Ngoi Ngoi lyrics

Ngoi Ngoi lyrics on video.This is a song in praise of Ngoi Pewhairangi from Tokomaru Bay, a renowned writer of traditional Maori songs.Ngoi assisted show-business entertainer Dalvanius Prime by writing the lyrics of the upbeat pop Maori song 'Poi-E," and this was recorded with great gusto under Dalvanius's direction by the Patea Maori Club.

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Author Valeesha HAMIORA (1 month)
Ooosh! Love this waiata!

Author Làdy T (5 months)
For all my cuzziez! Chur Bro :)))

Author Courtz Dee (9 months)
Day 6 : New Zealand Music Month

Song for Nanny Ngoi ... #Tokomarubay ..
We heading back to the coast tomorrow .. so this is appropriate it

Author daboywonderr (4 months)
Churr 👍

Author Sun Dance Raumati (10 months)

Author Jay Kapene (1 year)
A choice as song right here :) 

Author Kolisi Chris Kepu (1 year)
Love this song.

Author LyricsGoneMad1 (2 years)
straight up

Author tomaus61 (4 years)
brings you back to earth when seeing and hearing the song. Thank-you

Author Teekaysfynest (4 years)
mann when i hear this song or poi e i just like to thank god that im a
maori and im very proud t be one !! tumeke whanau

Author ladydancer2005 (4 years)
Such meaningful beautiful Lyrics. Thankyou for posting this

Author nossss32 (4 years)
tumeke mean maori mean kuzzy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author LyricsGoneMad1 (2 years)
@M8SR8S ha, hearty Maori hearty, course ow, hahah :)

Author musesong (4 years)
Always loved this song; reminds me of home everytime. Thank you for posting
this beaut...

Author LyricsGoneMad1 (2 years)
mean song eh!

Author kiana879 (4 years)
shuxx nw ie no what itz ckalled mean maori

Author KIFSTAR (4 years)

Author Fay'la xo (2 years)
Annie crumer did it justice

Author LU5TAY (3 years)
this is my jam . yeee boy maori ora . aroha mai he maori au .


Author skankibounca (4 years)
@mrwendel Try emailing TVNZ cuz!

Author glen tahana (2 years)
maori aldaeeeeeeee mean maori mean luv dis song

Author Fay'la xo (2 years)
Mean ,still jammn all the way in the Gold Coast

Author LyricsGoneMad1 (2 years)
know eh, hard!

Author missmaniapoto18 (3 years)
skip to 0:50 for start of singing lol this song has a long intro =)

Author AJANK23 (3 years)
Never gets old, one the songs you play in the shed pissed CHUUUUUUURR love
them old days i wish i could go bacx in time one last time. imiss them

Author Eddie Manukau (4 years)
E whakawhetai ana au te whakaari nei...MAURI ORA !!

Author cityboy580 (3 years)
this is soo MORSOME!!!,thats mean and orsome hahaha morsome as maori

Author kegeawa re (3 years)
kei runga noa atu, will always love this waiata.

Author Vicki Merito (2 years)
love dis song 2!!!!!!!

Author missmaniapoto18 (4 years)
thanks whanau for the awesome feedback, keep it maori always! hehe

Author iheartpsychosis (5 years)
been looking for it everywhere kia ora

Author jdskuxxmuj (2 years)
Mean Maori Mean

Author stace apis (4 years)
Kia ora, awesome waiata.

Author Whitiao Paewhenua (4 years)
far man tumeke this song is. love it!!!

Author bizzleman (4 years)
man i love this song!!!

Author tuauri1313 (3 years)
ka rawe nga manu tioriori

Author Mr Smith (2 years)
Thank you for uploading this. Man this takes me back. To my childhood. On
the way to gizzy listening to radio ngati porou. Mean!

Author bewfordtjustice (3 years)
who needs american hiphop rnb when we got mean songs like this one

Author MyPorkypine (4 years)
mean whanau this song will always be no1. mean maori mean...

Author katene247 (2 years)
mean maori meanage!!!!!!

Author phineazz273 (3 years)
2meke whanau ataahua pta 273 sth taranak reprezent

Author M8SR8S (4 years)

Author migzo101 (4 years)
how much 2much how much 2much how meke 2meke !

Author raki paewhenua (2 years)
chur u can be playing this a thousand years from now and it still wont get
stale. TUMEKE

Author missmaniapoto18 (2 years)
Kia ora mo tena!! Tautoko to korero!! Maniapoto ia ra ia ra!

Author mrwendel (4 years)
Does anyone know if "Te Maori" the concert from 85 or 86 is available
anywhere for sale? . My nan loves it, she had it for years but then her
video got chewed lol. Now she desperately wants to find it, hopefully on
dvd. I would pay for it of course. Any help would be appreciated.

Author ntsa001 (5 years)
Do you have the music video that Dalvanius Prime made around 2000?

Author Jeebay thrinxx (1 year)
kcuzz you from ngatimaniapoto plz reply

Author MischiefCON (3 years)
I loved this waiata haaaardout as a kid & Ive been jammin on it for the
last 3monthsKeep it...Hopefully theyl let me remix it.. Awesum waiata maaan
"Keep it Hori 4 Shori" Chur,

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