AT2 - .38 Special - Winchester White Box 125 Gr +P JHP

AT2 - Ammo Test 2 - .38 Special - Winchester White Box 125 Gr +P JHP - Splatter test and water expansion test through 4 ply denim.

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Author bigboss686 (4 years)
I really am genuinely surprised when the good performance on some of these
bargain-basement bullets, very good performance for the money

Author David Wooldridge (4 years)
Looks like it explained well. Wonder how it would preform in a snubbie.

Author andreleger2001 (4 years)
We tested a few of the .38's from a snubbie, but I don't think we did this

Author andreleger2001 (3 years)
@baker70romeo Longer barrels generally produce higher velocity. A short
barrel could possibly reduce the velocity of the round to the point where
it would not expand reliability. Although I think non expansion from a
short barrel is not as much of an issue as it was 20 years ago.
Manufacturers have learned how to tweak their designs to open over a wide
range of speed.

Author JBstuller (2 years)
the chirping birds and nature sounds are a nice touch for the subject
matter. ya looks like a pretty solid load

Author GomerfromIsaan (2 years)
Thanks for the info. According to hipowersandhandguns website there us only
a small loss in velocity for a snubnose for the tested ammo. I didn't see
tests of the Winchester White Box .38+p but that should also perform well
*if* it uses fast burning powder. For some reason the S&W snubbies perform
well in ballistics tests too.

Author rlta04 (3 years)
I use the winchester +p bonded

Author GomerfromIsaan (2 years)
@hammerogod Where are you reading that velocity is similar between 2 1/2"
and 4" barrels? I hope you are right. Advertised velocity is 945fps but I
doubt you'll see over 800 - 850 fps from a 2 1/2" barrel. .357, yes but not
.38+p. They will penetrate adequately but probably won't expand.

Author 3333glen (10 months)
For velocity, check out a website called Ballisticsbytheinch. They tested a
bunch of ammo in varying barrel lengths. Most tests included barrels from
2" to 16: I think. Interesting on .22 LR, velocity hit a peak around 14",
and even went down slightly with longer barrel. This is from memory, so the
exact numbers are probably a little different. Also, Buffalo Bore quotes
velocity (and has a cool chart for energy) from several barrels of actual
guns, including 2" for most handgun loads.

Author GrizzlyGunsmith99 (1 year)
the exposed lead tip expands a bit, I tested several loads in a LCR WWB
performed the best. my test media was 4 ply denim into a deer neck roast.
the other loads I tested were magtec first defense 38 spcl +p 95 grain
copper JHP's they expanded a little bit but not more than the WWB. the
other two loads were hornady 38 spcl 125 grain XTP and federal 38 special
low recoil 110 g. hydra shok both did not expand at all. I later tested
critical defense 38 spcl +p 110 g. FTX which expanded completely

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