CJ (Grove Street) VS The Ballas - GTA San Andreas

Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas... a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption. Where filmstars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers. Now, it's the early 90s. Carl's got to go home. His mother has been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across weapons and gang ballas to try to restore the order in a gang war raging between Grove Street and Ballas, in Los Santos.


Nodey - Cyprien répond à Cortex (instru)

The short video (0:00 to 0:55) is just a small part of the video of GTA: SA - The Introduction (An official video made by Rockstar Games):



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Author Mister Yzyzyzy ( ago)
russian mafia

Author Muhammed Yaray (1665 years ago)
oc lar ballalar

Author Argenis Reyes (1063 years ago)

Author juegalejo:D ( ago)

Author MrABedRules ( ago)
"Grove Street is king! Say it with me, Niggas! GROVE STREET IS KING!!"

Author Moad Amazal ( ago)

Author eLNeGrO cydios ( ago)
Yea grove

Author Monick Silva ( ago)

Author Stephen Rizal ( ago)

Author Nyarie Grayson ( ago)
for ps2

Author Nyarie Grayson ( ago)
how down do the new walk style

Author Free Speech ( ago)
Best game.

Author Mach Haka ( ago)
There aint ni grove street families no more, its grove street ballas smh

Author MrDeezNuts JoKer ( ago)
Fuck ballas pussheads gro

Author Tobias Eickhoff ( ago)
Grove Street Famili

Author Linh Meo Nguyen ( ago)
how the grove street have been update

Author Matias Ribulgo ( ago)
Grove 4 Life

Author mariaelena mezones ( ago)
digo los groves

Author mariaelena mezones ( ago)
como hara eso para aminar como caminan los graves

Author Christian Jimenez ( ago)
That beat tho 🔥🔥💯

Author Dafi Akbar ( ago)
Ballas disliked this video means that there's still a Ballas!

Author HooligansKSC ( ago)
Grove Street !

Author Paun David ( ago)

Author Paun David ( ago)
Fuck balas is may madre cj poveres

Author CJ Johnson ( ago)
It must have taken a big job to do this.
added to my favorites and I like one on video

Author Nyarie Grayson ( ago)
and you didn't know that crips flag green

Author Nyarie Grayson (98 years ago)
Grove street and crips are the same also Ballas are bloods

Author Geometry Dash- axelnavarrete ( ago)
a 561 ballas no les gusto el video xd

Author Akmal Hakim ( ago)
5:52 Lmao 



Author Alexa Avasi ( ago)
Îmi place gta san andreas

Author Pro Gamer ( ago)
Good ballas is kill c.j mom

Author Albin Isufi ( ago)
WOOW Man How Y'did That !! u're the best gta player BRAVOOO

Author omega s ( ago)

Author isaac fregoso ( ago)
A list of what you're wearing in the game, please?

Author Josef Alano ( ago)
Ballas is gay motherfucker !!!!

Author Nicholas Taylor ( ago)
Grove Street

Author jazlene ruiz ( ago)

Author Adam Turay ( ago)
i think CJ Wins!

Author Santtu Laitinen ( ago)
fuck the fucking Ballas!

Author Ryder 1988 ( ago)
nice and funny vidio

Author Gzzzie Granger ( ago)
with no fear or regrets

Author Gzzzie Granger ( ago)
I still go for ballas in gta v they took grove like the g's they are

Author Angel Fonseca ( ago)
@meno priezvisko you can go suck my dick you pussy

Author Marcos faustino ribas ( ago)
Nossa Que Vidio MassA

Author Igualatodos Igual ( ago)
what is the name of the song?

Author Ali Ahmad Allaithi ( ago)
Haha, very good video!

Author Prabhudass Durai ( ago)
Perfect video

Author Carmem Souza (1310 years ago)

Author Sswee z ( ago)
Ballas More like Ball Ass

Author Jan Floyd Baluyan ( ago)
Cool video bro

Author Dennis Storm ( ago)
whats song is that?

Author Reynard Chia ( ago)
Nice video although you used mods it was badass

Author Collin Dixson ( ago)
Please no hate, but if this was in real life south central will be locked
down and cj will get his shit knocked by some cops, lol

Author GhostFöderation666 ( ago)
Ballas best <3

Author BornaCro YT ( ago)
end i love grove street famlly

Author BornaCro YT ( ago)
i love gta san andreas

Author Lil' Wannabe ( ago)
Balla's rule.

Author Isaac Tan ( ago)

Author Bogdam Умный ( ago)
Ballas kills Grove

Author dennys778 ( ago)
ieu am modul cleo mod

Author dennys778 ( ago)
fockiu ballas

Author Dnesha Smith ( ago)
Who are we do every morning every weekday so ugly eat

Author Dnesha Smith ( ago)
Is good you to all the mothers day because I think CJ mama daddy clothes on
and go see the ball of its only going to the bars though volatile but thats
real good when you'll smoke because he's more point I mean Kindle but they
do you get the balls and close please what kind videos of all I know is
your balls are you

Author megavanja100 ( ago)
themrtimeouter vhats the ballals and songs in gta 4 wtf

yo a minecraft,gta5,vhats is eveer

Author TheGroveStreetKilla ( ago)
Hey Subscribe to me for some Real Grove Street Action!

Author Mahmoud Elngar ( ago)
Damn you killer, CJ ice cold 😉

Author Tupac701 ( ago)
Pretty cool man

Author Juancarlos Hernández Romero (1304 years ago)

Author Misael Silva ( ago)
hi guys what's name of the music ??

Author Erick_ Awp ( ago)
Alguém sabe como faço para voltar a ser da gang Grove street ??

E queveu quando vou chamar eles para ser da minha gang eles balança a
cabeça dizendo não

Se alguém souber me fala pf

Author wiktor56 wiktor56 ( ago)
Kto z Polski

Author Juan Pascual ( ago)
The game will never get old

Author SharpshooterCNR ( ago)
nice movie

Author Bácsi Mundo ( ago)

Author Mohammed Abdalah ( ago)
+Carl Johnson You are pro.

Author Dr . DJ ( ago)

Author Achmad Subekti ( ago)
is he cooking 5:19

Author Marco Hurtado Arboleda ( ago)
El mejor perdonages de lo GTA san andreas y CJ ;,33

Author Gökhan Oyun Başında ( ago)
fuck ballas

Author Mario Pozo Simón ( ago)
The ballas are disgusting but groove street rules

Author Melvin Absin Sorcar (Mico E. Absin) ( ago)

Author mohammed TP-LINK ( ago)

Author Alan Calderon ( ago)
Fuck you ballas bitches

Author Alan Calderon ( ago)
Grove street for life

Author Angelprotaku ( ago)
Me encantó puedes decirme donde sacaste la musica por que mola mucho grove
street al poder el vídeo es la hostia por que aparte de sacaste la parte
eliminada del juego que no se llegó a ver encima pusiste una musica muy pro
que encajaba con el sentimiento de venganza de CJ dime donde puedo
encontrar la musica

Author oyun zamanı ( ago)

Author Fabio Forgione ( ago)
Fabio ti mando questp video di gta sa andreas

Author Kobe Plath ( ago)
Fuck dem Ballas Grove Street Families for life

Author Kayra Deniz ( ago)
My friend also had the same clothes on my carl :)
Tattoos same , the same pants , same time , same mask , hat the same , but
I believe you, me , our guys to play that I found myself like twins : D

Author Александар [СРБ] ( ago)
wow Nice VIDEO!!!

Author MrZach 10155 ( ago)
I'd just use remote expose over for the gas tank part

Author Matthew Cruz ( ago)
What's gruesome about Gta Physics is that they lose their head rather than
a shot mark in the face.

Author Arty Eremenko ( ago)
Is this beat of one of Slim shadies songs?

Author Rémi Fasolla ( ago)
This is the worst 1080p I have ever seen

Author Игорь Сбоев ( ago)
Кто есть из русских отзовитесь

Author Ramiro Escobar (291 year ago)
Bro donde consigues ese pañuelo para la cabeza y esa banda la? Porfa

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