I Vow To Thee My Country - Festival of Remembrance - Royal Albert Hall

Royal British Legion - Festival of Remembrance November 12, 2011

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Author Kratzenbourg (1 month)
A National Anthem should be about the relationship of its singer and his
country, not alliegance to one aristocratic individual. 

Author athame57 (1 month)
I'd rather they kept the un-PC middle verse!

Author HisHolyMajesty (4 months)
Should this be our national anthem?

Author lol70721 (4 months)

Author Yella Dart (4 months)
The Queen and her husband didn't bother singing. They didn't even try. This
raises my contempt for them. I dislike them at the best of times, but to
not even bother singing along is insulting. You can see them both just
standing there at 0:25. Urm, we're singing a song here, care to get off the
royal arse for one second and join in? Add in their performance of looking
as bored as possible at the olympics and I get to the point where I'm
wholly disinterested in them. If they're not willing to lift a finger and
do their fricking job, why are we still paying for them? I don't care if
they're old, at least make some attempt to look like you're at least

Author Meta Dietz (2 days)
Love this song, always have, always will....

Author TheTimewilltell12 (20 days)
jesus christ is king of kings,prince of peace..let his kingdom come..amen

Author james schad (13 days)
i love this song. and its good seeing the royal family together.

Author Cynical British WOWgamer (2 months)
Technically this should be our national anthem

Author Harrbb5 (3 months)
20 Argentines disliked this video...

Author Wesley Henry (18 days)
We use to sing another version of it in Jamaica every October during
National heroes Celebrations -
I pledge my heart forever
To serve with humble pride,
This shining homeland ever,
So long as earth abide.

I pledge my heart this island
As God and faith shall live,
My work, my strength, my love
And my loyalty to give.

O green isle of the Indies,
Jamaica strong and free,
Our vows and loyal promises,
O heartland ‘tis to thee.

Read more:

Author Donna PO (18 days)
this Yank will always revere the Queen .......

Author William Dean (3 months)
Yella Dart--Don't feel alone. Our own emperor, His Lordship and 2nd
Messiah Hussein Obama not only doesn't salute our flag he doesn't even face
it, showing us the Moslem pretender he really is. During a recent ceremony
involving the U.S Marines, he asked that the bolts be taken from their
rifles. Maybe the little bastard knows something we don't. My own
ancestors came from Scrooby in Yorkshire in 1611 and sailed to the New
World in 1620 on the Mayflower. God Bless, and have a great New Year. (The
flag I am standing in front of is the official First National Flag of the
Southern Confederacy, 1861-1865, during the War of Northern
Aggression.)(Called by us "The War for Southern Independence.") 

Author Richard Russell (3 months)
Yella replies, they are probably thinking of the savrifices made for our

Author Jim Sky (2 months)
This could be our anthem, yet the lyrics would need to be changed slightly.
It needs to be aimed towards England and remembrance, rather than just

Author KamikazethecatII (5 months)
In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we
The torch; be yours to hold it
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.
#Remembrance Lest we forget.

Author Markish86 (4 months)
Would have given this a thumbs up if it weren't for the twat at 0:45 

Author joesufc (3 months)
the attractive girl at 1:21 needs to sing up!

Author Nathan Johnson (5 months)
@Liverpiggy- it really isn't, get over it!

Author delavalmilker (3 months)
This lovely tune and lyrics are not only a British song, but a song for
anyone who feels patriotism for their country.

Author Pipeorgan Man (2 months)
If Only there was a American version that could be sung Veterans Day or
at a American Patriotic concerts

Author Carol Worth (1 month)
This Beautiful Hymn moves me to tears. Thank you, SO much! ~0:'-)

Author Paul Andreason (5 months)
Tremendously moving!

Author Karl Fredrik Nilsen (27 days)
A very nice melody, but only with my own text.

Author Edmund Schrag (4 months)
Totally made me cry. If only George had listened, we would gladly have
remained Englishmen.

Author yanagi nikaze (5 months)

Author Graham Lake (5 months)
Wonderful hymn!

Author lovino vargus (3 months)
I truly love this song I live in britan but I am American and a give my
respects every day for this great country and im pround to be here

Author Clive Temple (4 months)
Quite a maudlin lot aren't we? Great tune though.

Author WilliamHaven Wh (2 months)
It is a WAY better anthem than my fucking Marseillaise that makes me wanna
throw up !...

Author John Seal (3 months)
The Queen - 'most dear to them that love her, most great to them that
know...her fortress is a faithful heart, her pride is suffering....'

Author Peter Sammons (4 months)
It's more than a song it's a meaning and in this case written in history!

Author cormacauty (5 months)
Who needs the words to this?

Author Danny Chu (4 months)
I love your country as well.

Author Larry Nobles (5 months)
An American Vet salutes my comrades in arms.

Author Fr. Kevin Manion (5 months)
What a wonderful hymn.

Author Heather Austin (2 months)
And you're quite right, Christine! So, Yella Dart, here you have it: the
answers to your every criticism about Prince Philip. Why not accept, as
several have said, that this is an elderly gentleman, who was recently ill,
who may have been reminiscing, or unable to sing for emotion, or whatever,
but let us not berate him. If it were not for the pluck, courage, and
steadfastness of his generation the world in which we live would be a far
different place. Thank you Dirtlawyer64 for further illuminating us:

+Christine Smith Philip may be a member of the former Greek royal family,
but he was raised and educated in England, Germany and Scotland from the
age of 6, joined the Royal Navy at the age of 18, graduated top cadet from
Dartmouth, and saw active service from 1940 to 1947. He served in Royal
Navy battleships, cruisers and destroyers during World War II, and earned
promotion to lieutenant and executive officer of a destroyer on his
merits. He became a naturalised British citizen in 1947, after..

Author Massimiliano Corbi (1 month)
m e r a v i g l i a

Author Arun M (5 months)
This hymn should go on the charts every year around this time

Author xmekow (1 month)
when I listen to this I wish I was born a british...

Author Peter P (5 months)
This hymn recalls William Blake and his poem, 'Jerusalem' in which he asks
whether Christ's feet ever trod England's green and pleasant land.

Author Lorenzo Sperduti (1 month)
Listen now Hammerheart by Bathory from Stockholm

Author James Jeffrey Paul (1 month)
Beyond beauty.

Author Roy Thomas (1 month)
Absolutely superb and yes, it should be our anthem

Author Rouguiyatou Bangoura (2 months)
so so beatiful

Author Kevin Done (5 months)
long live the queen and her beloved nation of England and Britain

Author Kate0603 (5 months)
How very right you are! We are dying from the inside due to lethargy,
ignorance, political correctness and cultural relativism.

Author Malcolm McKay (9 months)
"Blood is thinker than water."

Author Nathan Johnson (9 months)
She does more than you idiot! That can't be hard!

Author itsinmynamechap (9 months)
I think the general idea was, if you submitted to the rule of the
English/British Empire, you would have the freedoms of and rights of any
other subject. Its difficult to understand now as we live in a world which
mostly lives by those freedoms but there are still a great many who live an
oppressed life. As I say, back then if you became a British subject, you
had the rights of a British subject.

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