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Author soha rafiq (1 month)
Fucking hell Catherine is hot 

Author DilayOrnek (7 months)
i want Caterine to finger me ^^

Author LongLiveFor13 (1 year)
If I had a Hot teacher like Caterine, I would Moan as loud as I can while
having sex with her, just To show Her how fucking much I'm burning of
desire for her ... ♥

Author JL (6 months)
I have no idea what Catherine is saying can somebody please explain. Thanks

Author Manu Berk (4 months)
get on youtube, look for sme vids, find something that lots of people have
been talking about .... oh hello there language i speak, i did not expect
to see you here .... frigging dutchies everywhere hahahah

Author ArabellaScream (1 day)
Favourite scene 👌😍

Author Stefanie Lam (2 months)
I love the chemistry between them but I don't like the storyline which the
choice they made is too sudden and not as I expected..

Author Aimee P (3 months)
You know you're a nerd when the first thing you realise is that the theory
of self denial is not a thing and then you spend 3 years at university
studying psychology to find out what she was talking about... 

Author Shikha. Dh (5 months)
I think this is so far one of the best scenes in the movie 

Author NUMPUENG ARPANUN (1 month)
I like this scene. xoxo

Author Maricar Imperial (13 days)
This is too hot . .. omg
I want her to be my teacher

Author FreakGirl_Gamer (2 months)
That just made that girl straight ^_^

Author Ally Stewart (6 months)
This movie had a lot of potential but it felt rushed and jumbled at times.
Not sure I understood throwing Jackie and Catherine in bed with men for
seemingly no reason other than a jealousy-inducing plot device. The sex
scenes were so hot though.

Author DeaMarie Malik (7 months)
I don;t know if anyone notices how fucking adorable Jackie is! Like damn !
She is sooooo cute! ^.^

Author Susan Stewart (1 year)
I wish god give to every student around the world a professor like
Catherine, then no one would be bored from studying.

Author IntheInternet Wetrust (6 months)
This is better than porn

Author Selena Kassis (3 months)

Author pkdrvm4p3 (8 months)
Library lesbian love scenes... so typical, as well as sexy!

Author Nada Hamdani (1 year)
The end it was very sad

Author Aleah Villorente (6 months)

Author dudeits sog (1 year)
If only I could do this with my teacher

Author Maxine Linden (1 year)
What is the last wor Jackie is saying ? it sounds like bastard but I hardly
doubt that she would insult her this waay even for fun. So anyone ?

Author rammas2 (9 months)
uh oh. that must be the janitor.

Author Deni Ripper (7 months)
how did the film end ? i couldn't watch the hole film ..

Author jolijn Ruhl. (8 months)
Nederlandse ondertiteling woee

Author Nicole Mckain (11 months)
This seen had me :$$$$

Author alex drew (1 year)
I love when catherine says when we have sex ..makes it sound so sexy 

Author Tracy JYK (1 year)
Where is Bloomington2!!!!!!!!! T.T 

Author Dan Lim (1 year)
Could someone please download this movie to youtube, i really want to watch
this one .

Author Elena Baker (9 months)
It's adorable how Catherine doesnt shoo her away cause she's busy w/work.
Jackie wouldnt leave her alone, so Catherine was just like,"Yah know, I'm
not getting any work done, so lets make this interesting"...& her knowing
that she can use her psych knowledge to get to her is quite sexy. 

Author millicent1990 (1 year)
I didn't know Haley Joel Osment was in this movie

Author jake (8 months)
My 17 year old sister saw the movie and she was like catherine is fucking
hot and she said she wanted a teacher like her and then the coincidence is
tht she went into class the next day and there was a subsitute teacher and
she looked alot like catherine and then she foubd out that the teacher was
lesbian and my sis told me she even the teacher started flirting with her
and almost but almos kiss her but sudently someone came in the room but
they didnt get caught my sister came hom me like shock lol

Author Ashleigh Last (1 year)
They are both so freaking hot. I would so do prof Stark

Author Esmeralda Familara (1 year)
Where can I watch the movie

Author Minny214 (6 months)
I've always wondered what Catherine says when she kisses Jackie. Before
Jackie says "bastard"

Author Nada Hamdani (1 year)
The end it was very sad

Author Danica Rose Valdivia (1 year)
Where can I watch a full movie of this?

Author Sammie Surat (1 year)
That kiss on the forehead tho. So cute. 

Author Tina D (1 year)
Is this a movie?

Author Chyenne Schofield (1 year)
I wish I had her as a teacher!!

Author Mema Abdulla (1 year)
hi catherine, can you be my teacher?

Author Tara G (1 year)
This is not the character's college professor, watch the complete movie
please. :)

Author roby chivinanx (1 year)

Author shira anzon (1 year)
love it!

Author KamenRiderSuper20 (1 year)
I need find a teacher as well.
She is amazing !!! 

Author Ariana Williamson (1 year)
I've seen parts if the this movie and I just can't find the full movie on

Author Sano22n (2 years)
damnnn a threesome would be perfect

Author yugi oh (2 years)
Allison mcatees favorite scene.

Author 282213ful (2 years)
It's so funny hahaha...I'm watching this movie..but the story is very short
and sad at the end ...

Author wertzuviel3 (1 year)
have you ever tried watching the L word? ;)

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