Bloomington Library-Scene

The libraryscene out of the movie 'Bloomington'
I don't own the movie or the scene. Buy the DvD and support the moviemakers! :D
BTW, PLEASE ignore the NL subs... except you need them to understand the movie xD

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Author simsimi xD ( ago)
Seductive af!! Hot!

Author Jared Cook ( ago)
Damnj Jackie is so fine I fuck her good

Author Jared Cook ( ago)

Author ArabellaScream ( ago)
Favourite scene 👌😍

Author Maricar Imperial ( ago)
This is too hot . .. omg
I want her to be my teacher

Author soha rafiq (1462 years ago)
Fucking hell Catherine is hot 

I like this scene. xoxo

Author FreakGirl_Gamer ( ago)
That just made that girl straight ^_^

Author Stefanie Lam ( ago)
I love the chemistry between them but I don't like the storyline which the
choice they made is too sudden and not as I expected..

Author Selena Kassis ( ago)

Author Aimee P ( ago)
You know you're a nerd when the first thing you realise is that the theory
of self denial is not a thing and then you spend 3 years at university
studying psychology to find out what she was talking about... 

Author Manu Berk ( ago)
get on youtube, look for sme vids, find something that lots of people have
been talking about .... oh hello there language i speak, i did not expect
to see you here .... frigging dutchies everywhere hahahah

Author Shikha. Dh ( ago)
I think this is so far one of the best scenes in the movie 

Author JL ( ago)
I have no idea what Catherine is saying can somebody please explain. Thanks

Author IntheInternet Wetrust ( ago)
This is better than porn

Author simsimi xD ( ago)

Author Minny214 ( ago)
I've always wondered what Catherine says when she kisses Jackie. Before
Jackie says "bastard"

Author lovesmovies21 ( ago)
I wish when I was studying psychology that one of my many professors had
been Catherine Stark. I would've loved it and I wouldn't leave her.

Author Taylor Evans ( ago)
This must have been awkward filming based on the age gap.

Author wertzuviel3 ( ago)
have you ever tried watching the L word? ;)

Author JustDance Ku ( ago)

Author Pauh aguirre ( ago)

Author Gia Cabading ( ago)

Author Gia Cabading ( ago)
please somebody share a link of bloomimgton watch free in samsung y

Author holly gilbert ( ago)
Can I please have a professor like Catherine Stark omg

Author Maya Seligman ( ago)
Is that a problem?

Author Vivian Gouvea ( ago)
Gostaria de saber onde eu acho este filme completo.?

Author Ana Paula Amancio ( ago)
safadinha.. hhaahaa

Author Vardandil Valinóreva ( ago)
I want action. Nice video but I want see action. I'm a really lonely woman,
just my hand and me, and I can't fap anymore with just my imagination, and
I dont like the porno, is disgusting. I want more videos like this one.

Author SIL POWELL ( ago)
This is one of my favorite movies. I definitely wish it had a different
ending, but like with most of these movies, the couple is essentially torn
apart by circumstances.

Author sara k ( ago)
I wish the younger girl was a different actress. It kinda turned me off at
some scenes

Author Dollface Misfits ( ago)
She looks like a 15 year old

Author FARIDAH md rashid ( ago)
Allison is so adorable I love when she's smile. so sweet

Author Joseph Jarlis ( ago)
yeah yeah damn you guys this is nothing. i found this site a few weeks ago
with real girls that are horny as hell hit this up in your browser:

Author jazmien westbrook ( ago)
i say their both hot

Author janggi34 ( ago)
this movie is cute

Author Martian ( ago)
Soo that's how people end up cheating :/ lol

Author Roni ( ago)
Great movie (except for the end that we see time and time again in these
movies). Great scene. The actress who plays Jackie did an amazing job
considering it was her first movie. I think she looks like and has similar
mannerisms to Ellen Page. This scene and the frisk scene with Pepa y Silvia
are two of the best scene's.

Author Roni ( ago)
I agree 100%. I think Jackie looks like a redheaded version of Ellen Page.

Author Joicy Fenty ( ago)
only if my teacher took her time to teach me like that

Author sadiemcc ( ago)
I saw this movie, and loved these two.

Author meryl str ( ago)
-Cured! -Bastard! Hahaha I loved that !

Author charlee1750baby ( ago)
Omg I love this movie!!! I dated my college lit teacher once and omg I
loved it. This movie reminds me of us:/

Author JQevidentself ( ago)
Im in love with this movie :) "Its like if you... if you deny yourself
something for so long for whatever self imposed reason the moment your
faced with any real external imposition your gonna voluntarily want to do
that thing you were trying so hard not to do" :) AHHHHHHHH oh em geeeeee
lol damn .♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ She's so smart . i love bloomington. Damn its
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ♥♥♥

Author JQevidentself ( ago)
Ahahaha . They are cute :)

Author chuckkid3 ( ago)
Whole movie is on netflix..along with a few other great lesbian movies..Go
get that free trial

Author GLCoara ( ago)
AMEN to that! ;D

Author C. Sotnas ( ago)
jackie is sooo cute and catherine is soooo hot... i love this movie!

Author Gloria Palacios ( ago)
I love bioomington

Author tara snoopy ( ago)

Author Deepak Gupta ( ago)
damn not bad but you know this is youtube you can do much better. i found
this site a few weeks ago with real girls that are horny as hell check out

Author cy lea ( ago)
cute moment..i love this scene...

Author Miguel Bond ( ago)
Impossible. Female teachers or principals cannot fall in love with female

Author Malik Butler ( ago)
Friend Juanita wants this teacher

Author claire smith ( ago)
this turn me on so much

Author Halle Gillett ( ago)

Author Ariana Williamson ( ago)
I've seen parts if the this movie and I just can't find the full movie on

Author Vicky Perdomo Aguas ( ago)
Ahhh que linda pareja hacen!!

Author Savannah Knuth ( ago)
I loved this movie i didn't like how they went separate ways thought :/

Author lucero castro ( ago)
My teacher!

Author kystal zamora ( ago)

Author kystal zamora ( ago)
I watched the movie on metflix

Author keepmeinyourheart ( ago)
Schools don't hire hot teachers like these or else everyone will get

Author Raflove1 ( ago)
you can she it on youtube it is on

Author imane brahimi ( ago)
You can look it up on It's free and it works.

Author imane brahimi ( ago)
If i had a teacher like that. With those dimples. I wouldn't stop staring
at her. I would definitely be excited to go to class every time just to
hear her, see her. Damn ;o

Author GLCoara ( ago)
Uhm, excuse me? Do you have a problem with me?

Author mina l. ( ago)

Author mina l. ( ago)

Author aiphil yu ( ago)
full movie.........

Author Aurita Morel ( ago)
This was a cool movie. I enjoyed a lot.

Author Kiera Henderson ( ago)

Author ayayayify ( ago)
good scene but waaaaaaaaay too short

Author Baleje Ruth ( ago)
.what site can i watch this full dying crazy

Author yamisyou2beworld ( ago)
Seen this movie a lot of times. I think ima go watch it again :) Netflix!!

Author LovingJuliette ( ago)
It's Dutch ;)

Author Karri11lovess ( ago)
Which language is the subtitle?

Author Sano22n ( ago)
damnnn a threesome would be perfect

Author Femme Fatale ( ago)
Awesome movie. For places to watch check out my page or blog :) x

Author Jessica B ( ago)
Sexiest scene ever! Oh my gosh

Author WhiteShadow0708 ( ago)
Cute and sexy scene ever .

Author Forsakendusk ( ago)
It's on 1channel

Author Ynglith Sousa ( ago)
adoro essa parte

Author Zaariel86 ( ago)
look it up on hulu

Author cathy wong ( ago)
i can't find the full movies !! can anyone tell me, plz????

Author QueenyTheWeeny Swaqq ( ago)
Luck people :(

Author Melinan ( ago)
It´s sad how this movie ends...but I can dream that they will found each
other again...some day. Great scene!!

Author Sweetsunshinecamper ( ago)
Apparently only the writer and director. WAY TO BE MAN, WAY TO BE

Author msjosephable1 ( ago)
Her dimples!

Author rose chen ( ago)
my fav scene ever :)

Author GLCoara ( ago)
Who didn't want the lovey-dovey ending? ;)

Author Sweetsunshinecamper ( ago)
*unf I loved the movie until the end. As cliche as it sounds I really
wanted them to be together in the end

Author Alexandra Juyad ( ago)
i hate the ending..make me cry

Author jessiesmith211 ( ago)
You can watch it on for free

Author Maddy Blake ( ago)
Is the full movie on youtube? title?

Author jessiesmith211 ( ago)
The end of this movie blew my mind :/

Author jenny thomas ( ago)
i miss my gal

Author Jamiechanga ( ago)
You can watch it on Hulu for free

Author Shennabelle Del Castillo ( ago)
plz..wer i can find this movie?.i can't see it,plz help me any1` der?..tnx

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