Gol Tercantik

Gol tercantik yang pernah aku tengok dalam dunia ni drp Roberto carlos......

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Author Victor Hugo (7 months)

Author milan barna (7 months)
teda to byl paradni gol

Author Rangelis Olliver (6 months)

Author Xuân Tuyển (6 months)
Supper....supper....supper Goal

Author Nguyen Lee (1 year)
Nè +kien nguyen 

Author daniel luo (8 months)
super gol

Author lie karawang (7 months)
mantep sureteppppppppppppppppp

Author Sitthipong Ck (7 months)

Author Sigit Poloh (6 months)
Cool men

Author Joker Maker (4 months)
what a

Author название кАнала (6 months)

Author siswomard (1 year)
Top... josss

Author omoi kapten (10 months)
from heaven shoot

Author Mohd Farhan (9 months)
safiq rahim blh buat juga kalau beliau berkepala botak

Author nasyarizqy (11 months)
This is the best goal

Author aneuk nisam (1 year)

Author Bocah Alas Roban (1 year)
Real banana kick

Author muhammad aldi (11 months)
keren bgt

Author EcoDimension (1 year)
wall? what wall?

Author muhammad ramadhani (1 year)
waddooooohhhhh,, reborto carlos bisa iku tim Tsubatsa, soalnya tendangannya
pake ilmu,

Author mihazek (1 year)
The crazyest goal ever !

Author Elis Firdaus (1 year)
belok cuy

Author amirazalifa (1 year)
Tiru gaya nunez

Author nafika widya (1 year)
yes this is a perfect goal

Author Iblis Pro (11 months)
ngerih tu gol nya

Author NelayanCerdas (1 year)

Author Toko turabelidze (1 year)
already 119 dislike

Author sukoco hartono (10 months)
gol nye emang cantik tapi tdk secantik orangnya wkwkwk just kidding !

Author Unjust Karim (1 year)
hh galik messi wla ma3raf c ronaldo mchat lkora m3a maliha

Author Pelajar Discipline (1 year)
roberto carlos !

Author Kevin Ardena (1 year)
Matap sekali tendangannyaaaa........!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Childz K (1 year)

Author prasubhi Q (11 months)
ms emas roberto carlos.., ist the best

Author Rizky Jacky (1 year)
roberto carlos memang jagoan gw tuhh , sayang nya udh pensiun

Author malekith87 (11 months)
dio fa

Author Otávio Costa (1 year)
pena que agora qualquer um poe curva nessas bolinhas de brinquedo...

Author Yusbim Pamungkas (1 year)

Author muhd saiful (1 year)
goal terpantas

Author wiliam tumonggi (1 year)

Author Muhammad Rahman (1 year)
legendery football player

Author Yagi Wiraya (1 year)

Author Buco Jasarevic (1 year)
Jao sutine :D

Author Hafiz Abd rahim (1 year)
the best

Author Khalid Ahmadi (1 year)
Tendangan Pisang :3

Author slickcross (1 year)
We had some bad ass players back then

Author jhon lee (9 months)
This great Warning will happen soon. Every single one of My children will
be shown their lives, their sins, their wrong doings and every single
insult they were responsible for against their brothers and sisters, all
during a mystical experience. When the skies burn red by the collision of
two comets and the cross appears, do not be fearful to see this spectacle
and receive my Mercy with great joy! ☞ w..thewarningsecondcoming.c..☜ Nov.
22, 2010 Our Lord

Author pakcu non (1 year)

Author Ah Dorgas (1 year)

Author king lung c (8 months)

Author Phie Phie Ibrahim (11 months)
the best goal ever.... awesome!!!

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