CJ (Grove Street) VS The Ballas - GTA San Andreas

Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas... a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption. Where filmstars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers. Now, it's the early 90s. Carl's got to go home. His mother has been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across weapons and gang ballas to try to restore the order in a gang war raging between Grove Street and Ballas, in Los Santos.


Nodey - Cyprien répond à Cortex (instru)

The short video (0:00 to 0:55) is just a small part of the video of GTA: SA - The Introduction (An official video made by Rockstar Games):



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Author Balla member (3 months)

Author The United Creepers (5 months)
First:Is this multiplayer?
Second:It was funny when the SWAT find the bribe and ran away! :)
Third:This video is awesome! Keep going like that+ the song is so cool!

Author God Ryan (14 days)
nice editing bro,you should make this video in gta 5 version!

Author Patrik Robinson (1 month)
ballas is king!!!!!!!!

Author Derek Tan (1 month)
8:07 why there is a red marker signal (yellow pawn shop, left ,left) ......

Author The Brucks1000 (4 months)

Author nguyen duy Hung (1 month)
13:24 Any last word?

Author KSS (1 month)
Grove Street Forever.

Author Rafael Jorge (2 months)
02:48 lol

Author GTA Hunter (9 hours)
3:15 what music?

Author RETRO GLIZZY (2 months)

Author T1Z1 (2 months)
Awesome I love it f***in ballas man :-)

Author İhsan İlker Boy (1 day)
Ben daha iyi oynuyom

Author John connor (6 months)
what a baddass game!

Author Ruan Duarte (8 days)
Onde o cj se escondeu quando a SWAT chegou

Author Francisco Ignacio Muñoz Andrade (8 days)
Cj is the milk!!!!!!

Author Aiden Pearce (3 months)
san in play

Author Luciana Alves de Sousa Lopes (11 days)
ballas filho da puta

Author Vas-Borosi Dániel (18 days)
Big like facebook

Author Felipe Gomes (19 days)

Author Bryan Gunawan (18 days)
Thats awesomea

Author Enes Ozturk (6 months)
Awesome man! Grove 4 Life!

Author hadden annand (4 months)
Great game but graphics suck.

Author Ruan Duarte (8 days)

Author klaudiolgames777 (1 month)
alto buena

Author Matheus Tonon (3 months)
Uem vence ??

Author Santix Rap1999 (3 months)
Wow! Es la Mejor Serie de GTA SA :´) ¡¡ I LOVE !!

Author Zachary Taylor (1 month)
Grove ST families 4 life aka ( The Crips)

Author Elton César (1 month)

Author mohammmed6662 (1 month)
5:55 Oh my god

Author DrHollanderr (1 month)

Author 0000 9999 (1 month)
cj el salvador de los grove street. el asesino perfecto

Author Mr. Roman (4 months)
7:40 what song is that???

Author Billy Petty (1 month)
lol at 0:42

Author Mareks Malgovskis (1 month)
Grove streets best !

Author SkippYCraft Games (5 months)
5:50 Vagina operation :D

q legal

Author Omar Abed (1 month)
Ballas sucks 4 ever grove at best

Author Derek Tan (1 month)
17:06 to 17:10

Author Kosmo GRIEF (2 months)
Ballas круты!

Author Zachary Taylor (1 month)
I love this game. Grove St 4 life AKA the Crips

Author Степан Братковский (4 months)
Not bad

Author juan manuel carbal diez (2 months)
como se llama la cancion

Author Kayla Ferreras (5 months)
When was this game made?

Author esan grahito (1 month)
For Me
Leader Of The LSPD Have A Distress Call From The S.W.A.T Team
LS Officer: Hey CJ, We Got a Problem
CJ: Yeah yeah, I know
LS Officer: A Disco Hat Trying To Call The SWAT Team, He Said Steal His
Bribes And Enough Money Bags That I Gift For You
CJ: Hell Yeah, Nigga
LS Officer: Ok, See You Soon

Author aryamanmahajan2000 (4 months)
When you go close to the Ballas with a FlameThrower and set 'em on fire,
it's fun to watch 'em flee since all run together and die together. Lol

Author Britney Jean (2 months)
i like it

Author Daniel Nosa (2 months)
you cool man

Author panagiotis leontaris (2 months)
man cool cool

Author nguyen duy Hung (1 month)

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