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Ngoi Ngoi lyrics on video.This is a song in praise of Ngoi Pewhairangi from Tokomaru Bay, a renowned writer of traditional Maori songs.Ngoi assisted show-business entertainer Dalvanius Prime by writing the lyrics of the upbeat pop Maori song 'Poi-E," and this was recorded with great gusto under Dalvanius's direction by the Patea Maori Club.

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Author Te Rongomai Tipene-Matua ( ago)
Reminds me of when I was younger! :D

Author Valeesha HAMIORA ( ago)
Ooosh! Love this waiata!

Author Jeebay thrinxx ( ago)
kcuzz you from ngatimaniapoto plz reply

Author Fraser Wall ( ago)
mean as song mean maori mean

Author Mr Smith ( ago)
Thank you for uploading this. Man this takes me back. To my childhood. On
the way to gizzy listening to radio ngati porou. Mean!


Author LyricsGoneMad1 ( ago)
@M8SR8S ha, hearty Maori hearty, course ow, hahah :)

Author LyricsGoneMad1 ( ago)
mean song eh!

Author LyricsGoneMad1 ( ago)
know eh, hard!

Author LyricsGoneMad1 ( ago)
straight up

Author missmaniapoto18 (1109 years ago)
Kia ora mo tena!! Tautoko to korero!! Maniapoto ia ra ia ra!

Author LyricsGoneMad1 ( ago)
i like this song thank you for the song upload MissManiapoto anyway Ngati
Maniapoto straight up mean maori mean

Author Fay'la xo ( ago)
Annie crumer did it justice

Author Fay'la xo ( ago)
Mean ,still jammn all the way in the Gold Coast

Author katene247 ( ago)
mean maori meanage!!!!!!

Author raki paewhenua ( ago)
chur u can be playing this a thousand years from now and it still wont get
stale. TUMEKE

Author glen tahana ( ago)
maori aldaeeeeeeee mean maori mean luv dis song

Author Vicki Merito ( ago)
love dis song 2!!!!!!!

Author MischiefCON ( ago)
I loved this waiata haaaardout as a kid & Ive been jammin on it for the
last 3monthsKeep it...Hopefully theyl let me remix it.. Awesum waiata maaan
"Keep it Hori 4 Shori" Chur,

Author cityboy580 ( ago)
this is soo MORSOME!!!,thats mean and orsome hahaha morsome as maori

Author missmaniapoto18 ( ago)
skip to 0:50 for start of singing lol this song has a long intro =)

Author bewfordtjustice ( ago)
who needs american hiphop rnb when we got mean songs like this one

Author AJANK23 ( ago)
Never gets old, one the songs you play in the shed pissed CHUUUUUUURR love
them old days i wish i could go bacx in time one last time. imiss them

Author LU5TAY ( ago)
this is my jam . yeee boy maori ora . aroha mai he maori au .

Author kegeawa re ( ago)
kei runga noa atu, will always love this waiata.

Author phineazz273 ( ago)
2meke whanau ataahua pta 273 sth taranak reprezent

Author tuauri1313 ( ago)
ka rawe nga manu tioriori

Author Whitiao Paewhenua ( ago)
far man tumeke this song is. love it!!!

Author KIFSTAR ( ago)

Author KIFSTAR ( ago)

Author tomaus61 ( ago)
brings you back to earth when seeing and hearing the song. Thank-you

Author skankibounca ( ago)
@mrwendel Try emailing TVNZ cuz!

Author M8SR8S ( ago)

Author mrwendel ( ago)
Does anyone know if "Te Maori" the concert from 85 or 86 is available
anywhere for sale? . My nan loves it, she had it for years but then her
video got chewed lol. Now she desperately wants to find it, hopefully on
dvd. I would pay for it of course. Any help would be appreciated.

Author bizzleman ( ago)
man i love this song!!!

Author missmaniapoto18 ( ago)
thanks whanau for the awesome feedback, keep it maori always! hehe

Author Eddie Manukau ( ago)
E whakawhetai ana au te whakaari nei...MAURI ORA !!

Author migzo101 ( ago)
how much 2much how much 2much how meke 2meke !

Author stace apis ( ago)
Kia ora, awesome waiata.

Author Teekaysfynest ( ago)
mann when i hear this song or poi e i just like to thank god that im a
maori and im very proud t be one !! tumeke whanau

Author musesong ( ago)
Always loved this song; reminds me of home everytime. Thank you for posting
this beaut...

Author ntsa001 ( ago)
Do you have the music video that Dalvanius Prime made around 2000?

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