I Vow To Thee My Country - Festival of Remembrance - Royal Albert Hall

Royal British Legion - Festival of Remembrance November 12, 2011

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Author IrishModelRail (24 days)
This 'festival' is a disgusting yearly insult to the millions who died in
unneccesary wars because of the greed of a few people. It truly is a
disgrace the way Britain 'remembers' its war dead.

Author ScottBurnsGB (6 months)
A National Anthem should be about the relationship of its singer and his
country, not alliegance to one aristocratic individual. 

Author Evan Foley (24 days)
quick question- is this a strictly English hymn or is it used world wide? I
noticed the lyrics never say anything about England, just love for a

Author Hitmanfan91 (12 days)
Great Britain National Anthem - Land of Hope and Glory
England National Anthem - I Vow to Thee my Country

There is no justifiable reason why a National Anthem should be completely
dedicated to one monarch. The Commonwealth can have God Save The Queen.

Author Spectre555 (25 days)
I'm not religious but this is a great hymn. 

Author lxlCyanidelxl (4 months)
I believe that changing the anthem to 'I Vow To Thee My Country' would not
undermine the importance of our monarchy and our Queen - in fact it would
rather highlight what the Monarchy is there to do.

We owe our loyalty to our country, and place faith in the Monarch to do
whats best for our country and for us, as command in chief the Queen has
the power to decide our futures in times of war one of the biggest
responsibilities anyone can have. But that doesn't mean that she, or
anyone, are exempt from judgement, they too should also do what's best for
our country. Country first, Monarchy later. The people first, the
government later.

The Monarch is important, don't let anyone tell you different, it is a
symbol of our nation, our past, our culture and our national pride. But
they are also whom we depend upon, this is where I have a problem with the
Monarch and I might be a bit unfair seeing as the Queen is getting on a bit
- but the Queens duty is to do right for her people, for the realm, right
now that power is seemingly in the hands of our career politicians that
have wrecked this country in their lust for more power.

Changing the anthem - would represent a well needed change for all corners
of the social ladder. That we are all as valuable as the Queen, every
individual as important as the next, each working to do what's best for our

Author Suzy Doozy (1 month)

Author david hartley (1 month)
Oh also may the passed rest in peace. 

Author Bill Watts (2 months)
This should be Englands national anthem. You look at teams during the World
Cup and all their Anthems are about the people and the Sacrifices they have
made for that Country. In Englands case the game is lost before its
started. Who really cares about the Royals.

Author john uhr-henry (1 month)
Another great hymn sung superbly for this great occasion.

Author Vampirewolfking (1 month)
Too bad they never sing the second verse, i like it very much.

"I hear the noise of battle, the thunder of her guns,
I haste to thee my mother, a son among thy sons."

Author Sakiasi Ditoka (2 months)
Thank you for so very much for loading. Guard your freedom well. You don't
know how sweet liberty is until you have felt the boots of tyranny planted
on your throats. So guard it well...

Author david hartley (1 month)
I really do think governments want society to fail so as to rebuild with
different laws but I really do agree with some comments there will be civil
wars in the future theres bound to be. On another note beautifully sung,
always loved this song.

Author openmindedatheist (3 days)
this is the first time i have heard the words of this song, and I must say
i am taken aback, I am moved. The words of this piece were written well,
they have meaning, soul and verve. This should be our national anthem.

Author TheTimewilltell12 (17 days)
jesus christ is King of Kings,the final sacrifice..praise jehovah GOD
through jesus christ our lord..

Author victory5959 (28 days)
WOW beautiful 

Author Veronica Marie (3 months)
Thank you for uploading. I think it is a beautiful anthem and have
listened to it a few times and linked other people into it. God bless!

Author Chaya Goldberger (23 days)
I love you England....

Author bdubmn12 (26 days)
Cant wait till Kanye an JayZ do a version of dis

Author Ian Robertson (27 days)
100% pure patriotic God blessed me when he made me English 

Author Peter Yeates (1 month)
Marvellous anthem but how awful some of these comments are...when viewing
this lovely thankful hymn for this wonderful Country we live in, how
privileged we are.
What emptiness is expressed in some of the comments regarding this super
piece of music...well thats the world today..what pain they must be
be so angry
hopefully listening to the music has helped them in some way

Peter. Bristol. National 77 years old Left school at 15 worked until I was
66 Conscripted Royal Navy in 1955 for two years. Saw the world all over,
the marvellous British Empire, which has literally gone to pieces since we
handed it over " How Sad

Author Jonas Byström (4 months)

Author 季列夫 (1 month)

Author thompson v (1 month)
Be proud of your country my British friends. We, other Western Europeans
are lost.. France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, , we are all
lost. We are now full of extremists religious, extremists leftists,
poverty, scums, civil wars are close,And as always you will be the only
European pride standing in few years.
Stay strong as you always do. 

Author mattmannist (2 months)
What a beautiful performance! Notice please that all but 2 faces in the
entire gathering are white! That is because all the Muslims that you all
have allowed to invade your once beautiful country and despoil it like a
rapists were either planning their next terrorist attack or their next
murder of a English soldier....OOOPS sorry, it was a subhuman ape that
murdered that Englishman in the street! Truly Rudyard Kipling was correct
when he called these coloreds "the white man's burden." You have your
Indian curry ragheads and Muslim, and we unfortunately have a Mexican
invasion on our hands and they have joined up with the apes!

Author Donna PO (5 months)
this Yank will always revere the Queen .......

Author Louie Bouie (1 month)
So emotional. I wish it was our National Anthem.

Author HisHolyMajesty (9 months)
Should this be our national anthem?

Author Yella Dart (8 months)
The Queen and her husband didn't bother singing. They didn't even try. This
raises my contempt for them. I dislike them at the best of times, but to
not even bother singing along is insulting. You can see them both just
standing there at 0:25. Urm, we're singing a song here, care to get off the
royal arse for one second and join in? Add in their performance of looking
as bored as possible at the olympics and I get to the point where I'm
wholly disinterested in them. If they're not willing to lift a finger and
do their fricking job, why are we still paying for them? I don't care if
they're old, at least make some attempt to look like you're at least

Author alex669953 (2 months)
Magnificent...what to say after this Music....heartbreaking

DS from France.

Author Raymond Swords (3 months)
Way to blaspheme Jove, and compare the divine with such a scuzzy
motherfucking thing as a cuntree.

Author David Bell (3 months)
Oh,,,and William Dean is an idiot. I have to apologize for my peeps.
They're not all like this. He's just jealous because you gave an
outstanding performance that only an idiot couldn't comprehend the sheer
devotion expressed in this hymn of devotional allegiance. He had to scene
steal with his rant on our President. Sorry for that. Don't worry, we are
paying dearly for our sins that that crowd had gotten us into. Mr. Dean
and his ilk are the sort that saber rattle. These are the American
warmongers who's only contribution is their sending off to war their
Countries sons and daughters. 

Author Tim Giddings (3 months)
Phenomenal!!! should be sung at morning song in ALL schools before classes

Author Pipeorgan Man (7 months)
If Only there was a American version that could be sung Veterans Day or
at a American Patriotic concerts

Author Flanno1986 (3 months)
Fantastic! Thank you for the upload.

Author paullierobins1 (3 months)
West St Paul, Manitoba Canada loves this. Thank you.

Author yee peng kong KMN (3 months)

Author Vanderflash (3 months)
Excellent video! I appreciated watching that! I assume this was a
television broadcast of a national remembrance service? I wish we had
quality stuff like that on our Canadian television, but the CBC (Canadian
Broadcasting Company) has trouble getting it's act together often, and
unfortunately everything else is basically American.

Author Wally Brown (3 months)
You know what I like! Thank you.

Author athame57 (6 months)
I'd rather they kept the un-PC middle verse!

Author Jim Sky (6 months)
This could be our anthem, yet the lyrics would need to be changed slightly.
It needs to be aimed towards England and remembrance, rather than just

Author David Bell (3 months)
Hey, I am an American. And I saw the Queen and Prince Philip singing, She's
not a show off you know. She's Standing There. They are all One singing one
voice uttering an Oath. I thought it was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I
like what I see in the crowd. It was really well representative of ALL of
the UK today..the Queen and the Duke of Edinburg looked very proud and
humbled to me. As an outsider I'm just say'n. I think the congregants were
singing the oath to Her as the Sovereign. That's how it appeared to me.
aren't they supposed to do this? Why are so many of my peeps so stupid when
it comes to allegiance? Don't answer that.

Author tygilbert48 (4 months)
From the American side of the pond, I can tell you we very much admire the
British for their loyalty and patriotism. It's wonderful to see this type
of ceremony from a united people.

Author Jason Railson (4 months)
If there are angels in the sky, and the Heaven protects and cares for the
UK, I am sure those angels cry in pride each time this song is performed
like this. May God bless HM The Queen, May God bless The UK and Its people,
for ever. 

Author Cassiano Moura (4 months)
É maravilhoso

Author burner572002 (18 days)

Author Donna Ngonadi (3 months)
God help me to save this country.and all countries.

Author Bothamslad (4 months)
This song has strength, makes you proud to be BRITISH and gives an
identity, Not a bad idea if it did become our anthem

Author Meta Dietz (4 months)
Love this song, always have, always will....

Author javier martin garcia (4 hours)
I Vow To Thee My Country - Festival of Remembrance - Royal Albert Hall

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