fuck Grove Street

Author Ryder Yip ( ago)
How do you make that scenes?

Author irondrumwork09 ( ago)

Author Pocho The Gamer ( ago)
The ballas should be called bold-ass

Author Pocho The Gamer ( ago)
Grove street is KING!!!

Author BIG SMOKE ( ago)
Ryder is alive because he jumped out of the boat before the explosion
right? Lance "ryder" wilson

Author BIG SMOKE ( ago)
Can i join you my best homie

Author BIG SMOKE ( ago)

Author Edwin Otten ( ago)
Goed man perfecto

Author Edwin Otten ( ago)
Goed man perfect

Author Maverick T ( ago)
like because the cj dodge the rocket launcher and kill the ballas!!!!!!

Author Archives ( ago)
Still the best Grand Theft Auto, and the best game.
Perfect video, congratz.

Author Lotfi Oudji ( ago)

Author Evelina Zilbere ( ago)
strit lose

Author Lachlan Hawkes-Law (1223 years ago)
your homies would kill more than that og

Author İllegaller ( ago)

Author jareth marin ( ago)
groove is the mejor homies

Author Termiklayk Feed ( ago)

Author Lance Ryder Wilson ( ago)
how you make it

Author Saidh Arellano54 ( ago)
Fuck balla Grove street 4 life motherfucker

Author MlapiCraft 100 ( ago)
*Grove 4 Life*

Author MlapiCraft 100 ( ago)
*Pobre madre de CJ*

Author Nitish Singh Kaka' 11 ( ago)
18 minutes long video but don't get bored because it's CJ.
Groove street for life!

Author kirk vinsonTV ( ago)

Author Johannes Hars ( ago)
grove is king

Author Liam O'Connell ( ago)
Ballas is king

Author veteran noob95 ( ago)
Best video ive seen 

Author Nanda ( ago)
Ballas? More like Ballsacks!

Author SuchtiGamerLP ( ago)
Fuck ballas GROVE STREET is the BEST

Author Raymond Galloway ( ago)
@10:47 that's how Ricky should have ran in Boyz N The Hood. 

Author Vammostga ( ago)
Awesome man good job this is one of my fav GTA videos on YouTube 

Author sangrejc2002 (221 year ago)
Yeah Grove 4life

Author kcoleman912 ( ago)
Haha this video reminded me how shitty the graphics was.....still the
greatest game of all time though

Author Cainele Anton12 ( ago)
Grove str 4 Life niggaz!

Author Mark Davis ( ago)
On Grove nem

Author Bernardo Martins ( ago)

Author melvie amanda ( ago)

Author Agon Aliu ( ago)

Author Agon Aliu ( ago)
You need to hit them sit ups too you aint actually the lenis forget meat
bro you cant see your own penis

Author Agon Aliu ( ago)
Yo balla member ill enter your bed you will be dead in this battle rap ill
make you say OH CRAP

Author Uanderson Souza ( ago)
é grove street no comando porra. e CJ barril

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