Bombay Karachi Halwa - By Vahchef @

Bombay / Karachi is a popular Indian sweet dish made with cornflour sweetened with sugar, ghee, flavoured with cardamom and garnished with nuts
Indian sweet "Reach vahrehvah at -
1 tsp cardamom pdr
1/2 cup cashewnuts
50 grams cornflour
100 grams Ghee
1 tsp lime juice
200 gram s sugar
125ml ml watar

Take a bowl add sugar and water bring it to a boil, add lemon juice.

In a small bowl add water to corn flour mix well so that it dosent form any lumps.

In a non stick pan add ghee do not switch on the flame now add cornflour mixture to it and mix, now switch on the flame very low.
when the mixture is thinking switch of the flame and add sugar surip little by little and keep mixing to avoid lumps repeat the same till suripe is completed.
Now switch on the flame and keep mixing now add ghee very slowly keep mixing repeat the same process till the ghee is completed.
Now add colour,cardamom powder cook till ghee is oozeing out,now add broken cashew nuts mix well once it is done transfer it to a plate.

Grease the plat with ghee and pore the mixture keep a side for 1hr and cut into small pices.

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Author Bharathi Kn (2 days)
vahrevah. excellent we wholefamily like the way you present receipes
thank u 

Author Maria Lolita (9 days)
Could you make a video about how to make Sona halwa please? It's soo yummy!

Author billyblooboy (9 days)
People from India are so nice ,i love the food would love to go to India
some day .We have big Indian communities in the Uk and its great eating the
food they make,so traditional for a lot of families not just the Indian
communities .Nice people nice food.

Author Zakia No (8 days)

Author Sara Maz (3 months)
Hi chef i have a question about an agredient : what s a gui the last one
you put thx

Author Marek Tańczy (10 days)

Author Geetha Subhas (14 days)
Thank you for posting this simple and sweet recipe. 

Author innduz (16 days)
sound very less

Author neptuniumforest (20 days)
whenever i hear vahrehvah i always think you're saying ¨WHATEVER¨ in an
indian accent

Author saravanan raja (1 month)

Author harbhinder singh (1 month)

Author bushra zaman (4 months)

Author Sivaram Rm (1 month)
You are best..

Author Prajakta Menon (2 months)
Hello vahchef, I tried ur recipe.the halwa doesnt turn transparent. What
should I do?

Author nuff sed (5 months)
thank you again good vid

Author indira devi (3 months)
This varevah is a real gift to all food lovers

Author Usha Pillai (2 months)
Can corn flour be substituted with tapioca powder or arrow-root powder?

Author rosario suresh (3 months)
i. like this halwa very nice may god bless u

Author Good luck cool (6 months)
Thanks! I made it this morning and it turned out to be the best dish and it
was great. Thanks once again. cheers!

Author V BP (3 months)
wah ee wah

Author Shaikh Shama (3 months)
how much time it will take to get done with bread pudding in microwave?

Author Shirin Joorawon (4 months)
I made the mysore halwa according to your method and!!!! IT WAS
YUMMYLICIOUS!!! Thank you Vah chef for making all your recipes so simple
and easy. Now I gotta try this Bombay halwa as my daughter loves it.

Author Mariya Joseph (4 months)
Thanks. I always wondered how this halwa is made. Today I came to know
through you. Thanks for sharing. Surely I will try it out. God bless you.

Author Pinky Jain (4 months)
Very Gud video

Author Tabassum Omar (4 months)
Thank you so much for the recipe, mine turned out so delicious!

Author Sweety Tweety (7 months)
Timorrow I will try this recipe... thank u me tell the result after

Author Rakesh Kumar (4 months)
Every time u give measurements in gms or ml, please share the measurement
by cups. Its easy for us to do at home when we don't have weighing machine.

Author Sajeev Kumar (7 months)

Author Selvan Raj (7 months)
Thanks VahChef! :)

Author Rajesh Pothini (4 months)
thanks vahchef

Author Pamela Murzello (4 months)
Hi, Thank u so much for this easy and simple to follow recipe. Can u let
me know how to make microwave Guava Cheese.

Author Sridha dv (5 months)
Thank you*100,00,00,00,00,00,00,000

Author Nataraj Mani (5 months)
Thanks.I tried it and comes out good.

Author naazbd (8 months)
Thank you vahchef G. your recipe will help me lots. we Bangladeshi people
also like this halwa . We call it * Nesesta halwa * and I use suji;s
water.. Now I've got to know cornflower's halwa is better and easy making
and it may tasty than suji;s halwa. :)

Author siddhita (5 months)
I want to know if we can make it with sugar free if yes what would be the
measurements coz the spoon for sugar free is tiny whole family has diabetes so I need sugar free sweets for them

Author Falgun Vejani (8 months)

Author Sandhya Rajan (6 months)
Superb way of showing Karachi or Bombay Halwa thanks a lot VahChef . i
will definately try this sweet.

Author poonam puri (7 months)

Author Raghu Sai Kasyap (7 months)
thank u..

Author Zulmai Khan (7 months)
Actually your attitude add more flavour to all your presentation.

Author RESHMA KUCHIPUDI (7 months)
can we do with riceflour

Author Catt Leya (10 months)
like it learn it

Author Bhavya Gowda (7 months)
wow chef superb... yummy

Author Sujata Sharma (7 months)
Thank you so much Vah Chef for all your cooking expertise in making
delicious dishes yet in the simplest of ways. We have tried and made a
number of your recipes, they really turn out to be very tasty. Really
appreciate your effort and enthusiasm in inspiring others to cook. Thank
you so much :)

Author KRR Kayarar (8 months)
Thanks a lot Sanjay ... it is a favorite dish of mine ... gonna try this
out ...

Author Doug G (8 months)
We still call it Peaking Duck NOT Beijing Duck.

Author graciana sarkar dulari (8 months)
its yummy

Author Ishrat Jabin (9 months)
Wow! I can smell it now. Its my fvrt sweet. Thanku so much chef to make it
so easy to us.

Author Raghu Raman (9 months)
i like it so simple keep it up sanjay

Author Rajeev Sharma (5 months)
Thank you Sir, Can we add any essence to this??

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