How to Get a Bobcat Stuck and Unstuck

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Author battery300 (4 months)
How about some tyres with tread ? 

Author Scott Bartho (4 months)
Earthmoving services require lot of technical skills to carry out task
perfectly. Great video showing step by step working of bobcat machine.

Author Andrew Silva (1 year)
Now this is the main reason why my gardner who is going to put in some
concrete for us where it all used to be dirt, it just rained a day or so
ago and he told me plainly that for him to be able to use his bobcat, the
ground has to be pretty much dry or this in the video would exactly happen
to his, just spin all 4 wheels, now I font know if whoever owned the
Bobcat in the video, if he also had the Trax for it, but the trax
probably would have been a better choice for how muddy it was that day when
you filmed this.......and since these run on Desel fuel, buying fuel for
these Bobcats cant be considered cheep nowdays.....

Author datbomb98 (1 year)
very unexperienced operator

Author monkeyron (1 year)
I'm wondering if it's time for a new set of Tires? Just thinking aloud

Author Сергей Николаевич (1 year)
Very good video! Bobcat most good technique. Here is what I found about
Bobcat: самый популярный в мире мини-погрузчик

Author DioxCarmine (1 year)
763 Bobcat was always a damn beast!

Author Ryan Woodruff (5 years)
now thats entertaining!

Author Hunter Sturlaugson (4 years)
of coarse the grizzled middle aged man got it out

Author Darren C (4 years)
@realtvnow Decade? Not a chance. I have been a skidsteer operator for
almost 15 years now and you should know how to get it unstuck as it can
happen frequently on the jobsite. I can tell he has had no experience

Author Basil1377 (2 years)
Wow!! you really suck at operating a machine!!!

Author nickisamazing1 (5 years)
tracks wouldn't of hurt

Author HIGH OCTANE FILMS (5 years)
It was a SBC in a lifted Chevy with 35's

Author sillymonsterfromthe4 (5 years)
one word... TRACKS... haha that would help out alot

Author norcobigfootrider (3 years)
If you know how to use a bobcat, there is no such thing as stuck.. to some
extent anyway.

Author slimjenkins09 (3 years)
guy number 2 is the man

Author theoman69 (5 years)
YARRRRR!!!! this guy knows what hes fucking doing!!! YARRRR great
operating. WOOOOOOO!!!

Author Choo Nadaa (4 years)
@realtvnow You dont need a decade of experience for THAT,lol.Ive been
operating bobcats for 2 years now and i would unstuck that with ease.You
need only couple of months actually and youd be driving like a pro XD Its
simple... PS english is not my native language so sorry for any mistakes.

Author freghard (4 years)
that's the problem with bald tires....

Author HIGH OCTANE FILMS (4 years)
@obbe69 Really?

Author theweirdthings (4 years)
haha i was at my friends house and he wanted me to drive throught to try to
level out the rutted spot and i tried to go through and i got stuck so we
each took turns jumping in and out trying to get unstuck then i remebered
this tacktick and got it out no problem, i was 14 at the time haha

Author Onebadpowerstroke (2 years)
Tracks and that won't happen

Author Keragon (3 years)
It always sucks getting stuck with a skid steer Bobcat when you really
needed a tracked version.

Author ThatriderGuy (3 years)
holy shit it almost stalled. lol well then again it;s a ghetto ass machine

Author Jesse Wunsch (2 years)
1. The guy in the red needs to learn how to drive. 2. Props to the second
guy, takes skill to be able to do that

Author xshalashaska (4 years)
Nice getting un stuck mate

Author Cummins12valve69 (4 years)
Get a gehl 5640t u won't get stuck

Author Ben Kraus (1 year)
what a fucking dumb ass

Author AdamTheTube (4 years)
Quit being such a cheap ass and get some new tires. None of this would have

Author dirtshower250 (4 years)
u need some tracs. polytracs

Author Marco Orlandi (2 years)
ma stattene a casa va

Author realtvnow (4 years)
I love seeing someone who really knows what the heck their doing just walk
up and say, "Let me help you with that", and then proceed to show us all
that we don't know jack. The guy who drove it out must have at least a
decade of experience on equipment like that. Great Job!

Author federalbecz (4 years)
@ 2:20 .... no ballllls no balllllls. shoulda had a case turbo lol

Author esavageowner (1 year)
296,184 NOW lmao

Author rigobertop (1 year)
good move

Author R5H4D0W (4 years)
steers are all torque and little speed, tire chains should make it
impervious to improvised trenches =P

Author Gibby1776 (3 years)
nice gladiator man

Author 2strokedetroit (4 years)
our john deere smokes like its got a turned up pump when you bog it down
like that

Author VancouverCanucksRock (2 years)
What useless tires

Author Dan Anderson (2 years)
You are obviously not very bright when it comes to skid steers- the tires
are close together so it can skid-steer, they dont turn like your toyota

Author JonneyTurbo65 (3 years)
1:21 haha "okay Junior let the master in"

Author l337pwnage (4 years)
the basics almost always work. :)

Author SuperDuckman24 (4 years)
I like the sound of the enigine! Great video!!!

Author geo1671 (2 years)
Get add on steel tracks--saves alot of tear and wear on the machine. my
case has bald tires but with steel tracks--climbs out of mud and deep holes
in seconds. Don't abuse a good machine--stop and get a winch out {:^)

Author kw505 (1 year)

Author blackjzz30 (4 years)
my boss would say to that second operator "your not ugly but your f*#king

Author boo Jay (4 years)
pure ownage starting @ 1:27 onwards

Author tristan ridl (1 year)

Author DanielJaegerFilms (6 years)
I've had the same thing happen with a Kubota tractor, never would have
gotten out without the bucket!

Author HIGH OCTANE FILMS (2 years)
chesser's on back creek,

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