Ramudu - Bheemudu

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Author Veereswara rao yechuri ( ago)
Very good

Author mahilajanasena arundhathi ( ago)

Author sreevaishnavi Vaishnavi (893 years ago)
sri sri great song writer

Author kondaveeti damodarreddy ( ago)
Every bodyis Optimistic since then. But Psch.......Eenedaka kachi Nakkala (
Politicians ) paalu chesthunnam

Author krishna thupurani ( ago)
Sri Sri great poet and writer and dreamed alot of future achievements
and future would be green.

Author ramesh padma ( ago)
aakasam lo mana jhanda eduru lekunda egaralante em cheyyalo entha chakkaga

Author kondaveeti damodarreddy ( ago)
Ever green Patriotic optimistic social song.

Author geethajanardhan reddy ( ago)
What a song,evergreen poetry 

Author shaik. singishah ( ago)
excelant song

Author chandra prasad gaddameedi ( ago)
good song

Author Basireddy Sudharshan Reddy ( ago)

Author మీ భారతీయుడు ( ago)

Author Simham ( ago)
why revenue dept? name anything in India. Everything is corrupt. Basically
people have no intention to end corruption. People take money from
politicians and vote for them

Author bharathi v ( ago)
but, still we are waiting for those good days !!!

Author Bolgam Kishore ( ago)
evergreen song

Author Lucky Sweety ( ago)
dis is true.............
v v v good song..................

Author Srinivasrao Miryala ( ago)
wow,great ever song 

Author Aswani Kumar Patri ( ago)
This song was written by Sri Sri, more than 50 years ago, etching a picture
of futuristic Free India, hardly 10 or 12 years old, by then. It is sad and
heart-breaking to note now that even after 60 years, there is no change in
the scenario. Politics of Division, instead of Unity, Governance of
Corruption of highest order instead of selflessness are ruling the roost.
Though this is a gem of a song written, composed, sung, performed and
picturized excellently, it is sad that it was the writer's wishful
thinking, which remained as a pipe-dream.

Author Bolgam Kishore ( ago)
all time hit song

Author Bhagwan Reddy ( ago)
good song

Author Poornachander Dharana ( ago)
superb song/

Author Rama Krishna B ( ago)
great lyrics,music and a fantastic message for all of
us(leadership,responsibility and duty) --RamaK

Author shiva prasad ( ago)
hatsup to lyricsist GRATE SRISRI Garu & legend GHANTASALA&SUSHEELAMMA

Author Swadeshkumar Katarapu ( ago)
The dancers inthis song -K.S Reddy and his wife Kuchala kumari

Author Gupta Velagandula ( ago)
excellent song for ever

Author Sravan Kumar ( ago)
As always old is Gold!!!! Hats of to Sri Sri garu for giving such a
meaningful lyrics

Author Rajagopal Atla ( ago)
fine song forever...........rajagopal atla...from...hyderabad

Author Meenakshi Sahana ( ago)
Thats really true .. they ditched his dreams

Author SangeeetJ ( ago)
Also the songs like .. Kaarulo Shikaaru..... Eruvaka saagaaro..... Jananee
Janma Bhumischa Naa Janmabhoomi Enta Desamu Maarindoy... Telugu Jaati
Manadi Telugu Veera Levaraaa... Manishi Maaraledu..... Dharmam Cheyi
Babu.... to name few

Author sai dheeraj ( ago)

Author Sudheer Kokilavani ( ago)
anybody knows who these actors are? - Who are performing for the song... ?

Author Dmr Sekhar ( ago)
This song inspires me even now. Our polititians are indeed ditching the
dream of this author. Sekhar.

Author Vamshi krishna. Samudrala ( ago)
Really...what writer might have thought while penning this song ? I never
saw it happened and not even forsee...

Author kakula Seshaiah ( ago)
Ghantasala at his best

Author Mr Pandu ( ago)
Superb song.. this is still relevant to today's India even after 63 years
of Independence. Don't know how the song writer thought when he was writing
this song.

Author santosh kakani ( ago)
its all becouse of people yes i because they make Film star son a Star Cm
son a politicians ... ... .. so poor remains poor Rich remains Rich its the
way of our Choice should change then we can see change

Author sss ( ago)
some 50 years back this song was written. unfortunately neither our govt.
policies nor politicians able to bring prosperity. The Poor are getting
poorer and poorest day to day . 25 years back we never heard of farmer
suicides. Now it is a common scene across the country. Hope does not seem
to be anywhere in near future.

Author makkena vinod ( ago)
very good song

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