I Vow To Thee My Country - Festival of Remembrance - Royal Albert Hall

Royal British Legion - Festival of Remembrance November 12, 2011

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Author Michael Constantine (10 days)
An inspiring piece of Gustav holsts music, retooled from its ingenuitive
praise of natural awe and beauty devolved back into an anthem for
nationalism and the god that justifies it, how... How... Sigh...

Author Nathan Shardelow (2 months)
All these comments saying this should be the National Anthem and there
should be no Queen. Well guess what? Im a Boer and im a firm supporter of
her Majesty and the UK. 

Author IrishModelRail (5 months)
This 'festival' is a disgusting yearly insult to the millions who died in
unneccesary wars because of the greed of a few people. It truly is a
disgrace the way Britain 'remembers' its war dead.

Author cwbh10 (3 months)
I wish the US showed the same amount of love and pride. Nothing better than
singing these hymns in chapel

Author David Bell (1 day)
I am An American and I say, God Save the Queen. Where is the loyalty here?
Who do these commenters betroth their lives to, themselves? When people
aren't accustom to any form of Service, they aren't able to behold a
Monarch. It's Jesus Christ they abhor. The Word, the life, the sacrifice of
all they sing for. The Queen is and has been true blue all these years. Is
it to much to ask for a little humility and reverence here? 
I think this forum is a lot about being controversial for the sake of

Author Nicholas Pharo (4 months)
how about you pathetic little faggots shut up and enjoy a brilliant song

Author ScottBurnsGB (10 months)
A National Anthem should be about the relationship of its singer and his
country, not alliegance to one aristocratic individual. 

Author FrostCreed (6 months)
Too bad they never sing the second verse, i like it very much.

"I hear the noise of battle, the thunder of her guns,
I haste to thee my mother, a son among thy sons."

Author Arthur Smith (1 day)
Neither Laura Durham nor Joanne Moffatt spoke of plagiarism. The music
world has always pilfered music from one composer or another to set to
lyrics. The lyrics can be inspiring as hell (as in this piece) or deadly
Joanne and Laura, you really ought to consider "kissing and making up". As
music persons, you ought to realise the freedom of expression available to
all music persons in musical composition.
I agree with Nicholas Pharo, but I would not express myself the way he did.
There is really no need to become so excited over this issue as to express
oneself with cussing or cursing. Really bad show.
I absolutely couldn't agree with David Bell more, and also cwbh10! Also,
Tim Giddings and all the Americans who wrote.
The lyrics are so very respectful of those who have given their all to the
cause of freedom and liberty. We should all stand in awe and humility!
God Save the Queen!

Author Alan West (15 days)
One of the few songs that makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck
each time I hear it. I don't really think about national identity or what
that means most of the time, but whenever I hear this it makes me emotional
about being British. 

Author lxlCyanidelxl (9 months)
I believe that changing the anthem to 'I Vow To Thee My Country' would not
undermine the importance of our monarchy and our Queen - in fact it would
rather highlight what the Monarchy is there to do.

We owe our loyalty to our country, and place faith in the Monarch to do
whats best for our country and for us, as command in chief the Queen has
the power to decide our futures in times of war one of the biggest
responsibilities anyone can have. But that doesn't mean that she, or
anyone, are exempt from judgement, they too should also do what's best for
our country. Country first, Monarchy later. The people first, the
government later.

The Monarch is important, don't let anyone tell you different, it is a
symbol of our nation, our past, our culture and our national pride. But
they are also whom we depend upon, this is where I have a problem with the
Monarch and I might be a bit unfair seeing as the Queen is getting on a bit
- but the Queens duty is to do right for her people, for the realm, right
now that power is seemingly in the hands of our career politicians that
have wrecked this country in their lust for more power.

Changing the anthem - would represent a well needed change for all corners
of the social ladder. That we are all as valuable as the Queen, every
individual as important as the next, each working to do what's best for our

Author Sakiasi Ditoka (6 months)
Thank you for so very much for loading. Guard your freedom well. You don't
know how sweet liberty is until you have felt the boots of tyranny planted
on your throats. So guard it well...

Author DragoonEnNoir (3 months)
Beautiful hymn.

Author Herbivore The Carnivore (3 days)
This guy doesn't even need the fuckin' book.

Author athame57 (11 months)
I'd rather they kept the un-PC middle verse!

Author DavidDrinkell (8 days)
It does no harm to remember those who paid the price for liberty,
particularly those who held Hitler at bay after the fall of the rest of the
Europe, thereby gaining time for the resources to be gathered which ensured
his defeat.

Author NoName (22 days)
Beautiful. From an American. 

Author Bill Watts (7 months)
This should be Englands national anthem. You look at teams during the World
Cup and all their Anthems are about the people and the Sacrifices they have
made for that Country. In Englands case the game is lost before its
started. Who really cares about the Royals.

Author Pete Farrugia (2 months)
Another year, another visit to the cenotaph, and war is still the species'
top pass time.

Author A. D. Godbee (26 days)
Jan 3: I Vow to Thee My Country stirs the American quite like our National
Anthem and probably since my family on me father's side the projeniter came
from England and was on the ship that sank?? off Bermuda and was
Shakespers's inspiration for The Tempest; so there are sme emotional ties.
Happy New Year 2015!!!

Author Chris E (1 month)
How many a freemason in that building.

I vow myself to all humanity. Not a single country.

Author Greg X (1 month)
without fail the most faithful soldiers have the smallest dicks. it's all
they have to live for. it's pathetic. soldiers should be murdered. yay!

Author stealth1692 (20 days)
why is the second verse always missed out?

Author Tim Giddings (7 months)
Phenomenal!!! should be sung at morning song in ALL schools before classes

Author James Johnson (2 months)
Pretty stupid the second verse is taken out, after all its a hymn about the
sacrifice and courage of the soldiers in the trenches during the first
world war.

Author Cursusblok365 (26 days)
It's sad how the regents seem confused when this song comes up, yet
servicemen sing it all out.

Author megastacker727 (3 months)
This is great as the Russian/Soviet One... 'God Save the Queen' must be a
royal anthem, and this one must be the national anthem of UK... 

Author sHaDoW | PoDcAsTs (4 months)
Vote No Scotland, Sincerely, a Scot.

Author António Faria (1 month)
More than a song: the consciousness of being a people!

Author Peter Yeates (2 months)
I love Ireland, my hero is Michael Collins. my name is Yeates, we have so
much to celebrate together, hating is such bad business, thank God for the
Irish that sustained and still sustain the British dream of truth
reconciliation and purpose, we did that, thats what we are like, the
geographical description of Britain is the British Isles,that includes
Ireland. Our future is together, celebrating the past, the great British
Empire, which since it's decision to let all it's lands determined their
future, look what happens. Just one example the beautiful country of
Rhodesia where one went to see the ruins of Zimbabwe, and now no one
travels to view the ruins of Rhodesia, the bread basket of Africa, which
has turned into the Belsen of Mugabe.
Nevertheless we did what they wanted return their so called "freedom" from
the "Colonial Rule"
Let the hate go ! I like your marvellous pictures of your trains...come to
Bitton Nr Bristol wonderful resurrected local Railway you would love it..
Flags fly there too ..high 

Author Suzy Doozy (5 months)

Author bruce wayne (2 months)
At 0:50 that man is a UN/EU prospective employee. He does not care for
Britain. He will do anything that benefits his career! He is a traitor! He
will do nothing for Britain! They are all disgusting. They won't help our
wonderful country. Please check it out. We are getting sold out.

Author Hitmanfan91 (4 months)
Great Britain National Anthem - Land of Hope and Glory
England National Anthem - I Vow to Thee my Country

There is no justifiable reason why a National Anthem should be completely
dedicated to one monarch. The Commonwealth can have God Save The Queen.

Author olajiga timilehin (2 months)
The u k can have more than 1 anthem ,the first will be i vow to thee my
country and the second will be God save the queen

Author Superhero Veintitres Veintitres (2 months)
OMG!! This is a wonderful song!! It SHOULD be the UK's national anthem.
Greetings from Spain!! :)

Author mrfunnyguy168 (2 months)
People say that it should not be about one person but this is ENGLAND the
queen is our ruler and its a military song saying how they they love their
country and would die for it so rule Britannia 

Author Marcus LeeP (2 months)
Very very very nice...This song is very powerful...Nice

Author Noah Angott (3 months)
The backstory on this is pretty hilarious. When Holst was asked to put the
words of this poem to song, he was so overworked and tired, he was pretty
happy to find he could just stick em on top of the chorale from Jupiter and
call it a day.

I honestly think this is... kind of distasteful. Holst was cool with all of
it, but a lot of people disagree with turning a piece inspired by the
heavens into a thing of earthly politics and nationalism. 

Author Gabriel Cox (3 months)
Long live multicultural Britain. Fifty per cent of the work force would be
gone without immigrants.

Author mzee musee (1 month)
very nice consoling song

Author Pirabee (3 months)
I sorely wish my nation could evoke half as much passion from its people.
Sadly, it cannot because our leaders are there for themselves and the
modicum of liberties they allow is to deceive great democratic states like
the UK that it may treat us as equals, which we really aren't.

Author Seal00754 (3 months)
WILL GOOGLE NOT PUT ADVERTS ON THIS PLEASE !!! Do not sell things on sites
like this. very homer simpson.

Author david hartley (5 months)
I really do think governments want society to fail so as to rebuild with
different laws but I really do agree with some comments there will be civil
wars in the future theres bound to be. On another note beautifully sung,
always loved this song.

Author Magorax (4 months)
Vera Lynn still belting it out at 1:30

Author bruce wayne (2 months)
At 0:31 a pair of child molesters and murderers. Please make sure you know
what they look. Its them!

Author Heidi Bradshaw (3 months)
This is my favourite hymn of all, followed closely by Jerusalem.

Author Christian Niessen (4 months)
Also my Relatives fought against the Britain I've a such respect for this
great country!

Author Peter Yeates (5 months)
Marvellous anthem but how awful some of these comments are...when viewing
this lovely thankful hymn for this wonderful Country we live in, how
privileged we are.
What emptiness is expressed in some of the comments regarding this super
piece of music...well thats the world today..what pain they must be
be so angry
hopefully listening to the music has helped them in some way

Peter. Bristol. National 77 years old Left school at 15 worked until I was
66 Conscripted Royal Navy in 1955 for two years. Saw the world all over,
the marvellous British Empire, which has literally gone to pieces since we
handed it over " How Sad

Author Alyssa Norville (2 months)
I Vow To Thee My Country - Festival of Remembranc…:

Author Ken Bird (4 months)
Sung this version many times when I served with the US Army in the UK (
Harrogate, Yorkshire-1963 -66)

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