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Author Eric adolphus (3 months)
Respect to this beautiful nation from sweden. I am honestly surprised, that
of all nations, a nation that has so much to be proud off has become a
politically correct multicultural dump today. You british are so much more
than that, your humour, your culture and your beautiful nation are so much
more than what you have become today. Please wake up

Author Alan West (4 months)
One of the few songs that makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck
each time I hear it. I don't really think about national identity or what
that means most of the time, but whenever I hear this it makes me emotional
about being British. 

Author thompson v (10 months)
Be proud of your country my British friends. We, other Western Europeans
are lost.. France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, , we are all
lost. We are now full of extremists religious, extremists leftists,
poverty, scums, civil wars are close,And as always you will be the only
European pride standing in few years.
Stay strong as you always do. 

Author SilentAssassin (1 month)
I wish I was British

Author MR AIMAN ALEISSA (2 months)

Author Hitmanfan91 (8 months)
Great Britain National Anthem - Land of Hope and Glory
England National Anthem - I Vow to Thee my Country

There is no justifiable reason why a National Anthem should be completely
dedicated to one monarch. The Commonwealth can have God Save The Queen.

Author PhiloAmericana (2 months)
Beautiful. Full respect to the British people and the British nation.

May God keep your country close to Him always. May we always be allies, and
more importantly, may the British and American people always be tied
together by an affectionate bond.

Author cwbh10 (6 months)
I wish the US showed the same amount of love and pride. Nothing better than
singing these hymns in chapel

Author Nathan Shardelow (6 months)
All these comments saying this should be the National Anthem and there
should be no Queen. Well guess what? Im a Boer and im a firm supporter of
her Majesty and the UK. 

Author Neville A. Daniels (2 months)
I Vow To Thee My Country - Festival of Remembrance - Royal Albert Hall:

Author Jared (1 month)
Isn't this song from the melody of Jupiter and the planets?

Author pompon-delatorre (2 months)
I´m from Spain and I have to say that England is the country I admire the
most. You are able to do something great, that is to sing and feel joinning
under a flag and an anthem, no matter your differences because you feel
together. That´s awesone that in Spain we have to learn about you.....

Author ねりわさび (6 days)
Amazing ! ! This is "THE GREAT MOVIE" .

Author BritishTea (1 month)
When i was in Afghanistan me and my mate always sang this when we were on

Author Herbivore The Carnivore (3 months)
This guy doesn't even need the fuckin' book.

Author Peter Faust (23 days)
Gustav Holst?Is it a German name?

Author sHaDoW | PoDcAsTs (8 months)
Vote No Scotland, Sincerely, a Scot.

Author Pyt Farrugia (6 months)
Another year, another visit to the cenotaph, and war is still the species'
top pass time.

Author bastien delaniau (2 months)
All the nations in the world are jealous of you Brittish people ! ;) 

Author shiyu liu (2 months)

Author David Bell (3 months)
I am An American and I say, God Save the Queen. Where is the loyalty here?
Who do these commenters betroth their lives to, themselves? When people
aren't accustom to any form of Service, they aren't able to behold a
Monarch. It's Jesus Christ they abhor. The Word, the life, the sacrifice of
all they stand for. The Queen is and has been true blue all these years. Is
it to much to ask for a little humility and reverence here? 
I think this forum is a lot about being controversial for the sake of

Author TheWriterBuzz7 (10 days)
I am not even British, and this song swells my heart with admiration for my
own country: the United States. This should not only be a patriotic song
for Britain, but for any country that wishes to take pride in themselves.

Author megastacker727 (7 months)
This is great as the Russian/Soviet One... 'God Save the Queen' must be a
royal anthem, and this one must be the national anthem of UK... 

Author Holly Dugger (1 month)
Beautiful. I wished the U.S. could have some self-dicipline and get it
together and show this kind of devotion.

Author NoName (4 months)
Beautiful. From an American. 

Author Alan Ash (3 months)
I love this tune. "Brings tears to my eyes, and I'm not British. But if
you read and listen to the words, the same is true here in the U.S.

Author William Bedford (12 days)
forever stands great britain

Author Thomas Wilson (10 days)
Incredibly proud to be British

Author zolawon (11 days)

Author Peter Tubey (16 days)

Author Windypops300 (2 months)
This should be the British national anthem, not God save the queen.

Author Hermann Schnitzelbaum (3 months)
Millions cherish this ceremony and this song, makes me wonder from the
comments below if YouTube is only available in asylums!?!?!?!

Author William Bedford (12 days)
fuck david camron

Author James Johnson (6 months)
Pretty stupid the second verse is taken out, after all its a hymn about the
sacrifice and courage of the soldiers in the trenches during the first
world war.

Author DavidDrinkell (4 months)
It does no harm to remember those who paid the price for liberty,
particularly those who held Hitler at bay after the fall of the rest of the
Europe, thereby gaining time for the resources to be gathered which ensured
his defeat.

Author David Segawa (1 month)
"Multicultural dump" how ignorant. 

Author IrishModelRail (9 months)
This 'festival' is a disgusting yearly insult to the millions who died in
unneccesary wars because of the greed of a few people. It truly is a
disgrace the way Britain 'remembers' its war dead.

Author icarus (8 months)
how about you pathetic little faggots shut up and enjoy a brilliant song

Author Flávio de Castro (3 months)

Author Arthur Smith (3 months)
Neither Laura Durham nor Joanne Moffatt spoke of plagiarism. The music
world has always pilfered music from one composer or another to set to
lyrics. The lyrics can be inspiring as hell (as in this piece) or deadly
Joanne and Laura, you really ought to consider "kissing and making up". As
music persons, you ought to realise the freedom of expression available to
all music persons in musical composition.
I agree with Nicholas Pharo, but I would not express myself the way he did.
There is really no need to become so excited over this issue as to express
oneself with cussing or cursing. Really bad show.
I absolutely couldn't agree with David Bell more, and also cwbh10! Also,
Tim Giddings and all the Americans who wrote.
The lyrics are so very respectful of those who have given their all to the
cause of freedom and liberty. We should all stand in awe and humility!
God Save the Queen!

Author DragoonEnNoir (6 months)
Beautiful hymn.

Author Jo Sparkes (2 months)
Superb, this was The Princess Of Wales's favourite hymn and it's one of
mine too, so sacred !

Author Michael Constantine (4 months)
An inspiring piece of Gustav holsts music, retooled from its ingenuitive
praise of natural awe and beauty devolved back into an anthem for
nationalism and the god that justifies it, how... How... Sigh...

Author SirNathan Noble (2 months)
God save fair England.

Author Superhero Veintitres Veintitres (5 months)
OMG!! This is a wonderful song!! It SHOULD be the UK's national anthem.
Greetings from Spain!! :)

Author Spectre555 (9 months)
I'm not religious but this is a great hymn. 

Author blueperegrine (2 months)

Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Kasper Larsen (21 day)
The melody is stolen from Jupiter, The Planets, opus 32. :( Beautiful,

Author CuriousDonkey1 (7 days)
We should keep God save the queen as our royal anthem but imagine how
beautiful it would be to listen to this more often as our national anthem!

Author William Bedford (12 days)
i love my country more than eny thing in the world and my goverment is
letting rot to a forin enimy

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