Borderlands 2 - Jackpot - Easy Rare Orange Weapons -

this is one of my clips from my play through wining a orange weapons and heres a few tips on getting 1 for yourself

get at me on XBL - E FooLy

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Author 111triplem (1 year)
Please tell me gt x911x TrIpLe M

Author karkang (1 year)
im a sub :D

Author Tristan Wilkins (1 year)
there is also a pink rarity

Author xxXRaGeMoDeXxx (1 year)
if you waste all your money and dont get anything dashboard and you get all
your money back

Author Seth Falcon (1 year)

Author HomelessNinja21 (1 year)
No, they're not. They're E-tech.

Author macgillicutty188 (1 year)
Macgillicutty00 on xbox live... Just subbed. You got another 50 mil sitting

Author Ezra Starkweather (1 year)
Anyone that wants to play bl2 my gamer rage be VoodooBigfoot.

Author Runty Raptor (1 year)
I spent 4 hours straight and couldn't even get the Marcus case little own
the three boarderlands signs

Author Ethan Stiles (1 year)
and also there isn't a difference between the cyan and orange colored
weapons ( pearlescent and legendary ) from me playing borderlands 1 I have
found no real difference only one and that is the price and how much people
will suck your dick for it

Author sKaXz (1 year)
nigga stole my smg :)

Author 360doug (1 year)
Your just starting? This video seemed pretty well maded for a starter.

Author EssexJoker89 (1 year)
does this allow u to play online vs each other?

Author E B (1 year)
Appreciate the videos cuz

Author daniel cap (1 year)
have an awesome orange shield called, wiskey tango foxtro,t with amazing

Author 57somo (1 year)
how do you know they're going to release pearlescent weapons! you must work
for gearbox or something! don't go around spouting shit on YouTube that you
know nothing about. the only know dlc so far is the mechromancer dlc in
October so don't say that pearlescent weapons are, in fact going to come in
dlc when nor you or anyone outside of gear box knows for sure.

Author xJohn Shaw (1 year)
Pearl guns yeah buddy! But i wonder will they be on the slots becuase they
would have to make a new jackpot?

Author FakeAndGayOfficiaI (1 year)

Author DK Dave (1 year)
That's not rarity that just means it's Eridium based.

Author CfMartin000ce (1 year)
*Randy Pitchford, to be accurate

Author Marcel Wade (1 year)
Hey all you fucking retards out there go follow randy duval on twitter. He
announced the return of pearlescent guns in upcoming dlc. So stop calling
him stupid because he is fucking RIGHT.

Author Jesse Harries (1 year)
You sound like AA9skillz

Author OTKsOfficial (1 year)
danm yo, thx for telling me that all the weapons arent even on here yet, i
think i feel l alot better now that i know that. And i didnt know pearl
Escents was the best weapons, well i did, but i thought it was only in the
first borderlands, cant wait for the pearls now!

Author burns0100 (1 year)
Orange is the strongest if they have released pearlesent yet... if its not
in the game dont talk about it yet.

Author Seth Falcon (1 year)
@DecoyHaze Sory about that. That's E-tech, weapons modified with Eridium to
be super epic.

Author Eazinn E (1 year)
i got a random orange weapon drop at lvl 6 and another organge sheild drop
at 14. my weapon was good til lvl 17

Author Tom Kendall (1 year)
I pay loads for good weapons

Author ommeh49 (1 year)
lolz ive spent over a million and got no oranges, if you get lucky 80k
might sometimes earn you one purple

Author Nicholas McCormick (1 year)
Alright, so I decided to sit down and spend all of my money, 2.7 million,
at the slots in Sanctuary. I am a level 42 on my second play through so
each pull on the slot machine costs me just under 4000 so that gives me
about 675 total pulls and 337 per slot machine. Along the way I won money
which added to the total number of pulls I could do, also I never left the
area. Once out of money I had: 0 orange, 4 purple, 17 blue, about 84
eridian and who knows how many green and white items.

Author SanJuanStudios (1 year)
E-Tech not Eridium...

Author iCreepzs (1 year)
Actually, that's not true, but feel free to post more stupid shit.

Author ElCazadorDeEspada (1 year)
i got an orange weapon called the rapid infinity, and it litterally had
unlimited ammo plus it was rapid fire, unfortunately, it was only 45 damage

Author Matt Desbois (1 year)
ive spent about 10 mil on this shit, only gotten like 2 blues...

Author AlbaObsession32 (1 year)
e tech is the equvilant of eridian weapons from the first game jackass

Author Gerald Gray (1 year)
Hey I just subbed can I get 50 mil?

Author Fallenslayer1 (1 year)
it takes 200k and up on slots without leaving the room with the slots in it
i won on them one night when i was up late.

Author Ben563 (1 year)
No, they are the BL2 equivalents of the eridian weapons.... if you put them
in the inventory with orange, (same level) the orange are on the top of the

Author purplehayabusa (1 year)
That's probably an issue with the level of the weapon or just the weapon
and it's displayed stats. Most orange weapons have properties and starts
that arent listed.

Author Ian Reyes (1 year)
Who said they were even gonna put pearlescent in bl2? Pearlescent were
boring weapons anyways. Orange guns are all completely unique

Author MrK4LB (1 year)
what is the song on the outro

Author MexicanoCholo13 (1 year)
I would love to see a video on the strongest weapons for each of their
class thats out at the moment. I'm looking for a bad ass AR but I don't
want one with those nasty ass looking scoops that usually come with the
wannabe grenade launcher.

Author Cody Sherman (1 year)
I thought pink was

Author aaron lloyd (1 year)
hey e fooly can you send me a message back about the glitch my name is
lloydy 43

Author Tkt S (1 year)
I am a subscriber :D I love your videos, they are very helpful and fun to
watch!!! My Gamertag: x MsG LeGeNdZ

Author Nathan Schroeder (1 year)
Congrats u have 1 more satisfied subscriber

Author Le'Spaceduck (1 year)
Am I the only one that calls them Legendary weapons not orange? Haha

Author XenoGenic (1 year)
Explains why its on the top of the list in that case.

Author Khalil Sills (1 year)
Lol @ end of intro. Yo momma ain't shit!

Author miciso666 (1 year)
the shield was from firehawk im sure :3 also best orange=bee shield its an
amp damage one that doesnt run out when u shoot mine is 3k damage when its
full mix this with salvador gunzerking and terra dies in like 10 seconds

Author vakantieman32 (1 year)
i just got a orange shotgun out of the slot

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