CJ (Grove Street) VS The Ballas - GTA San Andreas

Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas... a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption. Where filmstars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers. Now, it's the early 90s. Carl's got to go home. His mother has been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across weapons and gang ballas to try to restore the order in a gang war raging between Grove Street and Ballas, in Los Santos.


Nodey - Cyprien répond à Cortex (instru)

The short video (0:00 to 0:55) is just a small part of the video of GTA: SA - The Introduction (An official video made by Rockstar Games):



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Author Expert Procrastinator (2 months)
Ballas? More like Ballsacks!

Author SuchtiGamerLP (2 months)
Fuck ballas GROVE STREET is the BEST

Author Archives (1 month)
Still the best Grand Theft Auto, and the best game.
Perfect video, congratz.

Author Stuart Arief (3 months)
Wasn't Big smoke and Ryder the ones who killed CJ"s mom ?

Author matty86 _101 (10 months)
I hate how R* when they made GTA 5 the ballas run grove street which was a
stupid fucking idea because in my opinion I think the grove street gang
should run it

Author Craig Curry (21 hour)
Nice vid!!!!!

Author irondrumwork09 (19 days)

Author Jadeis Ardoin (6 days)
I'm grove all the way nigga fuck u mean!

Author Pocho The Gamer (22 days)
The ballas should be called bold-ass

Author Nell Boudion (12 days)
Fuck grove street . Ballas out

Author BIG SMOKE (26 days)
Ryder is alive because he jumped out of the boat before the explosion
right? Lance "ryder" wilson

Author Nitish Singh Kaka' 11 (2 months)
18 minutes long video but don't get bored because it's CJ.
Groove street for life!

Author jareth marin (1 month)
groove is the mejor homies

Author Balla Killer (9 months)

Author bondok bk (10 days)
yeah ! that's the reall action :D

Author xdcast Best shooter (14 days)
Fuck Grove Street

Author MlapiCraft 100 (2 months)
*Pobre madre de CJ*

Author Edwin Otten (1 month)
Goed man perfecto

Author Liam O'Connell (2 months)
Ballas is king

Author TRMA MDMA (5 months)
This is awesome

Author Z-Smoke (4 months)
TheMrTimeouteR, your video is amazing.
All of the scenes are brilliant, and the gas station explosion is totally

Author BIG SMOKE (26 days)
Can i join you my best homie

Author veteran noob95 (2 months)
Best video ive seen 

Author Bernardo Martins (2 months)

Author Ana Parra (5 months)
this was great and it could be a little more cool if they rag doll when
they die like in gta 4, that's all everything was good

Author The United Creepers (11 months)
First:Is this multiplayer?
Second:It was funny when the SWAT find the bribe and ran away! :)
Third:This video is awesome! Keep going like that+ the song is so cool!

Author Uanderson Souza (3 months)
é grove street no comando porra. e CJ barril

Author statebriga kosam (5 months)
this grove stret boys are realy stupid ... fuck that gang where cj is
savior ..

Author Legend Boy (3 months)
You use San Andreas Studios (SAS) right?

Author Edwin Otten (1 month)
Goed man perfect

Author deo khushnarayan (4 months)
Thanks alot because whenever someone menchins cjs mom i get fuckin
nightmares about that FUCKING GHOST

Author Cainele Anton12 (2 months)
Grove str 4 Life niggaz!

Author sangrejc2002 (2 months)
Yeah Grove 4life

Author dartanyen branch (4 months)
i need too get this game

Author Agon Aliu (3 months)
Yo balla member ill enter your bed you will be dead in this battle rap ill
make you say OH CRAP

Author Ryder Yip (14 days)
How do you make that scenes?

Author T1Z1 (8 months)
Awesome I love it f***in ballas man :-)

Author Johannes Hars (2 months)
grove is king

Author BIG SMOKE (26 days)

Author melvie amanda (3 months)

Author kirk vinsonTV (2 months)

Author TrickyJawa (6 months)
3:41 look, its a sindacco 

Author MlapiCraft 100 (2 months)
*Grove 4 Life*

Author Lance Ryder Wilson (1 month)
how you make it

Author jonathan Rafol (4 months)
yay ballas lolsse and grove 100% wnning rate! ballas 78% win rate!! :)

Author Evelina Zilbere (1 month)
strit lose

Author Mahadipa Hari Mahatma (3 months)
Nice video awesome 

Author Lotfi Oudji (1 month)

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