C96 disassembly and reassembly

The disassembly and reassembly of the Mauser C96 handgun. Also known as the Broomhandle.

As far as I know, a video like this hasn't been done before because it's a very complex gun. See how much I love you guys?


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Author Ijaz Tahirkheli (1 month)
this could be useful

Author Eliza (1 month)

Author Matthew Wong (1 year)
Hey I m getting a c96 bolo like yours in the video and I noticed your bolt
extension hole for the bolt stop is slightly deformed (probably from hot
ammo?) mine is like that as well and I was wondering if you had any
problems with shooting it?

Author TaZ101SAGA (2 years)
Very interesting firearm

Author MosinDragunov1891 (2 years)
In the US, unless you are licensed and registered to manufacture/modify a
firearm's working action into full auto, it is highly illegal. Often just
owning the part which makes a firearm full auto is a felony.

Author elgorro1970 (4 years)
Wow, quiet impressive video, Thanks

Author MosinDragunov1891 (3 years)
@Crim15 Hardly any parts are matching, but the serial number the gun is
registered with is from around the 1920's I believe.

Author MuffpuffZ (2 years)
How much would a C96 cost? I plan on getting one in a few years ;)

Author Crim15 (3 years)
@MosinDragunov1891 Wicked..

Author MosinDragunov1891 (3 years)
@rodinal220 I wanted to have some nice music in the background, but I
couldn't find anything that would compliment the video, so I figured that
the sound of the parts was good enough. =) I have some old 1900-1910's
7.63x25mm SP ammo kicking about and it has a very heavy crimp which pretty
much pushes into the nickel jacket.

Author J. Young (5 years)
Thanks for making this!

Author Patria Nostra (2 years)
How about an external battery pack ?

Author LtBriJMAC (3 years)
Damn dats a sexy gun

Author MosinDragunov1891 (3 years)
@WestFordAlan Any very narrow flathead screwdriver. The original
screwdriver packaged with the pistol had a semi-circle shaped head, as
opposed to the flat point on a flathead screwdriver.

Author MosinDragunov1891 (3 years)
@Crim15 I bought it at a local shop about a year ago. It's been rechambered
and rebarreled for 9x19mm so the rifling is "like-new". I bought it for
around $450 and am now considering trading it in for credit towards a new

Author BusterdBodycrab (3 years)
@MosinDragunov1891 There are a number of military weapons that use the
bullet tips as the preferred tool for take down or sight adjustment. And
No. Using military grade ammunition will not push the round in to the
casing. Military ammunition is crimped. Most quality commercial ammunition
is also tamper crimped with a factory crimp. Otherwise, just the action of
the round being fed and chambered from a clip or magazine will push the
bullet into the casing.

Author Matthew Wong (1 year)
Should there be any up down movement on the bolt stop along with the normal
back to front?

Author Crim15 (3 years)
How old's this particular gun?

Author m riggs (3 years)
I bought a C96 .30 cal. about 15 years ago, and never did figure out how to
fully field strip and clean the gun, I usually only got partially
disassembled and had a really hard time reassembling it! Thanks for the
video, I'm going to get that gun out and give it a proper cleaning right

Author MosinDragunov1891 (4 years)
@m1garand44 That sucks man. At least you have a goal to work towards now,
you've got to save up for your own. Maybe keep it to pass onto your

Author 1337fraggzb00N (2 years)
dunno :D

Author MosinDragunov1891 (5 years)
Thanks, that was the goal with this video. I hadn't seen anyone even try to
make a disassembly video and while there were good text instructions with
pictures, there were no videos I could find.

Author lowikuken (4 years)
nice video man .. old guns is the best

Author MosinDragunov1891 (3 years)
@dan13718 That's your opinion. You're welcome to express it.

Author gamermanatwar1995 (5 years)
man i wish i own that gun

Author MosinDragunov1891 (3 years)
@camerl2009 I don't know what else to say, that's exactly the "tool"
suggested in the original Mauser manual. Granted, it was for the original
7.63mm Mauser round and all the rounds I have are crimped pretty tight (I
actually have some 7.63mm rounds from the early 1900's).

Author Antifashistsky Soprotivleniye (4 years)
@MosinDragunov1891 LOL That was just friggin' awesome. The machinery in
that gun looks it it was made by a Swiss watchmaker. There is nothing like
it in it's class. The Mauser C-96 is the Lefeucheaux of automatic weapons.
(Lefeucheaux is a 19th century French pinfire revolver, some had 20-round
cylinders and were very unusual for their day)

Author 1337fraggzb00N (2 years)
Here in Germany we have some weird laws: we are allowed to own the parts,
but it´s forbidden to use them. That´s not specifically for guns, a few
years ago it was allowed to own Radios that were able to receive police
frequencies but it was forbidden to insert batteries *lol*

Author Fraggr92 (1 year)
I'm guessing you don't fire it since the internals appear to be pretty much

Author Lawrence Rhodes (1 year)
Compared to the average modern military firearm, older weapons are much

Author MosinDragunov1891 (5 years)
It was rebarrelled to 9x19mm by the previous owner.

Author Protherium (3 years)
Really impressive to see a different lock system beyond all the Browning
and Beretta. I'm a Glock fan, but I would really like to have a C96.

Author akagruntkiller (4 years)
thnk u good sir this video was a good watch just to make sure i didnt break
anything on my new 1896 mauser thats right, well at least the frame and
barrel. this isnt complicated its like 6 parts... i can disassemble mine
with out looking now thanks to this deliberately slow and well made video.
i love the fact you didn't add lame music the sound of this metal frame
snapping together is music to my ears just like the sound of it firing

Author sephirot133 (5 years)
is this full auto?

Author Lawrence Rhodes (1 year)
Nope, it's too expensive to manufacture this firearm. If any replicas were
to be made, they'd only be slightly lower in price than the original
historic ones, and who would buy a replica for the same price as a historic
firearm when those are available for a few bucks more?

Author m1garand44 (4 years)
Thanks for that video! I actually don't have the C96, My father sold it :(
But it's always good to know how to disassemble a nice gun like that :D

Author MosinDragunov1891 (5 years)
No, the C-96 was not full auto.

Author MosinDragunov1891 (3 years)
@Protherium Well, it's an early solution to a complicated problem. Not the
simplest, but definitely the most beautiful in it's complexity.

Author strikeme5 (5 years)
dang why are all the old weapons so complicated to disassemble

Author NormanMatchem (2 years)
Stellar video. To think when this pistol design was completed, semi autos
were nigh unheard of, the M1895 was state of the art, the M1891 was still a
very young rifle, and there were more Lee Metfords than Lee Enfields.
Hollow points were allowed in the military, new-fangled bolt action rifles
were beginning to become more prominent, and black powder was still widely
used. Fascinating. Mind if I ask when that gorgeous piece of history was

Author Anureet Singh (4 years)
@strikeme5 its not that complicated as it looks . the gentleman who
demonstrated the dis-assembly did everything on purpose so that those who
do know how to clean it may learn to do so. I hav a c96 (Germany made) of
1917. My grandpa brought it from germany in 1917 when he went there as a
part of the royal british army from India during WW-l, it is still with me
and has nvr given any kinda trouble since I inherited it 10 years ago.

Author 910burns (4 years)
Good lord that was complicated.

Author FoxtrottKilo (3 years)
It is'nt Full-Auto. The Full Auto Version was produced in the late 1930's
an was called M712 an had a removable Mag..... This one is definitely a
C96. And Guy: Please don't call the old germans "Nazi's" This word is a
defamation for every normal and correct german. ;)

Author hummerskickass (3 years)
@heretic1915 he is useing a dummy round they chamber and act the same way a
live round would but they dont fire. there useful for doing a complet
funtion check on a gun you just worked on

Author SweGunner71 (3 years)
Oh my, all those parts... and here I hesitate to break down my 1911. :)

Author BulletShogun (2 years)
i want one.... do any companies reproduce this gun?

Author MosinDragunov1891 (2 years)
Honestly, I'm not terribly sure. I've been seeing a few pop up in my area
between $600 and $1,000 in good condition. I guess you should expect to pay
between $500 and $1,500?

Author mike senn (5 years)
Great video. The first time that I took mine apart for cleaning was easy.
Thank goodness for the internet as a reference for when I got stuck putting
it back together. I had to follow an excellent textual description on
reassembly. This video would have helped back then.

Author shootmyhorse (4 years)
i got one but never thought about taking it apatr til i saw this vid, thank
you very much!

Author BryanReaper (4 years)
Just got a c-96 it rocks. thanks 4 making this video its going 2 help alot
in the cleaning of my gun.

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