Opening to Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island VHS

Happy Halloween, everybody!
Here is the opening to the VHS of "Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island".
1. FBI Warnings
2. Quest for Camelot Preview
3. Scooby--Doo VHS Preview
4. Dennis the Menace Strikes Again Preview
5. The Addams Family Reunion Preview
6. Richie Rich's Christmas Wish Preview
7. The Powerpuff Girls Sneak Peak Promo
8. Ed, Edd n Eddy Sneak Peak Promo
9. "Stay Tuned for a Special Trailer Following this Program"
10. Warner Home Video Logo
Copyright 1998, Warner Bros Entertainment.

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Author Tommy Jackman ( ago)
Can you please re-upload the closing on this vhs?

Author Cole Sanchez ( ago)
I was only 4 when I first saw the promos for Ed, Edd n Eddy and PPG. God
damn, I miss those shows.

Author Keshavhnmhnn Agarwalnhu ( ago)

Author adamtherock2008 ( ago)
haha it's so funny to see Ed, Edd, n Eddy and the Powerpuff Girls just
starting out here, long before they grew into the cartoon juggernauts we
know and love them as today. This is why I love rewatching my old VHS tapes

Author chewy1956pch ( ago)
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Magic castles way if you fell in the backyard nobody will care if you hit a
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wish charlay it was a Christmas tree a stupid little pie a chocolate
download be a friend and we love be online oh yea

Author chewy1956pch ( ago)
I wish I was a Christmas tree up pretty little pine pinky can rap Pinky and
the brain the brain can rap I wish I was a Christmas tree up pretty little
pies I wear a cap of my and the my head and the Acme alive Shinedown lapse
it shine okay if I wear a Christmas tree I don't feel with care I wish I
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on my toes I wish I was a Christmas tree a pretty little pie I wear a
squirrel above my head that the magic cat are shining oh

Author ikidd102 ( ago)
My childhood.

Author douglikewhat13 ( ago)
Scooby doo

Author Mary Matthews Flasche ( ago)
Oh I Love The Powerpuff Girls Came Out On Wednesday November 18, 1998 When
I Was 3 5:09

Author datguyyo ( ago)
Ugh, why did the late 90s have so many sucky direct-to-video sequels to
live-action films which weren't good to begin with.

Author Chelsea Lauren ( ago)

Author Angela Sangster ( ago)
october 19th

Author Gerard Martinez ( ago)
i have the vhs

Author DravenRoth1435 ( ago)
This really takes me back. I still have the vhs in my garage somewhere. The
problem is I don't have a working vhs player.

Author Richard Canipe ( ago)
too bad the Nostalgia Critic ended since we hope he was going to review the
Addams Family Reunion and still will always remember him forever and ever!

Author SYU2OTheGeldummy ( ago)
That logo at 5:44 scared me when I was little!

Author TakingTheTitle ( ago)

Author Jacklost Yedmore ( ago)
im glad i grew up in the 90s where they where showing the best shows and
cartoons creating the ultimate childhood memories for me:), games where
awesome to back then

Author PacificLoser ( ago)
These were the days when cartoons were good xD

Author bman45101 ( ago)

Author cman1512 ( ago)
i have this on dvd

Author Evan H ( ago)
This brings back so many memories. Thank you so much. :D

Author shazzaman1 ( ago)

Author TheChristopherClay ( ago)
The best Scooby Doo movie ever made!

Author Aisling Moore ( ago)
I have Scooby Doo On Zombie Island on VHS, but I barely remember this. :|
Probably because I haven't watched that movie in years.

Author Amanda Emilie ( ago)
You know, when you are watchin vhs, it's like you are in the cinema. You
just have to press one button(play) and you're done! So much easier before.

Author MichalkaManiac ( ago)
Did the announcer just say "Mackulay Culkin's box office smash" at 4:32? I
thought "Richie Rich" was a flop at the theaters, or at least from what
I've read.

Author Flimerfly ( ago)
My grandparents have this on DVD

Author DragonBallQOne ( ago)
the scooby doo episodes are the ones available on demand

Author Richard Smith ( ago)
@sowisapigtobeexact2 I also heard from an old article on Animation World
News that "Ed, Edd n Eddy" was to premiere on November 12, 1998, TWO DAYS
before "The Powerpuff Girls". Either it was rescheduled at the last minute
or a sneak preview was shown and the show premiered in January 1999.

Author sowisapigtobeexact2 ( ago)
@Kartoonkid95 Yes, but did you ever know that The Powerpuff Girls and Ed,
Edd n Eddy (even it was really January 1999) were premiered on November
1998 (the year when The Rugrats Movie and A Bug's Life came out in

Author Richard Smith ( ago)
@sowisapigtobeexact2 Yeah. Both promos were briefly seen in the Cartoon
Network 10th Anniversary montage.

Author sowisapigtobeexact2 ( ago)
@Kartoonkid95 The Powerpuff Girls trailer was correct, it was first on
Cartoon Network November 1998 (the month when the Rugrats Movie and Bug's
Life came out at the movies) and they were correct, except for the Ed, Edd,
'n Eddy trailer, they were wrong, it was supposed to be first shown on
Cartoon Network November 1998 (the month when the Rugrats Movie and Bug's
Life came out at the movies), but instead, they just first shown it on
Cartoon Network January 1999.

Author Joe Adams ( ago)
hubba hubba zoot zoot i havent seen the ed,edd n eddy commercial premiere
in years

Author Richard Smith ( ago)
The "Ed, Edd n Eddy" trailer was included in the CN 10th Anniversary
montage, but the date (November) was inaccurate. It premiered in January

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