Bombay Karachi Halwa - By Vahchef @

Bombay / Karachi is a popular Indian sweet dish made with cornflour sweetened with sugar, ghee, flavoured with cardamom and garnished with nuts
Indian sweet

1 tsp cardamom pdr
1/2 cup cashewnuts
50 grams cornflour
100 grams Ghee
1 tsp lime juice
200 gram s sugar
125ml ml watar

Take a bowl add sugar and water bring it to a boil, add lemon juice.

In a small bowl add water to corn flour mix well so that it dosent form any lumps.

In a non stick pan add ghee do not switch on the flame now add cornflour mixture to it and mix, now switch on the flame very low.
when the mixture is thinking switch of the flame and add sugar surip little by little and keep mixing to avoid lumps repeat the same till suripe is completed.
Now switch on the flame and keep mixing now add ghee very slowly keep mixing repeat the same process till the ghee is completed.
Now add colour,cardamom powder cook till ghee is oozeing out,now add broken cashew nuts mix well once it is done transfer it to a plate.

Grease the plat with ghee and pore the mixture keep a side for 1hr and cut into small pices.

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Author Moontaha (10 days)
This is amazing....thanks lot. I love all your recipes

Author Shivani Sherman (2 months)
Super excited to try this! I have always loved Karachi halwa but could
never find any good place in Edmonton to buy it. Now I can make it at home
with lots of almonds and cashews. Hopefully, it will turn out as good as
Chainaram's Karachi halwa from Chandni Chownk in Delhi. Nom nom!

Author Shuchi Tasnuva (2 months)
It's really an awesome halwa.......................I must try it at home

Author zarina bagga (1 month)
sir what ghee do you use pure or vanaspati

Author Mohammed Shaheek (6 days)
Super and ver.y tasty

Author Aditi Parikh (2 months)
Hey there,thankyou so much for this quick and easy recipe. I do have one
question thought, is corn flour same thing as corn starch?? OR Corn flour=
cornmeal ??

Author Terry O'Neill (3 months)
Thank you for this easy recipe. Will make this for our towns food festival

Author shemayla khan (1 month)
how to measure 100 ml and grams in kitchen quite difficult. what to do????

Author Bella Patel (3 months)
Hello Chef,
Q's for you.
Is that corn flour or corn starch ?, To me - looks like it's corn
Am i able to use pateto starch or sabudana powder instead of corn
flour/starch ?
Pls. let me know. Thank you in advance for sharing every time.

Author Supriya Mehra (2 months)
Superb (y)

Author Sreenidhi Murthy (1 month)
can maida be used instead?

Author ks rajput (5 days)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Jasvinder Manak (5 months)
Many thanks I will try n call U 4 taste.

Author Suman Raja (1 month)
My God, I tried first time and it was so good, amazing!!!
Thanks a lot for explaining so nicely this unheard recipe. 

Author fizanafisa khan (1 month)
I love this halwa very good

Author vishal sivakumar (1 month)
Will this be like the original Bombay Karachi halwa

Author Rohan Pathak (1 month)

Author Shanjida Hoque (2 months)

Author mahesh b (4 months)
Great recipe as always. Thank you chef. 

Author Anand kumar m Gupta (2 months)

Author mehul42 (4 months)
Thanks for posting this recipe. I will make it sometime.

Author Sathyanarayanan P (2 months)
I am going to give a try on this today, yesterday I tried Gobi Muttor which
came out very well, thanks for posting it ji.

Author Bharathi Kn (6 months)
vahrevah. excellent we wholefamily like the way you present receipes
thank u 

Author pramod telang (4 months)
Very beautifully shown. Thanks a lot. It is my one of the favorite sweet. I
shall definitely try. Thanks a lot. 

Author Nuha fathima (10 days)

Author Sowmiya Prakash (6 months)
haha i am gona cook it now though i have guest tomorrow im so eager :)

Author david bhinder (2 months)
Sir, you mean cornflour is cornstrach. That's the only thing is little
confusing for me. Please let me know. It looks really good.

Author Prathap Gangiredla (3 months)
Super hot, excellent making. Thank you.

Author Maria Lolita (6 months)
Could you make a video about how to make Sona halwa please? It's soo yummy!

Author Radhakrishnan Rajan (4 months)
your performance is very sweeter than the halwa. Thank u.

Author Geetha Subhas (6 months)
Thank you for posting this simple and sweet recipe. 

Author Soumya Rao (4 months)
Awesome!!! Surely going to try this and impress my mamagaru :-)

Author Manoj Kumar (4 months)

Author neptuniumforest (7 months)
whenever i hear vahrehvah i always think you're saying ¨WHATEVER¨ in an
indian accent

Author Prajakta Menon (8 months)
Hello vahchef, I tried ur recipe.the halwa doesnt turn transparent. What
should I do?

Author billyblooboy (6 months)
People from India are so nice ,i love the food would love to go to India
some day .We have big Indian communities in the Uk and its great eating the
food they make,so traditional for a lot of families not just the Indian
communities .Nice people nice food.

Author Dinesh Kumar (2 months)
It is easy and ossam

Author Marek Tańczy (6 months)

Author indira devi (9 months)
This varevah is a real gift to all food lovers

Author Krish Kothari (6 months)

Author Zakia No (6 months)

Author innduz (6 months)
sound very less

Author harbhinder singh (7 months)

Author saravanan raja (7 months)

Author Mariya Joseph (10 months)
Thanks. I always wondered how this halwa is made. Today I came to know
through you. Thanks for sharing. Surely I will try it out. God bless you.

Author Sivaram Rm (8 months)
You are best..

Author nuff sed (11 months)
thank you again good vid

Author rosario suresh (9 months)
i. like this halwa very nice may god bless u

Author V BP (9 months)
wah ee wah

Author Usha Pillai (9 months)
Can corn flour be substituted with tapioca powder or arrow-root powder?

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